After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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When the man said he wanted to go to the First Military Region, Rong Qiu naturally believed him.

However, Rong Qiu couldn’t have anticipated that Qin Muye would have other choices.

Qin Muye’s requirements were always high, and after graduating, he naturally wanted to go to the best military region. Among the thirteen federal military regions, the First Military Region had the highest score and was the most difficult to enter, directly guarding the capital, A Star.

Based on Ah Ye’s current achievements, even if he skipped a grade in his senior year, as long as he didn’t encounter any accidents during external missions this year, he would be selected into the First Military Region. While Rong Qiu had a little mishap in his theoretical class quiz, it didn’t affect his entry into the First Military Region.

The first Beta in the combat department to go to the First Military Region and the first Beta in the command department to go to the First Military Region.

They were indeed a perfect match.

It seemed he needed to quickly save money to buy a small house.

Settling down in A Star.

With a goal in mind, Rong Qiu became exceptionally motivated in his actions.

Time passed quickly, and Rong Qiu’s makeup exams went smoothly. He knew how to solve all the questions, and the final scores were only sixty points.

On this day, Rong Qiu went to the academic affairs office to receive the task rewards given by the combat department. For a student, this amount of money was certainly not a small sum.

Professor Ren happened to meet Rong Qiu.

He naturally knew about Rong Qiu not taking a break during lunch to accept tasks. Seeing the student counting money with a somewhat greedy expression, Professor Ren was a bit surprised. “If you’re short on money, let the teacher lend you some first; we’ll go on a mission to W Star the day after tomorrow. Don’t let such a small matter delay the task.”

Rong Qiu thanked Professor Ren for his kindness and smiled, “No need, Professor, I have enough.”

“Really enough or just pretending? Tell the teacher if it’s not enough.”

Professor Ren knew about Rong Qiu’s orphan background and wanted to show concern without revealing it too obviously.

This precious student of his always had his own small pride, which made him a bit fragile with excessive toughness.

Seeing that he was sincere, Professor Ren felt relieved.

The two walked together towards the mecha. On the way, they inevitably started chatting. Professor Ren asked why Rong Qiu was in such a hurry to save money.

Rong Qiu, feeling a bit embarrassed, touched his nose, “I want to buy a small house in A Star.”

Professor Ren happily exclaimed, “Is this indicating a preference for the First Military Region?”

Rong Qiu nodded, “I want to stay in the First Military Region. In that case, it’s best to have my own house in A Star, and settle down there after graduation.”

Professor Ren patted Rong Qiu’s shoulder with joy, “Having ambitions, buying a house right after graduation. But regarding the house, I’ll keep an eye on it for you when I have time. You just focus on your tasks.”

Naturally, this arrangement was good.

Rong Qiu expressed his gratitude once again.

Time flew by.

All the fourth-year students from the command and combat departments packed up and boarded the starship.

This mission to W Star was just a warm-up exercise. It was the first joint operation for the combat and command departments of their graduating class, and they needed to get acquainted in advance.

It was grandly named “Breaking the Ice.”

However, this ice-breaking exercise was a bit intense.

In fact, it was an old problem between the command and combat departments. Both departments were the ace departments of A University, leading to fierce competition whenever they crossed paths.

As soon as they met, it turned into a brawl.

On the first day alone, Rong Qiu knocked down at least fifteen alpha command department students who came to provoke him. Surprisingly, the amount of physical activity was not less than when he was attending classes, doing tasks, and practicing in the mecha room.

Finally, it was over, and Rong Qiu returned to rest utterly exhausted.

Pushing open the door, the man was already sitting inside his room.

Rong Qiu’s fatigue instantly disappeared.

He hadn’t seen Ah Ye all day, and he hadn’t even seen Su Ran.

Now, Rong Qiu’s eyes lit up like freshly washed gold and jade. He cheerfully ran towards the man, “Ah Ye, why are you here? Was Ah Ye troubled by our department’s classmates today?”

Rong Qiu was unaware that Su Ran had already spread the word throughout the combat department, warning people not to provoke Qin Muye. Therefore, Qin Muye had a peaceful day.

Qin Muye came over to give Rong Qiu some medicine. He had heard from Su Ran that Rong Qiu had clashed with several alpha command department students today.

The Betas had delicate and tender flesh, making them prone to injuries.

He waved at Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu’s heart immediately relaxed.

If he had a tail, it would probably be wagging happily by now.

This was the first time Qin Muye had applied medicine for him. Last time, when he got injured, the man had taken him directly to the hospital. So, Rong Qiu had been thinking about the medicine for a long time.

Rong Qiu’s injuries were not severe. There were some bruises on the surface of his arm and waist, but with Rong Qiu being exceptionally fair, it made the injuries appear more serious.

“Did you get into trouble today?”

“No, they couldn’t beat me.”

Qin Muye glanced at him, and the force of applying the medicine increased slightly. The corners of Rong Qiu’s eyes instantly turned teary.

“Ah Ye! It hurts!”

Qin Muye stared at the painful indentation on Rong Qiu’s lower back caused by his waistband. Seeing Rong Qiu’s waist bent like an extremely stretched bow, as if it would snap in the next moment, he scolded without mercy, “You should remember the pain if you know it hurts.”

Knowing that the man cared for him, Rong Qiu grinned, revealing a row of small white teeth.

Ah Ye was caring for him—

He felt so happy.

The warmth of the man’s palm made some of the ointment need to be massaged into the skin. So, towards the end, Rong Qiu was rubbed to the point of tears by the man.

“Ah Ye, be gentle!”

Qin Muye lightened his touch.

“Ah Ye, you touched my sensitive spot!”

Qin Muye changed the location.

“Ah Ye, you touched it again!”


Was the Beta’s entire body a sensitive spot?

Wherever Qin Muye touched, Rong Qiu giggled. Aura was a mysterious thing; Rong Qiu had plain facial features, but when he smiled, he could captivate people. Currently, the Beta laughed heartily, clutching his stomach, and his amber-like irises were moist, as if reflecting the Milky Way.

Suddenly, he kissed the tear at the corner of his eye.

With just this gentle touch, it felt like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings, stirring a faint and floating breeze.

Rong Qiu was stunned.

He touched the corner of his eye and took a long time to digest this kiss.

When Qin Muye closed the ointment box, Rong Qiu pushed the man onto the bed. Qin Muye, in a relaxed state, was easily pushed by Rong Qiu.

After doing it, Rong Qiu felt bold and blushed.

Might as well be bold, so he randomly pulled at Qin Muye’s uniform collar. However, if you paid attention, you would notice that despite his fierce appearance, Rong Qiu’s entire ear had turned as red as a pink pearl.

Qin Muye noticed.

Protecting Rong Qiu’s waist, he chuckled briefly and let Rong Qiu lead.


Calculating carefully, they hadn’t been intimate for some time.

Rong Qiu initiated it last night, and then it was all left to Qin Muye.

Recalling that they were still on the spaceship, the two of them didn’t get too carried away. They hastily went through it once and then stopped. Even so, Rong Qiu was left with a body covered in ambiguous marks.

The next morning, Rong Qiu was surprised to see Qin Muye still there. They only exchanged a two-second gaze, but Rong Qiu’s brain melted into a puddle: “Ah Ye, aren’t you going back?”

Qin Muye nodded slightly. To prevent Rong Qiu from being confused, he explained, “The mission hasn’t started yet, so cohabitation is allowed.”

They hadn’t officially started the mission, so the so-called regulations could be temporarily ignored.

When they actually arrived at W Star, if they weren’t assigned to the same group after drawing lots, the chances of seeing each other would be much less. There was even a possibility that after a whole mission, the two wouldn’t meet once. That’s why Qin Muye indulged Rong Qiu’s actions last night.

For some reason, he found himself more and more accommodating towards the Beta lately.

But his heart told him it shouldn’t be this way.

The Beta was just a Beta, just a pastime for him to pass the time.

Putting on a green uniform jacket, the low saturation green contrasted with his pale skin, making him look even more captivating with his aristocratic and indifferent brows and eyes.

Rong Qiu, lying on the bed, was stunned.

He hadn’t realized he was a uniform fetish.

Yesterday, Ah Ye only wore a white shirt, and he couldn’t control himself, feeling dizzy from the man’s teasing.

Now, watching the man get up and dress, Rong Qiu’s heart felt as if it were coated with a layer of fine honey, carrying a sweet fragrance that flowed with his bloodstream and soaked into every part of his body.

For a moment, Rong Qiu felt as if he was already living together with Ah Ye.

Unable to restrain himself, Rong Qiu swung his legs on the bed, and a gentle smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

Now, he looked forward to being on the rescue mission on W Star with Qin Muye.

Unfortunately, Rong Qiu’s good luck ended here.

After arriving on W Star, Qin Muye’s dormitory was far from his, and Rong Qiu didn’t get paired with Qin Muye either.

He got paired with an alpha named Chen Erfang.

Chen Erfang was a typical alpha supremacist.

He looked down on Betas.

So, he was dissatisfied with Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu was too slender, and so fair. Even if he ranked first in the combat department, it was not enough to catch Chen Erfang’s eye.

As a result, the biases accumulated by the alpha on one side led to increasing friction between the two, to the point where they had a fierce argument during their first post-disaster rescue mission on W Star.

Because after receiving the order to retreat, Chen Erfang decided to withdraw rapidly, and Rong Qiu did not cooperate and even went back to rescue someone.

Seeing Rong Qiu disembark from the mecha, Chen Erfang had an iron face. “Why did you bring the mecha back when you received the retreat order? Do you know that the time wasted at this rescue point will affect our ranking when we descend?”

Rong Qiu held a little girl about five years old from the mecha. The girl seemed stressed and kept hiccuping, but Rong Qiu’s actions of patting the child’s back were skillful and especially gentle.

When the child’s head buried on Rong Qiu’s shoulder stopped trembling, Rong Qiu put the child down and said, “If I didn’t save her, would you watch her be crushed to death under the collapsed building?”

The arrogant alpha grabbed his collar tightly, disdainfully scolding him, “Whether to save or not is not for you to decide. The command department is the smartest brain in the military, and the combat department is just a tool for fighting. Betas should know their place! Moreover, you, a poor and destitute Beta who will never rise to prominence, how can you, not even worthy to be on the stage with us noble alphas, stay on the same starship for so long…”

Seething with anger, Rong Qiu furrowed his brows.

He covered the child’s ears, not letting Chen Erfang’s foul words reach her.

Through these days of interaction, Rong Qiu had long known that Chen Erfang was no different from the alphas he had fought before.

Stubborn and arrogant.

The higher the level of pheromones, the stronger the inexplicable sense of superiority.

In short, trash.

This was just the beginning of their discord.

Rong Qiu thought everyone in the command department was a good commander like Qin Muye, but how did he end up with a commander like this?

Correct the big mistakes and ignore the small ones.

When Rong Qiu pointed out his mistakes, Chen Erfang arrogantly shouted for the combat department not to interfere with the command department’s arrangements. His arrogant demeanor made even the usually good-tempered Beta wish to give him a good beating.

One day, when Rong Qiu went to the restroom, he unexpectedly heard Chen Erfang talking on the phone again, instantly ruining his good mood.

Chen Erfang’s phone call was with Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia was also a student in the command department, with miserable test scores, but he had always been “considerate” and became one of Su Ran’s little lackeys using his eloquence.

However, Rong Qiu didn’t know all this. At the moment, he only heard Chen Erfang gossiping on the phone.

The two of them were discussing him.

“Don’t mention it. What’s so proud about the Beta? Can’t he just obediently do what I say? Every time, he acts on his own. It annoys me just watching.”

“Yes, if he keeps this up, I’ll have to show him some colors.”

Rong Qiu crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows.

Chen Erfang wanted to show him some colors?

Rong Qiu listened intently, but this time the topic shifted from him to someone else.

Chen Erfang: “Do you know that the Beta in our department who recently jumped a grade, Qin Ye, seems quite arrogant. Looks like he wants to suppress me and take first place. I don’t know what the people in the military district are thinking, all going along with that Beta.”

After a pause of more than ten seconds, Chen Erfang exhaled heavily, “This Qin Ye is just a Beta. Without pheromones, what kind of achievements can he make in the command department! He really thinks the Betas can make a name for themselves in the military district. In my opinion, Betas shouldn’t be admitted to A University at all, they are just low-grade rubbish. Qin Ye isn’t even worthy of shining my shoes.”

Hearing this, Rong Qiu’s anger boiled near instantaneously.

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