After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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“Are you done talking?”

Chen Erfang didn’t want to talk bad about others by himself and unexpectedly got caught by the person involved. However, he calmly hung up the phone, “Eavesdropping on other people’s calls, truly low-class trash.”

Rong Qiu coldly snorted, “Manners are meant for humans, and you’re not qualified.”

“How dare you, a Beta, speak to me like this!”

Chen Erfang viciously grabbed Rong Qiu’s collar, but Rong Qiu stood firm like a pine tree. Immediately, he executed a clean and neat restraining move, pressing Chen Erfang to the ground. Clearly much slimmer than Chen Erfang and even more so than Zhou Jia, Rong Qiu’s body burst forth with infinite strength.

The alpha’s face contorted, “Aren’t you afraid of being punished for attacking privately like this!”

Rong Qiu, holding him down, locked eyes like a sharp blade, “You better not move, or I’ll snap your arms. After all, your command department only needs to use your brains, not anything else.”

Chen Erfang’s eyes widened in fury, “Fine, a Beta dares to treat me like this!”

“What’s wrong with being a Beta?”

The Beta courteously delivered a punch to his face.


“Why should I apologize? Omegas can even give birth, what can you guys do! Betas are lowly and useless, the most useless trash in the Federation!”


The second punch from Rong Qiu made the alpha bleed.

Chen Erfang tasted the bloody flavor in his mouth and froze for a moment.

Three seconds later, the disheveled alpha seemed to see a savior and shouted loudly with a hoarse voice, “Help! Beta has assaulted someone!”

This shout immediately summoned the patrol captain.

“What are you doing! Let go for me!”

An angry scolding.

The patrol captain, with a police baton in hand, came over and directly intervened to break up the two. However, attempting to mediate only led to further escalation.

The towering captain forcibly separated the two, then, seeing Chen Erfang standing up with blood on his mouth, his face turned dark, and he aimed the baton at Rong Qiu’s backside, delivering a heavy blow.

Rong Qiu was dumbfounded.

He slowly touched his buttocks, “Why did you hit me…”

Chen Erfang “weakly” coughed and took the opportunity to distort the facts.

Rong Qiu’s lips moved slightly, realizing that someone could be shameless to this extent, “Who exactly is dragging down the rankings?!”

“What’s the fuss about!”

The alpha captain scolded angrily, and his baton struck Rong Qiu again, “You’re still being defiant! As a combat major, can’t you obediently follow the arrangements of the command department? What do you, a beta, know about command? Do you think being a student exempts you from military regulations? If you dare to resist again, I’ll send you to solitary confinement!”

With two strikes, Rong Qiu’s legs went weak.

He stared blankly, speechless, looking at the baton in the hands of the alpha captain.

In that moment, he seemed to understand something.

In the AA system, alliances protect each other, regardless of right or wrong.

This was the atmosphere at A University, and in this military district, discrimination against second genders seemed even more rampant.

The alpha captain continued to scold the numb Rong Qiu.

After the captain left, Chen Erfang wiped away the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth, no longer showing signs of weakness.

He was arrogant, like a victorious rooster, “Did you see that? Beta, do you think you can make a name for yourself in a military district dominated by alphas? Both you and Qin Ye are nothing more than despicable playthings in our eyes.”

Chen Erfang’s words were not lowered.

The coarse voice echoed clearly in the starship corridor.

Alphas patrolling nearby could hear it, as well as the three management personnel at the corner of the stairs, yet even though it was second-gender discrimination condemned by the Federation, none of them stepped forward to refute.

This alpha student was right.

In their eyes, Rong Qiu was like a weak cabbage.

Encountering such a beta on the battlefield would be terrifying enough to frighten them away with just a touch of A-level alpha pheromones.

Simply not in their eyesight.


In the evening, Rong Qiu, having completed his mission, applied medicine to his buttocks.

The two blows from the alpha captain’s baton had left his buttocks sore all day. Now, looking at himself in the mirror, he saw that they were red and swollen again.

Fortunately, there was still some of the medicine Qin Muye had applied last time.

Rong Qiu laid weakly on the bed after applying the medicine.

After applying the medicine, he maintained this sleeping posture. His beta jaw rested on the pillow, and he continued to stare at his phone.

Maybe he should call Ah Ye…

Rong Qiu tentatively dialed the number. During the long wait, the call was not answered.

Rong Qiu pursed his lips and canceled the call.

Well, Ah Ye must have fallen asleep.


Rong Qiu and Chen Erfang’s enmity had become formal.

On the fifth day of the mission, under Chen Erfang’s “command,” Rong Qiu, piloting the No. 0097 mech, was hit by a collapsing building.

The aftershocks of the W Star continued, and if it weren’t for Chen Erfang’s insistence, he wouldn’t have flown towards six o’clock. The life detector showed no signs of life, but he was forcibly sent to rescue.

As a result, his mech was almost crushed.

Now, this mech has been sent to the repair room. Due to severe damage, there was no possibility of repairing it. Rong Qiu looked at the returned mech with heartache. It looked particularly worn out, with numerous scratches on the once silver metal shell. Rong Qiu’s fingertips rubbed over the deep marks, which seemed to be etched into his heart.

“Can’t this mech be used anymore?”

The alpha technician in the repair room sneered, “Still want to use it? Dream on. When you brought it back, I wanted to throw it away directly. This junk can’t be repaired. Why bring it back? Step aside; I’ll send it to the recycling bin right away.”

“Throw it away?!”

The alpha found Rong Qiu obstructing and impatiently said, “Yeah, it’s useless junk. Is there any reason to keep it?”

Rong Qiu’s eyes suddenly lost focus, and cold sweat broke out on his back. After three to five seconds, his beta shirt was soaked through, and he felt like he was falling into an icy lake.

Rong Qiu’s accident with the mech, even Su Ran had heard about it.

However, how could a mech be declared scrapped after a simple rescue mission? The military district’s stance was that it was Rong Qiu’s fault, and he was privately suspended from missions for a week.

It was not publicly announced, so few people knew about it.

Su Ran learned about it from Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia was the one who called Chen Erfang that day. Not only did Zhou Jia know that Rong Qiu’s mech was scrapped, but he also knew that Rong Qiu’s accident was not an accident.

Su Ran’s mouth dropped open in disbelief, “It can’t be, although Rong Qiu is not great, his mech operating skills are unquestionable. Besides, in our department with so many people, he is the one who cherishes the school’s crappy mech the most. How could he be willing to scrap the mech?”

Zhou Jia, who had been with Su Ran for a long time, naturally knew about the discord between Su Ran and Rong Qiu. Zhou Jia rubbed his hands, and in just a few words, he extracted himself from the situation, “He and his partner had a conflict a long time ago. This time, it was his partner who caused the destruction of the mech.”

After listening, Su Ran smiled, “He’s really good at offending alphas.”

After Zhou Jia left, Su Ran called Qin Muye.

Qin Muye on the other end of the phone was currently guarded by two private security personnel.

Not military personnel, but individuals arranged by his brother, Qin Zexi.

His susceptible period was approaching, and at the moment, he was being closely protected on a private starship, even Su Ran only thought he had been assigned to another mission.

On the phone, Su Ran deliberately recounted the “tragic situation” of Rong Qiu.

Upon hearing Su Ran’s words, the man, who was only looking at documents, remained silent. After a few minutes, he rubbed his slightly warm neck and lowered his gaze, saying in a faint tone, “Understood.”

“Ah Ye, aren’t you going to do anything about him?” Su Ran was surprised and murmured softly, “The military district is not like our A University. If he is bullied in the military district, it’s not as simple as fighting back like before…”

“Hang up.”

Su Ran’s call was abruptly disconnected.

A few seconds later, Qin Muye impatiently closed the document, redialed a number.

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