After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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At the same time, 8:30 PM.

A star’s most magnificent commercial street was already crowded, and outside the western bar, a group of luxury cars gathered.

Different from A University’s down-to-earth and studious atmosphere, the various colored light beams in the bar intertwined, and the lively and unrestrained style and atmosphere accompanied the male-male and female-female figures jumping in the central dance floor.

Many of them were from affluent families.

But they all unconsciously avoided the sofas by the bar.

Qin Muye sat back on the sofa, one leg raised, twirling a finely crafted metal lighter in his hand. Clearly dressed in casual attire, his aura still made people shudder.

People in the surrounding dance floor knew well – it was fine to provoke Su’s young master, but his beta friend was off-limits.

Who didn’t know that Young Master Su and Qin Ye were close.

Back then, someone with no eyesight offended Qin Ye. Not only did Qin Ye personally beat him up, but afterwards, he was warned by Ah Ran to stay away if he wanted to keep his life.

But unable to resist, new people saw beauty and were tempted.

The new omega approaching Qin Ye still thinking he was an alpha.

“Do you want to smell my pheromones?” 

Asking like this in the dazzling bar was undoubtedly teasing, and teasing omegas indeed had this privilege.

Qin Muye, who was approached, looked indifferent.

The omega clenched his teeth and determinedly stated, “My pheromones have a tempting scent.”

However, Qin Muye remained unaffected. Lips touched by strong alcohol, he uttered a few words, “I am a beta.”

The probing omega hesitated for a moment. Meanwhile, his gaze kept lowering, and even through the clothes, the contours of the man’s chest muscles were visible, firm and straight.

The omega, with fair and delicate hands, still clung to his arm, saying, “Beta is beta. How about spending a night together? I’m still a virgin.”

“A virgin?”


Qin Muye suddenly smiled, clearly mocking, “A virgin carrying the pheromones of at least three alphas on his body?”

The omega, feeling embarrassed and angry, said something unpleasant, “So what? Does an omega not deserve to sleep with a beta like you?”

The noisy electronic music echoed in the dance floor, and Qin Muye began to feel annoyed.

Tired of the perfume scent here and the exceptionally complex pheromone smells.

Mixed, dirty.

It was the same last night; an ignorant omega approached him willingly, and even though he didn’t respond in time, he still got brushed against.

Although Qin Muye was part of the nightlife, he didn’t engage in affairs.

His parents died early, and his brother, Qin Zexi, took good care of him. If it weren’t for an accident at home, he wouldn’t have been pressured by his brother to study at A University, even losing a character from his name, changing from Qin Muye to Qin Ye. But due to his brother’s strict control and various academic pressures during his youth, Qin Muye didn’t indulge anywhere.

He had a captivating appearance, but his behavior was exceptionally disciplined. He hadn’t even held an omega’s hand before reaching adulthood.

But rules were made to be broken.

On his 18th birthday, Qin Muye got himself a bed partner.

A sincere and clean beta, moreover they wouldn’t get pregnant, perfectly suited to be by his side.

Thinking about that gentle beta, Qin Muye became increasingly irritable. With one hand, he pushed away the clinging omega, even taking tissues to wipe his hands after pushing him away.

Su Ran saw it and quickly drove away the troublesome omega, “Ah Ye, aren’t we here to have fun? Why are you just sitting there without moving, not even taking a sip of the drink?”

Qin Muye raised an eyelid, “Boring.”

“Why so restless tonight? There are plenty of beautiful omegas here. If the one just now isn’t good, there are others. Why don’t you choose one?”


Su Ran leaned towards Qin Muye, “If someone actively offers themselves, what’s wrong with having a night together? Besides, you’re not a true beta, sooner or later, you’ll sleep with an omega.”

Su Ran had a sense of propriety; his words only reached their ears.

Qin Muye, lost in thought, didn’t say much.

Su Ran continued with some private remarks. He and Rong Qiu were classmates, and this time, he managed to escape the task to G Star by taking leave.

He didn’t want to go to such a dry place and end up with rough skin.

At this point, Su Ran poured a glass of wine, gesturing and saying, “Moreover, what’s good about Rong Qiu? He doesn’t even have a pleasant pheromone scent. Unlike others who have a charming and soft omega fragrance, Ah Ye, you should find someone else, get rid of him.”

Hearing the phrase “get rid of him,” Qin Muye’s eyes became even deeper.

Get rid of Rong Qiu?

He lowered his head and glanced at his phone; the last message from Rong Qiu still lingered, a simple “okay” sent by the beta.

Rong Qiu did everything as told, obedient and gentle, and wouldn’t get pregnant.

There was no better bed partner than him.

Seeing his friend not speaking, Su Ran thought he had a chance and continued, “Rong Qiu has been piloting mechs outside for half a month, and G Star is full of sandstorms. Maybe he’s been living a rough and tough life outside, and sleeping might be uncomfortable…”

Su Ran’s complaints inadvertently triggered Qin Muye to bend down and pick up the coat on the sofa.

Qin Muye: “I’m leaving.”

“Hey? I’ve booked the place for tonight. Why do you want to leave, Ah Ye? Where are you going?”

As the man stood up, his fair skin glistening in the light, he took back his phone and uttered words that were particularly cold and indifferent, “Annoying. Going back to sleep with a beta.”


At 9:15 PM, “rough and tough” Rong Qiu hung up his clothes. He also helped tidy up Qin Ye’s dormitory a bit, organizing shoes and books.

Rong Qiu broke a sweat while organizing the dorm, so he went back to his own dorm and took a shower.

The water from the showerhead fell evenly, making Rong Qiu feel very comfortable. The beta touched his muscles with the water flowing, not too soft, and even more resilient than before, but his skin remained as white as ever. He pinched his arm and was satisfied, but when he compared it with the white ceramic wall, it surprisingly looked almost the same.

Rong Qiu: …

If only he had the same body and skin color as Qin Ye.

In Rong Qiu’s eyes, everything about Qin Ye was good.

Sigh… Really miss Ah Ye.

Miss, miss, miss to death…


The alphas at the school, regardless of whether they attended class or not, liked to slick their hair back and wear a perfectly unwrinkled white shirt and trousers. Rong Qiu was much simpler; he had just taken a shower, so he casually put on a white t-shirt. His half-dry hair hung loosely on his forehead, and standing at the entrance of A University, waiting for his meal, he looked just like a high school student.

He ordered a bowl of white porridge and four sticky rice cakes from the school gate.

Before Rong Qiu could pay and pick up his order, a group of tall male students returned together. They were all drunk, and even from over ten meters away, Rong Qiu could hear them hiccupping.

A University prohibited alcohol consumption, but command department students could have a light drink on occasion. They needed alcohol to relieve the tension from prolonged analysis. Sometimes, Qin Ye would also come back with the scent of alcohol.

So, Rong Qiu couldn’t help but worry.

After carefully inspecting and confirming that Qin Ye wasn’t among them, Rong Qiu’s concerns dissipated.

Handing two five-yuan bills to the boss, he grabbed his food and followed behind the group of alphas. The night was already dim, and the light at the school gate was merely a decoration. Rong Qiu vaguely saw one of the male students about to vomit on the ground. The people around instantly scattered, paying no attention, and someone even stepped on him as they passed.

Fortunately, the group of students was dispersed by the on-duty security guard.

Rong Qiu frowned and approached after everyone had left to help.

After driving away the troublesome alphas, the security guard, who was also an alpha, came over. The two of them moved the male student to the temporary waiting room in the security office.

The security guard, annoyed by these alpha troublemakers every day, commented, “I don’t know how the school manages them. When the command department students go to the battlefield, they’re always drunk. Hey, little student, let me tell you, in the future, don’t find a smelly alpha from the command department as your partner. Nine out of ten of them are just playing around.”

Misunderstood as an omega, Rong Qiu didn’t explain. He asked in a low voice, “What about the other one?”

The security guard nodded toward the person on the bench, saying, “The other one is also a drunkard.”

Rong Qiu’s smile deepened.

He thought this statement was not accurate; Qin Ye was an exception.

Eating was a socializing activity, and drinking was just a light indulgence.

Qin Ye didn’t enjoy playing around, and he wasn’t a heavy drinker.

They would have a simple and plain relationship, get married quietly, and when they were old, Qin Ye would still be a grumpy old man. By then, they would hold hands and watch the sunset together.

Helping others for amusement was just a small episode. Rong Qiu returned to the dorm with his dinner, wearing headphones and using his computer to review the G Star mission. Before finishing his meal, someone hugged him from behind.

Rong Qiu instinctively captured the “culprit.”

Unexpectedly, the “culprit” had no intention of resisting. In the posture captured by Rong Qiu, he pressed his lips against the back of Rong Qiu’s head. Lips touching, Rong Qiu’s heart instantly softened beyond reason.

Ah Ye had returned.

Ah Ye even initiated a kiss!

This was the second time he initiated a kiss.

The last time was on Qin Ye’s birthday when Qin Ye, after drinking, kissed him. Since then, Qin Ye had not kissed him again; it had always been initiated by Rong Qiu.

It seemed that Ah Ye also missed him a lot.

In front of Qin Ye, Rong Qiu was easily enchanted.

Releasing the hand that restrained Qin Muye, the two shared a one-minute kiss.

The Beta blushed from the kiss.

His face was filled with a smile, and he wanted to continue, but then he sensed a faint scent of alcohol: “Ah Ye, have you been drinking?”

The man remained silent.

Rong Qiu asked again in a soft voice, and Qin Muye finally responded.

With long lashes hanging low, partially covering the cold light in his pitch-black eyes, Qin Muye didn’t want to engage in this pointless conversation now.

He just wanted to do it.

Rong Qiu, holding his head, looked at him with tender concern, “Why does your mentor always ask you to drink privately? How much have you drunk? You’re covered in the smell of alcohol.”

Amidst the unmistakable sweet scent, there was an undeniable sweet fragrance mixed in, but Rong Qiu, who had never been to such places, didn’t recognize it.

Now, he sat him down and made him a cup of sobering tea. Observing Qin Muye’s gaze fixed on the simulated battle on the computer, Rong Qiu thought he was probably drunk. He twisted a wet towel and gently wiped Qin Muye’s face.

After wiping his face, Qin Muye was urged to drink the sobering tea. He took a sip.

It was lukewarm, and the taste wasn’t pleasant.

Seeing him frowning after just a small sip, Rong Qiu thought he didn’t want to drink. Hesitating for a moment, Rong Qiu boldly kissed Qin Muye’s throat twice. Qin Muye’s eyes deepened instantly, and he drank the tea in one gulp, then pressed Rong Qiu onto the narrow bed beside him.

After enduring for so long, it was time to take action.

“The teacup!”

“Ignore it.”

Qin Muye didn’t care about the teacup.

The man’s desire was strong, and the corners of his eyes turned red.

But when he smelled the unfamiliar alpha pheromones on the beta, he immediately stopped his movements downward. He pulled apart Rong Qiu’s collar, and his eyes, like high-precision scanners, carefully inspected if there were any unnecessary traces on Rong Qiu’s body.

“What’s wrong?”

Rong Qiu thought he had triggered some cleanliness obsession in him and explained in a hushed voice, “I took a bath tonight, very clean.” 

Not sure which words offended the man’s sensitive nerve, the man’s grip on him felt like an inescapable vice, nearly crushing Rong Qiu’s waist, and a seductive flush appeared at the corners of his eyes. 

However, the man remained unfazed. Betas were always like this, their faces especially innocent. When the corners of their eyes turned red, it could completely trigger his sadistic desires. 

Qin Muye traced Rong Qiu’s waistline, his voice carrying a dangerous undertone, “Who did you see after your bath?” 

Rong Qiu was puzzled by the question, carefully recalling, “I didn’t see anyone. After washing Ah Ye’s clothes, I came back, took a bath, and bought dinner.” 

Qin Muye’s gaze darkened a bit, “There’s an alpha pheromone scent on you.”

Rong Qiu was puzzled for a few seconds, “Ah, when I bought dinner, I helped the security move a drunken alpha. It might be from him.”

Seeing that Qin Muye didn’t believe him, Rong Qiu explained softly, “If the smell is unpleasant, I’ll take another shower. This time, I’ll wash thoroughly, and only Ah Ye’s scent will be left.”

Although he said so, Rong Qiu’s eyes at the bedside lamp carried an unspeakable ambiguity.

He was indeed very clean.

Moreover, Qin Ye was so aggressive, he probably wouldn’t urge him to take a shower again…

Sure enough, Qin Muye forcefully pulled him back.

“No need.”

“But don’t you have a cleanliness obsession?”

Good, beta dared to tease him.

Seeing through all this, Qin Muye didn’t say anything and sealed Rong Qiu’s lips.

Rong Qiu couldn’t help but laugh when he was kissed. The soft yellow light spilled on the fair and gentle face of the beta, as if casting a lAh Yer of soft light on his perfect features.

Facing such a pair of beautiful and affectionate eyes, Qin Muye naturally had to do what he had to do.

That night, Rong Qiu took a third shower, and he almost couldn’t get out of the cramped bathroom.

But when he came out with weak legs, he was happy inside.

He really liked Qin Muye a lot.

The freshly bathed Rong Qiu only wore a short white sleeping shorts. Sitting on the bed, he stretched his waist, stretched his legs, and loosened the tendons that were pulled just now.

Qin Muye, who had finished bathing, saw this scene. Although Rong Qiu was slightly smaller than him, his resilience was not lacking. A thin lAh Yer of muscles adhered to his abdomen, with scattered kiss marks on it. Catching Qin Muye’s gaze, Rong Qiu blinked, reddening his ear tips as he looked at Qin Muye. With slightly pursed lips and gentle brows, he possessed a unique charm that set him apart from other omegas.

Qin Muye’s eyes darkened slightly, and an inexplicable flame ignited again.

Rong Qiu raised his eyebrows slightly, looking at Qin Muye, who had just finished bathing. He adjusted his sitting posture a bit awkwardly and tentatively asked, “Aren’t you leaving tonight?”

Qin Muye usually liked to ignore people after sleeping with them. Afterward, he would either return to his own dormitory, or lie on his bed with a cold expression. Maybe everyone’s reaction to the post-coital period was different, or perhaps Qin Muye, as the higher-energy output one, was more prone to exhaustion. Either way, Rong Qiu forgave Qin Muye for pulling such a stern face.

But this time, Qin Muye didn’t leave.

The man laid down beside him, and the robust body and hormonal scent crowded the bed and Rong Qiu’s heart simultaneously.

Qin Muye’s temperament changed quickly, rarely willing to stick to him even after getting out of bed.

Rong Qiu felt sweet and warm inside.

He voluntarily shifted towards the wall and smelled the pleasant sandalwood scent on Qin Muye. As if hiding some little secret, he asked with a secretly happy tone, “How did Ah Ye detect the alpha pheromones on me?”

For betas like them, ordinary alpha and omega pheromones were almost odorless.

Qin Muye casually came up with an excuse, mentioning a unique discernment method from the Command Department training. Rong Qiu believed him foolishly.

But he still felt a bit regretful, “Then I can’t learn it?”

However, Qin Muye pinched Rong Qiu’s soft waist, “Why learn that? You don’t need to smell others’ scents.”

And definitely shouldn’t pick up someone else’s scent.

Thinking it was sweet talk, Rong Qiu was pleased and kissed his forehead, feeling too embarrassed to kiss himself afterward.


Was he being too proactive?

Rong Qiu buried his head in the pillow. Due to nervousness, his fair face was covered with a thin layer of sweat, “Just you.”

He didn’t know if Qin Muye heard this clearly.

Lazily lifting his eyelids, Qin Muye, still hugging the beta from behind, bit the soft flesh on Rong Qiu’s neck. It was like a possessiveness of a child towards a toy, yet also like a hunter playing with prey in his hands, casual but absolutely not allowing interference from outsiders.

What he didn’t say was—

If it was touched, then he wouldn’t want it anymore.

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