After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Rong Qiu’s dormitory was quite different from Qin Muye’s.

He had few belongings, which could be described as “minimalist.”

Apart from essential bedding and clothing, Rong Qiu, who initially didn’t have a pillow when he started school, casually rolled up a thin blanket from summer to use as a pillow. Later, when he needed one, he went to a supermarket and bought a discounted cotton pillow for 9.9 yuan.

Qin Muye couldn’t get used to his pillow and mattress the first time he stayed over. Unfortunately, Rong Qiu didn’t notice. Just being held by Qin Muye made Rong Qiu’s heart swell, and he didn’t realize that Qin Muye hadn’t slept well all night.

It wasn’t until the next day, seeing Qin Muye with two large dark circles under his eyes, that Rong Qiu knew what was wrong.

Rong Qiu, who had a fluctuating courage, became bold that time. He suddenly teased Qin Muye, calling him a delicate princess like a pea and asking which wealthy family he belonged to. 

Qin Muye rarely didn’t retort, sulking in silence.

Seeing him like that, Rong Qiu softened. Both of them were orphans. How could Qin Muye be a wealthy young master? The more Rong Qiu thought about it, the more his heart ached. He decided to go to a bedding store, spent 500 yuan on a high-end latex pillow, and also bought two sets of new cotton bed sheets and covers.

Now, Young Master Qin was satisfied.

The frequency of Qin Muye coming to his dormitory doubled.

Rong Qiu guessed that Qin Muye was different from him. Qin Muye’s adoptive parents probably had some wealth, and he lived well before they passed away. So now, he occasionally exhibited some trivial habits of a wealthy person.

But what did it matter? Rong Qiu wasn’t tight on money; he would satisfy Qin Muye as much as possible.

Even if Qin Muye asked for his life, Rong Qiu might smile and willingly hand it over.

A night of good sleep.

The next morning, when Rong Qiu opened his eyes, Qin Muye’s exquisite face was magnified in front of him. Even from the bottom-up perspective, Qin Muye was still exceptionally handsome.

Rong Qiu admired for quite a while.

He was a face-con, and Qin Muye’s outstanding face was what made him fall in love at first sight.

Now, this Young Master Qin’s sleeping appearance was quite obedient. His eyes, which usually sparkled like obsidian, were hidden under porcelain-white eyelids. The long and straight nose and sharp lip lines were followed by a flawless face, except for a small red mole on the earlobe.

Although the red mole was dark, it was only the size of a pinhead.

Qin Muye didn’t even know it was there.

Thinking that he could be so close to Qin Muye, Rong Qiu couldn’t help but smile foolishly.

It seemed that he was awakened by Rong Qiu’s laughter. Qin Muye made a muffled sound and extended his arms, hugging him even tighter. He also held Rong Qiu’s hand, resembling an octopus.

Being pressed by the man like this, Rong Qiu’s drowsiness completely dissipated.

However, Rong Qiu couldn’t help but inhale a cold breath. His hand, pressed by Qin Muye, was very painful.

Last night’s commotion in the bathroom was too intense. The hand, already treated with ointment, had soaked in water, causing the ointment to fade. Now, after a night, the edges of the scars were peeling and turning white.

Before Rong Qiu could take a closer look, his nape was being ground by Qin Muye’s sharp teeth.

Although Rong Qiu was a beta, the glands at the back of his neck, which had degenerated in function, were still there. Being nibbled by Qin Muye, a tingling sensation spread densely, bringing an indescribable and complex feeling.

Itchy and unbearable, yet sweet.

Rong Qiu, stealing a taste of the flavor, couldn’t help but savor it. His eyes, a pair of light and faint eyes, were filled with stars. He poked Qin Muye’s hand on his chest and couldn’t help muttering, “Puppy teething.”

Hearing the words ‘puppy teething,’ Qin Muye bit harder. His appearance was like he wanted to tear off a piece of skin from Rong Qiu’s neck.

Morning was the most likely time for things to get out of control.

After lying on the bed for a while, Rong Qiu, enduring his shyness, leaned forward, and the two kissed again.

As it approached noon, Rong Qiu reluctantly got up to take a shower with a body that felt crushed.

This time, Qin Muye didn’t tease him. After Rong Qiu finished bathing, he picked out a set of clothes from the wardrobe and handed them to him. These were the clothes Qin Muye had deliberately left in his dormitory before.

Qin Muye took the clothes and glanced at the bruises on Rong Qiu’s hand, his eyes darkening.

“What happened to your hand?”

Rong Qiu paused and hid it behind, “It’s nothing, got caught by the mech door.”

Upon hearing him say it was fine, Qin Muye took the clothes and headed to take a shower. 

The showerhead in Rong Qiu’s bathroom wasn’t particularly high. Qin Muye leaned against it, the showerhead pressing against his head, and water cascaded down. The small shower space was neat and tidy, and the scattered marks left from the previous night had been completely cleaned up by Rong Qiu.

Even if he doesn’t clean up, Young Master Qin would naturally not descend to help him.

After all, Qin Muye was currently in the wise hours. His body was tired, and his thoughts were deliberately slowing down. The few fragmented scenes in his mind were all about the outside beta.

Rong Qiu’s body was neither rough nor hard; it was fairer than many omegas, soft and satisfying countless times.

He was a suitable bed partner.

But going further, that was it—just the extent of being bed partners.

When the man came out of the bathroom, Rong Qiu had already tidied up the dorm, opened the window for ventilation, changed the bed sheets, and thrown the half-eaten fried rice from last night into the trash.

He also threw away the two used condoms under the bed. Actually, it was more than three or four times last night; Qin Muye was too eager. One tore when used, and the remaining one was used but not thoroughly. Might as well…

Rong Qiu’s face turned red, and he quickly went to order food.

Qin Muye had a fair complexion, but his taste in food was very strong, heavy on oil and spice. Rong Qiu ordered barbecue for him and two bowls of mixed noodles. One without spice was for Rong Qiu himself.

By the time Qin Muye finished showering, Rong Qiu couldn’t resist and started eating.

Seeing Qin Muye come out, Rong Qiu, sitting on the bed, took a small sip of noodles and swallowed it all before asking, “Aren’t you going to class this afternoon?”

Qin Muye sat beside him. Just relieved, at the moment, he wasn’t interested in anything, not even Rong Qiu. He only replied with a single word, “Going.”

Rong Qiu nodded, somewhat pleased, “Perfect, the clothes I washed last night are dry. You can wear them when you go back.”


“Oh, by the way, I found a red mark on the collar of your clothes when I was doing laundry. What’s that?”

“Red mark?”


Rong Qiu gestured with his hand, “About five centimeters before fading. I don’t know what kind of dye it is—fragrant and greasy. But it’s easy to wash. Just rub it a bit, and it comes off.”

After a moment of thought, Qin Muye remembered that it was probably the lipstick mark from an omega when he went to the bar to drink two days ago.

But why did Rong Qiu ask him about this? Was he trying to test him?

Qin Muye’s gaze towards Rong Qiu carried a hint of impatience.

“Do you not know what it is?”

“I don’t know.”

The Beta’s skin was light, and the color of their irises was also light—a rare and transparent blue amber. At this moment, they seemed somewhat confused and innocent.

Qin Muye’s restless irritation eased a bit, “I don’t know either.”

Rong Qiu didn’t notice his strangeness, just said, “Oh,” and didn’t ask further.

Qin Muye also didn’t explain.

Perhaps being with Rong Qiu at this time, breaking his usual routine, or maybe being questioned by a beta earlier, dampened Qin Muye’s enthusiasm a bit. He lowered his head to eat.

Qin Muye ate very gracefully. Rong Qiu couldn’t tell which etiquette he was following, but his posture was elegant and noble, and his speed wasn’t slow. Once he was satisfied, he went ahead and handed Rong Qiu the last skewer of grilled lamb.

Rong Qiu dodged a bit, but Qin Muye was looking at his phone, analyzing data that needed to be submitted. He was eager to go back, and his feeding hand didn’t withdraw.

Rong Qiu, looking at the food in front of him, hesitated. The lamb skewer was right against his lips. Maybe it should be okay to take a bite…

Qin Muye never fed him before.

Rong Qiu took a small bite.

Just a small bite.

But contrary to his wishes, heavy spice was indeed heavy spice.

Just taking a mouthful, he choked directly on his throat.

The person could still look beautiful like a flower when not coughing. At least, Rong Qiu looked very embarrassed, covering his mouth, and his slender shoulders shivered violently, coughing so hard that his eyes turned red.

After the coughing fit, a few seconds later, rashes began to appear on his body.

Qin Muye raised his eyes from his phone, surprised, “You can’t eat spicy food?”

Rong Qiu shook his head, softly explaining, “Actually, I can handle a bit of mild spice.”

Only when it was heavily spicy did he have a stress reaction.

But what was mild spice?

Just as Qin Muye was about to reprimand Rong Qiu for eating something he couldn’t handle, he remembered that it was he who fed him. He couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

The Beta indeed loved him too much.

Qin Muye’s actions weren’t gentle. He handed a bottle of milk from the shop to Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu sniffed softly, “Huh?”

Qin Muye nodded, the soft light reflecting on his eyelashes, unexpectedly showing a bit of tenderness. He said calmly, “To counteract the spice.”

“Oh.” Rong Qiu took it but didn’t drink.

Qin Muye questioned, “Not drinking?”

Did he want him to feed him personally?

Sensing the man’s impatience, Rong Qiu, suppressing his cough, whispered, “I’m lactose intolerant…”

Qin Muye’s brows were practically tied into knots.

Can’t eat spicy.

Can’t drink milk.

The Beta was so troublesome.

Seeing the wet corners of Rong Qiu’s eyes, Qin Muye inexplicably felt a bit annoyed. However, he attributed this annoyance to the beta’s disturbing cough.

Qin Muye carefully checked the red spots on Rong Qiu’s body.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too serious.

But Qin Muye’s obvious disdain during the inspection was too pronounced. Rong Qiu hung his head, his face full of disappointment, “I’ll go to the bathroom to rinse my mouth with cold water. I’ll tidy up the table when I come back.”


When Rong Qiu came out again, Qin Muye had disappeared without saying a word.

The remaining trash on the table was also untouched.

Rong Qiu’s legs felt weak, and he used his elbow to support himself. Just a few minutes later, he silently looked at the trash on the table, a table full of trash after the meal, silently indicating something.

When he touched the bottle of milk, his mind shook. There was still a faint lingering scent of sandalwood.

This was the first thing Ah Ye had handed him, apart from money.

If only he could drink the milk Qin Ye handed him.

Disappointment overwhelmed him.

However, this kind of low mood didn’t last long. Three to five minutes later, Rong Qiu’s phone notification light flashed.

It was his special care.

Even though Ah Ye had left, he left a message for him!

The content wasn’t complicated. Ah Ye straightforwardly transferred the “living expenses” for the month to him.

But it was too much; it was a six-figure sum. Even if he ordered expensive private dishes every day for Ah Ye, he wouldn’t need this much. Rong Qiu felt a bit uneasy. Although he could save up this much, the nature of these two types of money was completely different.

So, Rong Qiu contemplated returning the money to Qin Muye.

Perhaps sensing Rong Qiu’s thoughts, Qin Muye quickly sent two more messages, clean and succinct, in his usual style:

Ah Ye: Accept it.

Ah Ye: Buy oat milk.

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