After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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Among the one hundred people who attacked the harbor this time, thirteen died, and another seventy-two were injured to varying degrees.

Rong Qiu was one of them.

When the harbor attack ended, Rong Qiu, rescued by rescue personnel, was brought up from the emergency safety pod. Even with the protection of the safety pod, Rong Qiu had a fractured fourth rib on the left side and the second rib had rough cortical abrasions.

However, apart from Qin Muye and Su Ran, no one paid attention to his accident.

From being treated in the medical cabin to the moment Rong Qiu opened his eyes, except for doctors and nurses, no one came to visit Rong Qiu.

When Rong Qiu opened his eyes again, intense pain on his body made him break into a cold sweat. The strong smell of disinfectant and the ticking sound of medical instruments in his ears reminded him that he was currently in the medical cabin.

The alpha doctor next to the bed looked indifferent, checking various data on Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu’s fractures weren’t severe; they could even heal on their own.

The alpha doctor felt that he was overqualified to treat this “minor injury” on the Beta. Moreover, what was the status of this Beta, that even the military district above demanded the use of the best medical resources from this medical area?

Probably just because of his good looks.

The alpha doctor, looking at Rong Qiu squinting his eyes on the bed, hummed disdainfully, “Although you have fractures, there’s no hemothorax or pneumothorax. You can heal on your own, but arrangements have been made from above, and you need to stay in the hospital for two weeks.”

The doctor’s words revealed the familiar arrogance and contempt that Rong Qiu was used to.

But Rong Qiu couldn’t care less about the alpha’s disdain right now.

His mind was still focused on that moment of the crash.

At that time, it seemed that his mech had collided with Su Ran’s mech, facing the danger of disintegration. Finally, unable to control the mech, the mech plunged into the sea, and at the critical moment, he activated the safety airbag.

After that, memories completely disappeared.

Because when he felt the heavy pressure on his chest, he thought he was done for.

If he died because of one mission.

That would be unfortunate.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen.

He still had his life.

Rong Qiu was very tired. This fatigue was not only physical but also psychological, as if even blinking would consume all his energy.

After the doctor left, Rong Qiu fell into a drowsy and confused dream.

After an unknown amount of time, someone came to check his body, accompanied by the intense pain that woke him up from the dream. When the rib broke, even breathing was painful.

“Rong Qiu, you’re awake!”

Su Ran was originally scolding an alpha nurse for rough handling. Seeing Rong Qiu awake, he immediately gathered around his bed.

Hearing the familiar voice, Rong Qiu also made an effort to open his eyes. He recognized the person in front of him as Su Ran.

The young alpha seemed to have lost a lot of weight, and there were obvious shadows in his eyes. Seeing Rong Qiu awake, he was more excited than the medical staff next to him.

Rong Qiu looked behind him.

Ah Ye didn’t come.

The strength Rong Qiu used to open his eyes was like a deflated balloon, instantly shrinking.

When the medical staff went out, Su Ran, still in a state of wanting to get close but not daring to approach, ultimately bowed to him after careful consideration. It seemed he was very grateful to Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu let out a sigh through his throat like a broken windpipe, “Where’s Ah Ye?”

Su Ran suddenly blanked out, his gaze becoming unfocused. “Ah Ye hasn’t come back. The mission on M Star is still ongoing, and you are currently on a medical starship.”

“The mission isn’t over yet?”

Su Ran hesitated, stammering, and only mentioned that the mission didn’t go smoothly afterward. There was a connection between the star pirates and the rebels who had defected from the Thirteenth District before, so the military and Qin Muye were currently in a difficult situation.

Rong Qiu didn’t understand at first.

But hearing about the rebels from the Thirteenth District, he could figure out some of it.

Perhaps Ah Ye was too busy.

Even though Rong Qiu felt disappointed, he was understanding.

Su Ran also seemed busy. Since Rong Qiu woke up, his phone had been constantly ringing, and Rong Qiu urged him to leave.

Su Ran couldn’t refuse. Once again, he expressed his gratitude to Rong Qiu, “I’m sorry for this mission. I will find some Beta or omega doctors to take care of you. Is there anything else you want?”

Rong Qiu shook his head, but a few seconds later, he seemed to remember something, “Could I trouble you to bring my bag over?”

Su Ran delivered on his promise.

Afterwards, Rong Qiu’s alpha doctor turned into a Beta doctor, and there were even omega caregivers.

Rong Qiu’s treatment improved a bit.

His bag was also brought over.

Personally delivered by Su Ran.

Seeing how much Rong Qiu cherished this bag, Su Ran felt a bit sorry for him.

When he went to Rong Qiu’s room to get the bag, he found that the Beta’s belongings were exceptionally few. With the bag taken away, the room was so empty that it could immediately accommodate a new person.

Wall surrounding, bleak and poor.

This was the first time Su Ran had so directly perceived Rong Qiu’s “poverty.”

Feeling guilty for his previous actions, Su Ran awkwardly pointed at his bag, “It seems like your old phone fell into the sea. I got you a new one, and the number is still the same.”

The poor Beta gratefully held the phone and sincerely thanked, “Thank you.”

Su Ran:…

“I should be thanking you.” Su Ran waved at him with a guilty conscience.

If Rong Qiu knew that it was because of his mishandling that led to the disintegration of his mech, Rong Qiu might not thank him again.

Ah Ye might get angry too.

It was the first time he saw Ah Ye using his private authority. Originally, based on Rong Qiu’s injuries, there was no need to use the best medical treatment from the military district. Su Ran shivered, exchanged a few words with the caregiver, and then he was about to leave.

Before leaving, Su Ran stopped in front of the door. He sighed, “Ah Ye has been very busy lately. He might not be able to contact you.”

Rong Qiu nodded repeatedly, showing no displeasure. “I know.”

He used to be this busy with every mission.

And the rules of the military were strict. Maybe Ah Ye had very few opportunities to get a phone.

Seeing the Beta being so understanding, Su Ran bid farewell.

But his heart felt even more uncomfortable.


With Su Ran gone, Rong Qiu hurriedly opened the new phone.

He hadn’t used a phone for a long time.

The card in the new phone was still the old number, and all the contacts were still there. However, the messages and stored content inside were all gone. Rong Qiu looked at the empty message area and felt a bit sad.

Even though he knew Ah Ye might not receive his messages, he still edited the content.

“I’m hospitalized now, Ah Ye, no need to worry~”

But Ah Ye probably already knew he was hospitalized. Saying this seemed too redundant…

After pondering for a moment, he deleted the message he had just typed, lowered his head, and entered a new one:



Rong Qiu stayed in the medical ward of the starship. His suitcase, containing the diary, was still there. Rong Qiu recorded this rare period of convalescence in the diary.

Unfortunately, the phone fell into the sea, and all the old chat records were gone. When he was bored, he could only read the old diary. However, just by flipping through the diary entries about Qin Muye, the Beta was quite satisfied.

One day, Rong Qiu turned to last year’s diary and was suddenly surprised.

It was already November 4th…

Seven days later would be his twentieth birthday.

Actually, Rong Qiu didn’t know his exact birthday. The specific date on his ID card was estimated by the hospital when he was sent from the orphanage to the hospital as a child.

Coincidentally, it was set on November 11th.

Quite a lonely date.

Rong Qiu didn’t pay much attention to his birthday. Seven days later, he should still be staying in the medical compartment of the starship.

If possible, it would be great to receive Ah Ye’s call on that day.

He really wanted to hear a “Happy Birthday”…

A week later, the call really came.

When answering the call, Rong Qiu was writing in his diary. When he saw the two words “Ah Ye” light up, he thought he was hallucinating from holding the phone every day.

Today was his birthday, and Ah Ye called!

Ah Ye remembered!

But he didn’t dare to expect Ah Ye to remember because he had never told Ah Ye his birthday.

Rong Qiu was so excited that his legs cramped. He rubbed his stiff cheek with his hand.

But before he could answer, the call ended.

Rong Qiu:!!!

He hadn’t picked up yet, how could it be hung up?

Did Ah Ye dial the wrong number?

Or did Ah Ye dislike him for being slow to answer the phone?

Regardless of which one it was, Rong Qiu looked at the “call ended” in the chat box, and the chest cavity leaked air.

Why did it hang up?

Should he call back?

The Beta was stunned for about three seconds, and a new call came in.

It was a video call!

He immediately opened the video.

Rong Qiu’s long eyelashes completely covered the joy in his eyes. Under the bright eyes, the Beta even ignored the messy hair, and his little head leaned towards the screen.

Qin Muye just lifted his eyes from the documents and saw a white face occupying the screen.

The man’s hand holding the pen paused.

It seemed that the Beta had recovered well from his rest, and his fair cheeks had a healthy blush.

Rong Qiu’s face was completely flushed with excitement.

He stared blankly at the screen. The man on the screen was still the same, but he was now wearing a new military uniform. This military green color looked even more advanced, and Rong Qiu recognized it as the uniform of a Second-Level Tactical Officer.

Ah Ye had become a Second-Level Tactical Officer!

Rong Qiu was happy for Qin Muye, but before he could speak, the first thing Qin Muye said was for him to return to A Star for recovery.


Qin Muye’s attitude was very firm. He informed Rong Qiu condescendingly, “Because you didn’t conduct a proper inspection before piloting the mech, leading to the lack of crucial parts and the subsequent explosion. This is the punishment from the military district for your mistake.”

Rong Qiu widened his eyes, ignoring the pain in his chest. “It’s impossible. I always check before piloting the mech!”

Qin Muye said, “The military district’s investigation results are clear. You have to believe the official version.”

Rong Qiu’s lip tightened, and he bit his lower lip until it turned pale. “But I didn’t.”

“Listen, go back to A Star.”


During this time, Qin Muye was exceptionally busy with military affairs. Taking the time to inform the Beta personally was already rare. Seeing that Rong Qiu wasn’t complying, he became impatient. “What’s the use of keeping an injured Beta in the military district? Even if you don’t leave, the orders have already come down. A starship will forcefully take you back in three days. Whether you want to go or not is no longer up to you.”

Suddenly, Rong Qiu seemed to hear the sound of a string snapping in his mind. He held the slightly warm phone and his palm tightly, but his mind went blank.

What use is there for a Beta.

Forced to send you back.

Ah Ye’s words were so similar to those of the foster parents who sent him back to the orphanage when he was a child, and to the alpha officer who beat him with a baton before. But he had never thought that he would hear such words from the mouth of his beloved.

So, did Ah Ye think so too?

Did he think that a Beta like him was useless…

Rong Qiu felt his chest go numb. In the man’s irritable tone, Rong Qiu stiffly changed the subject, “Apart from this… Ah Ye doesn’t have anything else to say to me?”

Like wishing him a happy birthday today.

Would there be a “Happy Birthday” from Ah Ye?

The man on the other end paused for a few minutes, and this silence made the already slow time even longer.


After a few breaths, the man insisted in a heavy tone, “Don’t be stubborn. Go back to A Star.”

Rong Qiu tightened his grip on the phone.

In a place where the man couldn’t see, intense disappointment made his body in the bed shiver. Even though he was accustomed to it, he would still feel sad, and his chest would still feel chilling.

The Beta lowered his head, his eyes dim and unclear.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

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