After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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When he received the mission from above, Rong Qiu was rearranging his small backpack. Perhaps the starship rocked too violently, and one of the fragrances in his bag seemed to be leaking.

Rong Qiu, feeling distressed, took a new glass bottle of fragrance. Busy for about ten minutes, he finally tidied up his backpack.

The person who came to deliver the mission book was an alpha.

He knew Rong Qiu’s mission was tough. He even overheard a phone call from the restroom to Zhou Jia, who seemed to want to tamper with Rong Qiu’s mech during the mission.

There were people with sinister intentions in the military district. The last one was Chen Erfang, who was sent to the detention room.

Now, there was Zhou Jia.

Unfortunately, Zhou Jia got along well with Su Ran. Perhaps Zhou Jia’s current plans were all instructed by Su Ran. Su Ran had influence in the military district, and those officials protected him. The alpha who eavesdropped wouldn’t provoke Su Ran.

But the alpha who delivered the letter couldn’t help but look at Rong Qiu with some sympathy. “Before the mission, be sure to check your mech carefully.”

Rong Qiu didn’t understand his meaning. He rubbed his hands on the nearby white towel to wipe away the non-existent dust, then saluted. “Alright, I will complete the mission.”

After the alpha left, Rong Qiu sat back on the sofa.

The mission book was not lengthy, but as he read further, his brows gradually furrowed.

He had to lead a hundred people to attack the harbor…

The arrangement above was not wrong. This was the best way to deal with the star pirates, and it was the best method agreed upon after discussion by everyone.

Rong Qiu looked at the last signature of the overall team leader, and he recognized the elegant and vigorous handwriting. It was Qin Muye’s signature.

He carefully folded the document with Qin Muye’s signature and placed it in the inner pocket of his shirt. When he finished all this, his deep blue eyes sparkled like starlight, mixed with an undeniable tenderness.

Afterwards, Rong Qiu waited for a long time.

Even when he went to bed, he didn’t receive a call or even a message from Qin Muye.

He was about to embark on a dangerous mission.

Why didn’t Ah Ye give him a call…

Looking at the contacts on his phone, there was a bit of melancholy in his emotions.

Ah, he forgot.

Ah Ye was the overall team leader for the mission and must be very busy before the mission.


The next day, on time.

The hundred-person team assembled.

Unlike before, Rong Qiu, wearing a dark green uniform, combed the stray hair covering his fair forehead to the back of his head. The clean and obedient facial features had a few more degrees of cold determination that Su Ran couldn’t describe.

This hundred-person team consisted of A-star students and ordinary soldiers from the military district.

Led by Rong Qiu and Su Ran.

Rong Qiu was surprised that Su Ran actually came.

This mission was difficult and challenging, so out of the hundred-person team, only twenty were combat system students from A-star, and they were all students operating within the top twenty. Su Ran wasn’t supposed to be among them.

Su Ran volunteered to come.

Qin Muye had advised him that this mission was dangerous.

Su Ran still insisted on coming because Zhou Jia told him, “If Brother Su doesn’t go, won’t all the rewards be taken away by the Beta Rong Qiu?”

Zhou Jia resented Rong Qiu. Why did Rong Qiu receive praise when they were in the same group, while Zhou Jia got a retention notice?

Su Ran felt Zhou Jia was right. Since childhood, he had grown up with people catering to him, and naturally, he couldn’t see Zhou Jia’s affection and small tricks. He even thought Zhou Jia was doing it for his own good. Even when Zhou Jia said he didn’t have money to eat, Su Ran generously lent him his card.

If Zhou Jia hadn’t reminded him, he would have missed an opportunity to make contributions.

The Beta was going, and as an alpha, how could he not go? Moreover, he was Rong Qiu’s squad leader this time. If the mission was successfully completed, he could be promoted.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell Rong Qiu about this.

Rong Qiu didn’t expect that Su Ran came over just to snatch military merits.

He was just a bit worried. Could Su Ran handle it?

Don’t drag the team down when you’re in the mech fighting against the star pirates.

When a hundred mechs flew over the western dock, a vast expanse of silver warplanes, imposing and majestic, some were soldiers recruited by the military district, and some were students from A University. At least at this moment, when the mechs rose together, they were all equally brave and invincible.

Star pirates were very sensitive.

The alarm sounded instantly, and the sharp whistle repeated three times.

Su Ran’s hand holding the starter trembled slightly; he was nervous. This time, they were facing particularly fierce star pirates.

However, inside the mech compartment where he couldn’t see, faint blue veins appeared on the young man’s neck. At some point, he had already taken off the military-green outer jacket, revealing a slender yet powerful spine, with the shirt loosely tied in several places.

The lines of the arms operating the instruments were sharp and beautiful.

Waiting for the familiar voice of Qin Muye to command through the communication device, the Beta showed no hesitation. Instantly, he pushed the throttle forward.

The mech moved like a smoothly curved silver fish, accurately avoiding the counter-fire from the harbor base.

There weren’t many star pirates stationed at the western dock of the harbor.

The chaotic alarm sound spread in the sky along with the sound of gunfire. The people driving the mechs needed to devote all their energy.

They had been dragging for nearly twenty minutes.

Apart from the original ground artillery, there was now a large number of black mechs, bearing the unique cross-shaped insignia of the star pirates, launching an attack on their silver aircraft.

Rong Qiu looked at the dense fleet of star pirate aircraft and thought to himself that most of the enemy had been drawn over.

However, Su Ran gradually felt fatigued.

Three black mechs had surrounded him from behind.

Among the star pirates, there were those who were bloodthirsty. They operated mechs with a mature and wild technique, far more sophisticated and fierce than the mech operations of Su Ran’s academy. At least, they weren’t afraid of mech collisions.

At the moment of the first mech collision, Su Ran panicked, and the mech almost overturned.

“Su Ran! Reduce the braking pressure! Maximize the side bend!”

Su Ran followed Rong Qiu’s instructions, but in vain. “The front braking system is out of control!”

The situation was not good. With the long blade of the star pirate mech about to pierce Su Ran’s mech, Rong Qiu gritted his teeth, pulled himself out of the encirclement of five mechs, and quickly blocked the fatal long knife for him.

However, due to Su Ran’s manipulation errors, the silver side blade of the mech directly pierced Rong Qiu’s mech on the right side.

A chain reaction occurred, and Rong Qiu’s mech gradually began to crack and disintegrate. The sharp and continuous sound made Rong Qiu evade the star pirates while maintaining stability.

Unfortunately, all in vain.

By the time Su Ran reacted, Rong Qiu’s mech had fallen from high altitude.

“Rong Qiu!”

With Su Ran’s roar, Qin Muye in the command center had a face as cold as iron, silently clenching his fists.

He watched the silver mech of the Beta crash into the sea.

Fire erupted.

The sea was blue and calm, but at this moment, it resembled a vast, boundless devouring beast, instantly swallowing the falling fiery red ball.

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