After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 25

Chapter 25

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Rong Qin, who was driving towards the Qin family’s old residence, was very impatient.

It wasn’t until Rong Qin’s car stopped outside the garden of the old Qin residence that this irritability eased slightly.

Because he saw his partner.

Seeing Rong Qin’s car stop, Qin Zexi hurriedly walked over, showing no signs of the severe injuries that had hospitalized him before.

Rong Qin had just come out of the driver’s seat when he was tightly hugged by Qin Zexi.

Rong Qin was about to push him away when Qin Zexi said, “I was surrounded by a group of omegas today…”

Rong Qin didn’t move to push him, “A group?”

Seeing the implications in Rong Qin’s tone that seemed to say, “If you’re dirty, I’ll throw you away immediately,” Qin Zexi immediately said, “Actually, it’s mainly around Ah Ye!”

Rong Qin’s attitude suddenly changed, “Just let them surround you. In the end, you’ll find an omega on the left or right.”

Outside the window, people were hugging warmly, while inside, Qin Muye was as cold as ancient ice.

The person inside was none other than Qin Muye, who had been surrounded by omegas all day.

He usually wore military uniforms or suits. Today, Qin Muye was rare in a handmade all-black suit, extremely well-fitted, outlining his exceptionally perfect and vigorous figure.

As handsome as always.

This was also the figure that every alpha envied.

Especially when the man took off his black suit, leaving only a white shirt, the white sleeves folded twice on his arms, revealing the explosive power of his strong arms.

After drinking a gulp of cold water, Qin Muye’s annoyance lessened.

These days, the ancestral worship organized by the Qin family had almost been devoured by those omega gazes.

He was uncomfortable everywhere he went, with omegas subtly releasing pheromones.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t break ties with the Qin family right now.

These old relics had already hooked up with the rebels outside the interstellar, and even engaged in a batch of arms deals… But the rulers of the Federation had set their sights on the Qin family. Before the central star decided to take action and capture them all, Qin Muye and Rong Qin couldn’t make any moves.

The people in the old house had a subtle attitude towards the Qin brothers.

Because the position of the family head had passed to his brother Qin Zexi’s hands. Even if they didn’t like it internally, they had to make some surface efforts.

The remaining uncles in the Qin family were cunning and ruthless. When their father was still the family head, these uncles had shown signs of greed and even went so far as to take action on their father and his “little dad,” causing their deaths on the starship during a business trip.

Fortunately, he and his brother didn’t go together.

Even more fortunately, his brother had been confirmed as the only S-class alpha in the Federation a hundred years ago. Regardless of reputation or pheromone level, he was outstanding among all alphas in the Federation.

So they could still rely on the power of the Federation to protect them after the loss of both parents.


Rong Qin is not a person who likes to stay put.

Not when he was young, and even now, he still enjoys occasionally poking at people he doesn’t like.

He currently finds his partner’s younger brother quite annoying.

Now that the Beta doesn’t remember the scumbag Alpha, Rong Qin felt like he has won something intangible. After comforting his clingy alpha partner, Rong Qin took a quick shower and arrived at Qin Muye’s room.

He knocked on the door leisurely and, with his hands in his pockets, looked at the closed door. “Let’s talk about that night at the bar.”

As he expected, the door opened quickly.

The figure on the other side was tall, with a stern gaze. He looked tired, with a pale complexion, yet strangely red lips. Against the dim background, he seemed like a vampire coming out of a black night castle, exuding an inexplicable danger.

Rong Qin raised an eyebrow.

This face really couldn’t be found fault with.

No wonder the original little Beta was so captivated.

This was Rong Qin’s first time entering Qin Muye’s room, and as he had imagined, it was dominated by black and white tones, cold furniture, crimson stains on the table, and cigarette butts that seemed to have been there for a while, with ash piled up high.

Quite different from Rong Qiu’s newly decorated small villa.

Every time he went there, the little Beta’s ashtray was empty!

Clean and spotless.

Clearly, he was a well-behaved non-smoker.

Very nice.

After entering the room, Rong Qin casually chose a seat. But as soon as he sat down, he couldn’t help but want to laugh when he looked at Qin Muye’s face.

Because all he could think of in his mind was Rong Qiu’s words from the night: “The lover is already dead.”


It was just so enchanting :)

“Why are you laughing?” Qin Muye frowned at him.

“Nothing.” Rong Qin shook his head, suppressing a smile, and leaned back on the sofa, crossing his arms. “He’s doing well.”

He didn’t specify who was doing well, but Qin Muye’s hand holding the document hesitated in mid-air. Soon, Qin Muye seemed to realize his own pause and continued the action without showing any emotion.

Rong Qin observed it all.

But just like watching a show, he couldn’t help but be smug, If the coffee table wasn’t too far away; he would have raised his legs.

Suppressing the desire to raise his legs, Rong Qin adopted a domineering posture. “He has already given up on you. But he’s just a bed partner. You won’t actively seek him out, will you?”

Rong Qin intentionally said this to provoke Qin Muye.

The effect was predictable.

Indeed, the cold and proud man in front of Rong Qin remained calm. At the words, he even showed a hint of disdain and contempt. “No.”

Rong Qin nodded approvingly. “I thought so. A top-tier alpha like you doesn’t even look at an S-class omega, let alone rekindle with a Beta.”

Seeing Rong Qin repeatedly emphasize, Qin Muye frowned and appraised him, his eyes cold and his demeanor extraordinary. “Is this your reason for coming over? Small talk or probing?” 

Rong Qin chuckled lightly, “Do you need a reason to drop by?” 

Qin Muye didn’t believe his words. 

The alpha’s gaze returned to the neat shirt cuffs. There was a simple diamond-shaped obsidian cufflink on them. If it were to change to amber, it would be the color of Rong Qiu’s eyes.

He couldn’t see that touch of amber anymore.

The pen was bluntly poking his palm.

After a few seconds, Qin Muye put down the black pen in his hand. “Why are you so concerned about him?”

Rong Qin lazily replied, “Just took a liking to him, thought of keeping him for my own use.”

Qin Muye withdrew his gaze. “Don’t think it.”

Rong Qin raised his head. “Hmm?”

Qin Muye replied, “He will stay in the First Military Region.”

Rong Qin’s main battlefield was in the Thirteenth Military District, and Rong Qiu wouldn’t follow Rong Qin.

“So confident?”

“Of course.”

Seeing Qin Muye’s exact expression, Rong Qin sneered inwardly.

What an arrogant alpha.

However, he didn’t know whether this naturally proud S-class alpha was aware that his little beta, who was always on his mind and satisfied in his heart, had completely lost his memory. 

The current Qin Muye standing in front of Rong Qiu was a complete stranger.

But Rong Qin naturally wouldn’t tell Qin Muye these things.

He didn’t know if Qin Muye would regret it in the future, but for now, his priority was to protect the little beta as much as possible.

Even if they ended up in the Thirteenth Military District later on, he would still protect Rong Qiu.

Your Qiuqiu is lost, and I happen to have found him. So now, Qiuqiu is my little brother.”

Qin Muye felt there was more to his smile, but before he could inquire further, Rong Qin had already stood up.

“I’m leaving.”

Rong Qin assumed a departing posture, but before leaving, he paused with an uncertain attitude and asked, “Have you never been interested in that little beta?”

Qin Muye tightened his grip on the paper, showing a hint of surprise. The dark pupils glowed with a cold light, as if his proud demeanor was saying to Rong Qin, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

But there was no response.

In fact, Qin Muye remained silent.

All these thoughts were concocted by Rong Qin himself.

Rong Qin stared at Qin Muye for a long time, and after a few seconds, he took a step and casually smiled, “I overestimated you. You, as an alpha, are really indifferent.”


After Rong Qin left, Qin Muye noticed that the documents in his hand were creased by him.

Why would he still have any connection with that foolish beta?

He had planned to part ways.

That’s why he agreed with Rong Qin to deliberately speak those words to the beta in the private room at the bar a few nights ago.

He knew that as long as he said those things.

He and the beta would be completely severed.

As expected.

They had indeed broken up.

Because of Rong Qiu’s reaction that night, he saw it all. The Beta seemed to be as if the sky had fallen, face ashen, like a withered little rose waiting to be picked but dried up over time…

This is for the best.

The Beta should find an ordinary Beta.

Shouldn’t be involved with an S-class alpha like him.

But why does he not feel truly comfortable inside?

It’s like there’s a hole in his heart, where the wind blows through. It doesn’t stir up tumultuous waves but only creates slight ripples.

So, Qin Muye quickly suppressed this discomfort.

As if nothing had happened.

No Beta bed partner, no experience of studying at A University.

He is still that solitary alpha.

Qin Muye breathed a sigh of relief, his deep-set eyes returning to their usual indifference. He continued to examine the encrypted files downloaded from the military district. Soon, his frustration was once again dispersed by the vast military district documents and data, like smoke.


But this is just the surface.

Rong Qin’s conversation left an undeniable negative impact on Qin Muye’s mind.

To the extent that the susceptible period, which should have arrived in seven days, came earlier.

This time, it was still the most unbearable and intense heightened sensitivity.

However, last month, due to Qin Muye’s severe heightened sensitivity, the suppressant injection had already lost its effectiveness. The top priority was to find an S-class omega…

Unfortunately, the omegas that Qin Zexi found were all tactfully declined by Qin Muye. Even when Qin Muye was on the verge of losing control, covered in wounds, he refused the arranged engagement partners from his elder brother.

“The suppressant is still effective, I don’t need an omega.”

“It works this time, will it work next time? Your heightened sensitivity has already increased from three days to five days. If it continues like this, you won’t be able to endure it sooner or later.”

“I can endure it.”

The two brothers erupted into their first argument.

Qin Zexi didn’t understand. There was obviously a shortcut, why wouldn’t Qin Muye take it?

The pheromones of a high-level omega could easily shorten Qin Muye’s heightened sensitivity to just one day. Moreover, it didn’t need a permanent marking, just a temporary one for the exchange of pheromones. Even so, Qin Muye refused.

“Are you still thinking about that Beta?”

Qin Muye frowned, then smiled lightly after a moment, “He’s just a bed partner; I’ve almost forgotten about him if my brother hadn’t mentioned.”

“It’s better this way. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind if you never find that Beta again.”

Between a younger brother and an unknown Beta, Qin Zexi could make a decisive choice without careful consideration. Whether as a former federal soldier or now a cunning business politician, when it came to his brother’s safety, his bottom line was almost nonexistent.

If Rong Qiu delayed Ah Ye, his methods would be a hundred times more brutal.

Qin Muye understood his elder brother’s intentions.

The knowledge he received after self-differentiation and the education from his elder brother echoed in his mind: he was an S-class alpha, countless people admired him, but in the future, he would only be with S-class omegas. The Beta would never become his partner.


The outbreak of the heightened sensitivity was still fierce.

The alpha still hadn’t found a suitable S-class omega partner…

On the first day of the outbreak, it seemed like every cell in Qin Muye’s body was saturated with pheromones. The sweat released carried the ancient scent of sandalwood.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t on a starship, and there were no airtight confinement chambers.

As soon as Qin Muye’s uncontrolled release of pheromones began, the wild and fierce pheromones permeated the room, already sensed by the alphas and omegas of the Qin family. Even the Beta personnel in the house couldn’t help but tremble.

This powerful pheromone was last detected during Young Master Qin Zexi’s birthday banquet. During that time, Qin Zexi’s uncle arranged many S-class omegas for him. Unexpectedly, Qin Zexi lost control of his pheromones, directly harming fifteen omegas, and even many alphas showed signs of gland rupture.

Wasn’t their Young Master Qin Zexi’s susceptible period supposed to be gone after that?

Now, whose pheromones are so fierce?

The rich and unfamiliar scent of sandalwood, as if it could drown them the next second!

Seeing Qin Zexi frown, the Qin family members were stunned when he, like a cheetah, rushed to a certain room.

The room Qin Zexi went to…

Was Qin Muye’s!


Both of these brothers are S-class alphas?!


The doctors arrived quickly but were equally unsteady on their legs, just like omegas.

Especially a few alpha doctors, who didn’t dare to rush to the front but instead pushed the trembling Beta forward.

This time, the one injecting medicine into Qin Muye was still the Beta doctor from the Fourth Military District.

Since the Young Master of the Fourth Military District suddenly experienced a heightened sensitivity, the Beta doctor’s alpha colleagues had become smart. They dealt with the low-sensitivity periods themselves, leaving the heightened sensitivity of the Young Master to him.

“The Young Master’s pheromones are too aggressive. Going in ourselves would be suicide!”

“Yeah, yeah! the Betascan’t smell or feel the pheromones, so their impact is much less!”

Little did they know!

The Beta doctor regretted it deeply.

He had effortlessly become the talk of these experienced alpha professionals.

Was the Young Master’s pheromones ordinary?

When will he be able to take half a month off for rest after going in this time?

It was the same this time.

Even before entering, the Beta doctor strategically felt his legs go weak.

“Young Master, it’s time to inject the soothing agent.”

At this moment, the man in the room had broad shoulders, a slender waist, a straight back, and even in a simple white shirt, his inexplicably powerful aura, reflected against the backdrop of the potent pheromones, left people silent.

The Beta doctor bravely approached, and if it weren’t for professional ethics, his needle might have gone awry.


Being in such close contact, why does it feel like the Young Master’s pheromone concentration has increased again?

During the last heightened sensitivity, he injected seventeen soothing agents. This time, won’t it exceed twenty?


After injecting five soothing agents, the concentration of pheromones displayed on the Beta doctor’s test paper showed no decrease. It even seemed to have a faint upward trend.

The Beta Doctor:!!!

Whether it was when the Beta doctor couldn’t endure while giving the sixth injection or due to the sudden interference from Qin Zexi entering, the rapidly injected soothing agents made Qin Muye frown in pain.

The soothing agent itself was irritating, and with such a fast injection, sweat on the back of Qin Muye’s neck instantly formed droplets as large as beans.

Qin Zexi frowned as he watched the tendons on the back of the man’s hand bulge out in a grimace, clearly enduring immense physical and mental pain.

Yes, physical and mental pain.

When Qin Zexi’s heightened sensitivity erupted for the only time, it was just as unbearable.

The emptiness in his heart felt like the cracked soil that had been dry for thousands of years, in desperate need of the soothing of a certain type of pheromone. However, the pheromones surged like an erupting volcano, roasting the glands on the back of his neck every second.

But Ah Ye could only endure.

Endure without the soothing of S-class omega pheromones.

Because he had already realized that the soothing agents in the medical kit were in vain.

Even if they were injected like hedgehogs, it would be futile.

The Beta doctor was well aware that the suppressant had already lost its effect.

Facing two S-class alphas at once, even if one of them didn’t overflow with pheromones, his psychological pressure had suddenly reached its peak.

Qin Zexi frowned and asked him to leave.

The Beta doctor felt relieved only then.

This time, he would take a whole month off to properly restore his body and shattered soul!


After the doctor left, Qin Zexi put on medical gloves.

Qin Muye’s skin was pale, and the glands of an alpha weren’t usually noticeable under normal circumstances. But now, due to the arrival of the heightened sensitivity, the glands on the back of his neck had swollen and even showed signs of turning red and pulsating, presenting an abnormal and unhealthy appearance.

Qin Zexi frowned, “Is it this severe?”

Qin Muye responded with a low sound, still holding the alcohol cotton ball after the injection.

Even though it hurt so much, he seemed as if he couldn’t feel it.

Qin Zexi couldn’t discern much in the end, “The federal medications have already lost their effectiveness. We don’t know when the new medicine will arrive. Are you going to endure like this continuously?”

Qin Muye remained silent.

Completely appearing like a dull gourd.

Qin Zexi was somewhat irritated, “This time, it’s not up to you.”

Then, Qin Zexi took off his gloves, dialed a phone number, and said without allowing any objections, “The Qin family can no longer keep it a secret. I’ll make sure the Federation arranges an S-class omega for you immediately.”


Ever since Qin Zexi was tested as an S-class alpha, the Federation has been paying close attention to the Qin brothers.


The younger brother is also a rare S-class alpha.

After every heightened sensitivity episode for Qin Muye, the Federation spared no effort in helping him relieve it. Research and development personnel worked on soothing agents specifically for him. However, external medications and injections were just a drop in the ocean. The key to completely alleviating Qin Muye’s uncomfortable heightened sensitivity was to match him with an S-class omega.

The Federation had already arranged corresponding omegas for him…

Unfortunately, Qin Muye had consistently refused.

Even when the Federation learned that he returned to A Star, the senior researchers in gland-related areas were only allowed to take simple samples before Qin Muye hastily sent them away.

Qin Muye was overly wary of the people from the Federation.

The Federation had no choice but to turn a blind eye, treating his coldness and excessive aloofness as the arrogance inherent to S-class alphas. They tolerated Qin Muye’s indifference and evasion, although it contained a trace of fear.

When an alpha who went on a rescue mission to the Fourth Military District at the same time as him at A University irritated Qin Muye for some reason, he was successively sent to solitary confinement and the lie detector room. In the end, the A-class alpha from A University was scared out of his wits in the lie detector room. After confessing everything he needed to confess, the Fourth Military District intervened and forced him to withdraw from the rescue mission.

A person was destroyed without shedding a drop of blood.

Just with words.

Such methods made even the officers who were monitored by the Federation and were aware of Qin Muye’s actions shiver with fear.

But despite the fear, the officers still received orders. As long as Qin Muye was in their military district, any of his needs were to be met.

Previously, the Federation’s goodwill was rejected by the man.

Now, it was finally the time when Qin Muye needed them.


Late at night, midnight.

The Federation’s news broadcast center released a major piece of news.

Smoke rose from the Qin family’s ancestral tomb, and unexpectedly, another S-class alpha appeared!

Newspapers, magazines, StarNet, and major social media platforms exploded with activity due to the official tweet from the Federation, even without providing a photo, just a background.

In less than a minute.

A string of question marks flooded the comments.

Then various astonishments and speculations emerged—

StarNet User 1: Is this for real? A-class alphas are already scarce, and now the Qin family suddenly has two S-class alphas?

StarNet User 2: D*mn, these two are brothers!!

StarNet User 3: So jealous, so jealous…

StarNet User 4: Wait! Doesn’t this call for an S-class omega to step in?

The S-class omegas staying up late or those awakened in the middle of their sleep were all buzzing.

Ah, ah, ah!

There’s another S-class alpha added!

The appearance of an S-class alpha was like finding a golden radish in a pile of vegetables.

Until now, the Federation has only two S-class alphas, but there are three digits of S-class omegas. Although S-class omegas can be matched with A or B-class alphas, when better options arise, those A or B-class alphas naturally become less appealing.

However, omegas suddenly thought of an important question.

Will this new S-class alpha, like his brother, indiscriminately attack all omegas… S-class alphas are indeed attractive, but clearly, life is more important!

In an instant, the feet of the omegas who had tentatively ventured out retracted.

But soon, the new message from the Federation News Center hit like a meteor, raising a thousand dust clouds.

Because this once-in-a-millennium S-class alpha had no aversion to omegas. He had even registered and obtained a number in the Federation’s marriage matching system at 1:01 AM, only requiring the matching partner to be an S-class omega.

Is it that simple?

These S-class omegas could now be matched with an S-class alpha?

Doesn’t this mean that as long as both matched S-class omega id willing, they could become the first double S-class couple in the history of the Federation?


In the supposed-to-be-sleeping early morning, the Federation populace was stirred up by a fierce storm.

Meanwhile, in a small villa on the second floor, a Beta was peacefully sleeping.

Having not drunk water for the entire afternoon, feeling thirsty in the middle of the night, Rong Qiu got up to drink water. Wearing slippers, with sleepy eyes, he casually glanced at his phone to check the time, but was drawn to the push notification from the military news channel.

The military news channel usually only pushes major events from the military district.

And it was supposed to be pushed every day at 6 AM.

It’s only… Rong Qiu looked at the screen clock; it’s only two o’clock.

It seemed that something extraordinary had happened.

His tired fingers, beyond his control, opened the push notification during a blink in the moment his eyes were lifted.

A few seconds later, the weary Beta understood.

Oh, the Federation has gained another S-class alpha.

No wonder it’s so exciting.

But the wording of this tweet is so strange.

The article praised this alpha as unparalleled, especially emphasizing that he is unmarried. It’s somewhat like introducing this S-class alpha for matchmaking.

Suppressing the drowsiness, Rong Qiu pondered for a moment and felt that it was still awkward.

Huh, weird.

Take another look.

The more he looked, the more awkward it seemed. What made him even more uneasy was that the name of this alpha was so similar to that of his deceased man.

—Qin Muye

No, Ah Ye’s name sounds better.

Rong Qiu, Qin Ye.

Engraved on a monument, they make a great pair.

Satisfied, Rong Qiu smiled, then put down the phone and went back to sleep.

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