After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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Rong Qiu slept exceptionally well.

In his memory, it seemed like he had never had such a peaceful and prolonged sleep. His soul and body were as if soothed by an invisible spring rain, those irritable and alienated parts soaked in silently. What remained was only relaxation, comfort, and tranquility.

So when Rong Qiu opened his eyes again, he felt refreshed, his body light, and his eyes no longer had the heavy dark circles.

Rising from bed, Rong Qiu went to the bathroom to freshen up.

His hair had indeed grown a bit, straight and stiff, tangling with the delicate curled eyelashes in front of his eyes.

However, during the time he brushed his teeth, Rong Qiu was poked several times, as if stung, causing some pain.

Feeling annoyed, Rong Qiu simply found a transparent rubber band, gathered the hair in front of his forehead, and tied it into a small ponytail.

Pointed upward.


When Chu Ming came over, what he saw was this unruly but still ridiculously good-looking Rong Qiu.

The young man was wearing a simple white T-shirt on top and light-colored shorts below, not too long, just enough to reveal attractive knees and a pair of slender, powerful, and resilient calves.

Moreover, Rong Qiu seemed to be in a very good mood, with a slight curve at the corner of his eyes and lips, looking rosy and glossy.

It’s just that Chu Ming, unknowingly, felt a moment of hesitation in Rong Qiu’s expression when he opened the door.

Chu Ming immediately became nervous, straightened his legs, and even unconsciously licked his not yet dry lips.

Would his arrival cause trouble for Rong Qiu?!

After all, he had now chased Rong Qiu to his home.

It’s already considered a disturbance.

Rong Qiu didn’t show any dissatisfaction; he just seemed a bit absent-minded.

Chu Ming came suddenly, and he almost didn’t recognize him.

But in just three to five seconds, he recognized Chu Ming.

“Oh, it’s Chu Ming!”

The alpha’s eyes brightened.

Rong Qiu had never called his name in such a familiar tone before. He mostly called him “Junior Brother Chu” before.

Chu Ming’s ears turned red, and the two hands under the long-sleeved hoodie clenched into fists, obviously very nervous, “I heard that Brother Little Qiu hasn’t been to the military district for work these days. I was a bit worried, so I came to see…”

Rong Qiu warmly accepted his concern, “Took a week off. Don’t just stand at the door, come in and sit down.”

After opening the door to let him in, Rong Qiu fetched a pair of spare slippers for Chu Ming.

While changing shoes, Chu Ming dared not move his gaze casually, fearing that Rong Qiu would dislike him. He lowered his head to change shoes but keenly noticed a pair of black slippers on the shoe rack. There was a majestic black wolf on them, holding a small sign with the letter “Q” in its mouth.

Obviously, they matched Rong Qiu’s slippers.

Because Rong Qiu’s slippers had a gray husky, carrying the letter “R” in its mouth.

Chu Ming’s heart thumped.

Yes, Rong Qiu has a partner.

Thinking of the joy in Rong Qiu’s eyes when he mentioned his partner back at school, Chu Ming’s mood fluctuated.

But he quickly comforted himself.

He didn’t have any ulterior motives; he just came to check on Rong Qiu and see how he’s been lately.

If Rong Qiu is doing well, he is doing well too.

And now it seems that Rong Qiu is doing very well.

Chu Ming had persistently asked Professor Ren for Rong Qiu’s address, finally got it, and had been wanting to visit for a while, but never had a reason. Last night, he learned from a senior who graduated a few years ago that Rong Qiu took a week off, so he came over with a cheeky face.

However, he didn’t come empty-handed.

Alphas are considerate.

This time, he brought a cooler full of cheese.

It’s a hard cheese specialty from his hometown, Planet R, and due to its unique production method, most of the original lactose flows out with the whey. Now, the cheese only contains a tiny bit of lactose.

In the few minutes Rong Qiu spent pouring a glass of water for his guest, Chu Ming had already taken out the cooler from his bag.

Rong Qiu smiled.

He bent over, gently placing the glass of warm water on the table in front of Chu Ming. As he did this, the young man’s delicate and attractive spine formed a beautiful line on the thin white cotton shirt.

Chu Ming took just one look and quickly averted his gaze.

Rong Qiu didn’t notice his reaction, saying, “Thanks, it’s troublesome for you to bring it all the way from Planet R every time.”

“Not at all, not at all. My parents give it to me every month, and I can’t finish too much of it.”

Chu Ming took the teacup, glanced to the side, and saw that Rong Qiu had not yet withdrawn his hand, and on it, there was a shiny silver ring.

On the ring finger.

So subtle, yet so obvious.

Chu Ming’s heart was pricked several times by an invisible force.

Seeing Chu Ming staring at the ring on his hand, Rong Qiu displayed it openly, “Isn’t it pretty? I made it myself.”

Chu Ming:…

Since a guest had arrived, Rong Qiu insisted on inviting him for a meal, even though Chu Ming declined for a long time. He was eventually persuaded by Rong Qiu, “After eating so much premium cheese from you, I won’t go out for a meal. I’ll cook it myself, and you better not dislike it.”

“No, no, no! I won’t dislike it.”

He could actually eat a meal cooked by Rong Qiu.

When placing an order for groceries, Rong Qiu looked up and asked Chu Ming, “Professor Ren will also come later. Is that okay?”

Chu Ming sat on the sofa, finding it hard to watch the large TV in front of him, “Of course, it’s fine. Brother Little Qiu doesn’t need to ask me specifically; I’m fine with whatever.”

Seeing his restrained and nervous appearance, Rong Qiu teased with his phone in hand, “You’re so afraid of me, yet you dare to come and see me. You’re really pitiful.”


Rong Qiu can cook. Even before entering A University’s preparatory class, he had cooked for many children in the welfare home and even made baby food.

At that time, the welfare home was not in a good condition.

Fast food was prevalent, with occasional meat dishes. Naturally, he had to make the food tasty.

However, the welfare home is much better now, with many good people like his brother donating money. When he visited before, the children could have an egg every day, and every meal included meat.

Thinking of the welfare home, Rong Qiu felt warm inside.

While cutting vegetables and cooking, he thought about going back to the welfare home before leaving A Star. After all, once he leaves, he might not come back for many years.

As for the house he’s currently living in, it will probably be put up for sale when the time comes.

It’s just a bit regrettable; he hasn’t lived in this house for long.

But if the house remains empty for decades, with no one living in it, he won’t recover the funds. Rong Qiu felt it’s even more regrettable.

At the time Professor Ren came over, Rong Qiu’s meal wasn’t ready.

But seeing his precious student able to cook, Professor Ren was very satisfied. No matter how much Rong Qiu  advised against it, he insisted on entering the kitchen to help. 

Even Chu Ming, who stood by the side, felt both excited and sad.

D*mn it, he can’t cook, what a loss.

In the end, Professor Ren was allowed to enter the kitchen. Rong Qiu had three dishes left: crystal shrimp, seafood soup, and the finished dishes placed nearby. When Professor Ren saw the table full of colorful dishes, he was startled, “Are more people coming?”

Rong Qiu shook his head, and the little ponytail on top of his head also swayed, “No, just the three of us today.”

This was the first time inviting someone over for a meal at home, and Rong Qiu prepared more than enough, perhaps even excessively so.

With a variety of dishes like duck, fish, meat, and seafood, he even ordered several types of alcoholic beverages online. Although he couldn’t drink too much himself, Professor Ren could. In the end, as the dishes were brought to the table one by one, there was almost no space for their bowls and chopsticks.

During the meal, they could only discuss matters related to the military district and A University.

On the day of the graduation ceremony, Professor Ren still remembered the pain in Rong Qiu’s heart, so the topic of Rong Qiu’s partner was avoided during the meal. The other alpha, Chu Ming, had his own secrets, so he naturally wouldn’t bring up that person either.

The thoughts of the two alphas coincided so much that the meal ended up being unusually business-like.

After drinking a bit, the atmosphere relaxed, and at some point, the conversation turned to the big news from last night.

“That S-class alpha is really amazing. It’s said that the military district tested him last night, and his pheromone concentration is even stronger than his brother’s, almost causing the instruments to explode.”

“First, there was Qin Zexi, then Qin Muye. Both S-class alphas of the Federation come from the same family. The Qin family must be blessed.”

“I think omegas across the Federation didn’t sleep last night. On the streets this morning, every omega seemed tired, walking while staring at their phones, waiting for the matching news to be announced.”

The last sentence was from Chu Ming.

As an alpha, he couldn’t help but pay attention to the information about AO people.

The two alphas chatted for a long time, only to realize that Rong Qiu had been silent all along. The Beta sat there, focused on eating dinner with his head down, and the little ponytail on top of his head swayed energetically.

In fact, Rong Qiu was sitting next to them, holding a bowl and listening.

He knew he couldn’t handle much alcohol, took a couple of sips, and then set it aside.

Seeing the topic stop for some reason, he raised his head suspiciously, “What’s wrong? Why did you stop talking?”

Chu Ming coughed, “Rong Qiu isn’t interested in this alpha?”

He’s an S-class alpha, very powerful.

Rong Qiu thought for a moment before slowly saying, “Indeed, not interested.”

He even felt a slight aversion.

So annoying.

This alpha’s name coincidentally matches his lover’s.

Chu Ming carefully asked, “Is it because Rong Qiu doesn’t like alphas…”

During their school days, he knew about Rong Qiu beating up alphas.

Very brutally.

Rong Qiu replied bluntly, “Indeed, I don’t like them.”

Chu Ming’s chopsticks fell to the ground.

Rong Qiu smiled and quickly explained, “But what I dislike are those alphas in the military district who, relying on their A-level pheromones, oppress the Betas at will. Chu Ming, you and Professor Ren are not that kind of alpha, or else you wouldn’t be friends with me, a Beta.”

“Why can’t alphas be friends with Betas! I’m very happy that Rong Qiu treats me as a friend! Those who don’t like Rong Qiu are blind.”

Chu Ming spoke nervously, causing the wine glasses on the table to tip over.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much liquid left in the glasses, and Professor Ren, shaking his head, quickly wiped it clean with tissues.

Rong Qiu finally noticed Chu Ming’s unusual behavior, “Why are you so excited, Chu Ming?”

Why is he excited? Of course, it’s because he likes Rong Qiu.

But saying that would be inappropriate.

Chu Ming turned his head, his face turning red, and dared not speak.

Instead, Professor Ren, who could sense the alpha’s thoughts, came out to mediate, “So the military district’s reputation has always been bad, even though everyone inside is a hero of the Federation. They repeatedly use their pheromones to oppress people.”

As he spoke, Professor Ren patted Chu Ming, “When you enter the military district later, you mustn’t bully people!”

Chu Ming, still blushing, could only nod.

He cautiously looked up at Rong Qiu, and suddenly met the youth’s azure eyes. Chu Ming’s heart trembled immediately, and he lowered his head without a word.

Rong Qiu blinked.

Seemingly sensing something.


The meal was almost finished, and Chu Ming had classes in the afternoon, so he left early.

Professor Ren stayed for another fifteen minutes before bidding farewell.

After both of them left, Rong Qiu began to slowly clean up the table.

He had already informed Professor Ren that he might sell this house.

Professor Ren didn’t ask much, just looked at him sighing.

The kind-hearted alpha professor didn’t realize that his precious student had already erased memories, and when he left, he saw Rong Qiu put on a ring, so he didn’t dare to touch Rong Qiu’s sore spot.

He only said that no matter where Rong Qiu goes in the future, he must actively stay in touch with him.

The Beta agreed one by one.


Yes, the Beta is leaving A Star.

This time, he didn’t let Professor Ren take care of it. Rong Qiu contacted someone he had helped repair mechs before. His house had just been renovated, and the furniture was both expensive and new. Rong Qiu was even willing to give a discount.

The other party didn’t say a word and paid the full amount.

That afternoon, Rong Qiu signed the contract, and the money was credited to his account.

He used a portion of the money to pay the breach of contract fee to the First Military District. The majority remaining, he kept in his account, intending to rent a house in the Thirteenth Military District and cover living expenses.

Selling the house was straightforward.

Resigning from the First Military District job was a bit troublesome because there were many related signing documents. Rong Qiu had to run through several departments, taking four or five days just for this.

It wasn’t until the day before departure that Rong Qiu finally found time to bring gifts to the welfare home.

The children in the welfare home were as innocent and lovely as ever.

Rong Qiu held one in his left hand, one in his right, and two more clung to his thighs, reluctant to let him go.

Finally, after soothing and coaxing, he managed to calm down the group of little ones.

Coming out of the welfare home, Rong Qiu’s last concern in A Star was also resolved.

He then remembered that he needed to take care of his hair.

That night, he went to the barber shop.

With his handsome face and head shape, after a simple trim and thinning, the effect immediately showed.

The young man who cut his hair praised him left and right.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Rong Qiu felt that there wasn’t much difference.

But after the haircut, he finally didn’t need the little ponytail on his head.

Rong Qiu felt refreshed.

A night of sweet dreams.

The next day, at the largest starship airport in the capital city, Rong Qiu was boredly looking at his phone.

The recent days’ attention was all focused on a certain S-class alpha.

Rong Qiu wasn’t interested in alphas.

But surrounded by overwhelming news, Rong Qiu was forced to learn that this alpha had entered the Federation’s well-arranged “matchmaking bureau.”

An S-class alpha, simultaneously matched with 45 eligible and single omegas.

The one with the highest compatibility would be the future partner of this S-class alpha.

However you look at it, it’s a blessing.

S-class alphas are indeed different.

Even finding a partner requires the entire Federation’s attention.

But what does this have to do with an ordinary Beta like him?

Rong Qiu, cold and rational, tidied up his clean and neat short hair, turned off his phone, and, dragging his suitcase, walked briskly towards the starship queue…


At the same time, the Federation’s AO matching bureau was facing a disaster.

Didn’t they promise not to discriminate against omegas!?

Why do the omegas entering the matching room look pale, and each one’s compatibility is less than ten percent?

Ten percent.

Such low compatibility.

Just grabbing any alpha and omega from the street would have higher compatibility than this.

The staff members were deeply troubled, but what was even more unexpected was that the matched omegas began releasing pheromones!

What kind of bizarre illness is this!!

And not just one omega had such a strange reaction.

It was all of the omegas!

All 45 S-class omegas present, ranging from 18 to 35 years old, experienced uncontrolled gland reactions.

The matching bureau never expected this. The leakage of S-class omega pheromones was a huge challenge for all alphas in the Federal AO Matching Bureau.

This pure omega pheromone was truly the embodiment of desire.

Desire made alphas lose control. If it weren’t for the pheromone blockers on their necks identifying the anomalies in their pheromones and timely shocking the glands into unconsciousness, the omegas in the omega-specific area would be like lambs to the slaughter, falling into the hands of alphas.

This was completely different from Qin Zexi’s expectations.

Why was it like this?

But Qin Zexi couldn’t think straight anymore.

He was surrounded by over 40 types of omega pheromones, and he had vomited five times due to the stress.

By the end, Qin Zexi’s bile was almost coming out. The protective functions of the S-class alpha’s body instantly activated, even the pheromone barrier rings were ineffective. The overwhelming S-class pheromones mixed with omega pheromones intensified this unexpected disaster.

Qin Muye, who came out of the matching isolation room, had a stern expression.

He had worn this expression since he entered the matching room.

Cold and heartless.

As if today was not about finding a future partner but being forced to attend a leadership overtime meeting.

In fact, that was the case.

Although Qin Muye was physically present, his heart resisted. It could even be said that he had always resisted; it just burst out today when facing the omegas for matchmaking.

Seeing his brother already out of control like this, Qin Muye furrowed his brow and quickly knocked out the alpha.

The few remaining Beta staff members were stunned. Before they could understand the man’s words, they were hit by a fainted body thrown at them.

“Carry him away and take him to the car.”


Exiting the Federal AO Matching Bureau, the noon sunlight outside was dazzling.

However, Qin Muye was calm, and his deep, ink-like eyes showed no emotion. He refused the arrangements of the federal personnel and chose to drive back himself. “Check on the people inside when you have time.”

“We’ve already sent a medical team. Now we want to test Mr. Qin’s gland situation.”

Qin Muye silently looked at him, his dark pupils seeming to lead to an extremely cold and secluded valley.

The federal researchers hesitated.

He was also a Beta, just like Rong Qiu.

Qin Muye’s face showed no expression, his lip line slightly tense. After a long time, he finally extended his left arm.

The federal researchers thanked him for his cooperation. “We will continue researching new soothing agents for you.”

“Thank you.” The man seemed indifferent.

Because he answered in an extremely calm tone.


Indeed, Qin Muye’s heart was like an ancient well, undisturbed.

More than 40 omegas were matched, and none found suitable partners. This would be regrettable for any alpha, but he could accept it calmly.

He even felt somewhat relaxed.

He couldn’t figure out the source of this relaxation, nor did he bother to find out.

He only knew that he was very satisfied with his current state.

Just like when he was still in school, satisfied with both academics and life.

But if there were no Beta lingering in his dreams, that would be even better.

He didn’t know when exactly a certain figure would come to mind more and more as it was suppressed.

On the first night, Qin Muye dreamed that after parting at the bar, the Beta sat on the bridge, looking fragile and helpless.

On the second night, Qin Muye dreamed that the fragile Beta on the bridge saw him and smiled warmly, as if feeling a bit better emotionally.

On the third night, Qin Muye saw in his dream that the Beta, who had just smiled at him a second ago, shattered like broken glass and leaped off the high bridge, splattering dark red blood in mid-air.

A tremendous sense of loss instantly swept over the alpha’s body, as if something crucial was being drawn out of him.

The nightmare had finally begun.


The unexpected accident at the Federal AO Matching Bureau was only reported by the federal news three days later.

At that moment, Rong Qiu, waiting to board the starship, was sipping tea in the lobby. Besides the starship flights on the large electronic screen, a quarter of it displayed real-time news updates.

A new trending news entry appeared on the screen —

[Interstellar year 365, October 1st, 10:56 AM: Unexpected omega pheromone leakage at the Federal AO Matching Bureau, causing 45 omegas to lose control of their glands, and 187 alphas were shocked unconscious.]


Rong Qiu put down his thermos cup.

He read through the scrolling bar on the screen again.

Wow, this is rare.

The incident that happened three days ago is only being reported now.

Rong Qiu took out his just-booted-up phone, wanting to see the specific cause of the accident.

His fingertips slid down, and the comments were all discussions about the accident.

There were expressions of regret and those who were indifferent, just enjoying the spectacle.

But there was no information about the cause of the accident.

After flipping through two pages without finding the content he wanted, Rong Qiu felt it was boring and turned off his phone.

But he could roughly guess that someone’s S-class alpha’s matchmaking didn’t seem to go well.

Unconsciously adopting the habit of turning the ring, the silver ring on his unnamed finger smoothly made a circle.

The Beta’s mood suddenly became beautiful.

He’s really impressive.

He already found a lifelong partner back when he was in school.

The broadcast didn’t leave Rong Qiu much time for sighing. After a few minutes, both the broadcast and the electronic screen began to remind passengers to prepare for boarding the starship.

Rong Qiu tightened his thermos cup, lowered his head, and carefully checked his luggage.

His fingers were slender, with evenly distributed joints. His figure was outstanding, and simple clothes showcased his well-proportioned physique in a straightforward manner.

In such a remote starship airport, it’s rare to encounter a Beta with such outstanding looks.

The timid ones stole more glances, while the bold ones approached with their phones to strike up a conversation. However, when Rong Qiu displayed the ring on his finger, they could only leave with regret.

Rong Qiu couldn’t help but rotate the silver ring on his hand again, luggage in hand, preparing to wait for the starship.

Without any surprises, this would be his longest journey.

Because one month later, he would reach the final destination of this trip.


Five years later.

13th Military District, Main Star – U Star.

A perfectly designed mecha was gliding over the sea, jet black in color, with smooth lines, exuding an astonishing tension and sense of power. Especially when it glides over the rolling sea, not deliberately showing off, but still managing to be cool and thrilling.

This was a privately modified mecha.

Yet it was faster than the military mechs currently used by the Federation, with superior attack, defense, and aesthetics.

Ten minutes later, the mecha smoothly glided onto the platform in front of the lighthouse.

The hatch opened wide.

Sunlight naturally spilled from one side of the mecha, and the man’s originally neatly arranged hair was slightly disheveled by the sea breeze. However, this did not diminish the man’s good looks. In fact, the warm light enhanced the fine and delicate glow of his fair skin.

Close the hatch, disinfect, mech recheck.

Coupled with a habitual turning of the ring, the man’s youthful look completely disappeared, leaving only the sharpness that can be seen after undergoing polishing.

He was the owner of this mecha.

And also the youngest chief mecha designer in the 13th Military District so far—Rong Qiu.

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