After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Hello, New Friend

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Dong Du deeply regretted not reading a few more pages of the book before boarding the spaceship. If he had known the spaceship would explode, he could have at least shamelessly requested a different way of exile.

However, even though things had turned out this way, he had no intention of waiting to die on the spaceship. After putting on a protective suit from the dressing room, Dong Du started searching around. The spaceship was small, and everything was neatly arranged. He quickly searched the living area of the spaceship but found nothing suspicious.

Inside the spaceship, only the sound of his own thundering heartbeat and heavy breathing could be heard. Dong Du took each step lightly, as if he would trigger a bomb if he stepped too hard.

The sense of imminent explosion pressed tightly on his nerves.

After scratching his curls fiercely, Dong Du began to feel around on the wall. The technological development in the book far exceeded the world he had been in before. Xia En’s bomb might be just a thin sheet. Slowly feeling around, he didn’t find the bomb but discovered a protruding button.

Without much hesitation, Dong Du immediately pressed the button. After all, Xia En wouldn’t let him detonate the bomb himself if he wanted to kill him. The bomb must be set to explode on a countdown. If he calculated the time well and walked far enough, he could die without anyone noticing.

After pressing the button, the smooth wall in front of him opened up, revealing an extremely concealed cockpit. The bomb that Dong Du couldn’t find anywhere laid silently and ferociously on the control panel, with a countdown of thirty-four minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

This bomb was completely different from what Dong Du had imagined. There were no exposed wires or buttons. There was only a countdown display, beeping with each second. It was firmly fixed on the control panel, impossible to move even a millimeter.

Nevertheless, there was still half an hour. Dong Du wondered if he could reach the Black Gold Fortress before the spaceship exploded if he accelerated its movement.

Dong Du took a deep breath, staring closely at the various colorful buttons on the console in the cockpit. He tried to calm himself down and then pressed each button one by one.

He was gambling with his luck.

The ship jerked suddenly when he pressed the first button.

The spaceship slightly changed its direction when he pressed the second button.

The third, the fourth…

Dong Du had already become somewhat numb from his attempts. The bomb beside him made a long beep. He glanced at it, and the countdown entered fifteen minutes. At this moment, the spaceship finally received the acceleration command, rushing out at more than ten times its previous speed.

However, he wouldn’t be able to reach the Black Gold Fortress. Dong Du understood this. The previous attempts had already diverted the spaceship from its original trajectory. If he was lucky, perhaps he could land somewhere else.

He gathered all the edible items on the spaceship, wrapped them in clean clothes, and tied them to himself. If he couldn’t land, he could still drift in space for a while. The protective suit seemed thin, and he didn’t know if it could withstand space radiation for a few minutes.

Facing death, people suddenly became optimistic.

Dong Du sat by the spaceship’s hatch, eating biscuits, waiting for the bomb countdown to reach a few minutes. Then he would leap to see space. However, before he could finish a bite of the biscuit, the spaceship suddenly jerked to a stop, and the hatch deformed from the impact. Laughter could be heard from outside.

“Lion, you’re useless. You can’t even break open the door of this ship.”

This doesn’t need your old expertise, Dong Du’s tense nerves relaxed as his trembling hand pressed the button to open the cabin door. 

For such a small matter, of course, I’ll handle it myself!

“Back off, quickly back off!” The door suddenly opened automatically. The man called Lion hurriedly shouted, but the people behind him refused to move, blocking him in front of the door.

Lion nervously held up his gun. However, as the door fully opened, they only saw a compliant omega, “Everything is here. Let’s go quickly.”

Lion was bewildered by Dong Du’s words and asked, “Go? Go where?”

Dong Du heaved the bag of food onto his back, supporting his long package with one hand. “To your spaceship, didn’t you come to pick me up?”

Lion, confused, was about to speak when the people behind him dragged him away. One of them, much more menacing than Lion, with a long scar on his face, asked, “Is there only one person on this spaceship?”

Before Dong Du could respond, he was grabbed by the collar and thrown outside. Clearly, even if Dong Du answered, he wouldn’t be believed.

This group’s spaceship was much larger than Dong Du’s, and it was a battleship. There was a retractable passage at the door, directly jammed onto Dong Du’s small life ship door, forming a sealed bridge connecting the two ships.

The scar-faced man inspected the ship, confirmed there was no one, and then came out, grabbing Dong Du by the collar and pulling him into the battleship. Lion grumbled behind him, “He’s just an omega. You could be gentler, Ash Wolf.”

“Don’t bullsh*t me. Even if it’s an omega, you can’t play with it. Take it, sell it, and you can get some money.” Ash Wolf spat at Lion and cast a fierce glance at Dong Du.

Dong Du, trembling like a frightened quail, exclaimed, “You’re not here to pick me up, you’re robbing me?”

As the most notorious interstellar pirates, Ash Wolf didn’t care about what the person in his hands was shouting. He was brought to another man. “Brother Huan, there’s nothing good on this spaceship, only a person.”

Chu Xuhuan lowered his head to wipe his gun, showing no hint of a smile. The orange light gathered on his face, creating an intimidating aura. His voice was pleasant, but the words he spoke sent shivers down people’s spines. “Omega business is not good now. Dispose of him, make it clean, and don’t dirty the compartments.”

Hearing this, Ash Wolf stripped everything off Dong Du, and when he took the long cloth bag, he almost dropped it on his foot. He handed the bag to Lion, cursing, “Damn, omega. What did he take that’s so heavy?”

Dong Du, not expecting people in the book to be so malicious, struggled immediately. He didn’t use much force, and Ash Wolf easily controlled him. Dong Du fiercely bit Ash Wolf, causing him to retract his hand. Dong Du curled up, trembling, and pleaded, “Don’t, don’t kill me. I beg you, I’m the little lover of the General of Black Gold Fortress. You can take me to Black Gold Fortress to exchange for money; he will definitely pay!”

Ash Wolf didn’t expect to be bitten by an omega one day. His face turned red, and he raised his hand to grab Dong Du again, but Dong Du dodged. He raised his voice, “I really am his little lover. I escaped this time. Otherwise, how do you think I ended up drifting alone in space?”

Omegas were fragile and had low survival skills. If it weren’t for escaping, it was indeed unlikely for one person to fly in space alone.

Chu Xuhuan put away his gun and gestured for Ash Wolf to handle the wound. He walked over and pinched Dong Du’s chin with two fingers. His fingers were surprisingly cold, making Dong Du shrink his neck from the cold.

After observing him for a while, Chu Xuhuan suddenly chuckled, teasing, “Indeed, you have a pretty good face. You have the capital to be that guy’s little lover. I’ll believe you for now, but if you dare to deceive me, I’ll strip you naked and throw you out into space.”

Dong Du sniffed, pretended to be scared, and turned his eyes away, but he was actually observing the people on this battleship.

Apart from Lion and Ash Wolf, there were three others on the battleship working for Chu Xuhuan. One was the pilot, and the other two were probably doing miscellaneous tasks, silently packing things up.

Looking at it this way, this battleship’s main combat power should only be three.

“Why are you cowering like that?” Chu Xuhuan pinched Dong Du’s soft and fair neck. “Has Zhu Di bitten you here? Why don’t you even have a tooth mark?”

Dong Du didn’t know why Chu Xuhuan asked such strange questions. These topics were beyond his knowledge, and he refrained from speaking casually. He sniffed, adjusting his position to make himself more comfortable and appear timid.

To others, this movement indeed seemed like he was frightened. Chu Xuhuan’s lips curved into a cold smile, and then he kicked Dong Du discontentedly. “Speak.”

Dong Du hadn’t rested well for a long time, and the enemy ship was too warm. He let out a small yawn, blinking in an attempt to blink away the physiological tears caused by drowsiness. He looked up at Chu Xuhuan and asked softly, “What are you talking about?”

“Do you know how people die when exposed to space?” Chu Xuhuan seemed a bit angry now. He tapped his pant seam with his fingers, his gaze locked on Dong Du’s anxious and pale face. “You won’t be able to breathe, and your lungs will expand…”

Dong Du certainly didn’t know. He hadn’t flown through space before. But dying in space couldn’t be uglier than becoming a zombie, right? Dong Du wasn’t interested, feeling both tired and hungry. He almost drifted into a nap in the icy tone of Chu Xuhuan.

Just as he was about to close his eyes, Chu Xuhuan suddenly pinched his face. “Are you really Zhu Di’s little lover?”

Dong Du instantly woke up. Tears filled his eyes due to drowsiness, and he stared defiantly at the person in front of him. “Of course, I am!”

He spoke confidently, and Chu Xuhuan’s earlier attempt to scare him by recounting those things was just to frighten him, thinking he would be scared and blurt out the truth when asked suddenly. But he wasn’t scared, and his lie flowed smoothly!

Chu Xuhuan resumed his indifference, as if the exaggerated and sinister expression from earlier belonged to another person.

Seeing Chu Xuhuan wiping his hands, Lion immediately approached and sprayed some perfume on Dong Du. Dong Du, who was almost falling asleep, immediately woke up. Only then did he realize that he felt drowsy earlier because Chu Xuhuan had applied something on his fingers.

Chu Xuhuan tossed the handkerchief that wiped his fingers into Lion’s arms, instructing, “Go to Black Gold Fortress.”

As soon as this statement fell, a loud bang came from the battleship’s hatch. The strong shock wave caused the ship to spin in space, and even the people inside the compartment were collectively lifted. The life ship attached to the hatch exploded, causing a massive breach, including the battleship’s hatch.

Dong Du wanted to see the aftermath of the ship exploding, but when he looked up, he met Chu Xuhuan’s cold eyes. Amidst the deafening explosion, the man gritted his teeth and said, “You dare to deceive me!”

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