After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Hardened Fist

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“Brother Huan, this idiot must be deliberately trying to harm us. I’ll just kill him.” Ash Wolf turned around with a fierce expression, his fingers making a cracking sound. He pulled a threaded steel rod from the broken wall of the battleship and swiftly attacked Dong Du.

The battleship had a large opening, and everyone had to put on their helmets. Dong Du’s helmet was too big, and he could only see Lion’s waist in his field of view, gradually enlarging. Then, the rushing sound suddenly reached his ears. He quickly turned his head, and the threaded steel rod scraped a dazzling spark on his helmet.

Dong Du rolled on the spot and reached the driver’s side, huddling and holding his head. “I didn’t mean to harm you. Really, exploding your battleship doesn’t benefit me.”

Ash Wolf completely ignored his cunning defense. The steel rod aimed at him, each strike precise and ruthless. Dong Du remained in a huddled position, but Ash Wolf didn’t manage to hit him even once. This made Ash Wolf’s attacks more vicious. In a moment of carelessness, Dong Du was thrown out by Ash Wolf.

He rolled to Chu Xuhuan’s feet and coughed up a mouthful of blood, creating a dark red blood flower on his helmet.

Chu Xuhuan, who had been crouching down to check the injuries of one of his subordinates, stood up. The man was too close to the hatch and fainted directly from the explosion. At this moment, Chu Xuhuan stood up, his expression hidden under the helmet, making it difficult for Dong Du to discern his emotions.

“Died?” Chu Xuhuan kicked Dong Du twice with the tip of his shoe, sneering, “How could you get off so easily? Lion, strip him naked and throw him out of the battleship.”

In a daze, Dong Du saw that the huge breach had been sealed with transparent gel by them, and the battleship temporarily stabilized. Lion indeed had the opportunity to throw him out.

As Lion reached out to grab him, Dong Du was a step ahead, grabbing Lion’s chin quickly and forcefully pushing it upward. Their teeth clashed, and the intense pain made Lion reflexively cover his mouth. Dong Du took advantage of the situation, tripping Lion and firmly gripping his neck with his right hand, sternly saying, “Don’t move, or I’ll kill him!”

This statement instantly quieted the ship. No one expected an omega to easily subdue an alpha, especially considering Lion’s rich experience in space combat.

Chu Xuhuan stared at Dong Du motionlessly for a while. After a moment, he reached out, removed his helmet, and casually ran his hand through his hair. “Even if you kill him, you won’t escape. Release him now, and I promise not to kill you.”

“Who would believe you,” Dong Du’s voice was hoarse. He opened his own helmet, spat out a mouthful of blood.

“I, Chu Xuhuan, always keep my word.” He sat on the pile of debris, hands on his knees, indicating he wouldn’t make any moves. “I appreciate your courage as an omega.”

Dong Du pulled a non-smiling expression but then had a sudden realization, “You are Chu Xuhuan. So, do you know Xia En?”

Mentioning this person, Chu Xuhuan’s expression changed noticeably. “How do you know?”

How could he not know? Although he had only read part of the book, it wasn’t challenging to discover that in the story, the little wolf, big wolf, and old wolf—all couldn’t resist the charm of the protagonist, Xia En.

“In that case, we don’t need to confront each other like this. After all, everyone is working for him!” Dong Du stared at Chu Xuhuan and gradually released Lion.

As Lion got up, covering his bleeding mouth, he muttered, “D*mn, didn’t expect an omega could beat someone. This flight is quite bizarre.”

Once Lion was out of his hand, Ash Wolf was ready to continue. Chu Xuhuan coldly shouted, “Stop!”

“Brother Huan, don’t listen to his nonsense,” Ash Wolf anxiously said, the steel rod in his grip making a creaking sound. 

“Shut up.” As Chu Xuhuan spoke, Ash Wolf fell silent.

Chu Xuhuan didn’t immediately question Dong Du. Instead, he instructed his men behind to repair the battleship. After that, he took Dong Du to the cockpit. “Let’s contact Xia En. After confirming your identity, you can stay with us.”

“Don’t contact him.” Dong Du leaned against the cockpit’s wall with crossed arms. “Do you know where he is now?”

Chu Xuhuan’s hands paused, showing that he didn’t know Xia En’s specific whereabouts. So, Dong Du continued with a stern face, “He is currently with Emperor Clos. Contacting him would expose his identity.”

Having heard this, Chu Xuhuan indeed refrained from trying to contact Xia En. Instead, he sat on the console and asked, “Why did your life ship explode during the search?”

“It was to fake my death.” Dong Du’s tone was heavy, but his words were completely fabricated. “Zhu Di loves me, but I don’t love him. He wants to marry me, and I want to break free. If you hadn’t kidnapped me, I would have already left on another spaceship.”

Chu Xuhuan raised an eyebrow, and his gaze swept from top to bottom of Dong Du. “Zhu Di would like you isn’t surprising.”

Dong Du was curious about why the general would like him. He unconsciously chuckled and asked with great curiosity, “Why would he like me?”

“You are intelligent and calm, flexible, play your part well, and moreover, few omega can fight like you do.” Chu Xuhuan’s voice carried a hint of mockery, as if mocking Dong Du for acting like a quail despite being able to fight.

He had injured his finger bones earlier. Now, he was pinching them one by one, producing a crisp sound. Adding to that, he continued, “Besides, your face is pretty. I believe there aren’t many alphas who wouldn’t like it.”

On this note, Dong Du curiously pinched his soft face. Leaning forward, he stared seriously at Chu Xuhuan’s face. “Do you like it too? Then why did you want to kill me when we first met?”

Chu Xuhuan, facing Dong Du’s curious big eyes, felt somewhat strange. How could this person go from desperately fighting to resembling a quail in a matter of seconds?

Chu Xuhuan forcefully pushed Dong Du’s face away. “Why did Xia En send you to Black Gold Fortress? He spent some time there himself and came back complaining that the general had no emotions.”

“He didn’t want to stay, so he sent me,” Dong Du replied casually. He tapped the timer on his protective suit and didn’t mind Chu Xuhuan changing the topic abruptly. With enthusiasm, he added, “So, let’s go to Black Gold Fortress. I can’t stay away from Zhu Di for so long for nothing.”

“You just escaped, why are you so eager to go back?” Chu Xuhuan glanced at him, took out some bandages from the bulkhead, and carefully wrapped the small cut on his hand.

Feeling a tightness in his neck, Dong Du’s expression remained unchanged on his face. Excitedly envisioning the future, he explained, “When I left, I didn’t have time to take anything. Now, with our group committing crimes, escaping is easy. Of course, we have to go and get what rightfully belongs to us.”

“Your logic suits being an interstellar pirate.” Chu Xuhuan finished bandaging himself and waved to Dong Du, “Come here.”

“Why?” Dong Du’s tone carried a hint of displeasure, but he obediently walked over.

Chu Xuhuan picked and chose from the medical kit, taking out a bottle of disinfectant and a tube of ointment. He blew away the curls on the side of Dong Du’s forehead and disinfected and treated his wound. After finishing, he asked, “Can we skip going to Black Gold Fortress? This time, I brought fewer people, and I may not be able to guarantee your safety.”

Earlier, the plan to go there was made without considering Dong Du’s well-being after getting the money.

Dong Du, still blowing softly on his wound, realized that if he insisted on going to Black Gold Fortress now, Chu Xuhuan would be suspicious. But if he didn’t go, he couldn’t fulfill his dream of becoming the ruler of the fortress. What about his future?

Following Chu Xuhuan is impossible; this guy is obviously not a good person. After his layers of lies are exposed, it will be hard to see him being so mild-mannered.

“Are we just going to float in space?” Dong Du looked at the time again. “Shouldn’t we have dinner?”

“We didn’t plan to stay in space for too long this time.” Chu Xuhuan stood up, leading him to the dining area. “We’re not far from our destination. Let’s take a look and then return to the base.”

As they passed by the breach, the driver and another alpha were repairing the large hole. Chu Xuhuan, fidgeting with his fingers, said, “Fox, Raccoon, don’t bother for now. Come back after eating.”

Both men stopped their work, giving Dong Du an unfriendly look. Dong Du stared back fearlessly. “What are you looking at? If you hadn’t insisted on robbing me, your spaceship wouldn’t have exploded!”

The two men were silenced by Dong Du’s retort because what Dong Du said was indeed a reasonable explanation.

Chu Xuhuan didn’t bother with them. Their current peace was a compromise between each other. He put his hand around Dong Du’s head, guiding him forward. “Let’s go, hungry, right?”

Thinking about the importance of having a meal, Dong Du followed Chu Xuhuan and arrived at the dining area.

There was no chef in the dining area, only a fierce-looking Ash Wolf was preparing sauce. He appeared robust and seemed like someone who enjoyed meat, but surprisingly, he served a small plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Dong Du looked at him in astonishment. Then, he witnessed Ash Wolf presenting the dish to Lion, who was sitting at the table. Lion’s mouth was still swollen, and he grumbled a few words after seeing the mixed sauce.

On the other side of Lion, an alpha sat with a head bundled up like a zongzi. Lion called him Ferret. Lion tried to feed the noodles to Ferret very attentively but was ruthlessly rejected.

“Don’t just stand there, go get your own food.” Chu Xuhuan pointed to the counter for Dong Du. “Everything to eat is inside; take whatever you want.”

Below the counter was a freezer with ready-to-heat meals. Dong Du rummaged through the counter for a while, placed a large plate on it, and then reached in to grab a chicken leg, two chicken legs… in total, he placed six chicken legs.

The people in the dining area closely watched him. The spaceship had a total of seven people, excluding Lion, who couldn’t chew. With six people remaining, the space pirates found it a bit strange that this omega, who was known for beating people up, suddenly became so discerning.

After searching for a while, Dong Du only found chicken legs that suited his taste. He put a large plate of chicken legs into something resembling a microwave, set it for ten minutes, and then blew on it. Holding a chicken leg in each hand, he finished both in seven bites.

Immediately, the space pirates in the dining area collectively tightened their fists. They were all ready to eat!

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