After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Ultimate Coaxing Method

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Chu Xuhuan placed Dong Du’s chicken legs on the table. There were only two tables in the dining area, and one was already occupied by Lion and Ferret. So, he placed the plate on the one where only Ash Wolf was seated.

Ash Wolf’s face, with a long scar on it, twitched a few times, cursing, “May you choke!”

Dong Du’s mouth was full of chicken, and following the advice of the survival base’s sisters, he knew it was impolite to speak with a mouth full of food. So, he politely rolled his eyes at Ash Wolf.

“An omega like you eating so much, aren’t you afraid of getting fat?” Chu Xuhuan took two chicken legs to the cooking counter, cut them with a knife, spread honey over them, and then placed them in the oven. After this, he washed a bowl of rice and steamed it.

In this short time, Dong Du had already finished all six chicken legs. He licked his lips, hands on his waist, gesturing his waistline. “Will I get fat?”

Looking forward to it, training fat into muscle!

“Eating six chicken legs in one meal, it would be strange if you don’t get fat!” Ash Wolf thought he was afraid of gaining weight, deliberately taunting him. “Look at other omegas, none of them are like you. They are all tender and fragrant.”

Dong Du ignored Ash Wolf, turning his head to look at Chu Xuhuan. Chu Xuhuan flipped the chicken legs in the oven and responded, “Indeed, it’s somewhat edible. If we don’t land soon, our food supplies might not be enough for you.” 

After all, even an alpha probably couldn’t eat six chicken legs in one meal. 

Dong Du had only read a few pages of the book; he had heard the term “omega” only after arriving, and he had no idea what it meant. However, he subtly felt that “omega” seemed to refer to some delicate creature. 

Considering he was not delicate at all, he eagerly watched the rice that Chu Xuhuan was cooking and explained forcefully, “After all, I’m a working omega. It’s normal for a working omega to eat a bit, you know, considering the energy expenditure.” 

Ash Wolf chuckled beside him, then coldly snorted, “You really have thick skin. Other omegas aren’t like you; they are fragrant and soft.” 

“Do you see other omegas caring about you?” Dong Du smiled sincerely, looking at Ash Wolf. 

“Ash Wolf, go eat your own food.” Chu Xuhuan timely interrupted their banter, holding his own bowl of white rice with chicken legs, sitting opposite Dong Du.

Dong Du’s eyes had not left Chu Xuhuan’s plate. Chu Xuhuan laughed, “Still not full?”

“A little bit.” Dong Du patted his stomach.

Chu Xuhuan cut a small piece of chicken leg and brought it to Dong Du’s mouth. Just as Dong Du was about to eat it, Chu Xuhuan reversed his hand and put it in his own mouth. Dong Du stared at him in shock. How could someone be so shameless!

“With your personality, how do you get along with that cold-faced Yama, Zhu Di?” Chu Xuhuan leisurely ate, saying, “Does Zhu Di also listen to your chattering?”

“Zhu Di is considered good, right?” Lion, although his mouth hurt, couldn’t help but stretch his neck to look over and interject, “Speaking of cold-faced Yama, shouldn’t Novisane be ranked first?”

Speaking of the alpha who beat himself up, Lion spoke incessantly, “You know, he’s an alpha. Always carrying a lollipop is fine but what’s even worse is that he has no compassion for omegas. Last time when I was lurking in the capital of Yars, I attended his enthronement ceremony just for fun. There was this particularly adorable omega bishop, but Novisane didn’t even smile at the little bishop. It’s just insane.” 

“Well, Zhu Di is indeed better in that regard. At least he’s not completely insane.” Dong Du propped up his cheeks with both hands, lazily yawning.

I attended his award ceremony when I was lurking in the capital of Yars last time. The cute ga bishop, Novisane didn’t even smile at that little bishop. It’s simply insane.”

“I speak, and he listens very seriously without interrupting. I can finish everything I want to say, and I don’t need him to respond.”

Chu Xuhuan smiled slightly, noncommittal. “If he doesn’t talk to you, how do you coax him? You two, as secret lovers, don’t you have to please the sugar daddy?”

“I know how to coax people.” Dong Du, pretending to be sleepy, said, “Zhu Di has always been made happy by my coaxing. When he’s happy, he won’t be so cold, and he talks to me, though not much, but he’s very gentle with me.”

“How do you coax him? Show me.” Chu Xuhuan reached over and pinched Dong Du’s face, trying to wake him up. However, in the end, he didn’t exert much force. Dong Du’s face was too soft, even with dust on it. Pinching it felt like cotton, and with this gentle pinch, an unavoidable red mark was left.

“Sure.” Dong Du replied and almost collapsed his face onto the table.

Chu Xuhuan put down his utensils, tapped Dong Du’s head playfully. Dong Du woke up for a moment and then lowered his head again, as if he were a child falling asleep. Chu Xuhuan smiled helplessly, waved to Lion, “Take him to the rest area, arrange a room for him to rest.”

Lion still had some psychological shadow towards Dong Du, standing far away and waving at him. “Hey, wake up. I’ll take you to the rest area to sleep.”

“Huh?” Dong Du raised his head to glance at Lion, rubbed his eyes, and stood up. “Oh.”

He followed Lion out, and Chu Xuhuan, from behind, asked, “By the way, what’s your name? I can’t keep calling you ‘omega.'”

“My name?” Dong Du shook his head, a bit dazed due to being full and wanting to rest, “I’m called Xi Cun, the Xi as in west and cun as in village.”

The original Little Prince had a notorious reputation, and if he said his name was Dong Du, he might be recognized.

Dong Du woke up in the evening. He sat up in a daze, looked out of the small round window beside the bed, and saw a brilliant starry sky.

He immediately got up from the bed, shook his dusty clothes twice and put them on. He actually had new clothes to wear, but the life ship exploded, and he was left with only this protective suit. The only possession he had left was a few packs of dried fish hidden in the sleeve of the suit that Ash Wolf didn’t find.

There was a small lamp behind the door of the room. Dong Du took the lamp and went out, knocking on the doors of the rooms one by one. The first door that someone responded was Lion’s. Knocked on the door by an omega’s in the middle of the night might sound like the beginning of some erotic novel, but Lion tensed up, feeling like this person was here to take his life.

But when Dong Du saw that it wasn’t Chu Xuhuan who opened the door, he left without saying a word. After knocking on several doors, Dong Du finally knocked on Chu Xuhuan’s door.

Chu Xuhuan was wearing a thin short-sleeved shirt, and Dong Du couldn’t help but envy the sturdy muscles on his arms. He flicked Dong Du’s forehead to bring him back to reality, “What are you looking for me?” 

Dong Du raised the small lamp to illuminate his face and said seriously, “To entertain you, Brother Huan. Do you want to join me to watch the stars?” 

In reality, Dong Du wanted to watch by himself, but he didn’t know where to go. 

Chu Xuhuan stared at the door for a moment, suddenly remembering that he had asked him to demonstrate how to coax someone earlier. He turned and entered the room, and when he came out again, he was already in a protective suit. “Let’s go.” 

The two arrived at the rear of the warship, where two escape pods were parked. The ship’s body could be opened, and there was a layer of tempered glass cover—perfect for stargazing. 

Dong Du sat down on the ground next to the glass, the small lamp in his hand pressed against it. “It’s so beautiful.” 

In this era, probably everyone had seen the Milky Way. Even in underdeveloped third-tier cities, space tourism had developed. It was probably only children experiencing space for the first time, like Dong Du, who were still amazed by the beauty of the Milky Way. 

“Xi Cun, have you never been to space before?” Chu Xuhuan stood behind him, hands in his pockets. 

“Xi Cun?”

Chu Xuhuan called twice before Dong Du realized he was being called. He took out his dried fish from his pocket, nibbling on it while casually making up, “I just think every star looks a bit like you.”

“Are you trying to coax me?” Chu Xuhuan said this in an unusually soft voice.

Dong Du didn’t even hear him speaking. He remembered the happiest moments back at the Survivor Base, eating together under the starry sky at night. The distant moans of zombies echoed, but the Survivor Base, situated on the sea, was safe, allowing them to dine without any defenses.

At this moment, Dong Du appeared particularly serene. Chu Xuhuan was infected by his aura and quietly sat down beside him. However, not long after, Chu Xuhuan’s face turned red. He tried hard to control his breathing, but eventually couldn’t bear it, standing up with deliberate force.

He smelled Dong Du’s pheromones, like the sweet scent of peaches.

Dong Du still had a bit of red oil from the dried fish on his lips. He looked at Chu Xuhuan, who suddenly covered his nose and mouth, in confusion. “What are you doing?”

“Are you doing this on purpose?” Chu Xuhuan asked him in a harsh tone.

His questioning left Dong Du even more bewildered. What on earth was intentional? Was he angry because Dong Du didn’t share the dried fish with him?

If you want some, just say so. Why get angry for no reason?

Dong Du took out a pack of dried fish from his pocket and handed it to Chu Xuhuan with a pained expression. “This is the only one left.”

In reality, he had three more packs in his pocket.

Chu Xuhuan looked at the dried fish in his hand, then at Dong Du, who seemed genuinely reluctant to share. For a moment, he couldn’t tell if this person was genuine or just pretending.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Dong Du pushed it forward again.

With his movement, the scent of pheromones invaded Chu Xuhuan’s nostrils. Unable to endure it, Chu Xuhuan turned and left quickly.

Dong Du happily took back the dried fish. Gobbling it down, his narcissistic tendencies seemed to have flared up again. Smelling himself, he thought he smelled good. Eating dried fish was a way to rescue himself.

Midway, Chu Xuhuan, who was annoyed, loosened his nose and mouth, then walked back extremely displeased. Why did he run away on his own? It should be Xi Cun, that guy who released pheromones recklessly, paying the price!

When he came back angrily, the pheromone smell at the rear of the ship had already dissipated. Dong Du was feeding himself more dried fish. He quickly hid the dried fish in his cheeks as Chu Xuhuan approached. “There’s really none left!”

Suddenly, Chu Xuhuan couldn’t get angry anymore. He took out the last pack of dried fish from Dong Du’s pocket, eating it in front of him.

Dong Du swallowed his saliva and, after considering his current situation, decided to forgive him.

“Brother Huan.” Chu Xuhuan had just finished eating some dried small fish when Ash Wolf hurriedly ran over, “There’s a patrol ship ahead, it’s from the Black Gold Fortress!”

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