After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Is This Really the Little Prince?

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Hanchester stood at the ship’s door without moving, without saving the omega wearing the Royal Fleet protective suit, nor suppressing the interstellar pirate holding a gun. But when Dong Du walked towards them, he kindly reminded, “Wear the helmet.”

The current helmet was advanced, tightly retracting when folded on the collar and expanding like a balloon when unfolded. Dong Du put on the helmet, and the patrol ship from the Black Gold Fortress began retracting the gangway. He was still standing on the gangway, not paying attention to his feet. As the gangway retracted, he rolled like a ball and ended up at Hanchester’s feet.

Hanchester squatted down, using two fingers to wipe the dusty face, “Why so careless? Did you get hurt?”

His tone was gentle, and there was even a smile on his lips, but Dong Du couldn’t feel his care. He didn’t answer Hanchester’s question and, scanning the patrol ship, noticed several people giving each other instructions at the console. The cold gun turrets aimed at the pirate’s ship.

Dong Du tried to stand up and run over to stop the firing of the shells, but as soon as he ran a few steps, Hanchester pulled him back. The muscles on this alpha were not fake, and although Dong Du struggled forcefully, he remained motionless. Since a person couldn’t pass, there was still something that could; Dong Du threw the spear-like bag he was holding, and it flew over. One person at the console was hit, causing the turret to skew. The shot missed the pirate ship, but before they could attempt another shot, the opposing ship had escaped the firing range.

The helmsman immediately operated the ship to chase, but Hanchester, holding the person in his hand, spoke up, “Don’t chase. This is not our mission this time.”

After saying this, he smiled at Dong Du, “Why, aren’t you the one captured by interstellar pirates? Are you afraid they will be blown up?”

“Officer, this guy must be with those interstellar pirates. Lock him up and take him back for interrogation!”

“Who cares if they get blown up? Who’s with them?” Dong Du kicked Hanchester a few times with his legs, “Let me down. I am Dong Du, the little prince of Clos.”

“What?” Several alphas on the patrol ship expressed their disgust, “No wonder he’s doing such brainless things for interstellar pirates. Probably got Stockholm syndrome.”

“Look at him. Even if he’s an interstellar pirate, who would fancy him?” Someone added, “Is this guy pretending? Pretending to be the infamous little prince.”

Dong Du hadn’t cleaned himself up since yesterday, let alone just now when he was pretending to be captured.

After smearing a few more handfuls of dust on his own face, he now looked exceptionally disheveled, and even his face was not very discernible.

Hanchester put Dong Du down and took out a neatly folded handkerchief from his shirt pocket. He tried to wipe the dirt off his face a few times, but it only made it worse. Giving up, he handed the handkerchief to Dong Du and instructed the person who had mocked Dong Du earlier in a gentle tone, “Contact the fortress to confirm his identity.”

Dong Du tugged at his wrinkled protective suit and went to the console to pick up his bag.

As he walked over, everyone avoided him, as if he would infect them with a plague if they got too close.

“Have you seen him before? Is he really like the rumors? It’s so dusty that I can’t see his face clearly.”

“Or you can ask Dr. Xu Yiling’s omega assistant if he matches the rumors. Besides, can his good looks offset the disgusting things he did?”

“D*mn, isn’t that rubbing salt in the wound? Get lost.”

“If he looks good, does he have to be so sinister? He must be an ugly freak.”

The border-guarding alphas didn’t show the same restraint as the alphas in the capital. The murmurs were audible enough for Dong Du to hear clearly. However, he ignored them, grabbed his bag, and caught up with Hanchester, asking with genuine concern, “There shouldn’t be a shortage of food on the patrol ship, right? When do we get our three meals a day?”

Hanchester lowered his head, seeing the earnestness in Dong Du’s bright, cat-like eyes. It was evident that he was genuinely concerned about the timing of meals. However, how could a prince, spoiled since childhood, worry about such things?

“You’re afraid of going hungry?” Hanchester smiled in response, “The patrol ship is equipped with a chef. If you’re hungry, you can eat anytime.”

“That’s great, as I always used to miss meals before, I couldn’t grow properly. Do you always eat meals made by the fleet’s chef? How did you develop those muscles?” Dong Du drooled over Hanchester’s muscles, wishing to look like him tonight. His fingers stretched out, attempting to touch his arms.

“The fortress has a dedicated gym.” Hanchester stared at him strangely, “Do you want to build muscles?”

No wonder he found it surprising, as no omega would want to develop a muscular physique. Moreover, as the little prince of Clos, the person in front of him unexpectedly said he used to miss meals.

“Yes.” Dong Du flexed his slender and fair arm, trying to puff up his underdeveloped biceps, “Can I build muscles like yours?”

Although Hanchester always wore a smile on his face, this was the first time he almost burst into laughter. He coughed as if to cover it up and said, “You are quite different from the rumors.”

“Huh?” Dong Du thought he was about to extract the fitness secrets from the person in front of him, but unexpectedly, he blurted out something irrelevant. He responded awkwardly, “Really?”

Since Dong Du followed him, Hanchester casually arranged a living cabin for him, right next to his own. It was convenient for him to observe if Dong Du had any suspicious behavior at any time. However, he didn’t intentionally restrict Dong Du’s movements and left to patrol the ship’s operations room.

Dong Du had nothing to do. After putting his bag in the room, he strolled out, meeting many people, probably intentionally coming to watch him after hearing about him.

“Just him? Doesn’t look impressive. Seems like a cunning mind though.”

“Look at all the dirt on his face. Is he trying to hide because he’s too ugly to reveal his true face?”

Dong Du only paid attention to the idle talk after a while, realizing that he was still quite dirty. In the apocalypse, he practically rolled around in zombie heaps every day, covered in blood and dust. Now, compared to those times, he was much cleaner, but he didn’t realize he still looked like a dirty kid.

He originally planned to go to the operations room, but decided to return to the cabin first to take a shower.

“Why did he turn back? You probably spoke too loudly; he must have heard.”

“So what if he heard? I’m just stating the truth. It’s hilarious. Ruining someone’s glands, and now he’s living comfortably. Those interstellar pirates should have killed him.”

“Fortunate, he’s an omega. Interstellar pirates might be reluctant.”

“D*mn, don’t gross me out!”

Dong Du completely ignored the conscious scolding, contentedly returning to his cabin. 

The living conditions on the patrol ship were not comparable to those on a living ship; they only had showers. Dong Du cleaned himself up and casually wiped and hung up his protective suit. 

There was no radiation in the cabin, so he could do without the suit. 

Inside the living quarters, there was a small timer, and it was already six o’clock. He stepped out, feeling refreshed. 

There were few people in the living area, and Dong Du walked quite a distance before encountering two alphas. Without hesitation, he approached and stopped them, “Excuse me, could you tell me where the cafeteria is?”

Dong Du’s newly washed hair curled on top of his head. With his small face and big eyes, he looked both obedient and serious when staring at people. He was also wearing short sleeves, and the loose collar exposed his delicate neck without any defense. The two alphas felt a sweet scent invading their brains, but, in reality, they didn’t smell anything.

“There, uh, go straight from here, and you’ll see it after the left turn.” One of the alphas, who had regained his senses, stammered in response to Dong Du’s question.

Dong Du politely thanked them and headed excitedly towards the cafeteria. His back disappeared, and the alpha who answered his question immediately grabbed the other’s collar and roared, “Did you see that? He’s so cute and polite! Where did such a cute omega come from on our patrol ship!”

The other, still not fully awake even when being shaken like this, behaved like a fanatical fan who had just seen an idol. “This, this must be an S+ level omega. He didn’t even release pheromones. I feel intoxicated. The little prince should learn from him. This is a true omega!”

The two excited individuals followed Dong Du to the cafeteria. They found it crowded, and the adorable omega had already ordered his meal, holding two trays by himself, surrounded by alphas.

Dong Du, who was considered unpleasant by many before, suddenly became a heartthrob. Feeling a bit confused, he would take a bite of his food and then look at the group of people nearby. All of them were staring at him as if watching some sacred ritual of him eating, but being watched by so many people, even though Dong Du had a good appetite, he felt a bit indigestible.

“Why aren’t you eating? Is it not to your liking?” The alpha beside him asked softly.

Dong Du slowly swallowed the food in his mouth and wondered, “Why are you all looking at me? Why don’t you eat?”

The alpha next to him seemed moved almost to tears. Oh, the omega cared about whether they ate or not. This was really wonderful.

“Cute little one, what’s your name?” Some alpha couldn’t control himself and loudly asked.

Dong Du scratched his small curls, “Didn’t I say before? I’m Little Prince Dong Du of Clos.”

The cafeteria suddenly fell silent. The alphas, who were like pilgrims, seemed frozen in place. They couldn’t believe it; they couldn’t accept it. They hated their past selves!

This person in front of them was actually the little prince of Clos? How could the infamous little prince of Clos be so cute? How could he be so polite and caring? Wasn’t he supposed to be an ugly monster? Who said that!

They were unwilling to believe, but they had to believe!

They wanted to continue disliking him, but he was just too likable!

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