After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Devil’s Attraction?

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It must be fake, definitely fake!

The alphas sitting around Dong Du quickly separated a seat, silently starting to eat. However, during the meal, they couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Dong Du. There was nothing similar to the rumors about him, so how could he be that little prince?

Food particles clung to Dong Du’s pale cheeks, and he didn’t notice. Even so, he didn’t look messy; instead, he appeared innocent and romantic like a child.

Really cute, but he was, in fact, that little prince!

The alpha in the entire cafeteria seemed to synchronize their thoughts. They carefully pondered, observed attentively, attempting to find evidence that the cute omega in front of them was not the infamous little prince or to uncover any malicious intentions he might have.

Dong Du was busy eating, unaware of the thoughts running through the alphas’ minds. He had two plates of food and happily started on the second one. As for the fact that everyone was staring at him, it wasn’t crucial.

After observing for a while, the alphas only discovered one distinctive trait – that he had a particularly good appetite.

There were no rules on the patrol ship about not speaking during meals, and the cafeteria, which was usually noisy, inexplicably quieted down. Hanchester’s steps into the cafeteria sounded unusually loud, attracting everyone’s attention.

Before he could remind them, the entire cafeteria was staring at him uniformly. Hanchester raised an eyebrow but did not hesitate. He held up the few pages of paper in his hand and announced, “Identity confirmed. He is indeed Little Prince Dong Du. From now on, the patrol ship is to ensure the safety of the prince, guaranteeing his smooth arrival at the Black Gold Fortress.”

The loud announcement was intended to ensure that everyone heard it, to prevent any misunderstandings about Dong Du being an imposter. However, the cafeteria unexpectedly emitted gasps, as if in disbelief to the point of being shocked.

Hanchester’s smile remained unchanged, seemingly abnormal among the silent or sorrowful alphas. He walked directly to Dong Du, putting a few thin pages of paper in front of him. “His Majesty has written you a letter.”

Dong Du’s small face was almost buried in the plate. He raised his head at the words. “Who wrote me a letter?”

“His Majesty Xi Yuan, your older brother,” Hanchester smiled and stared at him for three seconds before answering.

Dong Du wiped his face with a tissue after finally clearing the food from his plate. He then casually picked up the letter, which didn’t even have an envelope.

The letter began without any greetings or concern. It directly questioned why he didn’t follow the plan to go to the Black Gold Fortress but instead ran around everywhere. Now, on the patrol ship full of alphas, he, an omega, was so undisciplined. Even if he was born into the royal family, he wouldn’t be able to marry. The letter continued with other concerns.

Dong Du read it as if studying literature. He looked up with slightly bewildered eyes at Hanchester. “Why are you staring at me?”

“You’re indeed different from the rumors,” Hanchester smiled again, reaching into Dong Du’s hand to take the letter filled with questioning and even humiliating content. He folded it and put it into the pocket of his military uniform. “His Majesty says these things about you. Aren’t you angry?”

“Well, I don’t really think he’s scolding me.” Dong Du stacked the two plates he used in the cafeteria and placed them in the recycling area. Then he returned to sit across from Hanchester. “Moreover, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone with such feudal thoughts. His remarks are quite amusing, like dark jokes, you know?”

Hanchester chuckled, “Speaking like this is somewhat disrespectful to His Majesty, but if you continue like this, I believe those rumors about you will debunk themselves.”

“Rumors?” Dong Du thought for a moment. Those rumors should be about the real little prince. The little prince was indeed a malicious cannon fodder.

“The previous rumors are true, but I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf now.” Dong Du rested his chin on his hands and smiled, revealing eight teeth.

Hanchester silently watched him, but there was a hissing sound around them.

Admitted, he admitted it! He admitted to the bad things he had done before! This cute omega was indeed the little prince who ruined others’ glands. But he laughed so sincerely, and it seemed he was determined to turn over a new leaf!

After the hissing sound, the cafeteria welcomed an eerie silence. Dong Du nonchalantly turned his head to look around. The alphas in the cafeteria lowered their heads even more. Their expressions were not good at the moment. They were receiving moral condemnation, feeling that the little prince should receive the punishment he deserved. At the same time, they hoped the little prince would truly turn over a new leaf so they could like him without psychological burdens.

No one responded to Dong Du’s bold words. After a moment of silence, Hanchester put on his usual smile. “I believe in you. You will become a different person.”

This type of comfort, Dong Du heard countless times. Previously, whenever they lost teammates, they would console each other.

“Their sacrifice is worth it.”

“They are sacrificing for the survival of humanity.”

Is the survival of humanity important? Of course, it is important. But for a dead person, what value and meaning could there possibly be?

Dong Du had never been consoled like this before, but now he was finally comforted by these words. He was still alive; he could change. He had escaped from a dark world.

Dong Du smiled and patted Hanchester’s shoulder. “Although your smile looks quite fake, thank you for your comfort.”

Hanchester was speechless. In front of Dong Du, he had several times failed to maintain his own smile.

“By the way, what is the patrol mission this time?” Dong Du turned his head back, staring at Hanchester seriously. “You’re not really here to rescue me, are you?”

Rarely, Hanchester didn’t smile again. He sighed lightly, “The mission we are currently executing is to explore a piece of land that suddenly appeared in space. Your Highness, we did not receive a rescue mission for you.”

Dong Du had known that their mission was not about him. What he wanted to know was their patrol mission. So, the emotions of the two were completely different. Dong Du asked eagerly in Hanchester’s sympathetic gaze, “How did land suddenly appear in space? Did the atmosphere disappear? Did gravity vanish?”

“No, none of that.” Hanchester, seeing Dong Du showing no signs of sadness, instantly withdrew from the pitying mood. He smiled as he explained, “This land suddenly appeared a few days ago, on November 18th. There was a rift in spacetime. The fortress suspects that this thing might have come from another dimension.”

“November 18th?” Dong Du scratched his curly hair. Wasn’t that the day he came over? Did this land bring him here, or did he bring this piece of land?

The issue was that they didn’t land in the same place. Could it be that there were multiple spacetime rifts?

Dong Du suppressed his doubts and cleared his throat, pretending to understand. “So, this patrol is to board this land?”

“Of course, landing is definite if there are no obstacles.” Hanchester replied, “This land has drifted to the border between our Clos and Yars. We are ready, retrieved the probes, and will start landing immediately.”

“We are near the land already?” Dong Du was surprised.

“Why do you think you encountered us?” Hanchester chuckled, “The group of interstellar pirates who kidnapped you must have come for this land as well. We met because we had the same destination.”

“Ah…” Dong Du dragged out the tone, feeling that he was incredibly lucky, which was why he was saved.

“Don’t overthink it. Rest well. When we return from exploration, we can go back to the Black Gold Fortress together.” Hanchester patted Dong Du’s head.

The surrounding area was filled with the friction sound of clothing and whispers. “The Chief Officer went too far, actually patting his head. He’s an omega!”

“If the Chief Officer is like this, it’s not strange for us to get closer to him, right?”

“Is the Chief Officer trying to get close to the water’s edge first to get the moon? Annoying!”

Dong Du was full and satisfied, and he had learned all he wanted to know. He patted his buttocks, ready to go back to his room for a good sleep. As he stood up and took a few steps, Hanchester, who was still sitting, called out to him, “Your Highness, do you remember Gneville?”

“Gneville?” Dong Du turned around in confusion, “Should I know her?”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the cafeteria gasped, as if saying, “This is indeed the malicious Little Prince!”

“Do you really not remember?” Hanchester’s facial expression was hard to discern as he responded with a question. After a prolonged silence, he finally spoke, “She is the omega whose gland you damaged. She is now living in the Black Gold Fortress.” 

Dongdu: “…” 

He hadn’t read all the contents of the novel, and he had no idea what misdeeds the Little Prince had committed. Now that he was the Little Prince, it meant that he needed to make amends for the mistakes the Little Prince had made. 

“I understand.” He sounded remorseful, but he didn’t say anything about how he would make amends. The gland was essential to the people in this world, and he might not be able to compensate for the damage.

Back in his room, he collapsed on the stiff single bed with a sigh. He had initially thought that, even if he had a bad reputation as the Little Prince, he could still live an easy life, resembling a salted fish. Unexpectedly, he not only lacked parental love but also had numerous mistakes waiting for him to rectify.

Dong Du got up, took out his long bag, believing that understanding one’s enemies was key to victory. He needed to learn in detail about the misdeeds of the Little Prince, the enemies he had made, so he could distinguish between foes and friends.

The heavy item from the bag was pulled out, and Dong Du searched through it, then took a deep breath.

The novel was missing.

The book, like a book of prophecy, was gone!

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