After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Muscular Peach Flavor

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“Hey, hey, just now, Yars’ flying ship went in, and there were about four of them, right?”

“Each ship, considering a minimum of three people, means 12 people landing. Chief Officer and the others are in danger.”

“More importantly, that’s Yars’ airspace. They can summon more people at any time.”

“Communication, communication is restored!” In the cockpit, which was previously noisy, this sentence quieted everything down instantly.

Hanchester’s voice, mixed with the muffled sound of electric currents, came through vaguely, “If communication is interrupted again, control of the patrol ship will be transferred to Christian. The size of Yars’ reconnaissance team sent out is not…Big, as long as we can find an opportunity to return to the flying ship, we can come back smoothly.”

“But Chief Officer, we can’t determine their location, and if we let them continue searching, you will be exposed sooner or later.” Christian supported the control panel, saying each word. “The patrol ship must initiate a rescue.”

Communication was interrupted once again. Hanchester gestured under the camera and then continued forward with Qilin and Kurvis.

The current problem was that they could receive signals from Hanchester through gestures, but the other side couldn’t get any information from them. Gesture communication was one-way.

Dong Du stood next to Christian; he had invited Dong Du earlier to come and watch the footage together just now.

“Deputy, what should we do now?” someone nearby spoke up.

“Follow Chief Officer’s instructions for now,” Christian took a deep breath. “Yars’ people might not discover them.”

Until now, Dong Du hadn’t said a word. He glanced at Christian and noticed sweat on his forehead. Christian also realized Dong Du’s gaze, raised his hand, wiped his forehead, and smiled bitterly. “It’s quite embarrassing. I’m rarely handed over command, usually following the orders of the general and the chief officer. Now, making decisions myself, every time I’m afraid my judgment will be wrong.”

“This is normal.” Dong Du, holding his long bag, stood on tiptoe, trying to meet Christian’s gaze. He patted the other’s shoulder and said with profound meaning, “It means you lack experience. You need to continue working hard. Once you become stronger, you won’t have such worries.”

Christian let out a complicated sigh. His nervous mood somehow calmed down inexplicably. Although Dong Du’s words weren’t very encouraging, he had spoken the truth.

“Deputy, the flying ship has been discovered!”

The alpha next to Christian was obviously a hundred times more stimulated than Christian. The sentence he shouted seemed to bring the momentum of a thousand horses charging.

Christian, at this moment, had no intention of reprimanding the soldier for the volume issue. He stared at the screen on the control panel, breathing deeply.

The footage came from Hanchester’s team. They had hurried back, but when they returned to the vicinity of the flying ship, it was already surrounded by Yars’ soldiers. So, they exposed their situation by showing the camera and transmitting their predicament back to the patrol ship.

“Prepare for rescue.” Christian turned and walked towards the cockpit. “Han Lin, Xue Nancheng, come with me. A flying ship is enough.”

“Deputy, isn’t the number of people too few?”

“We are going to escape, not to fight,” Christian put on his coat by the door. “We just need to attract the enemy’s attention a bit.”

“You can’t go.” As he was about to leave, Dong Du grabbed Christian’s hand. His eyes, with starlight in them, showed determination. “If you also get trapped, who will the command of the patrol ship be transferred to? You stay here to command, and I’ll go.”

“But, but you’re an omega.” The other instinctively objected.

Omega again. What on earth did omega mean? If only he had finished reading the novel!

Dong Du made a disdainful sound in his heart. “In terms of fighting, I’m better than you!”

Only a very few people on the patrol ship had seen the scene of Dong Du beating interstellar pirates on the other side of the gangway. Among these very few people happened to be Christian. When Dong Du said this, although he didn’t say it out loud, his mind automatically gave an answer.

Perhaps what he said was true.

“So, the rescue team is composed of Han Lin, Xue Nancheng, and Dong Du, set off immediately.” Christian hung his coat back in place, returned to the main control panel, and instructed, “Remember, you just need to attract the enemy’s attention, avoid combat, and to prevent communication interruption, each of you is wearing a miniature camera.”

Dong Du strapped the long bag to his back and boarded the flying ship with two other alphas.

These two individuals probably had never performed a mission with an omega before, and every move they made after boarding the flying ship seemed extremely stiff. Dong Du blinked and approached them, “I don’t know how to operate the flying ship, you know.”

“I, I can,” Han Lin replied, then awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Or, you come sit here. From this position, you can monitor the situation outside through the flying ship’s surveillance. If you see the enemy, just inform us,” Xue Nancheng scratched his head, discussing with Dong Du in embarrassment.

“Okay.” Dong Du obediently sat down.

The two didn’t expect the infamous Little Prince to be so cooperative. For a moment, they felt a bit awkward and guilty. Just a moment ago, they were thinking that the deputy had actually asked them to bring a tag-along, probably gone mad.

With everyone in their positions, the flying ship quickly penetrated the outer buildings and entered the interior. The experience through the image and being there in person were completely different. However, Dong Du was not paying attention to the surrounding scenery now; instead, he was focused on observing the movements around.

Their target was big, and the enemy could hide in any corner once they disembarked from the flying ship. Therefore, all three dared not be lax.

The flying ship quickly passed the peripheral buildings but encountered a dark barrel at a turn.

“There’s someone!”

As soon as Dong Du said this, the flying ship suddenly shook. They were hit; the enemy had already spotted them, aimed at them, and waited for them to fly over.

Since he was sitting near the door of the flying ship, without any hesitation, he opened the hatch and jumped down. The other two didn’t even have time to stop him.

At the same time, a burst of wailing and howling erupted from the patrol ship.

“He jumped down!”

“He might fall to his death!”

“Will His Majesty bury his cute little brother with us?”

“Why did he jump?”

Dong Du had no self-awareness of doing something foolish. It had been shown on television; if an aircraft was hit, it would explode. He was saving himself!

The familiar feeling of weightlessness during the fall was something he knew well. He adjusted his position, even observing the enemy situation mid-air.

The person holding the cannon was leisurely tossing away the useless quiver as they waited. He wasn’t wearing protective gear and was even dressed in a three-piece suit, resembling a noble or politician rather than a soldier. Moreover, he didn’t have any protective equipment. There was air on this land?

The opponent’s gaze remained firmly locked on Dong Du. With something white in his mouth, he casually pushed it up with his tongue, revealing a small pink candy.

It was a strawberry-flavored lollipop, the person was Yars’ Prime Minister Novisane.

Dong Du couldn’t help but shudder. When Lion spoke, he felt nothing, but now being stared at by this person, he felt like a fish on a cutting board, with a spine-chilling sensation. Moreover, this person’s eyes didn’t seem like a normal person’s eyes no matter how you looked at them.

After landing, he rolled on the ground and hid in a corner not far from Novisane. Confronted with the ambushing Yars soldiers, they faced each other.

Stunned for only 0.1 seconds, Dong Du quickly took action, knocking down two soldiers beside him. Then he sprinted. As expected, the Prime Minister had already arrived; Yars couldn’t have only sent four flying ships. There were more Yars soldiers on this land than they had imagined, and dozens of them were just chasing him.

Two fists were no match for four hands. After knocking down most of the soldiers, Dong Du was still pressed to the ground by his head. Meanwhile, a long backpack dragged on the ground, emitting a sharp metal friction sound.

With a pop, Novisane took out the lollipop from his mouth. The candy’s fragrance instantly filled Dong Du’s nostrils, and the cold fingers pressed against his nape. The person chuckled, “Omega.”

His head was firmly pressed down, and Dong Du couldn’t see Novisane’s face at all. He could only see the shiny, reflective tips of his polished shoes. Novisane’s toes tapped the ground as if following a certain rhythm. “Let him go.”

The soldiers released the pressure on Dong Du. He breathed a sigh of relief, lowered his head, and slowly rubbed his sore arms.

Novisane couldn’t wait and squatted down. The pink lollipop was brought close to Dong Du’s eyes. He had to lift his head; otherwise, the candy would poke his eyes.

“Quite cute-looking.” The other person put the candy back into their mouth, hands in their pockets, and raised their eyebrows in a seemingly surprised manner.

However, despite the frivolous words, this person had not smiled from the beginning to the end. The strong oppressive feeling from them made one’s legs weak. Face to face, Dong Du had the illusion that even breathing was unusually difficult. He felt he could smell the scent emanating from Novisane, a fragrance that made him feel suffocated, dizzy, and even inclined to submit.

Dong Du exhaled heavily, looking up into the person’s eyes again. The corners of his eyes were crimson, pupils tightly contracted, appearing extremely stimulated yet exceptionally calm. He couldn’t hold back and furrowed his brows, asking, “Are there psychologists in this era?”

Novisane snorted lightly through his nose and asked in return, “Are you calling me crazy?”

“Not exactly.” Dong Du gripped his long bag, “I think you’re more like a lunatic.”

The long bag left his back, slashing towards Novisane with thunderous force. Novisane easily sidestepped, and the bag made a clanging sound as it buried into the ground behind him.

Novisane glanced at the bag, which had combat capabilities extremely incongruent with its appearance. Tongue wrapped around the lollipop stick, he asked with a muffled voice, “What’s inside?”

“Of course, it’s treasure.” Dong Du panted, hands on his hips, keeping a distance from Novisane. Breathing became much smoother.

While catching his breath, he glanced around. Although the soldiers were all tensed up and ready for battle, not a single one dared to attack him. It was evident that Novisane held immense authority among the soldiers. Without his permission, they didn’t dare to make a move.

“You’re quite interesting.” Novisane bit the white candy stick, toes tapping the ground rhythmically. “How about you come back to Yars’ capital with me?”

Dong Du’s gaze casually swept over the long bag. He suddenly smiled and launched another attack on Novisane. The two moved extremely fast, exchanging several moves. Dong Du suddenly squatted, his right hand piercing through Novisane’s intertwined hands, and a palm landed on his chin.

Novisane quickly retreated a few steps to mitigate the impact. As a result, the two exchanged positions. Dong Du didn’t even think about confirming his achievements; he pulled out the long bag, rushed out without looking back. Yars’ soldiers quickly reacted and pounced on him, but Dong Du was too fast.

After Dong Du rushed out, Christian’s flying ship suddenly ascended. With a single leap, he boarded it, and the flying ship quickly ascended out of the atmosphere.

“Are you okay?” An alpha in military uniform bowed and inquired from a distance.

Novisane seemed to ignore the question, his gaze fixed on the sky. After a long while, he raised his hand and took out the lollipop from his mouth.

The candy was a new flavor he had just unpacked, but now, due to Dong Du’s attack, it was forced to break in half.

“That omega, it’s peach-flavored.”

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