After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Change

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When Dong Du jumped onto the flying ship, due to inertia, he slammed onto the deck hard. Holding his long bag, he sat on the ground, coughing violently from the dust.

Han Lin, who was standing by the door, immediately reached out and pulled him up. While patting his back, he said, “You really scared me and Old Xue. Why did you suddenly jump off the ship?”

Only at this moment did he react belatedly. Although he was hit, the flying ship did not explode. If he hadn’t jumped off, he wouldn’t have encountered that crazy Novisane. It was his own foolishness.

“But your jump just happened to give us a chance to escape. You’re too amazing. Do you know who the person you beat up is?” Xue Nancheng also came over. Because Dong Du had a miniature camera on him, the real-time footage was transmitted, so everyone knew what he had done.

Dong Du felt embarrassed to say that he jumped off because of ignorance, so he kept a straight face and didn’t respond to the praises of the two in his ears.

Obviously, the atmosphere among the three was quite awkward before, but now, it inexplicably became lively. The two were chattering away, but Dong Du never spoke. The two finally noticed something was off and were about to ask, but Hanchester interrupted.

“You jumped from such a height, no injuries?” He came over, checked Dong Du all around, breathed a sigh of relief when he saw no external injuries, and then continued asking, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“No.” Dong Du sniffed, he wasn’t going to mention that his feet were both sore and numb now!

Dong Du limped to a chair and sat down. Seeing everyone’s attention on him, he resisted the urge to rub his feet.

Alphas naturally respect and admire the strong, so as soon as he sat down, Han Lin and Xue Nancheng surrounded him. Hanchester, being slower in action, could only sit behind him, smiling helplessly as he listened to their conversation.

Qilin and Kurvis were going to pilot the flying ship. Seeing that the two were now talking to Dong Du, they couldn’t stand it and shouted from the control panel, “Can we have names too? Little Prince, I’m Qilin, and this guy next to me is Kurvis.”

“Ah?” Dong Du scratched his head, “Oh.”

He wasn’t used to being surrounded so warmly; after all, everyone used to just sneak glances at him.

“Little Prince, how did you develop such skills?” Xue Nancheng gestured and curiously asked, “Did His Majesty hire a teacher for you?”

Xi Yuan hired a teacher for him? He imagined for a moment; it would make sense if Xi Yuan hired a teacher for Xia En, he probably wouldn’t have the time and energy to focus on the little prince.

Having just finished his activity, his brain had already entered a state of rest, and he muttered unintentionally, “If he really hired a teacher, it would be for Xia En. The little prince sneaking around wouldn’t necessarily learn anything. I rely on myself!”

After hearing this, there was a moment of silence in the flying ship. When they were about to speak to comfort Dong Du, he had already fallen asleep hugging his long bag.

The flying ship was about to return to the patrol ship, a matter of just ten minutes. Dong Du took a nap, and in a daze, he followed Hanchester into the patrol ship. As soon as the cabin door closed and he took off his helmet, a burst of applause erupted inside the patrol ship. Dong Du was awakened by this applause because it was for him.

“Little Prince is really amazing!”

“Little Prince, after we arrive at the Black Gold Fortress, we’ll be your lackeys!”

“This time the Chief Officer came back safely, thanks to the Little Prince.”

After coming to this world, it was the first time Dong Du received applause and encouragement. He blinked in confusion and clapped along with everyone, “Thank you, everyone. I will work harder in the future.”

As the little prince, he would be the highest official in the Black Gold Fortress in the future, so he needed to actively strive to rescue and establish good relationships with his future subordinates.

“I will truthfully report your achievements on the patrol ship to the fortress.” Hanchester also applauded with everyone. His smile was more sincere than before.

Dong Du yawned in a relaxed mood, “Then I’ll go to sleep first. Call me when the canteen is open.”

After completing a mission in the past, Dong Du would always enjoy a good sleep. Now was no exception, but the conditions here were much better than the Survivor Base. When Hanchester knocked on his door, he was not quite awake yet, but compared to sleeping, eating was, of course, more important.

He washed his face, followed Hanchester to the canteen in a daze. He hadn’t started serving himself when a tray appeared in his hands. This tray was completely different from the others, with much deeper grooves for holding food.

“The canteen changed its trays?” Dong Du looked at the tray and then at the others, but they were still the same as before.

Hanchester, hands behind his back, queued up with Dong Du, “The canteen’s trays haven’t changed, but seeing that you seem to have a big appetite, a special tray was made for you.”

Dong Du’s eyes suddenly lit up, completely oblivious to his embarrassment as a big eater. He felt that he had taken a big advantage and even got a specially made tray. He held the tray and looked at it more and more satisfied, then hugged it into his arms, “Can I take it with me when I get off the patrol ship?”

Hanchester was noticeably stunned but recovered his smile after a moment, “Of course.”

The chef in the canteen was swift and nimble. Soon it was Dong Du’s turn. Proudly extending his tray, Dong Du was greeted by the chef, a beta, with a smile. “Little Prince, having a meal today?”

Last time, he got two plates and the chef didn’t say a word to him. Today, however, he could encounter smiling faces everywhere. He was aware of his popularity on the patrol ship and felt quite happy.

“Today’s tray is specially made.” He raised it to show the chef, “One plate is equivalent to two plates.”

“Oh, indeed.” The chef raised his ladle, “I’ll give you a bit more.”

Dong Du walked towards an empty seat with a plate full of food. Every step he took, several people greeted him. Adhering to his principle of treating his future subordinates well, he smiled and replied to each one.

Hanchester followed closely. They both sat in a corner. As soon as they sat down, Dong Du couldn’t help but sigh in joy. He hummed a tuneless song while eating.

“Why so happy?” Hanchester leisurely ate, his gaze fixed on Dong Du’s face. “By the way, after reaching the fortress, what do you plan to do?”

“Hmm?” Dong Du raised his head in confusion, asking, “Aren’t I the Little Prince?”

Hanchester stopped his hand, holding the food, in a subtle manner. “So?”

“Am I not the highest official in the Black Gold Fortress?” Dong Du’s chewing slowed, and his eyes gradually widened. “After going there, won’t I be an official?”

Could it be? Could it be that the Little Prince couldn’t just coast along!

“That… probably not.” Hanchester smiled wryly, explaining very tactfully, “Black Gold Fortress already has the highest official, General Zhu Di. After going to the fortress, you might need to find a job for yourself.”

“Ah—” Dong Du sighed deeply. Even the Little Prince had to strive on his own; it was so boring. Still not giving up, he asked, “Then can’t I be the second-highest official?”

As the second-highest official in the fortress, Hanchester smiled faintly, “No, I am the second-highest official in the Black Gold Fortress.”

The term ‘official’ was understood but novel in this world, and people around them were discussing in hushed voices.

“The Little Prince wants to be an… official?”

When they mentioned officials, there was always a subtle pause. “How about we suggest to the Chief Officer and let the Little Prince be an… official in our squad?”

“Shall we propose that when we go back?”

Dong Du didn’t notice the surroundings. He ate with a heavy heart because he couldn’t coast along. Hanchester watched him with amusement and asked, “So, what do you plan to do?”

Staring at the tray with determination, Dong Du said, “I want to join the army, then step by step, become the highest official in the Black Gold Fortress!”

His little fist was full of determination, held against his chest, and he looked serious.

Hanchester endured a smile before speaking seriously, “Why do you have to say such things? I am General Zhu Di’s Chief Officer.”

“What’s wrong with saying such things?” Dong Du retorted confidently, a hint of pride in his tone. “I don’t plan to secretly become the highest official. I intend to openly become the highest official!”

Hanchester raised an eyebrow, unable to refute Dong Du’s words.

After finishing the meal, the two left the canteen and went to the cockpit.

The return journey had already started, and the route back to the city was entirely within the Clos Empire’s star system. Almost no danger was possible, so the soldiers were extremely relaxed, gathering in the cockpit to listen to Han Lin and Xue Nancheng brag.

However, the bragging was all from Han Lin, and Xue Nancheng just echoed by the side.

“You guys don’t know; at that time, Old Xue and I were really scared. We thought the Little Prince suddenly couldn’t take it and wanted to die. Unexpectedly, at that height, you guys didn’t see it. It’s equivalent to the height of several floors, even Alphas didn’t dare to jump easily. But he just jumped down like that. If you don’t believe it, ask Old Xue!”

All the Alphas in the cockpit turned their heads to look at Xue Nancheng in unison. Xue Nancheng felt a tingling sensation on his scalp and said, “It’s true.”

Then everyone turned back and looked at Han Lin, who had already set up a posture. Without hesitation, Han Lin continued, “Originally, we were ambushed, and the situation after jumping down was certainly not optimistic. But do you know who the person below is?” Han Lin clapped his hands, “It turned out to be Novisane! Prime Minister of Yars, Novisane.”

Dong Du squatted at the door of the cockpit and couldn’t help clapping along with everyone, “This Han Lin, it’s a waste not to be a storyteller. What he tells is even more exciting than what I did!”

“Enough, stop talking.” Hanchester spoke, and the cockpit instantly quieted down. He walked to the control console, “We’re about to land, everyone do your job.”

The Alphas in the cockpit all responded in unison, and a large group of them exited the cockpit. The remaining ones began inspecting the patrol ship, reporting any abnormalities one by one.

After all checks were completed, Hanchester patted Dong Du’s shoulder, “Let’s go.”

The soldiers in front of the patrol ship’s cargo door had already lined up. This time, there were only about twenty people on the trip. Excluding those working in the cockpit, there were about a dozen people waiting to land at the cargo door.

When Dong Du and Hanchester approached, they all greeted in unison. Dong Du was happy in his heart, but his face remained stern. The two of them stood at the forefront of the queue. When the cargo door opened, they immediately saw the welcoming lineup.

Most of those who came to meet them were soldiers, but among them was a short blonde girl. The girl wore a flowing dress and rushed over, creating a gust of wind, then lifted her hand to Dong Du.


She was about to slap Dong Du in the face, but he grabbed her hand.

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