Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Bai Yinnian Extra: Intern (5)

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Before the weekend arrived, the beach outing won by a margin of two votes over camping, and activities that were too cumbersome were unanimously rejected by everyone.

After a busy week of work, no one wanted to bother with various preparations over the weekend. Jian Chi had no objections to this. They finally settled on a very famous beach. Apart from the locals, there was a constant stream of foreign tourists arriving every day.

In addition to the usual activities like surfing and swimming, there was also a park and free barbecue facilities on the shore.

There were a total of more than ten people in the group, participating in the event including Jian Chi, was a total of ten participants. When the decision was made, it happened to be Friday. Jian Chi finished his work early and, while searching for the travel time, remembered the issue of companions.

After all, his colleagues were afraid he would be lonely alone, but Jian Chi didn’t think it was a big problem. If he had to bring someone, once others found out, it would definitely end awkwardly. If someone like Shao Hang found out, he would probably insist on going along.

Jian Chi felt a headache, and before the decision was made, the end of the workday arrived while he was lost in thought.

As people around him left one after another while packing up, Jian Chi’s movements slowed down a bit while lost in thought. When he felt that someone was standing in front of him, the other person seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

Thinking it might be a colleague with something to discuss, Jian Chi looked up but was surprised to meet Bai Yinnian’s eyes. Unable to conceal the emotions on his face, Bai Yinnian’s slow and calming tone resolved the awkwardness, “Shall we go together?”

Such invitations occasionally appeared during lunch breaks, and everyone around them assumed there was a special relationship between him and Bai Yinnian. However, this was the first time Bai Yinnian had waited for him after work. Most of the time, Bai Yinnian left the company later than ordinary employees, or he wasn’t in the office at all due to other arrangements.

Jian Chi hesitated for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

The result of walking together with the boss was particularly eye-catching. However, having experienced the tribulations of high school, Jian Chi could now face everyone’s gaze without changing his expression or heartbeat.

He thought Bai Yinnian’s “going together” meant walking to the downstairs exit and parting ways. Unexpectedly, the familiar black car had already opened the co-driver’s door for him. Jian Chi could only force himself to sit in, and as the key was inserted, the sound of the car starting rang out. Bai Yinnian asked, “Heading home?”

“Yeah, thank you,” Jian Chi hesitated for a few seconds, “You don’t have to do this next time; I can go home by myself. Sometimes… a friend might come to pick me up.”

Bai Yinnian glanced over, the teasing movement of lifting his eyelids was less cold than during the daytime work, and in this atmosphere, it carried a bit of casual laziness. “Ji Huaisi?”

Jian Chi didn’t want to hide it, nodded, and didn’t say anything more.

Seemingly just asking casually, Bai Yinnian opened the car’s audio system, and the low melody of a song softened the atmosphere inside the car. They chatted intermittently throughout the journey, with a little bit of life mixed into mostly work-related discussions.

Jian Chi no longer felt as tense as at the beginning and no longer wondered why Bai Yinnian suddenly thought of giving him a ride home. When the conversation turned to the plans for the upcoming weekend in two days, Jian Chi truthfully mentioned the plans with colleagues.

Just as the car stopped at a red light, Bai Yinnian, one hand resting on the steering wheel, turned his head. “Going alone?”

“Maybe I’ll invite a companion; I haven’t decided yet.”

“Oh,” Bai Yinnian smiled. The simple movement carried a mature charm that seemed completely natural, “It seems challenging to choose.”

Jian Chi hesitated for a moment and didn’t know if Bai Yinnian intentionally said it this way. As the car drove through the now green light, in the brief silence that followed, Bai Yinnian’s voice overshadowed the music and entered Jian Chi’s ears, “Consider me?”

For a few seconds after the words fell, Jian Chi thought he had misheard. Before he could ask again, Bai Yinnian said, “Just kidding.”

Jian Chi could only swallow the words on his lips.

For some reason, Bai Yinnian didn’t seem like he was joking at all.

The next morning, Jian Chi arrived alone at the designated meeting place. When someone asked why he didn’t bring a friend, Jian Chi gave a vague excuse. In fact, he couldn’t make a decision in the end. Perhaps influenced by Bai Yinnian’s words last night, he decided to go alone.

During the time waiting for everyone to arrive, Jian Chi chatted with colleagues. The most familiar was a man who used to sit in front of him with glasses, looking very much like an elite scholar. They usually called him Kevin at work, and Jian Chi only learned his real name, Tan Mao, after joining the group. Tan Mao had always taken care of Jian Chi, providing a lot of help at work. Seeing Jian Chi coming alone, he said, “You should bring a friend; this kind of opportunity is rare, and it’ll be more fun with more people.”

Jian Chi thought he misheard, “Rare?”

Isn’t it just going to the beach to enjoy the sun and play around? Is this kind of opportunity really rare?

Tan Mao raised an eyebrow, “Yes, can you go to such a place for free a second time?”

The two stared at each other for a few seconds. Suddenly, Tan Mao clapped his hands as if he remembered something, “Did you not read last night’s group message…”

Before Jian Chi could react, a familiar black car approached from a distance, and the uneasy feeling grew stronger. When Bai Yinnian got out of the car, Jian Chi’s eyelids twitched heavily.

For Bai Yinnian’s appearance, everyone didn’t seem surprised at all; instead, there was a bit of restlessness, which was unclear whether it was more restrained or more expectant.

Meanwhile, Tan Mao’s voice continued, “Last night, Chairman Bai suddenly joined the group, causing quite a stir. He mentioned that the company has a resort project currently in the testing phase. Upon hearing about our planned activity, he wanted to invite us as the first group of customers to experience the resort’s services. We can bring friends along, and all expenses will be reimbursed by the company. Of course, no one would refuse such a good opportunity. I thought you invited Chairman Bai to the group, so I didn’t inform you separately. Don’t you know about it?” 

How could Jian Chi possibly know? 

Every night before going to sleep, he habitually muted his phone. When he woke up and didn’t receive any messages, he naturally assumed that there were no changes to the plans. Tan Mao’s words left Jian Chi speechless. 

“Jian Chi.” 

Bai Yinnian’s voice had a peculiar penetrating quality. Jian Chi turned around, not knowing when Bai Yinnian had come up to him. He wasn’t wearing the suit he usually wore to work; instead, a black T-shirt highlighted his well-defined shoulder and neck lines. Short sleeves revealed powerful arms with a thin layer of muscles, and the casual outfit and casually styled hair made him appear much younger. Jian Chi’s gaze paused for a moment. 


“The boat has already docked at the harbor,” Bai Yinnian said. “Did you forget what I said yesterday?” 

He was referring to “Consider me.” 

However, the actions he took showed no sign of seeking approval. Perhaps since their reunion, Bai Yinnian had been reserved and measured. Jian Chi even forgot the fierce and forceful side Bai Yinnian used to have. At this moment, Jian Chi realized clearly—Bai Yinnian hadn’t changed. He just became better at concealing emotions and the sharp side of his approach. Unfortunately, Jian Chi noticed it a bit late. 

A private yacht brought the group to the island. Jian Chi counted and found that there were twice as many people as originally planned. However, as Tan Mao said, having more people made the atmosphere more lively. Some seemed to want to get close to Bai Yinnian during this opportunity. At such times, Bai Yinnian would put on the cold demeanor from work, and those who approached him would leave disappointed. Jian Chi became the only person sitting next to Bai Yinnian. 

After getting off the boat, the waiters who were already here led them to the hotel to arrange their luggage. The scenery along the way was breathtaking, but Jian Chi, preoccupied with his thoughts, didn’t pay much attention. Upon receiving the room key and swiping it to open the door, a full-wall French window first came into view. Looking into the distance, there were layers of seawater around the island and lush greenery in the surroundings. Jian Chi stood in front of the window, lost in thought, and suddenly heard the sound of the door unlocking behind him. 

Bai Yinnian put away the room key, and Jian Chi, with a stunned look in his eyes, turned around. Bai Yinnian’s lips slightly lifted. “Two people in one room. They all have companions, and the singles can only share a room. It seems our luck isn’t that great.” 

His calm demeanor and expression didn’t look like luck was at play. 

Jian Chi realized deeply that it was useless to say anything now. He was about to spend tonight in the same room with Bai Yinnian.

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