Aristocrat Boys School

Aristocrat Boys School (贵族男校)
Author: Zheng Jiu Sha (作者:郑九煞)
Translator: Lazy Girl T
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Schedule: TBD
Status: Ongoing

Author’s Summary:

At first, it was a dream without any omens.
The scenes in the dream corresponded one by one with reality, and it was then that Jian Chi realized that he was living in a danmei novel.

The protagonist in the book was naive and weak, surrounded by wolves in the noble boys’ school, and finally ended with a 1vN forced love ending.
And he was the vicious male supporting character in the story, who framed the protagonist everywhere and ended up miserably.

Jian Chi, who became self-aware in advance, decided not to mix with the protagonist’s feelings, and strived to be a transparent person who had no sense of existence in the aristocratic boys’ school.
But who knew that he didn’t have to take the initiative to provoke others, but troubles would come to him one by one.

When the plot continued to develop in the direction of collapse, Jian Chi finally found that the Lead Gongs’ eyes were a little different when they looked at him.

Indifferent in every way Shou x Gongs in the aristocratic boys’ school (1vN)

1. Vicious male supporting character has become a crowd favorite, Shura field* everywhere, MC is a straight male, unaware he is a Zha male**
2. The concentration of ancient dog blood is 100%
3. The setting of the school refers to Eton College (English Elite School) + huge volume of private settings

* scene where interpersonal relationships are intricate and people present have multiple connections or unequal identities
** man who does not take the relationship, especially love affairs, and plays with the other’s feelings

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