Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Target

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Jian Chi came out of the bathroom and wiped his dripping hair. Wei An, who was sitting at the desk, seemed to be frightened. With a flick of the mouse, the picture on the screen quickly changed, and the eyes under the lens turned to face Jian Chi: “What are you doing here?” 

“I want to get a book.” Jian Chi didn’t understand why Wei An had such a big reaction and explained. 

Wei An pursed his lips and didn’t speak. He clicked on a website and browsed it. Jian Chi took the book that he had placed on the shelf before, and sat back in his seat. 

If he didn’t see it wrong, the original picture on the screen was the school forum, why did Wei An specifically block this?

Doubt remained in Jian Chi’s mind for a few seconds. 

The next day, Jian Chi walked into the economics classroom. The dense voices in the class were quiet for a few seconds when he appeared, and then continued to sound normally, like a momentary illusion created by Jian Chi. 

Mr. Smith as usual arrived in the classroom on time. Jian Chi turned on the computer a few minutes before class, clicked on the unfinished document from last class, and the mobile phone on his desktop lit up. Zhang Yang’s messaged appeared on the screen. 

Zhang Yang: Jian Chi, you’d better take a look at HS and the forum. I’m worried if you have provoked someone. 

Usually, Zhang Yang likes to send him some gossip and funny posts, and discuss chatter simple-mindedly. For the first time, Jian Chi received a somewhat serious news from him. He raised his head and scanned the people in the classroom. People’s eyes, without exception, moved away, or showed an expression that was simply indescribable. 

Suddenly there was a bad premonition. 

Mr. Smith walked in with a thick book and the voices in the classroom stopped. Jian Chi had to focus on the course first, but his brain was full of Zhang Yang’s message just now. 

Maybe it was because of his psychological preparation or maybe it was something that had been anticipated subconsciously, when Jian Chi opened the HS section after class, and the dazzling title came into view, he felt unexpectedly calm. 

Main Poster: As the title says, let’s take a look at the special student who transferred with Yuyu. I found that the content about Yuyu in the posts are too high, how come no one paid attention to the special student who transferred with him? Key words: The entrance exam was almost a perfect score and someone the prince accidentally splashed water on. Does anyone remember? I recently discovered that he is not simple. He is much smarter than Yuyu, who has a simple brain. It seems that no one can see his methods.

1L: Previous post, I have an impression of him, the devil who can get almost perfect marks in the advanced math test, what did he do? 

2L: The poster say more.

3L: Was he the one sitting next to the prince in the swimming competition? Seems a little familiar. 

4L: Seriously previous poster? Do you have a picture? 

5L: [image][image] 

6L: Did I see that right? How could he get so close to the prince? Why did Wen Chuan go over? Is the picture real or fake? ? 

7L: Smells like gossip. 

Original Poster: Let me give you a brief overview. He is in a club with the prince. According to reliable sources, the prince is cold to Bai Shuyun for him. This special student is also in the same swimming class and chemistry class as Wen Chuan. Wen Chuan said ‘thank you’ to him before. Everyone should have read that post, right? So the question is, what did he do to get a BC to say thank you to a special admissions? There is one more thing that is not clear on whether it is true or not. Someone saw him and the vice president appearing in the PC cafeteria together, chatting and eating intimately. Although the vice president has a good personality, has he brought anyone to the PC cafeteria before? I’m done, the rest is up to you to judge for yourself. 

9L: The amount of information is a bit large, but it seems to be connected. If I remember correctly, Yuyu and the prince were tearing things apart outside the cafeteria. The special enrollment also came to help, and was scolded by the prince to get lost. At that time, I only saw Yuyu’s embarrassment, and I didn’t think that the time of his appearance was too coincidental. Could it be that it attracted the attention of the prince? 

10L: Coupled with Yuyu’s moving IQ, I have a bold idea. They were very close before. Could it be this special recruit who instigated it behind the scenes and then saw Yuyu being hated, and then came out to pick up the leaks? Aren’t Wen Chuan and the Crown Prince both Yuyu’s goals from the beginning?

11L: Conspiracy theory? No matter what, it seems reasonable.

12L: I don’t think so. Yuyu’s face makes me feel physically uncomfortable. This special student is not bad. It doesn’t look like someone who can do this kind of thing. 

13L: Previous poster has empathy for the special admissions? With those kinds of grades and he didn’t go to other schools, but squeezeed his scalp to enter Saintston? Isn’t his intent already obvious enough? 

55L: Does anyone think this special recruit is very similar to the back view of the Prince entering the lounge last time? 

56L: ? 

57: Come on, it’s a bit. 

58L: I compared it, it should be true…the body matched very well. 

59L: No way, the case has been solved? I have a feeling this post is going to explode. 

60L: Sure enough, you can’t judge a person by appearance alone. I thought he was quiet and not a demon. Who knew he was hiding so deeply. 

61L: How did the poster know so much about it? Do you have a camera installed? 

62L: We blamed Yuyu wrongly. 

Occasionally a few questions were suppressed, and the person who wrote the post added ambiguous descriptions to most of the real things, using vague language to guide things in the direction to getting worse and worse. Some small things from a long time ago were followed up. Jian Chi had been forced to increase his ability to withstand pressure in this environment, but seeing these malicious words, his heart twitched slightly and he turned off his phone. 

As early as when Wen Chuan thanked him bluntly and Shao Hang approached without hiding it, Jian Chi had a bad premonition. 

Now the hunch had come true. 

Jian Chi thought that this post would be gradually covered up by new things like last time, but soon, similar content appeared for the second time, the third time, like someone pushing for more and more people to see this ‘truth’ ‘. The spearhead that once pointed at Bai Xiyu suddenly turned to face Jian Chi, who had been unnoticed. 

For some people, special enrollment was something that can come easily, and if you attack it, it just felt like a casual joke. Jian Chi early on understood this. 

He never felt that he could change a rule that had existed for so long, especially since these have long been deeply rooted in the minds of every Saintston student. Just like people needed to drink water and sleep, the special enrollment’s move needed to be be crowned as a matter of course. With the label of ‘scheming’, even some special recruits have gradually accepted their ‘bottom’ statuses.

Jian Chi thought he had enough patience to wait for the storm to pass, but silence had no effect. Occasional discussions were nothing, Zhang Yang would stand by his side to drive away those people, but when he was alone, Jian Chi would become an exposed target. Although he avoided the malicious center as much as possible, there were always people who couldn’t stand it. 

At the end of the swimming class, Jian Chi carried his bag and walked towards the dormitory. His nerves did not relax because of the exercises just now, someone was following him. The laughter of two or three people was particularly evident in the corridor, especially when his name was mixed in the words. Jian Chi quickened his pace, and the person behind clearly saw his intention, and a harsh voice called out: “Stop, what are you running for?” 

Jian Chi turned his head. Three people who were also in his swimming class came towards him, two special admissions surrounded a tall RC in the middle. He looked up and down at Jian Chi contemptuously, and came to a conclusion in an unclear tone: “He’s not much.” 

“Is there something the matter?” 

“I can’t find you if I have nothing to do? What kind of character do you really think you are? Is your time so precious?” 

The two special recruits cooperated with the RC called ‘Brother Yuan’ in the middle, looking at Jian Chi with pity or gloating over his misfortune. 

These people were obviously coming for him, and they didn’t seem ready to leave after taunting. Jian Chi took a step back, caught a glimpse of the sign of the bathroom next to him, pursed his lips, and asked in a low voice, “What do you want?” 

Wu Shengyuan, who was in the center, was very pleased by his weak posture. He crossed his arms and gave a wink to the special enrollment beside him. He smiled meaningfully: “Of course, I want to play with you.” 

The two stepped forward, Jian Chi stepped back a little bit, and pushed open the bathroom door behind him. The two special recruits pushed him inside, and his shoulders slammed into the wall with a thud.

A look of pain flashed across Jian Chi’s face and Wu Shengyuan’s eyes deepened with satisfaction. He paced up in front of Jian Chi, reached out and patted his face, “Those BCs are ones that special admissions like you can flatter? Look at your face in the mirror and learn how to write the words self-aware.” 

Jian Chi raised his half-drooping eyes, and the sudden stare made Wu Shengyuan stunned for a moment. After only a brief moment of distraction, Jian Chi raised his foot and kicked out his knee fiercely. With a groan, Wu Shengyuan was caught off guard and half knelt on the ceramic tiles. The two special recruits backed away in fright. When they reacted, Jian Chi had already closed the bathroom door and locked it with a ‘click’. 

The door was quickly kicked with a ‘bang bang’, accompanied by gritted scolding: “Jian Chi, you b*stard, let me out! You’re done, do you know who I am?” 

Jian Chi said calmly, “Don’t worry, I will call someone to open the door in a while.” 

It was quiet for two seconds inside, then the screams got worse. 

Even so, Jian Chi still had a sense of comfort, as if the pent-up pressure had finally been unraveled. 

Most of the time, he had the mentality that no one will offend me and I will not offend anyone. As long as they didn’t cross the red line, Jian Chi was willing to endure it. Facing Shao Hang many times, he wanted to fight back like he did today, but in the end, he always thought that Bai Xiyu in the book attracted Shao Hang’s attention in this way, so he was forced to suppress his thoughts and endure it again and again. 

In the face of the people outside the plot, Jian Chi really didn’t have such a good temper. The few people who ran to him in resentment obviously stepped on the red line and ran over it incidentally. Jian Chi’s patience was only reserved for those who he cared, excluding those who are full of hate.

Jian Chi picked up the bag that had fallen under his feet, and was about to go back. When he turned around, he caught sight of Shen Shuting standing not far away, and immediately stopped in place. 

It was unclear how long Shen Shuting had watched, but when he was discovered by Jian Chi, his expression was light, without the slightest ups and downs. He swept across the bathroom where the cursing was still heard, and landed on Jian Chi’s face. 

“Open the door.” 

He was standing at a safe distance away and the sound without emotion pierced his eardrums along the air. 

For a while, Jian Chi suspected that he had heard it wrong. 

“Just now……” 

“Open it.” 

Emerald’s pupils were filled with undisguised indifference and assertiveness. Shen Shuting said: “Restricting the personal freedom of students and adding on a disobedience to management, open the door and come to the student union with me.” 

Jian Chi found out that he really didn’t fit in with these plot characters, and was finally certain that Shen Shuting hated him.

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