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The card was thrown into the trash can. As for this expensive model of the airplane, Jian Chi didn’t know what to do with it.

He thought about it a lot, like throwing it in the trash, but rejected that at the thought of the price. He also thought of finding someone to return it to Shao Hang, but most people in the school were afraid of him, and it was even more impossible to return the things intact.

Jian Chi didn’t want to see Shao Hang’s things appear in his dormitory for a moment, it made him have a disgusting feeling of being monitored in his private area, so he could only temporarily cover the thing up and put them in an inconspicuous corner.

Shao Hang did not show up at school for a whole week. Many people were discussing in HS. Some said that he was recovering from illness, some said that he had committed an accident and was banned. Of course, more people thought that Shao Hang just didn’t want to come to class, so he skipped for a whole week. The school usually had no way to deal with him. This time it was probably the same.

Very few people and Jian Chi knew that the first two unbelievable rhetorics were the truth. Shao Hang was given a severe warning by the student union that he could not leave the dormitory for three days. For some unknown reason, Shao Hang dragged three days into seven days, as if he had disappeared. If he hadn’t received this special ‘gift’, Jian Chi would have thought so too.

There was no apology or guilt, let alone recognition of his mistake. Instead, he arrogantly had a person break into his room and leave undisguised evidence. This was the same as what Jian Chi had thought, even if he apologized personally, Shao Hang would not think that he had done something wrong.

Jian Chi opened HS and sent a message for the first time: I will put the things in the student union, you can take them back.

Shao Hang didn’t reply, Jian Chi turned off the phone and ignored it. He, Wen Chuan and Zhang Yang have become resident guests of the library these past few days. Probably because of the learning atmosphere, Zhang Yang’s comprehension had improved a lot, at least he wouldn’t be only halfway through the multiple-choice questions when others did the fill-in-the-blank questions. Not to mention Wen Chuan, who already had the basics; after Jian Chi gave him the key points and occasionally a few words of guidance, Wen Chuan could understand 100% of the meaning and write a beautiful answer.

This made Jian Chi feel a little ashamed. His grades were not bad, most of the time he spent time doing a lot of practice in private. How can he be like Wen Chuan, who only did a few questions during the day and goes out to work at night, then the next day he would become proficient in more difficult questions through inferral.

It was probably his irritating talent.

The chemistry test on Tuesday was over, and Zhang Yang couldn’t help complaining just after the ringing of the bell. In order to prevent his mood from developing in a worse direction, Jian Chi did not agree to his request for answers. Wen Chuan packed up his things, and Zhang Yang immediately went up to him to ask, “Wen Chuan, did you do it all? Did you understand the last two big questions?”

Wen Chuan replied lightly, “It’s done, it’s not difficult.”

“Why?” Zhang Yang complained bitterly, as if he had been stabbed by the last two words, “Aren’t we reviewing the same set of key points? Why can you do it, and I can’t even understand the topic?”

Jian Chi comforted him: “Wen Chuan’s foundation is better than yours, and the content of this test is not beyond the outline. You can study for a while and be like him.”

Hearing these words, Wen Chuan nodded in agreement calmly.

Zhang Yang was dubious, “Really? Why do I feel like it is a little unrealistic?”

After his voice fell and before Jian Chi could continue to say anything against his heart, Zhang Yang patted his head, took out a slender box from his bag, and handed it out, “I almost forgot while we were reviewing during this time, Jian Chi, happy birthday, sorry this gift came a little late.”

Jian Chi was stunned for a moment. He took it and opened it. A brand new black pen was lying in the velvet box. It had a heavy metal texture in his hand, which was especially comfortable. The gift was not exaggerated or precious, it was meticulous and just right. For the first time, Jian Chi realized that Zhang Yang was not careless about everything, so he raised his head and smiled, “Thank you, I like this gift very much.”

“I knew it,” Zhang Yang rubbed his head, his smile showing eight teeth, “I saw that you usually prefer to write questions on paper, so I thought it would definitely be appropriate to send this. I could have given it to you early on, but it was inconvenient outside of school.”

Ordinary people would probably be like Zhang Yang when they give gifts. Even if they don’t know the other person’s temper, they will try their best to choose something that is relatively useful.

Instead of imposing his own preferences on the other party like Shao Hang.

Regarding the news that Jian Chi wanted to return the gift, Shao Hang’s reply was only one line: Don’t you like it?

Jian Chi thought that this was not just a matter of likes and dislikes. Shao Hang should not have put things in his dorm room without his consent, and he should not have acted like this, thinking that what he was giving was not a danger but a gift. 

Jian Chi: I don’t like it, please don’t enter my dorm room casually in the future.

Shao: I will not take back what has been sent.

Jian Chi was not at all surprised to see such remarks. It would be strange if Shao Hang suddenly became more talkative, it would make him wonder if Wen Chuan had broken his brain last time. He repeated what he said above: I will put the things in the student council, it’s up to you to take it or not.

The other side was quiet for a while, and then sent a message: I’ve been injured for so long, and you haven’t come to see me.

Jian Chi couldn’t figure out what that had to do with the above conversation. The phone suddenly received a photo, and Shao Hang stared at the camera with his eyes half-drooping. The wounds on his face were exposed in the photo without any concealment. There was no weakening of his original rebelliousness, as if these wounds should have been born there as traces of added momentum. Shao Hang probably just sat up from the bed when he took this photo since there were no clothes on his upper body. Jian Chi quickly turned off the enlarged photo, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

Shao: It’s been a week and it hasn’t gotten better.

Jian Chi didn’t understand whether he was complaining to him or what he was doing, and brought back the topic: I’ll go to the student union later, if you don’t take it, I’ll have the vice president send it over.

The last sentence was of course used to bluff Shao Hang, Jian Chi felt too bad to ask Ji Huaisi for help with any trivial matter, but this did not seem to work for Shao Hang. He added a hint of danger to the next sentence: You let Ji Huaisi touch my stuff?

Jian Chi: You have already given it to me, so it’s my stuff, I can do whatever I want with it.

After Jian Chi sent it, he breathed a long sigh of relief. He was helpless but it was also funny at the same time. He was forced to learn to take advantage of the loopholes, but when he thought that the person opposite was Shao Hang, this feeling was not bad at all.

Shao: If you ask him to come return it, I will let the whole school know about us.

Jian Chi: What do you mean?

The last few words made Jian Chi have a bad idea, and soon, a video sent by Shao Hang made this idea come true.

The surveillance video was facing the center of the swimming pool, and the screen was enough to clearly see him and Shao Hang struggling in the water. Looking at it this way, there was an indescribable ambiguous posture between the two. Jian Chi just looked at the beginning and then turned it off. He took a deep breath to suppress the restlessness in his heart and him being fed up with the mishap. His fingers trembled because he typed too fast: What are you trying to do?

Shao: Nothing, just taking it out to enjoy when I have nothing to do.

Shao: I won’t let others see this video, as long as you come to me, alone. Don’t let Ji Huaisi know.

Agree or refuse, Jian Chi was incapable of taking the risk of the latter. Just thinking of this video appearing in the forum, he couldn’t help but feel a chill and panic. If the video was released, Shao Hang will not suffer any loss or blame, only the other protagonist in the video will suffer, himself.

He had already endured such a storm once.

Jian Chi knew that Shao Hang could do this. He was a lunatic who didn’t care about anything.

Jian Chi: I’ll come, you need to delete the video.

Shao: Promise.

Shao Hang: He wants to come to see me, he loves me so much, he just doesn’t want to say it

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