Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Brooch

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“I’m leaving.”

Jian Chi completed the purpose of the trip, left a notice, got up and walked in the direction where he came.

The chair scratched the ground and made a harsh noise. Shao Hang’s voice came from behind with his footsteps: “Take the gift back.”

“I said I don’t need it,” Jian Chi found that communicating with Shao Hang was more difficult than hearing Wen Chuan emphasizing his words. He had a stubborn rule in his heart, which was formulated by him, and everyone else had to obey, “Don’t you understand me?”

He hated arguing with others. The main reason is that most of the time he can’t talk to the other side, and moreover, arguing can’t solve any problems. However, there are some people who are always unable to deal with conflicts with anything other than disputes, such as Shao Hang.

Whenever Jian Chi wanted to calm down and persuade him, Shao Hang could always provoke him with a word or two.

“Have you made up your mind?”

Shao Hang took out the transparent glass cover from the gift box, and the snow-white fuselage smeared with a bright color. He played with it for a few seconds, looked up at Jian Chi, and his sweet voice was covered with a layer of airtight fog, “Are you sure you don’t want it? “

Jian Chi faintly had a bad premonition. He didn’t have time to think about what it was, and his mouth was one step faster than his brain: “I don’t want it.”


Shao Hang hooked his lips into a smile and slowly moved the muscles on both sides of his mouth. Jian Chi was too late to stop him, the glass cover and the model inside smashed to the ground with a heavy sound, and the scattered glass fragments echoed in the room until it was silent.

Jian Chi trembled with the loud noise. He forgot to dodge and looked at the countless broken glass on the ground and the model that had been broken into several pieces. After a long time, his eyes moved to Shao Hang in front of him.

There was no regret, impulsiveness or anger, it was just like throwing garbage into the trash can, completing a task that should be completed.

The phrase ‘you’re crazy’ was stuck in his throat. Jian Chi took a deep breath to suppress his rapid heartbeat, and realized that there were glass fragments left and right, and he couldn’t even step back.

“Since you don’t want it, it has no value left,” Shao Hang stepped on the piece of glass, his steps were steady, the smile in his eyes made Jian Chi feel a chill, “Does this result meet our common requirements?”

Such a speech was comparable to a robber, and Jian Chi couldn’t even laugh. He still underestimated Shao Hang’s cruelty and said word for word: “I don’t need it, it doesn’t mean it should be smashed. You can take it back directly, why do you want it to be this way?”

Shao Hang stopped in front of him, his aura was no longer as ruthless as when he just smashed the things. Jian Chi didn’t want to say more, let alone stay any longer. He turned around and pressed the door handle, and was covered by another warm and dry palm behind him, preventing the action.

“Jian Chi, you must not know me well enough.”

A thread of breath seemed to slow down by half the speed. Jian Chi froze in place, his ears burned uncontrollably. Shao Hang seemed to be interested in his reaction. After a few seconds, the breathing sound came closer, it was almost as if they were clinging to each other, their chests vibrating with the falling voices.

“I wanted to do this, so I did it without a reason, such as now…” Shao Hang pulled Jian Chi’s right hand and put a black brooch in his hand, which he had taken off at some point, and wrapped it around him. His five fingers slowly tightened, “You are not satisfied with that gift, what about this one?”

A black pearl brooch belonging to BC.

Before Jian Chi could react, his shoulders sank suddenly. Shao Hang leaned his head over, as if he was happily admiring the brooch he put into Jian Chi’s hand just now, and asked, “Does it look good?”

There was a buzzing sound in his ears, and every word seemed to be disassembled and reorganized into an incomprehensible melody. The hard outline of the brooch made Jian Chi’s palm hurt slightly. A circle of black fine diamonds shimmering with dim light surrounded the black pearl the size of a pebble in the middle. The cool texture was gradually dyed by his body temperature and became hot.

Jian Chi wanted to throw it away, but Shao Hang firmly shackled his right hand.

“Didn’t you just ask me why I smashed that model? If you want the same conversation to happen again, you can let go and throw it away.”

Shao Hang had already seen through Jian Chi’s thoughts, and left him the more difficult option without fear. In fact, Jian Chi’s thoughts have become a mess, and simple thinking had become extremely difficult.

He understood the meaning of the gift of the brooch. From the past to the present, Shao Hang’s intent was not difficult to guess. There was only one answer – the answer he least expected.

It was in front of him irresistibly.

The plot had already developed in the direction of disintegration, completely overturning the last layer of barrier in his heart. Jian Chi opened his mouth, but his voice failed to come out. After a long time, he asked, “Are you crazy?”

He finally said these words to Shao Hang, which had been circling in his mind for some time, very seriously. Unexpectedly, Shao Hang laughed. The laughter was low and sweet, like the bass keys of a violin, and his ears felt numb.

“Why, is being with me wronging you?”

Jian Chi suppressed the urge to use swear words. He turned around and broke free from Shao Hang’s embrace, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, if you want to smash it, go ahead, it’s not mine anyways.”

Shao Hang: “Choose one of the two. Accept it, or I will kiss you now.”


Jian Chi’s voice broke with the string in his mind. He had underestimated Shao Hang, he never imagined how rogue he could be. The bad luck he didn’t encounter in the first half of his life may have accumulated to become the present.

He folded his hands until he felt the pain of the edge of the brooch piercing into his flesh, but Jian Chi didn’t let go.

“I’ll throw it away when I go out.”

“You can throw it wherever you want,” Shao Hang curled his lips, not showing any anger or gloom in his smile, “Every brooch is equipped with a positioning chip, and I will tell the school that the brooch is lost. Do you think they would like to help me find it and catch the culprit along the way?”

A heaviness spread from his palm, tightly wrapping around Jian Chi like a shackle.

It wasn’t until he went downstairs and walked a long way that Jian Chi suddenly realized that he was still holding the hot brooch. There were many public trash cans on the roadside of the campus. He walked to the nearest one, but did not move. If Shao Hang really did that, this behavior would be another way to set himself on fire.

To gamble, or not to gamble.

“Jian Chi?”

Jian Chi’s heart tightened. He raised his head to face Bai Shuyun not far away, and his movement of putting away the brooch was a few beats slower. Bai Shuyun’s footsteps paused slightly, it was unclear whether he saw it clearly or not. He approached him with a gentle and harmless smile, “Why did you come out of BC’s dormitory?”

The tone that seemed to be questioning contained an indistinct sharpness, wrapped in a friendly smile and stabbed straight at Jian Chi. Jian Chi had no energy to deal with him, and said perfunctorily, “You may have seen it wrong. I still have something to do. I’ll leave first.”

Bai Shuyun’s smile did not change, his voice was soft and his words were clear: “Are you saying that my eyes are blind?”

Jian Chi hesitated for a few seconds, and then realized that Bai Shuyun probably didn’t want to continue to pretend where there was no third person present. He met his gaze and asked peacefully, “Do you have any other matters?”

“I can’t stop you if I don’t?” Bai Shuyun folded his arms, a trace of contempt and gloom flashed in his beautiful eyes, “Do you think Ah Hang would like you with you so poor looking? He only cares about freshness. Even if he encounters cats and dogs on the side of the road, he would also go and tease it for a while. After a while, he will get tired of you. You should hurry up and find a good home, don’t stalk him and make trouble, it’s too ugly and shameful, there are too many special recruits like you who are overly capable. I hope you won’t become one of them, after all, I still had some good feelings for you at the beginning. If you understand, quickly become tactful.”

It was as if getting his favor was some kind of supreme charity.

Jian Chi looked at Bai Shuyun’s delicate facial features that were slightly distorted from raising his volume, and he thought to himself he truly is the side male character, and sighed, “I hope so.”

Bai Shuyun was blank for a few seconds, as if he didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. When he reacted, Jian Chi had walked around him and walked quite a distance. Young Master Bai, who had always been among the stars and the moon, may have never been ignored like this. He turned around and cursed in disregard of his image: “You poor man, how dare you speak to me in such a tone?”

At this moment, Jian Chi could understand why Bai Shuyun was so paranoid and in love with Shao Hang.

Maybe there was some kind of attraction between people of the same kind.

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