Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Choose

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This feeling only arose for a moment, and then it dispersed. Ji Huaisi looked at the mirror, took out a pair of decorative silver-rimmed glasses from the third compartment of the wardrobe, put them on, turned around and smiled at Jian Chi, “Will it be weird for me to wear glasses?”

In fact, not only was it not strange, but there were more charms that can be said, which made Jian Chi sluggish.

Ji Huaisi’s appearance was not as delicate as Wen Chuan’s, and he was not as handsome as Shao Hang, but his gentle and elegant temperament outweighed all the effects of one’s appearance. He was like a gurgling clear pond, whether it was the hot summer or the cold winter, you could feel the warmth of the spring breeze blowing on your face the moment you saw him.

“It’s not strange at all,” Jian Chi regained his senses, and added another sentence in order to show his affirmation, “It’s very suitable.”

“You’ve been praising me continuously today,” Ji Huaisi lowered his head and took off his glasses with a smile, “I’m not sure if you’re making me happy or if I am really good-looking.”

“Really,” Jian Chi emphasized, “this suit suits you very well. You wear a lot of white, and trying dark colors make your eyes shine.”

“Then did I brighten your eyes?”

When Jian Chi heard Ji Huaisi’s natural question, he got stuck for a while. He couldn’t tell if it was because of embarrassment or other feelings. After a while, he remembered to answer: “Yeah.”

Ji Huaisi hooked his lips, “You don’t need to choose anymore, it’ll be this one.”

Jian Chi looked at the three rows of clothes behind him, “Aren’t you going to try a few more?”

Ji Huaisi sat on the sofa next to him, took a sip of the cool flower tea, and answered casually, but with seriousness that could not be ignored: “I trust your vision.”

Jian Chi found that the number of times he was stunned in just half a day had been countless, and before he could react, he heard Ji Huaisi continue to say in a somewhat regretful tone: “It’s a pity to keep these untried clothes, I thought it would take a long time to choose, but I didn’t expect the first one to end the show.”

“Are the clothes left here?”

“Someone will take it back later, but since they brought it here, it seems like a waste to try only one.” Ji Huaisi looked at Jian Chi, the light in his eyes dimmed slightly, and he put down the teacup with a smile, “Jian Chi, how about you pick a few to try?”

“Me?” Jian Chi’s first thought was to refuse, but he gave a more euphemistic reason, “I might not fit well in these.”

Ji Huaisi was taller than him, and his shoulders and waist were relatively wider. Clothing that requires a high degree of fit like suits was not suitable for wearing the wrong size. Ji Huaisi didn’t seem to mind at all. He got up and walked to the third row of hangers where formal clothes were hung. After carefully selecting for a while, he took out a white suit with a black three-dimensional rose pattern embroidered on the chest and embellished with fine diamonds. It was formal without losing it’s sense of design.

“Maybe it might fit,” Ji Huaisi explained slowly, “some brands have a smaller size, do you want to try it out?”

With all the clothes in front of him, Jian Chi was embarrassed to shirk the encouragement and expectation in the eyes of last Ji Huaisi, and added, “I’ll try this set.”

This sentence seemed to easily satisfy Ji Huaisi, he nodded with a smile, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Closing the door and changing into a whole new suit, Jian Chi was surprised to find that every part of the suit fit his figure extremely well, as if the size was completely selected according to him. It seems that like what Ji Huaisi said, some brands do make the sizing, one size smaller.

There was no full-length mirror in the room. Jian Chi changed his clothes and went out. He was a little nervous, he didn’t know if it was because of the expensive clothes or Ji Huaisi who was waiting outside the door, maybe both. Ji Huaisi had changed back to his regular clothes. When he heard the movement, he turned his head and looked at him with a slight pause. When their eyes met again, the gaze in his eyes seemed to be darker.

“Is it strange?”

Jian Chi looked at the mirror in a trance, and for the first time, found that clothes can really change a person’s temperament.

The young man in the mirror was wearing a well-fitted white suit, thin and tall, and the black on his chest added a touch of chic style, making this originally cold face look calm and extravagant. Jian Chi tugged at his tie uncomfortably, and Ji Huaisi walked behind him for some reason, reaching out and gently holding his tie.

“Very appropriate, I’ll help you re-tie your tie.”

Jian Chi couldn’t help lowering his head and leaning a little closer to him.

“You usually like to tie a knot,” Ji Huaisi said gently with his eyes lowered. He didn’t even have to look up to feel the familiar aroma on Ji Huaisi’s body, and saw the slightly twitching lips, “This style of suit will look good with a Windsor knot.”

Jian Chi didn’t dare to move, and allowed Ji Huaisi to slowly re-tie his tie for him. The complicated style of tying became extremely simple and smooth in his hands. Jian Chi held his breath, unable to explain why he felt stiff because of Ji Huaisi’s approach, his ears buzzing.

It was probably Shao Hang’s compulsive kiss that made him become alert and strange.

“All right.”

Ji Huaisi let go, took a step back, showed a satisfied smile, looked at Jian Chi in the mirror and said slowly: “It fits well, doesn’t it? It fits better than I thought.”

The tone was more mellow than usual, like the melodious bass of a cello. Jian Chi’s ears were a little numb, maybe the temperature in the room was too high, so he tugged at the hem of his clothes uncomfortably, “Then I’ll change back first.”

“Have you gotten your outfit for the ball?” Ji Huaisi looked at Jian Chi and changed the subject in a normal tone, “If not, how about this one?”

Jian Chi’s eyes couldn’t help widening. After being surprised, he remembered to refuse, and subconsciously took off his coat, “No, I can’t take the clothes.”

“Take this suit as a thank you gift for coming with me today. There is only one week left for the ball. Now it’s not only inconvenient to ask someone to buy one and send it to school, but it may be too late,” Ji Huaisi said holding down his hand that wanted to unbutton it, “If you don’t want to accept it, take it as if I lent you to wear it, how about it?”

Hearing the last sentence, Jian Chi was slightly shaken. In fact, he didn’t think about the ball at all, he didn’t have the same mind as Zhang Yang to make friends. Wearing a uniform to deal with it was his first idea, at least it was a suit style. But seeing Ji Huaisi’s carefully selected appearance, this dance may be much grander than he imagined. If he was the only one in the whole venue wearing the school uniform, it would not only be embarrassing, but the last thing he wanted was to become the focus in the crowd.

He was still struggling with his thoughts, but Ji Huaisi seemed to be able to see through his entanglement, he added without hesitation: “Everyone will wear formal clothes at the dance. Although the uniform is not impossible, it may appear a little off.”

Looking at Ji Huaisi’s gentle eyes, Jian Chi slowly put down his hand that wanted to unbutton. After a long silence, he thought of a compromise option: “Then when the dance is over, I’ll wash the clothes and return them to you.”

Ji Huaisi pursed his lips and smiled. He didn’t say anything else. He picked up a piece from the plate containing the cookies, took a bite, took the plate and handed it to Jian Chi, “Are you hungry? The cookies were just baked in the morning. It tastes good and sweet.”

Jian Chi picked up a piece and said ‘thank you’, feeling the delicate butter and sugar spread in his mouth, it was indeed very sweet as Ji Huaisi said.

“Jian Chi, where did you go yesterday?”

On the way back to the dormitory, Zhang Yang asked curiously, with pity in his tone, “I originally wanted to talk to you about plans after the holiday, but when I asked Wen Chuan, he didn’t know where you went.”

Jian Chi fell asleep quickly after going back last night. He only saw the message from Wen Chuan and Zhang Yang this morning and smiled embarrassedly, “Ji Huaisi and I left school yesterday.”

He omitted the part about going to Ji Huaisi’s house, and only said that they went to try on suits for the ball together. Walking to the door of the dormitory, Zhang Yang originally wanted to borrow the papers that Jian Chi had written before to review. He stood at the door and waited for a while. Not hearing anything, he glanced inside where he saw Jian Chi’s steady back. He raised his feet and walked in.

“Have you found it? It doesn’t matter if you can’t find it, I can ask Brother Zheng to borrow it. Jian Chi, what are you looking at…”

Zhang Yang was stunned for a moment, then stopped at the black gift box on the table. Perhaps it was a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes passed, Jian Chi’s thoughts finally returned and a cold sweat broke out in the palm of his hand.

“Is this a gift from someone? It looks so delicate,” Zhang Yang stepped forward and lifted the lid curiously. Seeing that Jian Chi didn’t mean to stop him, his eyes straightened and he exclaimed, “Jian Chi , this, this seems to be the limited edition watch of LK’s family. There is only ten or twenty in the world. God, who would be so generous? There seems to be something down there. Is it a suit? “

There was a black card on the top of the suit and watch box. Jian Chi picked it up. When he saw the familiar and dashing handwriting on the back, his heart was no longer disturbed.

Looking forward to the way you wear it – Shao Hang

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