Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 55

Chapter 55 fight

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“I’m back.”

Jian Chi opened the door, heard a tinkling sound in the kitchen, and ran in to check, there were broken ceramic pieces all over the floor. Jian Chengchao was bending his round waist, picking up the pieces and complaining: “You scared me. Fortunately, there was nothing in the bowl, otherwise it would be even worse.”

“Don’t pick it up with your hands, I’ll get a broom.”

“It’s okay, this little bit of debris won’t cut the skin.”

Jian Chengchao cleaned up the mess in a blink of an eye, and told Jian Chi to go out: “Okay, there’s nothing to do here. The dishes are ready, you can get it yourself from the microwave, and if it’s cold, reheat it.”

Jian Chi was pushed out by him, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I waited for you for half an hour and didn’t see you coming back, so I ate myself,” Jian Chengchao washed his hands, and before returning to the room, he did not forget to stick his head out and instructed, “If you can’t finish it, put it there, don’t force it.”


Jian Chi served himself a bowl of rice, half of the two dishes that were finished by Jian Chengchao, they were lukewarm. Jian Chi picked up green beans with the chopsticks, took a bite and spat it out. He hurriedly poured a glass of water for a few seconds, drank it all, wiped his mouth, and looked at the two dishes in front of him with a little depressive look.

Salty. It made him wonder if Jian Chengchao had poured half of the salt jar into it.

Although Jian Chengchao was careless in his work, he had cooked meals for more than ten years, and he would never make such a mistake that novices rarely made.

Jian Chi picked up the plate of string beans and walked to Jian Chengchao’s room, intending to ask the reason, then suddenly remembered that Jian Chengchao was not usually a person who is easily frightened.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, it had rained for several days, and Jian Chi didn’t go out much. From the window beside the bed in the bedroom, he could see the gray sky and intermittent rain.

In the afternoon, the sun finally showed a little bit, and Jian Chi went downstairs to take out the garbage, wanting to walk around the neighborhood along the way. When he heard a sound on the opposite side, he saw Wen Chuan come out of the corridor with a black backpack. Looking for a while, he coughed lightly then walked in front of him. “What a coincidence.”

This was the fifth time Jian Chi had seen Wen Chuan while taking out the garbage.

“What a coincidence,” Jian Chi couldn’t help but smile, “Are you going out?”

“Work tonight.”

Jian Chi nodded and immediately thought: “Is it okay for Jing Jing to be home alone?”

Wen Chuan pursed his lips, it was unclear whether he was in a low mood or there were other emotions, “She should be used to it.”

There was some regret in his heart for asking that sentence. Jian Chi walked beside him and changed the topic: “Where is your workplace?”

Wen Chuan squeezed the backpack straps on his shoulders slightly, and remained silent. The black school bag was exactly the same as the one Wen Chuan once carried out of school in Jian Chi’s impression. At this moment, he heard Wen Chuan’s voice: “Are you coming?”

“What?” Jian Chi was startled, thinking that Wen Chuan still couldn’t get rid of the habit of saying a word at a time.

“Want to come and see where I work?” Wen Chuan stopped and turned his head, his obsidian-like dark eyes staring at Jian Chi, “It’s not very far, if you don’t want to, forget it. “

Jian Chi originally wanted to take a walk nearby, but Wen Chuan’s invitation came in a timely manner, so just to fill the boring gap, he nodded without hesitation: “Okay.”

All the way round and round, unstable gravel, through the alley full of rubbish and empty wine bottles, past the wall that had not been repaired for many years that was precariously split in half; Jian Chi carefully paid attention to his feet. When Wen Chuan in front stopped, he almost bumped into his shoulder.

“Are we there?”


Wen Chuan pushed open the glass door that was taped, and the smell of smoke and sweat made Jian Chi frown a little. There were common snacks and drinks in the cramped canteen and the old man behind the cash register was holding a cigarette in his mouth, holding a few lottery tickets in his hand.

“Ah Chuan, are you here?”

Wen Chuan nodded and stood in front of Jian Chi, neither cold nor indifferent: “I brought a friend.”

When the old man laughed, he revealed a set of yellow teeth. With his dark skin, he looked a little terrifying. The smile on his face was unexpectedly gentle. Seeing Jian Chi, he extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray. “There’s no bet tonight, we can probably close up soon. New Year is almost here, and I don’t want to make this place a mess, you should go in early, everyone is here. “

Only then did Jian Chi notice a small door next to the cashier that was covered by a plastic curtain. Walking down the dark corridor, Wen Chuan’s faint voice suddenly sounded: “Aren’t you going to ask?”

The stairs were very narrow, and Jian Chi was afraid of stepping onto empty space, so he pulled out his thoughts and replied, “I passed by this store before and thought it was just a canteen.”

“This used to be a small snack shop, and then Uncle Yang opened up the basement and built a boxing gym,” Wen Chuan said, “Just now, that uncle was Uncle Yang. I met his friend in Jiangcheng, and that person introduced me here. He also opened a boxing gym and was my former boss.”

There were no ups and downs of emotions that could be heard in Wen Chuan’s voice, it was indifferent and tense, “Is this job very different from what you imagined?”

Jian Chi, who had known this for a long time and who was familiar with the original book, was not surprised. He thought for a while and said, “Except for the location, nothing is different. You must have your own reasons for choosing this job. Did your wounds come from here?”

Wen Chuan lowered his eyelashes and said in a low voice, “En.”

Jian Chi didn’t like to persuade others and interfere with their choices. Most of the time, he didn’t even understand his own affairs, let alone have the time to pay attention to others, but Wen Chuan was different. There was a rare fragile and tenacious quality in him, it was a contradicting natural fusion. Jian Chi unconsciously gave birth to a trace of pity and concern, which inadvertently catalyzed into being moved emotionally.

He didn’t know how to say caring words, but after a while, a sentence naturally emerged from the bottom of his heart: “Don’t forget to protect yourself.”

His voice came out, but there was no response for a long time. Jian Chi turned his head back, his cheeks were suddenly covered by a thin piece of fabric, and cool fingertips brushed his earlobe. Wen Chuan looked down at Jian Chi’s exposed eyes, in the dark, everything was deeper than usual, and he slowly withdrew the hand that put the mask on him.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Jian Chi touched the mask and paused for a while before he remembered to follow his footsteps.

The boxing gym was very different from what Jian Chi had imagined. There was a bright lamp hanging from the ring in the middle. There were many people sitting in the four-sided auditorium. Someone noticed Wen Chuan and called out his name, but Wen Chuan ignored him and took Jian Chi to sit in the last row, bowing his head and saying, “The first row will be very noisy, and they may get affected by the fight. Later, someone will take you to bet, just treat it as a game, don’t be afraid.”

Jian Chi glanced around with some novelty. Perhaps it was because Wen Chuan was here, but he didn’t feel afraid, except for some vague worries, “Are you going to come on stage later?”

“Soon,” Wen Chuan seemed to be comforting him, but also stated a direct and confident declaration, “I won’t lose.”

“Okay,” Jian Chi couldn’t help but smile, “I trust you.”

Wen Chuan slightly hooked the corner of his lips, a fleeting moment.

Jian Chi bet five hundred yuan, then heard that there were almost a hundred million worth of bets ahead. People were excitedly discussing the protagonist of the match, Wen Chuan and another boxer named ‘Ah Guang’. Jian Chi listened to them for a long time, and learned that Wen Chuan was very famous in this underground boxing gym. He had never lost in his dozens of games, however, because of his contradicting face, there were still countless opponents provoking him, one after another. The regular customers betted for Wen Chuan without thinking, while most of the new customers who came for the first time did not believe in Wen Chuan’s strength. The ending would be nothing more than the former laughing and the latter crying.

Hearing this, Jian Chi thought, maybe he could have bet a few hundred more just now.

The voices in the arena suddenly rose up, and Jian Chi looked at the ring in the center, knowing that the match had started. The first person to come up was a fierce-looking man with a slender, burly upper body. Except for a pair of red gloves, he did not wear any protective measures.

Jian Chi’s heart sank slightly, it was Wen Chuan’s turn to come onto the stage. At this moment, the voices were almost at its peak. He also took off his shirt and only wore a black vest. Every piece of well-proportioned and smooth muscle was in its proper place. The skin that was not poisoned by the sun was dazzlingly white under the light. His long hair was tied up high, revealing a clean and glamorous face. His eyes as cold as snakes were fixed on his opponent, and his hands wearing black gloves made a defensive gesture. At this moment, he seemed to be standing on a real arena, rather than a betting one.

Black Boxing was not a regular match, there are no rules to speak of. The existence of the referee was not for fairness, but to ensure that one side was not killed by the other side. When he first learned about this plot, Jian Chi quickly checked the information on the Internet, but didn’t really understand Wen Chuan’s situation at that time, he was just amazed. Now, his mood was completely different from that moment, sitting in the crowded auditorium with his ears filled full of ‘kill him’ excited shouts. On the ring, Ah Guang sent the first punch straight, Wen Chuan turned his head to dodge, and the opponent directly hit his unprotected face, ruthlessly and quickly.

Jian Chi’s heart rose high. Even if he knew that Wen Chuan had the confidence to win the match, and even if Wen Chuan, as one of the characters in the plot, would not easily get into trouble, Jian Chi still held his breath and followed Wen Chuan’s every move closely.

Wen Chuan’s offensive was not better than the burly Ah Guang. He kept covering his face, frequently dodging the punches and the sinister moves under his feet, and his chilling eyes circled around the opponent’s every move like a poisonous snake. Ah Guang didn’t get any advantages, he gritted his teeth, and his moves became more and more sinister and desperate. Just in the blink of an eye, Wen Chuan, who avoided the offensive, punched out his first punch. Ah Guang intercepted it halfway and became complacent and before it appeared, a savage uppercut punched the sound of the wind causing his facial features to deform.

With this punch, the scene turned into an uproar.

Jian Chi, who was sitting in the back row, couldn’t count Wen Chuan’s moves at all, he felt that the situation that was flat just now suddenly turned around. The two figures with obvious differences in size were glued together. Wen Chuan’s fist was fast, ruthless, and almost always fell on the most vulnerable part of the body. Ah Guang lost in speed and wanted to overwhelm him with the advantage of his size, but he didn’t have time to implement it. He was hit on the knee by Wen Chuan’s two sweeps, and kicked hard in the abdomen.

His huge body slammed on the side rope, and Ah Guang’s face was blue and purple. Before he could recover, he was pulled to the ground by Wen Chuan, his elbow hit his chin, and the referee who had been silent for a long time finally stood up to stop them,.Wen Chuan stood up without any sloppiness, and a few people went up to check on Ah Guang, who was already lying on the ground and couldn’t move. It was no surprise this scene.

Some people were cheering, some people were yelling, Wen Chuan’s mouth was oozing from the wound, and his eyes were full of murderous intent that could no longer see light. He wiped it with the back of his gloved hand, and lifted his thick long eyelashes and looked towards the last row. His eyes were mixed with some imperceptible tension and a trace of waves entered it’s depths.

Only then did Jian Chi realize that his heart was beating so fast that it almost annihilated all other sounds.

This Wen Chuan seemed like Wen Chuan, but it also didn’t seem to be the Wen Chuan he knew.

Little puppy wants to be cool.

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