Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Wet Body

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The library was open during lunch break and from the cafeteria, one would pass by two teaching buildings. Jian Chi ignored the faintly discernable attention as much as possible, then heard Bai Xiyu ask curiously beside him, “Jian Chi, what class did you choose? I don’t seem to have seen you in the classroom.” 

Jian Chi said his course selection and asked, “How about you?” 

Bai Xiyu touched his head embarrassedly, “I chose literary appreciation, drama, biology and mathematics. Don’t laugh at me, my science is too bad, so I can’t choose those that torture myself. It seems that none of our classes will overlap, it’s a pity.” 

Jian Chi thought that he was being modest. If he was not good in science, he would not be able to enter the extremely strict Saintston College. 

“It doesn’t matter, I’m not good at liberal arts, it’s normal to be partial to subjects.” 

“I know you’re comforting me…” 

“Bai Xiyu, Bai Xiyu.”

Two shouts came from behind, interrupting Bai Xiyu’s unfinished words. 

Jian Chi turned around and it was an unfamiliar-looking special enrollment student, perhaps someone Bai Xiyu knew. 

“Are you calling me?” Bai Xiyu looked surprised and blinked twice, “Is something wrong?” 

The special enrollment student nodded dryly, his voice was intermittent and not very smooth: “I, we are in the same biology class, do you remember me? My name is Cheng Wei. Teacher Feng has something for you, he asked me to come over and tell you and take you to the office.” 

“Now? But the lunch break is almost over.” Bai Xiyu said hesitantly. 

Cheng Wei quickly waved his hand, “It won’t take a long time, don’t worry.” 

He didn’t say what it was, he seemed to be in a hurry and his eyes were dodging his. However, perhaps out of trust in the special enrollment students, Bai Xiyu answered ‘ok’ without thinking much, and said apologetically to Jian Chi: “I remember the biology office is very close to here, Jian Chi, can you accompany me there? Or you can go to the library first and I’ll find you later.” 

Jian Chi actually wanted to remind Bai Xiyu that it would be better to ask more to this special enrollment student who didn’t seem right, but in front of the other party, he wouldn’t be able to say it bluntly, “I’ll go with you.” 

When he said this, Jian Chi swept towards Cheng Wei with his peripheral vision, and sure enough, he saw a panic flashing in the other party’s eyes. 

He must be hiding something. Jian Chi thought. 

“You lead the way.” 

“Okay… okay.” 

Bai Xiyu didn’t seem to notice Cheng Wei’s strangeness at all, and still smiled gratefully at Jian Chi, “Thank you, I’m going to have to trouble you again.” 

The biology office was in the Thales building next door. Cheng Wei seemed to be preoccupied with his thoughts, and his steps became slower and slower. When he walked out of the teaching building, he suddenly turned his head and glanced at Bai Xiyu. 

It was too late for Jian Chi to capture the complicated emotions in his eyes when the water splashed with a ‘crashing’ sound. His whole body was wet and he shivered as if he had fallen into an ice cellar – this was not what he imagine, being poured from head to toe with a basin of water. A sour smell like sour food came into his nostrils, sticking to his clothes and hair, making him feel sick to his stomach.

There was an exclamation from Bai Xiyu from behind. Jian Chi stood still for a few seconds, reached out and wiped his wet face. A few boys with yellow brooches stood by the upstairs window, shrugged a little pityly, his face hanging with an unapologetic smile, “I’m sorry, I poured it on the wrong person.” 

“Jian Chi, are you alright?” 

Bai Xiyu trotted over, wiped the sewage off his body with his sleeves, and looked up at the people watching the show, his voice trembling: “Don’t bully people too much, come to me alone if you have anything. Don’t bully my friends. Also, does he think this will make me soft? Tell Shao Hang, this is absolutely impossible.” 

“Did you hear that? He was going to warn Shao Hang off.” As if he heard a joke, there was a burst of laughter from above. In the laughter, he didn’t know who said sarcastically, “I’m so sorry, I made you misunderstood. We have no interest in bullying your friend. To be precise, you caused him to get wet.” 

Jian Chi grabbed Bai Xiyu who was about to scold back, took a few deep breaths, and forced a smile, “Forget it, I’m fine, I’ll go to the bathroom first. I want to change my clothes.” 

Bai Xiyu glared at the group of people, looked at Jian Chi, and gradually restrained back his flames, and nodded with red eyes. 

The special enrollment named Cheng Wei had disappeared and when Jian Chi looked up again and glanced at the faces that were either joking or gloating, under the reflection of the window glass, he vaguely outlined the face of the person next to them and the relationship between them. 

It was Shao Hang. 

He sat there the whole time, neither stopping nor taking part in the jokes, like a bystander that had nothing to do with him. He looked at him after a pail of cold water poured down on him into a mess with a casual smile. 

If Bai Xiyu came out first, he might have laughed more interestingly. 

Jian Chi suppressed the restlessness in his heart. For the first time, he felt that the evading policy was useless. Now he really wanted to punch Shao Hang in the face and let him experience the feeling of being humiliated.

Along the way, they were baptized by eyes. 

Jian Chi knew that he looked to be in a very sorry state now and he hadn’t experienced the feeling of being the focus of a crowd for a long time. The current situation was worse than pure focus. They were sympathizing and laughing. Today’s scene was estimated to soon turn into gossip and spread to everyone’s ears. This was the last thing he wanted to see. 

Fortunately, there was no one in the bathroom, so Jian Chi put his emotions aside for the time being, took off his uniform, and stood by the sink to forcefully wring out the sewage inside. 

The clothes can no longer be worn. Even if they were washed now, they would not be able to dry in one night. He had to go to class tomorrow. He must come up with a countermeasure, a better reason than ‘being tricked into being splashed by water’. 

Jian Chi’s silence fell into Bai Xiyu’s eyes and was misinterpreted into other meanings. He didn’t cry just now, but now his tears fell down as if it didn’t cost any money. He tightly grasped Jian Chi’s arm, “I’m sorry, it was all my fault just now. I’ve hurt you, those people are all here for me, they just want to see me be a joke, I’m the one who got you involved.” 

Bai Xiyu kept repeating this sentence and the tears falling down intensified. Jian Chi sighed, put down the clothes in his hand and comforted him: “I’m fine, it’s just that the clothes are dirty. You remember to be careful in the future and don’t just trust other people’s words.” 

Bai Xiyu nodded vigorously, as if wishing to snap his neck. He ran to the left and to the right for a while, showing his determination to help with his actions. 

But this was obviously not a good idea. Jian Chi felt he was in a rush for a while, and before the situation turned into a disservice, he said, “I’ll do it by myself. You can go back first, and the tutoring will be discussed next time.” 

“I…” Bai Xiyu’s eyes slowly turned red again. He looked at Jian Chi for a while, as if he had made up his mind on something, turned around and ran out of the bathroom without leaving a word.

Jian Chi didn’t have time to stop him. He felt a little uneasy, but the mess in his hand made him unable to attend to it. 

The clothes were no longer dripping, but they still smelled sticky. He bent down and took off his pants. Just as he was wringing out the sewage, the bathroom door was suddenly opened, and it was not only Bai Xiyu who came, but also the person behind. 

“Jian Chi?” 

Ji Huaisi was holding a blanket in his arms, and his brows were furrowed together since he saw him. He stepped forward a few steps and asked with a hint of strength and solemnity: “Who did this?” 

Before Jian Chi had recovered, Bai Xiyu who was behind couldn’t wait to speak with a crying voice: “It’s Shao Hang’s group, their original target was me and Jian Chi was implicated by me. Vice President, you said that I could come to you if anything happens, what should we do now?” 

“Go take a shower now, it’s easy to catch a cold wearing this.” Ji Huaisi looked at the wet Jian Chi, his eyes stopped for a few seconds when he passed his legs and his voice was soothed, “The PC lounge is just upstairs. There is a bathroom and a change of clothes, I’ll take you up.” 

“No need.” Jian Chi understood the situation in front of him and slowly shook his head. Now he just wanted to go back to the dormitory to have a good rest and avoid more unknown troubles. Although he knew that Ji Huaisi was well-intentioned, he couldn’t devote more energy to face other people. 

“Jian Chi…” 

“I really don’t need it, I’m fine.”

Jian Chi pretended not to see the deep meaning and worry in Ji Huaisi’s eyes. He put on his clothes, and felt cold when the fabric was attached to his skin, but he still smiled at Ji Huaisi, and the mole under his eyes also came alive, “This is the blanket for me? Thank you, please move aside, I’ll go first, and we’ll talk about other things later.” 

Ji Huaisi stood still. Jian Chi took the blanket from his hand, and there was a good smell of gardenia on his body, which slowly eased the exhaustion in his heart. 

Until he walked out of the bathroom, Jian Chi could still feel the gaze from Ji Huaisi on his back. He inexplicably had an absurd idea – it seemed that every time something happened, there would always be Bai Xiyu, Ji Huaisi or Shao Hang around. 

There was something wrong, something strange that cannot be said, but Jian Chi was really tired. Now he just wanted to wash off the stench from his body quickly, then think about how to solve the problem of school uniforms tomorrow. 

The author has something to say: 

Except for Zhang Yang and Xiao Bai, everyone else can be a couple. Besides, not all Gong has appeared yet.

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  1. First of all I don’t understand why MC wants to punch Shao Hang like bruh he’s the one not minding his own business poking his nose on Bai Xiyu’s business, yah the Cheng Wei guy was sus but so what? he brought it to himself that he got humiliated.

    Second of all I hate Bai Xiyu’s character setting, why does he cry so easily like a damn baby? So annoying!

    Third I don’t understand why Shao Hang was implicated when it wasn’t clear that he did it, that he tell those people to.

    Finally, the description of the story was catchy but I’m starting to think of dropping this book because in my opinion it’s boring, the character setting is too common specially in Bai Xiyu’s case (green tea bitch/white lotus) and the MC is somewhat narrow minded in my understanding and forgetful that he’s the one poking his nose in other people’s business and that he can’t seem to mind his own business and he’s quite contradicting.


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