Cactus in Distress Chapter 28

Chapter 28

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When Chen Rui arrived, he happened to be walking from the direction Sun Nianxi was facing. He was wearing a light gray suit, and his gait exuded an air of unfriendliness. Sun Nianxi met his gaze and immediately understood the difficulty of Sun Yutan’s request.

After giving them a brief introduction, Sun Yutan handed the menu to Chen Rui and said, “We’ve already ordered. Take a look and see if there’s anything else you want.”

She and Sun Nianxi chatted freely as if they were the only ones in the room.

From the weird students in Sun Nianxi’s class, to Zhang Mengxi’s wedding in Tangcheng, to the gossips and rumors in the entertainment industry, the two of them could not resist chatting away, even while eating.

Chen Rui sat aside, showing no interest in these boring topics until Sun Nianxi asked Sun Yutan, “By the way, it’s almost the end of November. Have you bought your plane ticket?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Have you also bought the one to go back to Tangcheng?”

“Not yet. I still haven’t decided which day. I’ll decide after I go to London.”

Chen Rui looked at Sun Yutan and asked, “Go back to Tangcheng? Why?”

“Oh, for work. Chen Rui, I forgot to tell you. From now on, I’ll be working in Tangcheng. I won’t go back to Haicheng.”

Sun Nianxi kept her eyes at the tip her nose and her nose on her thoughts, not daring to look at Chen Rui’s expression. In fact, Chen Rui’s expression didn’t show any emotion. He sat up straight, put down his utensils, and wiped his lips with a tissue.

Sun Yutan asked with concern, “Don’t you like it? Do you want to order something else?”

Chen Rui replied, “No need. I’ve lost my appetite.”

He stood up and said, “I’ll go to the restroom.”

After Chen Rui left, Sun Nianxi took a deep breath and leaned back in her chair. “I felt like I was suffocating just now,” she said.

“So far so good.”

“He can’t even finish his meal. You’re just forcing him.”

“I do want to force him.”

“What if he doesn’t yield to your pressure?”

“Then I’ll have to try something else.”

“You rely on love to act aggressively. Why hasn’t Chen Rui been driven to death by you?”

“What love? There’s no love.”

“You’ve already seen through him, why do you need him to say it out loud?”

“It doesn’t matter what others think, but Chen Rui is different. I want to see how long he can hold on.”

“What an excessive woman.”


On the way back, the two of them didn’t say a word.

The car was parked beside the green belt downstairs, and after Sun Yutan finished thanking him, she went to open the car door.

However, the door locked with a “click” sound.

She looked at him, but he looked straight ahead.

“What’s wrong?” 

“You’re selling the house to go to Tangcheng,” he said.


“You’re not coming back.”

“Not necessarily,” Sun Yutan said, “I’ll come back occasionally, to see friends and stuff.”

“Including me?”

“If Mr. Chen can spare the time.”

Chen Rui chuckled lightly, “Sun Yutan, you’re really decisive, really impressive. You said you’re leaving, you’re leaving, you said you’re selling the house, you’re selling the house. I still have to hear it from someone else’s mouth.” He looked at her, his mouth slightly upturned, but his eyes were filled with coldness and arrows. “Just tell me directly, what’s the next step, so I can be prepared and not panic.”

Sun Yutan didn’t say anything.

Chen Rui said, “There’s nothing to say to me, is there? That’s right. Since Wu Junzhe came back, you’ve wanted to draw a clear line with me. Sun Yutan, you are truly faithful. Exes are exes and cannot be revived. I really underestimated you. But then again, what am I in your heart?”

Chen Rui saw two small figures pulling at each other, one unwilling to give up and insisting on asking a question, while the other looked down on them and did not see the point in questioning the loser, which made them look pitiful and laughable. Then he heard Sun Yutan say, “Chen Rui, are you the owner of the cactus shop in Haidu?”

The small figure stopped moving, just like the direct gaze from Sun Yutan’s eyes, both looking at Chen Rui together. Chen Rui felt like he had been hit by an arrow and subconsciously moved his gaze away. However, he faintly felt that the fog that had been between them was being pushed apart. He was even slightly annoyed but didn’t answer immediately.

Sun Yutan waited quietly for this silence. She waited for him to speak.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Why is the cactus special to you?” Sun Yutan pressed further, wanting to know.

“What do you want to hear?” Chen Rui asked coldly. “Do you want me to say that I did this stupid thing because of you, because I like you so much that I’ve been unable to forget you all these years, and because I can’t have you, I can only admire flowers and plants and think of you?”

Sun Yutan’s face remained unchanged. “So, is that true?”

“What difference does it make?” Chen Rui stubbornly refused to say more. He even mocked, “What, do you think I’m deeply in love with you and can’t live without you? Are you pleased with yourself?”

“Why are you so angry? I’m just asking you. If it’s not true, then it’s not true. I’m not that self-important.”

Sun Yutan explained patiently, “Chen Rui, we haven’t had any interaction for so many years, and we were also very impulsive when we slept together. Even though we were happy afterwards, there was no need for me to tell you every detail. For example, going to Tangcheng was not a sudden decision; it was planned a long time ago. Returning to Haicheng was just a short buffer, and meeting you was completely accidental. Now that the time has come, I am correcting the accident. What’s wrong with that? We were never really that close to begin with, we were always meant to be two parallel lines.”

After saying these words, Chen Rui’s face turned dark, and he stared at Sun Yutan’s eyes with a sudden storm. He pulled her towards him and gripped her jaw, saying, “You think it’s so easy to just decide to end things. Did you ever ask me about it?”

“You’re really strange,” Sun Yutan sighed and didn’t feel uncomfortable being held in his arms like this. She gently asked, “Chen Rui, what do you really want?”

“You won’t admit that you love me, yet you’re so persistent. Are you a child? Do you have to snatch all the toys?”

“Don’t you know?” Chen Rui’s index finger brushed against her cheek. “You’re so smart, you should already know.”

He kissed her.

Sun Yutan responded by clinging to him. As the kiss deepened, she murmured, “Don’t be mad at me, we can still have occasional flings in the future. Chen Rui, our friendship will last forever.”

It was really infuriating. Chen Rui’s desire vanished in an instant. He pushed her away.

Sun Yutan sat back down and calmly adjusted her collar.

She reached over him to unlock the car and got out.

Chen Rui sat in the car for a while before going upstairs. He didn’t look for Sun Yutan again that night. He didn’t want to give in too early, but he also didn’t plan to hold out for too long. After all, it was just a fanciful idea for her to sell the house, and “eternal friendship” was even more far-fetched.

Who knew that when Chen Rui turned his head, he couldn’t see Sun Yutan’s figure anymore.

Two days later, Sun Yutan posted a picture on her Moments. It was a selfie of her wearing a fisherman’s hat on a small boat. Behind her were bushes, grass, trees, and houses with European-style colored bricks, which were tinted with shades of autumn.

Chen Rui called Huang Shuyu in and asked her where the photo was taken.

Huang Shuyu was confused, “Boss, who knows? There are many European and American small villages with such scenery.”

“The roofs are covered with reeds, there are not many places like this in the world, go check.”

Huang Shuyu zoomed in on the picture and carefully examined it. The roof was gray and covered with a thick layer of grass. She admired Chen Rui’s sharp eyes. She blurred Sun Yutan’s cartoon avatar and shared it with her sisters in various groups, asking if anyone had been there, emphasizing the unique roof.

Someone actually recognized it.

After repeatedly comparing, she proudly presented the information to Chen Rui like a treasure. “Boss, it’s Giethoorn in the Netherlands.”

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