Cactus in Distress Chapter 27

Chapter 27

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Chen Rui had been working on the sofa all evening. When he heard voices outside the door, he put down his laptop, and walked to the kitchen. He poured a glass of water, and drank it slowly.

After a while, the voices outside quieted down, and his door was knocked on.

He put down the glass, waited for two seconds, and then went to open the door.

Sun Yutan grinned, “You haven’t slept yet. Are you waiting for me?”

“You’re thinking too much.”

“Oh.” She handed him a coat. “You left your stuff at my place, and I kept forgetting to bring it over.” She didn’t have any intention of coming inside.

“Did you have fun?”

“Yes, it was fun. Reuniting with old friends is always enjoyable.” She looked closely at his expression. “Are you not happy?”

“No.” He just looked at her.

She sympathized, “Is it because you’re too tired from work? Then, rest early. Good night.”

As she spoke, she turned to go back to her own home. Chen Rui sneered and grabbed her wrist, his strength terrifyingly strong. With one hand, he pushed and pinned Sun Yutan against the wall.

She begged for mercy, “It’s too late today, please, let me go.”

“Do you even know what time it is? Sun Yutan, you knocked on my door to drop off some clothes and now you’re leaving. Who are you trying to fool?”

“I saw your light on. Chen Rui, I’m serious. You let go first. I have something to do tomorrow, and I can’t afford to mess around. We’ll make plans another day.”

“What do you have to do tomorrow?”

“I’m going to see my teacher.”

“Are you going with him? Sun Yutan, do you have something to do with him every day from now on?”

“Chen Rui, why are you reacting so strongly? It’s normal to see a teacher with classmates.”

“It’s normal, but what you guys are doing isn’t normal.” Chen Rui was so angry that he shook off her hand and slammed the door with a loud noise.

Teacher Wu was over fifty years old, but his hair was still thick and full, and he wore a pair of black-framed glasses. He smiled and seemed no different from before.

Sun Yutan didn’t dare to ask about Teacher Wu’s love life, but she could tell that he was living a comfortable life. However, when she looked at the warm and well-organized interior, she had a bad feeling.

In less than two days, her intuition was confirmed.

Wu Junzhe sat cross-legged opposite her with a helpless expression, and even a bit relieved. “Actually, I know my hopes are slim, but I’m still a bit disappointed that my dad appeared with someone else.”

Sun Yutan clinked glasses with him to comfort him.

“To be honest, before going to Australia, I never, never had the thought of them reconciling, not even once. When they were together, it was terrifying, they would fight and it would be like the end of the world, but once they separated, it was like world peace. I dreamed of them getting divorced. I followed my dad and was happy, and my mom was also happy abroad. It wasn’t until I went to university that I realized my mom was not happy, she had never been happy.”

Sun Yutan listened quietly, but Wu Junzhe didn’t continue. They fell silent for a moment, and Sun Yutan asked, “Is Teacher Wu’s new girlfriend pretty?”

“…” Wu Junzhe patted her head. “You deserve to be beaten.”

“Does she have long hair or short hair?”

“She has long hair, looks average. How can she compare to my mom?”


“I don’t understand why my dad is so popular. He’s just an old man. “

What Wu Junzhe said was very contradictory to what he truly felt. He had been following behind Teacher Wu since he was little, and knew his father’s abilities the best. Often, his father did not deliberately seek to please others or show off, but with just a few words, everyone naturally looked at him.

Humorous and talented men were loved by all girls, and his mother was one of those who were enchanted by his father’s charm. Wu Junzhe had seen the love-filled letters exchanged between his parents when they were young, and knew that they had once been deeply in love with each other and regarded each other as close confidants. However, no amount of love could withstand the erosion of trivial matters, and in the end, it ended in a mess.

“Is there such a thing as eternal love? Only eternal friendship exists. Xiao Tan, do you agree?”

“I don’t agree. Love is love, whether it’s eternal or not. Even if it changes, it was still love.”

He was silent for a moment before asking, “Do you love your current boyfriend?”

Sun Yutan didn’t answer, but two red spots appeared on her cheeks as she smiled at him.

“What kind of person is he?”


“And what about me?” Wu Junzhe leaned in closer to her and looked at her. “In your eyes, what kind of person am I?”

“You? You’re a contradictory person.”

Wu Junzhe averted his gaze and smiled at the bustling lights outside the floor-to-ceiling window. His voice was very light. “Where am I contradictory?”

He had too many contradictions, so many that it would take a long time to gradually understand them.

“Wu Junzhe, why don’t you fall in love anymore?”

“Me? I’m a free-spirited wanderer.”

Sun Yutan was about to say something, but Wu Junzhe made a hand gesture to stop her, leaning back. “Sun Yutan, can I crash at your place tonight?”

“No, you can’t. Get up.” Sun Yutan was already quite drunk, her chin knocking against her knees, and she tried to kick him with her foot, but missed and almost fell to the ground.

Laughing, Wu Junzhe held her shoulders. “Drunkard.”

He carried her to the bed. She had a good tolerance for alcohol and fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes, without any fuss.

Wu Junzhe stood by the bed. He should leave, but his feet couldn’t move.

When he was in his teens, Wu Junzhe thought he was living happily and lively every day without being influenced by his parents. As he grew up, he realized that many things were not so obvious and couldn’t be seen immediately.

He decided to indulge himself once.

He leaned down and kissed Sun Yutan.

Tang Nuo found something when he was checking the real estate news routinely.

He looked at it carefully twice, confirmed it was correct, and then reported it to Chen Rui.

Chen Rui listened to him and then took a look, and his mind was suddenly blown away.

These days, every little thing – whether it was Wu Junzhe suddenly appearing or Sun Yutan’s disappearing acts – paled in comparison to this matter. It pushed Chen Rui’s accumulated anxiety to the breaking point, and he was on the verge of exploding with anger.

Tang Nuo watched nervously as his boss’ signing pen nearly punctures the document. He was about to make a break for it when he heard his boss’s cold voice say, “Hold it down, no selling allowed.”

“Understood.” He walked away quickly.

Chen Rui closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down, but he couldn’t. He threw his pen and called Sun Yutan. “Are you selling your house?”

Sun Yutan asked, “How did you know? Or should I give it back to Grandpa Chen?”

Chen Rui sneered, “Do you have such intentions? You didn’t even ask me before listing it with a real estate agency?”

Sun Yutan said innocent, “I wanted to tell you, but haven’t I been unable to find you these past few days?”

“Is it you who couldn’t see me, or I who couldn’t see you?” Chen Rui’s voice was icy and penetrating. “You don’t even have time to make a phone call? Well, I guess you’ve been busy lately. Sun Yutan, tell me, why are you selling the house?”

“I’m not living here anymore, might as well sell it.”

“Not living here anymore? What do you mean by that? Are you not living here anymore, or do you not want to live with me?”

“Hey, Chen Rui, it’s not what you think.”

Chen Rui gritted his teeth and said, “Are you planning to go live with someone else? Wu Junzhe?”

Sun Yutan said, “He doesn’t have anything to do with this.”

Chen Rui sneered, “Isn’t it because he’s back that you’re so eager to cozy up to him?”

Sun Yutan paused for a moment and asked strangely, “Didn’t you say you have no impression of him?”

Chen Rui hung up the phone, kicked over the chair and stormed off.

Chen Rui paced back and forth in his office. He thought he was making progress, but why did everything return to square one with Wu Junzhe’s return?

Chen Rui closed his eyes, memories of the sweet time flashed through his mind, as well as the long and distant past that he did not want to recall.

She was going to leave his life again.

Chen Rui took out his phone and dialed again.


Sun Yutan’s tone was indifferent, and Chen Rui asked, “Where are you?”

If he waited idly, she would truly find someone else to be with.

“I’m with Sun Nianxi now.” Sun Yutan asked him, “Are you coming over?”

“Is he coming?” Sun Nianxi asked after she hung up the phone.

Sun Yutan nodded.

Sun Nianxi clasped her hands together and exclaimed, “Ah, I’m finally going to see his true colors!”

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