Cactus in Distress Chapter 33

Chapter 33

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In the end, the two returned to the trampoline. Sun Yutan had gained some skills and had a lot of fun. Chen Rui reminded her, “Don’t play too hard, or you’ll regret it tomorrow.”

Sun Yutan was very obedient, after all, she still had to go to work the next day.

She threw the beach ball for a while and then went to eat with Chen Rui.

However, what had to happen still happened.

The next morning, Sun Yutan struggled to even get out of bed. Her shoulders, neck, and thighs were so sore that she began to question her life choices. She sat on the bed, feeling a little dizzy.

Chen Rui looked at her and shook his head. “Your physical endurance is too weak. You should go to the gym with me in the future.”

“No way,” Sun Yutan replied, and then she burried herself under the covers.

“Aren’t you going to work?”

“I am. Can you carry me?”

Chen Rui really came over and carried her horizontally. In the bathroom, Chen Rui asked seriously, “Do you want me to help you pee?”

Sun Yutan rolled her eyes and pushed him away. “Get out!”

The two sat at the dining table eating breakfast, with Sun Yutan leaning on Chen Rui’s shoulder. “I’m done for. I’m useless. I can’t even lift my hands. Chen Rui, can you help me peel an egg?”

Chen Rui peeled the egg and handed it to her. Sun Yutan took a bite from his hand, causing Chen Rui’s heart to skip a beat. He thought he might be losing it because he found Sun Yutan’s useless appearance very cute. He then offered her some soy milk, and Sun Yutan gratefully took a sip. “Chen Rui, you’re just as good as my mom.”

Chen Rui immediately put down his things and sat on the other side, refusing to let her lean on him.

Sun Yutan almost fell down and complained as she leaned on the table, “You’re just a bit too fickle, and only I can put up with you.” She picked up the leftover egg white from the plate and ate it.

When they were leaving, Chen Rui teasingly asked, “Do you want me to carry you down?”

Sun Yutan shamelessly replied, “That would be perfect.” She hung her bag to the side and opened her arms.

Chen Rui didn’t move his arms and Sun Yutan took the initiative to hug him. “Every step I take hurts.”

“Kiss me.”

Sun Yutan gave him a quick kiss and asked, “Is that good enough?”

Chen Rui grabbed her thigh and lifted it up, pressing their upper bodies together. He patted her butt and asked, “Are you sure you want to continue like this? It’s still early, let’s postpone our departure for half an hour. Hold on a little tighter…”

Sun Yutan quickly jumped down.

Chen Rui held back his laughter and half-squatted, saying, “Come up here.”

Tang Nuo noticed that his boss had been arriving late and leaving early a lot recently.

Huang Shuyu said, “What do you know, you little lapdog.”

Tang Nuo replied, “The pot calling the kettle black.”

“I have a lot of experience, you know. I started in grade school and…”

“Not interested.” Tang Nuo turned around and left.

Huang Shuyu nearly choked.

On New Year’s Day, Sun Yutan received a call from Sun Nianxi asking her to come out and play.

“Where to?”

“Drinking and disco clubbing.”

Sun Yutan covered the phone with her hand, but the car was too quiet and Chen Rui heard everything she said. She hesitated for a moment, and Sun Nianxi threatened her on the other end of the phone, “Sun Yutan, if you don’t come out, you will lose me.”

“Should I bring Chen Rui to pay the bill?”

Sun Nianxi laughed, “Okay. You’re so pitiful.”

Sun Nianxi’s “drinking and disco clubbing” was discounted a bit, and the three of them met at a quiet bar.

Sun Yutan leaned out and looked around.

Sun Nianxi asked, “What are you looking for?”

Sun Yutan waved her hand, and a young man at the bar ran over. Sun Nianxi randomly ordered from the menu. After the waiter left, Sun Yutan whispered, “Don’t you think this guy looks a bit like Chen Rui? I noticed it last time I came here.”

“When was the last time you came here?” Chen Rui asked.

“A few months ago? I don’t remember.”

Sun Nianxi said, “I didn’t pay attention.”

Sun Yutan said, “Then pay attention later, he really looks like him.”

Liu Yu held the tray and noticed several pairs of eyes focused on him before he even got close. He felt uncomfortable and impatient. He didn’t know what was going on recently, but he had been particularly popular with women.

Dealing with a woman who thought highly of herself every day was enough to handle.

He put down the ice bucket and wine one by one, turned around and left.

“Stop looking,” Chen Rui covered her eyes, “I’m sitting here, why do you need to look at him?”

“He does look a bit like him,” Sun Nianxi agreed.

“Right?” Sun Yutan was satisfied. She pulled over a small dish of dessert and ate it spoonful by spoonful.

Sun Nianxi looked like she was extremely bored, didn’t even bother to eat anything, and took a sip of wine directly. “I underestimated my mother.”

“Are they monitoring you too closely?”

Sun Nianxi nodded frantically, “Yes, ever since my mother found out about me and Lin Xuan, we haven’t seen each other again. We just can’t meet, can you believe it?”

“So what do you think?”


“If your mother doesn’t agree no matter what, even if she threatens to sever the mother-daughter relationship, and you’re forced to never see each other again, what would you do?”

“No, Lin Xuan will come back to Haicheng after graduation. We will eventually meet,” Sun Nianxi said confidently.

Sun Yutan shrugged, understanding her meaning. She toasted with her and said, “Then just take it slow.”

However, Chen Rui frowned.

“What if it’s you?” he asked Sun Yutan.

“It doesn’t make sense.” Sun Yutan said, “I’m not like Xi Xi, and our mothers are completely different. You’re not Lin Xuan either.”

Chen Rui looked at her and fell silent.

Suddenly, a person stood beside their table. She was wearing a wine-red dress, had long hair tied behind her head, and delicate makeup. Her face was cold and stern. “Long time no see, Chen Rui,” she said.

Although the words were directed at Chen Rui, Xiang Jiayu’s eyes were fixed on Sun Yutan the whole time. Sun Yutan calmly met her gaze and even smiled at her.

Xiang Jiayu turned to ask Sun Nianxi, “Can I sit here for a while?”

Sun Nianxi hadn’t figured out the situation yet, but Xiang Jiayu had already sat down and reached out a hand to Sun Yutan. “Hello, my name is Xiang Jiayu.”

“Hello. I’m Sun Yutan.”

“Which two characters?”

“The ‘yu’ means ‘language’ and the ‘tan’ came from ‘small rock pool.'”

“Sun Yutan.” Xiang Jiayu lightly pronounced it and asked, “Are you Chen Rui’s fiancee?”

Sun Yutan looked at Chen Rui, and Chen Rui coughed lightly. “Have you had too much to drink?”

“Yes,” said Xiang Jiayu, “otherwise I would go crazy looking for you. Chen Rui, are you going to marry her?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Xiang Jiayu snorted, “You’re really heartless.”

Sun Nianxi looked at Sun Yutan with an inquiring expression, but Sun Yutan leaned back and looked as if she wanted to grab a bag of popcorn.

Chen Rui said, “Xiang Jiayu, you should go back early and avoid regretting it when you sober up tomorrow.”

“I don’t care!” Xiang Jiayu slammed the table. “Do you care if I regret it or not? Chen Rui, do you have feelings for me? What about all those things you did to me before? Oh, you’ve never been good to me anyway. Chen Rui, did you ever like me? I really like you. I even like guys who look like you – I come here every day. What’s not as good about me as her? She doesn’t even look that great. Is she prettier than me…?”

The commotion had attracted the attention of several tables. Clearly intoxicated, Xia Jiayu’s speech became increasingly incoherent. Liu Yu was constantly signaled by the people around him, and he couldn’t bear to listen anymore. He closed his eyes, went forward, apologized, and pulled Xia Jiayu away.     

Xia Jiayu noticed that he was still as cooperative as ever, even though she now knew the reason.

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