Cactus in Distress Chapter 32

Chapter 32

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After Wu Junzhe left, Sun Yutan and Chen Rui remained in place.

In Sun Yutan’s mind, she should have said to Chen Rui at this moment, “You see, we really are just friends, you don’t have to be upset about it.”

However, Wu Junzhe unexpectedly said a few ambiguous words today, making her feel a little uneasy.

“Let’s go.” Chen Rui held her hand. “Let’s go home.”

Sun Yutan obediently followed and said, “You might not believe it if I told you, but Wu Junzhe just deliberately tricked me then.”

“Got it.”

Back at home, Chen Rui let go of her and went straight to his study to work.

Sun Yutan poured him a glass of water, and brought in a small towel to wipe here and there, arranging the books and files neatly, while Chen Rui didn’t even lift his head to acknowledge her.

After some pondering, she took out an old wooden hammer, eager to give him a back massage.

But before she could even strike once, Chen Rui caught her hand and pulled her into his arms.

“What are you doing?”

“Does it feel good?” She tapped his shoulder lightly.

“What is this thing?”

Old people use it to massage their arms and legs. I bought it for fun,” Sun Yutan explained.

“Oh.” Chen Rui played with it in his hands.

“Don’t be angry,” Sun Yutan hugged his neck.

“I’m not angry.”

“You’re not even smiling, and you’re ignoring me.”

Chen Rui lifted her chin with the hammer and teased, “You’re making it too hard for me. You’re going to marry someone else, and you still want me to be happy?”

“No. Wu Junzhe said nonsense.”

“Is that so?” Chen Rui’s hammer slid along her neck and collarbone, and the chilly touch crept on her skin. Sun Yutan tried to take it out, but her hands were caught.

“Chen Rui, are you a pervert?”

Chen Rui loosened his grip, and the wooden hammer slipped from her loose sweater. He caught it at the hem and unbuttoned her jeans. But this time, Sun Yutan refused and snatched it away, throwing it aside.

It wasn’t until later that Sun Yutan realized Chen Rui was just pretending to be in a bad mood.

Facing her skeptical gaze, Chen Rui was very calm. “What’s wrong?”

“Did you do it on purpose?”

“What did I do?”

“How did you become such a good actor?” She kicked him.

Chen Rui grabbed her foot, with a smile that he couldn’t help showing on his face. He was indeed in a good mood. Wu Junzhe had left, which meant it was over. His departing remarks were meaningless to him.

“You flatter me, I’m not even one-tenth as good as you,” Chen Rui said, “It’s better than having someone who has signed a job contract but still lies to me, saying they want to go to Tangcheng. They even said they won’t come back once they leave.”

Sun Yutan pretended to be ignorant, “Who is it?”

“You tell me.”

She changed the topic, “Chen Rui, will you accompany me to play trampoline tomorrow?”

“No. How old are you?”

“Many people in their thirties and forties are playing to decompress themselves.”

Chen Rui’s hand reached in and rubbed her, “We can decompress each other.”

Sun Yutan didn’t insist, “Then I’ll go with Xixi.”

“No way.” If she went out with her friend, she wouldn’t come back for a whole day.

Sun Yutan begged on top of him, “Then I’ll let you release your stress again, and you’ll come with me.”

Chen Rui pretended to agree with great reluctance.

Sun Yutan chose the largest trampoline theme park in the city center. The two changed into non-slip socks and went up the stairs. There was a long corridor in front of them, with several dozen square trampolines on the left and a variety of other projects on the right. At the end was a colorful indoor playground.

It was still early, and there were quite a few people in the venue. Chen Rui pinched Sun Yutan’s face and said, “Can you find me some middle-aged people who are decompressing?”

Sun Yutan looked around and saw mostly children of various ages and some young girls. She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, saying, “Oh, it doesn’t matter.” She lifted her chin towards the nearby two-person trampoline and said, “Look, there are even young couples holding hands and jumping together.”

She stepped onto a trampoline and jumped hard, almost falling. Chen Rui pulled her out, and Sun Yutan hit him, saying, “What are you laughing at!”

“Laughing at you. You’re such a newbie. Haven’t you played this before?”


Chen Rui touched her neck. “Is your neck okay?”

“No, I just felt like I was about to fall just now.”

“Warm up first and take it slowly. How come you’re so aggressive? You’ve been in the club for a few years.”

“That was an administrative position. I wasn’t a coach.”

“You don’t even know the basics?”

“Can you show me how to do it?”

Chen Rui sneered, “Watch carefully.” He stood in the center of the black trampoline and jumped a few times, getting higher and higher with light and beautiful movements.

Sun Yutan was not satisfied and pointed to a boy on the right, provokingly saying, “Can you do what he did?” The boy was tall and skinny, over ten years old, and actually did a backflip from the high platform before landing in the sponge pool.

“Childish,” Chen Rui said.

Sun Yutan clucked her tongue and said, “Chen Rui, how come you can’t even beat a little boy?”

The response he gave was even more childish. “Why don’t you compare yourself with that little girl over there?”

On the long trampoline to their left, there was a five or six year old girl, bouncing while sitting or kneeling, even doing splits when jumping, playing so beautifully. Sitting on the soft cushion beside her was the first middle-aged man they had seen in the arena today, with sparse hair, smiling as he watched his happy daughter.

“I can’t compare, I can’t compare.” Sun Yutan admitted defeat and pulled Chen Rui to play on the slide. However, the angle of the slide was particularly steep, almost vertical at ninety degrees. She sat at the starting point and did some mental preparation before climbing back up.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Rui laughed and stopped her.

“Let’s play something else.”

They passed through the maze-like colorful strip passage and saw a popular spider tower. Sun Yutan was still studying the instructions posted on the wall when a little boy crawled over.

“Sister, don’t play this, okay.”


“Yesterday, a sister fell from here and was sent to the hospital by ambulance.”


“Don’t play, okay?”

“…Okay, thank you.”

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