Disobedient Minister Against Favors Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I’m a Man, Hey!

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“What are you doing?!” Yu Zhen’s body tensed up, feeling like he’d been shocked, and he quickly moved away.

Turning around, he saw the young man in the dragon robe whom he had recently pinned down. It hadn’t been long since he last saw him, and here he was again, acting all bold, as if he owned his body, touching and feeling as if he were the rightful owner.

Oh god! He had just regained his body through rebirth, he couldn’t lose it so soon, could he?

Although Yu Zhen was young, he was a modern man who had lived abroad. He knew well that sexual activities were more open in foreign countries, and even same-sex relationships were rampant. But as a police officer, how could he allow himself to lose his dignity in the hands of this bastard? It was utterly unreasonable.

Yu Zhen struggled and tried to move backward, but he realized since a while ago that his body’s strength was not even one-tenth of what he remembered. Consequently, he was easily captured by the man.


King Yan glared at him, and Yu Zhen glared back, their eyes meeting like a clash of lightning.

It seemed like Prime Minister Liu had picked a fight with him today.

King Yan smirked, “What am I doing? Are you sure you haven’t lost your memory? If you have amnesia, I’ll have you burned alive to vent the hatred of kidnapping the eldest princess. Yu Zhen, don’t act crazy in front of me, or you’ll regret it.”  


King Yan grabbed Yu Zhen’s cheeks with his hand, suddenly drawing close to his face and kissing his delicate lips with a graceful curve.

It was his first kiss, his first kiss was stolen by a man…

Yu Zhen’s face flushed crimson. He watched as this man, full of wickedness, approached again with a mocking smile. He would rather die than be defiled by a man. It was just too embarrassing.

However, at this critical moment, he suddenly felt his nerves tighten, a splitting headache, breath being blocked, and his body becoming limp, unable to exert any strength. Not only had his strength been taken away, but his hands were also pressed over his head.

“It hurts.” This sensation instantly spread throughout his body. He didn’t know how Prime Minister Liu died, but evidently, this “death” brought unbearable burden to his body, and the person in front of him showed no intention of letting him off because of it.

“You bastard. Shameless.” He managed to squeeze out these words, hoping that King Yan would have a thin skin and let him go.

King Yan’s long and powerful fingers suddenly locked around Yu Zhen’s throat. “Dare you insult me?” King Yan frowned, his eyes turning fierce and terrifying, sending a chill straight through Yu Zhen. “Yu Zhen, it seems I need to re-educate you today. You need to understand your current situation.”

The suffocating pain surged through Yu Zhen’s brain, leaving his mind blank as if all his blood vessels were blocked, ready to burst at any moment. Was he going to be strangled alive?

“Beg me. Like you usually do,” King Yan demanded sharply.

No! He wouldn’t beg, not even in death! That was his code as a soldier!

Just when he was on the brink of losing consciousness, King Yan suddenly released his grip, staring coldly at his face, the mocking expression gradually fading.

Prime Minister Yu was handsome, his sister had long harbored feelings for him, her heart already given.

In the past, whenever he sat beside him, Prime Minister Yu would always kneel and beg for mercy. Despite his good looks, he was nothing but a useless pretty face, always showing a pathetic side when humiliated, begging for mercy like a weakling.


Humiliating the vassal state’s official didn’t give him any sense of superiority, but the fact that such a person could kidnap his only sister… That was unbearable.

He had always detested betrayal, whether it was from a subordinate or even his own sister. If you dared defy me and escape from my grasp, I would make the man you love become my prisoner.

Wasn’t that beautiful? He had seen this face countless times, wishing he could crush it immediately. But why did it look different today? It seemed to have gained life, like a lively embroidery pillow. Those familiar eyes shimmered with a clarity he had never seen before, making him inexplicably flustered.


What on earth was happening?

Seeing King Yan stunned, Yu Zhen grabbed his collar, using all his remaining strength to deliver a sudden blow.

“Slap!” The crisp sound of a slap echoed loudly on King Yan’s face, followed by the clatter of the iron chains, momentarily stunning King Yan, who had never been slapped before. “I’m, telling you, don’t mess with me, I…”

Everything before his eyes blurred, and he finally lost consciousness, everything that happened before him seemed unrelated to him.


King Yan stared at Yu Zhen in astonishment. When did Prime Minister Liu dare to resist? Had he forgotten that he bore the fate of theLiu Country on his shoulders? That fragile body actually dared to strike him?!

Normally, not only would resisting him lead to even harsher abuse, but even laying a hand on him would result in punishment. But the man lying unconscious before him today seemed like a completely different person.

The beautiful features remained unchanged, as did the scars left behind.

As he pinched Yu Zhen’s finely crafted chin, he carefully scrutinized him for the first time, feeling as if he were examining a delicate piece of jewelry. This person was quite attractive.

The chains were sealed, meant to imprison him for a lifetime. Since there had been no replacements, the person inside could not be replaced, and besides, replacing such a prisoner would be meaningless.

“Don’t mess with me?” Heh, not only did Yu Zhen seem strange, but he also seemed amusing now.

Reaching out to feel his pulse, Yu Zhen’s pulse was very weak, indicating that the suicide attempt had taken a toll on him. King Yan used his fingers to stimulate and press Yu Zhen’s acupuncture points, alleviating the feeling of suffocation, and slowly transferred his internal energy.

Yu Zhen, who had a pale and haggard complexion, gradually regained some color.

With cheeks flushed as if brushed with rouge, the more he looked at him, the more he liked him. When did Yu Zhen become so captivating?

Oh, he almost forgot, it was this beautiful face that took away his sister.

The transfer of energy abruptly stopped, and King Yanleaned over him, his hands mercilessly caressing his body, his powerful teeth kissing and biting at his shoulders.

After a while, Yu Zhen slowly regained consciousness. His head was pounding, and his body’s reactions were out of control. He felt a tingling sensation in sensitive areas of his body, and a handsome face with a lecherous smile appeared before his eyes.  


“You, what did you do to me?!” Yu Zhen looked at the scene before him as if struck by lightning.

His body was completely under the control of another man. Although he was still unfamiliar with this body, it was being casually manipulated by King Yan’s hands, igniting a surge of anger within him.

“Prime Minister Yu, what’s got you so worked up?” King Yan said mockingly, as if toying with him.

Yu Zhen’s eyes widened, abandoning his futile struggles. He said, extremely displeased, “YOU PERVERT!” 


“Heh.” King Yan chuckled mockingly in his ear, the breath against his skin making him blush with embarrassment. “I remember you said you were willing to tell me Zhi Jun’s whereabouts? If you speak now, I might consider letting you go.” As he spoke, his strong hand had left Yu Zhen’s chest and moved back to his neck.

Yu Zhen had just awakened from suffocation, the taste of death haunting him repeatedly. Upon careful consideration, sacrificing himself here seemed utterly unworthy.

“Wait!” Yu Zhen interrupted, coughing several times. “You’re not… going after that, are you? That…?”

King Yan looked at him pointing at his own body, suddenly finding it amusing. “Yes, what about it? If it is, so what? If it’s not, then what?”


“You, you, are you out of your mind?! I’m a man!”

“If you’re a man, why not continue arguing with me, let me finish you off once and for all, as you wish?”

“Why would I have to seek death?”

Yu Zhen realized only after speaking that King Yan’s expression had turned cold and menacing. “Don’t want to seek death anymore?”

He was baiting him with his words, that despicable King Yan. He had underestimated him. “Of course I don’t want to seek death! You want to find Princess Zhi Jun, right? I’m not interested in her anymore. If you let me go, I’ll help you find her.”

“Oh?” King Yan tightened his grip on the chains, his handsome face once again facing Yu Zhen’s cheek. “You have such beautiful thoughts. If I let you go, how can I be sure you won’t run to another country? With your intelligence, destroying my Great Yan would be effortless. Yu Zhen, let me remind you once again. Firstly, tell me immediately where Zhi Jun is. Secondly, don’t mention leaving again. If either of these conditions isn’t met, you and your Liu Country have no future.”

Yu Zhen’s expression froze. What a Qin Shihuang, his mind was so twisted.

Note: Qin Shihuang is the first emperor who built the terracotta warriors, said to protect him for eternity so he’s crazy.

Seeing Yu Zhen’s troubled expression, King Yan inexplicably felt happy. He smiled and said, “Today, I can spare you without asking about Zhi Jun’s whereabouts, but you must listen to me.”


“…,” Yu Zhen raised his eyebrows, suppressing his anger.

At that moment, King Yan, who had been hovering over him, suddenly kissed his lips, giving Yu Zhen no time to think. His warm tongue attacked his teeth, almost entering his mouth. Yu Zhen’s inexperienced reaction only spurred King Yan on further.

Such provocative stimulation made even Yu Zhen, unable to resist being drawn into this whirlwind of sensation.

He had never kissed anyone before, and his first kiss was with a man, and the second time was also with a man!

Although a kiss wasn’t a big deal for him, as he endured, several angry symbols quickly occupied Yu Zhen’s mind. It was really annoying to be pinned down by someone else! 



He grabbed King Yan’s collar, forcefully pushing him against the wall at the side of the bed. He grabbed a bowl that had been placed nearby, smashing it and aiming the broken edge at his own throat!

Yu Zhen felt a sharp pain and unbearable discomfort as he tensed up. This body was far from the physical ability he had before.

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