Disobedient Minister Against Favors Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Rely on Me

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He went crazy?!

King Yan stared at him with a mixture of astonishment and amusement, watching him do increasingly unbelievable things, finding it addictive. If he had really meant it, Liu Yu Zhen might not have been able to push him away, but he was just curious how this man had become so passionate.

“Who wants to listen to you.” Yu Zhen, completely naked, held a bowl against his throat, while his other hand formed a knife-hand pose against King Yan’s neck. He knew this knife-hand pose had no strength at all and couldn’t harm King Yan.

In an instant, a murderous intent surged straight up, and the resolute killing intent revealed in his eyes shook King Yan completely. “Oh? Prime Minister Liu actually has such a strong side?”


“If I die, it shouldn’t be too bad for you, right? But I really dislike your behavior. If you keep doing this, I’ll just die as you wish.” With that, Yu Zhen was about to act.

King Yan didn’t want this interesting person to perish just like that. After finally finding some amusement, he wasn’t willing to let go easily. His deep voice sounded again, calming Yu Zhen’s emotions: “Alright, I won’t touch you.”


Yu Zhen, his anger unabated, moved his lips slightly and managed to spit out a sentence, “If I don’t show my strength, you’ll take me for…” He gritted his teeth, enduring the headache, “Don’t force me to hit you.”

King Yan, on the contrary, watched with interest as he became angry. It couldn’t be that Prime Minister Liu changed his personality due to unbearable torment. Even with great stimulation, it wouldn’t completely change someone’s character. He had already come to a conclusion in his mind: this person was likely not Prime Minister Liu of the Liu Country.


“Do you know why you’re obediently locked up here?” Despite being held down by his large hand, King Yan remained unchanged in color, the taste of sarcasm becoming even stronger.

Yu Zhen had a headache and couldn’t be bothered to think. He was always someone who relied on intuition. Being imprisoned in the cold palace was nothing to him. He detested cold, dark rooms, and being imprisoned even more. “I don’t care what the reason is. If you don’t release me soon, you’ll bear the consequences.”

“How could that refined Yu Zhen become so coarse and barbaric? Shouldn’t you tell me who you really are?” King Yan’s tone was much more serious than before.


Yu Zhen realized he had been too extreme. It was rare to persuade King Yan not to lay hands on him. If he were thrown into the prison now, it would be even more unnecessary. “If I’m not Prime Minister Liu. Who else could I be?”

“Prime Minister, you dare to claim yourself as the Prime Minister? I ask you, what is the name of the king of the Liu Country?”

“…….” Yu Zhen bit his tongue. How could he possibly know that? It took him a lot of effort just to realize he was a hostage from the Liu Country. Besides, his head was pounding now; he had no energy to endure his interrogation.


Just as he was about to answer, King Yan asked again, “Do you remember who Liu Ling is?”

“…….” How could he know.


Yu Zhen was unexpectedly defeated by his headache. He thought continuing to impersonate Prime Minister Liu would be of no benefit. It was said that man was both intelligent and well-educated, while he hadn’t even studied properly. How long could he continue pretending to be Prime Minister Liu? Continuing this charade would only add to the amusement in this unfamiliar time and space. “Alright! I…” 

But just as he was about to confess, he noticed King Yan’s expression darken gradually. Of course, if he wasn’t Liu Yu Zhen, where else would he look for Zhi Jun? If he wasn’t, a simple sentence could absolve him of guilt. But what about Ben Wang*? You will tell Ben Wang that Zhi Jun won’t be found anymore, then who will grant Ben Wang’s liberation?” “You are still Liu Yu Zhen, aren’t you?”

Note: Ben Wang is used by King Yan to refer to himself. So, it’s just like ‘I’ but it might be confusing in some parts so I just use pinyin for it instead, you can also learn a new Chinese word this way!

Yu Zhen paused, he had a keen eye for people and could sense some of the other’s intentions. From King Yan’s expression, he saw confusion and disappointment, but he wasn’t sure if the man had actually discovered his identity. He hesitated for a moment before reluctantly replying, “Um, yeah. Yes, that’s right.” As he should be.


The atmosphere cooled down, King Yan became solemn and dignified, exuding a regal aura.

Liu Yu Zhen was taken aback by his solemn gaze, few people besides his captain had such charisma. He relished this kind of pressure, deep down, he truly did. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have followed his captain to join the Criminal Investigation Special Operations Unit A2203, embarking on this road of death.

Realizing he was being swayed by this charisma, Liu Yu Zhen felt a sudden awkwardness. He hastily grabbed the blanket at the foot of the bed to cover his naked body and said in a low voice, “Anyway, I didn’t know where Princess Zhi Jun was in the first place. Relying on me, maybe I could help you find her.”

“You expect Ben Wang to rely on you?” King Yan’s tone was extremely arrogant and disdainful, as if he had heard an absurd tale from outer space, yet he couldn’t help but smirk.

“What’s wrong with that? Once I recover my strength…” Yu Zhen glanced sideways and caught King Yan casting a lecherous glance at his body. He quickly curled up towards the head of the bed, gesturing politely, “I need to rest for a bit, could you please leave first?”

Coincidentally, the voice of a eunuch delivering a message sounded outside the door, interrupting the awkward situation between the two.

“Your Majesty, Crown Prince Liu Ling of the Liu Country seeks an audience.”

Upon hearing the name that had just been mentioned, King Yan’s smile became even more arrogant.

He looked at Yu Zhen, who wore a look of embarrassment and confusion. This name had been called out countless times during the days when Prime Minister Liu was imprisoned, as if it were his talisman. Only the owner of this name could save him. As long as he uttered this name, the pain would subside.

So, to see the person in front of him react so unfamiliarly to this name was simply incomprehensible.  


“Liu Yu Zhen, Ben Wang knows you’re quite remarkable. When it comes to cunning, who can outwit you? But Ben Wang will give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you truly don’t know where Zhi Jun is. But mark my words, there are plenty of people who want you dead. Whether you’ve forgotten or your brain’s gone bad, don’t stir up trouble for me.”

Yu Zhen turned his head away, ignoring him. Locked up as he was, what trouble could he possibly cause?

King Yan got off the bed, then suddenly turned back to approach Yu Zhen, a smirk playing on his lips. “You said Ben Wang should rely on you. Do you intend to take back your words?”

No way! Are you serious? 


Yu Zhen felt as though a heavy stone was pressing down on his heart, but denying it outright would be too shameful. He muttered inwardly, “Your hearing truly astounds me.”

When he glanced back, he once again met King Yan’s domineering gaze, causing his heart to pound heavily. He quickly averted his gaze.

He thought he wouldn’t experience this feeling again even after death, but unexpectedly, here it was, so close to him. That person made his heart race time and time again.

“I’ll come to see you tonight. If you want to rest, you’d better do it now,” King Yan said, then unexpectedly pinched Yu Zhen’s chin and fiercely kissed him. Yu Zhen shivered in shock, nearly striking out at King Yan.

“You’re coming tonight?!” Yu Zhen widened his eyes.

He had had enough. He didn’t understand what King Yan’s deal was, why he was so interested in kissing him. Was he going to keep venting his anger at Prime Minister Liu on him? It was so unreasonable! But then again, did he really not want to see that man with such charisma again?

Before he could complain, King Yan had already left the room.

The cold and empty palace, with only Yue Lan and two young maidservants to attend to him, was eerily quiet. Yue Lan was gentle and quiet, which Yu Zhen liked; he hated noise. Although he disliked the loneliness, this environment was perfect for recuperating.


As soon as King Yan left, it felt like his world had returned to peace, but it also left him feeling a bit unsure amidst the haze.

Accustomed to being burdened by tasks, accustomed to being highly vigilant, even though he had come to this era, he couldn’t shake off these habits.

However, Prime Minister Liu’s body was just too weak. Once he closed his eyes, the outside world seemed almost irrelevant to him, and he unwittingly slipped into a dream.

He didn’t know how long he had been sleeping when he faintly felt someone nudging him. “Prime Minister, Prime Minister.” 

“What’s the matter…” Yu Zhen hadn’t slept this well in a long time. Not only was the soreness in his body gradually fading, but his strength was also gradually returning. How could someone cruelly interrupt such a comfortable nap?

Still drowsy, the voice of the woman seemed to be Yue Lan’s. There was no one else in the room.

He opened his dark eyes, and out of disdain for this comfort, he immediately woke up and sat up straight. “What’s going on?”

This sudden movement startled Yue Lan, who stuttered, “Prime Minister, the Crown Prince, he… he’s come to the Yan Kingdom.” 

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