Don’t Sink Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Is the Bed Big Enough?

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The scent of the sea became increasingly salty and humid. Dong Dong struggled on the beach, leaving deep footprints in the sand.

He chased after the unreachable cruise ship, finally tumbling into the icy seawater. He exerted all his strength, swimming towards the direction of the cruise ship.

Seawater filled his lungs, squeezing and robbing him of the limited air. He could no longer distinguish whether the salty, wet taste in his mouth was his tears or the true taste of seawater.

When he surfaced again, the tail of the cruise ship was already out of sight. Dong Dong stood there, bewildered.

He watched Shen Yao as if two people from different worlds were parting, bidding farewell to his never-to-begin first love.

Dong Dong floated on the surface of the sea.

For the first time, he cried out Shen Yao’s true name:

“Shen Yao—!!”

But all he received was an echo, as if he were responding to himself.


Guan Shu stood beside Shen Yao, retracting his gaze from the sea. With a touch of sarcasm, he commented, “He really likes you.”

“Is that so?”

In the midst of this vast sea, Shen Yao’s path was completely cut off, and all he could see was the boundless deep blue.

Shen Yao’s expression appeared calm as he looked at Guan Shu. He asked, “So, does he like me more, or do you like me more?”

“Or maybe you like me more?”

His gaze briefly paused on Yan Zhixing, then he turned to Xu Yibai and asked, “Or perhaps you love me the most?”

Before they could respond, Shen Yao spoke first, “It’s okay. It takes a month to sail back from here on the cruise ship. We have plenty of time. Take your time to decide.”

The ties that held their relationships together were missing, and any temporary peace would remain just that, never becoming true harmony.

The month he would spend on the cruise ship should be peaceful.

“It’s a bit cold.”

Shen Yao was about to leave the swaying deck and head into the warm room.

At the very moment he was about to step inside…

His glands started to tingle once again, a subtle warmth spreading through his body. Hot breath escaped his nostrils, and sweat drops formed on his forehead uncontrollably.

A familiar sensation surged through his body, stronger than any previous occurrence.


The suppressed desire from earlier surged forth suddenly. Shen Yao’s legs gave way, and his knees landed heavily on the deck.

“Shen Yao!”

A chaotic mix of footsteps and anxious voices immediately reached his ears. Shen Yao paid no attention to the pain in his knees, nor to whose arm supported him.

Trembling, he covered his glands with his hand. His voice, along with the scorching breath, emerged together:

“…it hurts.”

The mark belonging to Guan Shu was still present on his gland.

When he caught a whiff of a different Alpha’s pheromones in the air, the stinging sensation in his gland shifted into an itch, a craving for an Alpha’s canines to forcefully sink in and puncture his gland.

Guan Shu’s hand rested on his shoulder, but Shen Yao shook it off and leaned sideways, falling into Xu Yibai’s embrace, enveloped by the strong fragrance of windchimes.

The itching in his glands intensified, and Shen Yao was half-kneeling on the ground. He completely disregarded the other two Alphas, incessantly burrowing into Xu Yibai’s arms. He even reached out, haphazardly pulling at his clothes and groping him.

Shen Yao pounced on Xu Yibai, causing a layer of restrained sweat to form on his body. Unused to being observed by others, Xu Yibai grabbed Shen Yao’s wrist.

His legs completely enveloped Shen Yao, and when Xu Yibai securely held his waist, he swatted away Guan Shu’s hand, which had reached out with prominent veins.

Xu Yibai’s memories weren’t completely clear yet, but he stared at Guan Shu with a gaze one would use on an enemy, saying something he would never say according to his usual personality:

“Why are you reaching for my wife?”

Guan Shu was driven nearly insane with jealousy. Not only did Shen Yao refuse to even glance at him, but he also leaned so heavily on Xu Yibai.

The stark contrast drove Guan Shu close to losing his composure. It was only because of Shen Yao’s abnormal behavior that he suppressed his overwhelming impulse.

Alphas indeed held a fatal allure for an Omega in heat, but Shen Yao clung only to Xu Yibai, more like an addiction to his pheromones.

Yan Zhixing also clearly sensed something was amiss with Shen Yao. “Jian Ran!”

For various reasons, Jian Ran had been by Yan Zhixing’s side all along. Upon hearing the call, he rushed over immediately.

The luxurious cruise ship was equipped with comprehensive medical facilities to handle various emergencies. There were even several doctors on standby around the clock.


However, Shen Yao still refused to let go. His entire body was pressed against Xu Yibai’s, and in frustration, Guan Shu clenched his teeth and used his hand to encircle Shen Yao’s waist, forcefully pulling him away from Xu Yibai.


Shen Yao slowly and groggily opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Jian Ran, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

A needle was inserted into the back of his hand, and the cold drip slowly entered his body through the IV tube, helping him maintain a sense of calm.

Jian Ran pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and couldn’t help but sigh. He spoke, “Based on your past medical reports, your glands are inherently defective, and coupled with the surgeries you underwent later, you’re unable to be permanently marked by an Alpha.”

Shen Yao nodded, agreeing. His sixth sense kicked in, and he subconsciously grabbed the bedsheets, almost causing the needle on his hand to slip. He had a vague sense that something was amiss.

“During this period, you’ve been receiving injections to disguise yourself as a Beta. But these injections have had a significant impact on your body, causing a mild disturbance in your pheromones.”

“The suppressants are also no longer effective for you.”

“Which means…”


Just then, the door opened from the outside. Jian Ran’s gaze instinctively lifted from the documents in his hand, landing on the three Alphas.

Despite their different appearances and personalities, their gazes upon Shen Yao held a certain similarity.

Jian Ran tried to convey the information to Shen Yao in the most delicate manner possible:

“Other Omegas only need to receive their Alpha’s mark during their heat, but for you, Alphas who’ve once marked you for life, they’ve all become your Alphas.”

It took Shen Yao some time to process his words. Eventually, he raised his eyes uncontrollably, his pupils constricting, his voice taking on a higher pitch as he asked:

“Are you joking with me?”


Perhaps because the reality seemed too absurd, rarely losing his composure, his emotions were on full display.

Shen Yao tugged at the corner of his mouth, speaking in a tone devoid of emotion as he stated the plain truth, an ironic smile tugging at his lips:

“So, are you saying that every heat from now on, I have to be with each of them? Should we take turns, one by one, or just all together? Is the bed big enough?”

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