Don’t Sink Chapter 105

Chapter 105 “Imposter!”

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Jian Ran was left blushing by Shen Yao’s straightforward words. He stammered for a while, unable to form a coherent response, and eventually escaped the oppressive atmosphere of the room.

Yan Zhixing and the others had seen this report even before Shen Yao. Each of them had a serious expression, their brows furrowed, and their mouths and foreheads emanating a cold aura.

Throughout their entanglement, they had never considered peaceful coexistence, nor had they thought about letting go.

They still wanted to monopolize Shen Yao, but circumstances were forcing them toward polygamy.

“Jian Ran.”


Yan Zhixing interrupted Jian Ran, who was about to remove the needle from Shen Yao. He looked at Shen Yao and asked in a low voice, “Can he still be permanently marked by other Alphas?”

“He can,” Jian Ran replied cautiously, then carefully stepped out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him to give them enough privacy.

“This won’t prevent him from being marked by other Alphas, and the consequences will be the same.”

His response only made the already quiet room even quieter.

They exchanged reluctant glances, forced into this kind of harmony, bound together by this abnormal connection, maintaining a superficial peace.

Having experienced deception, having experienced loss—

For the next few decades, they would be watching Shen Yao, preventing him from seeking out other Alphas.

These were the shackles binding Shen Yao, and also the collars that held them.


At this moment, Xu Yibai’s pheromones had an immense attraction for Shen Yao. The effects of the medicine had faded, and his blood was now boiling.

Shen Yao sobbed as he sat on top of Xu Yibai. His lips and teeth kissed and nipped at Xu Yibai’s neck, leaving wet kisses in their wake. He spoke incoherently:

“So hot… uncomfortable…”

Shen Yao, just like before, was tormented by irresistible desire, seeing the other Alphas present as if they were invisible, only alluring Xu Yibai.

Before Xu Yibai could stop him, Shen Yao had already removed his pants. With his long, slender legs exposed to the air, he gently rubbed against Xu Yibai’s leg.

Omegas in heat had no shame. If their Alpha didn’t help them, they would take the initiative. Shen Yao extended his hand, placing it on Xu Yibai’s leg, only to have his wrist grabbed and restrained by the sweat-soaked Xu Yibai.


“Why wait?” Shen Yao tilted his head up, his drooping eyes carrying a hint of grievance. “Don’t you like me…?”

He knew just how to play his cards with an Alpha, and this question almost caused Xu Yibai to lose control. Shen Yao even nipped at Xu Yibai’s Adam’s apple, the blood vessels in his throat pulsating intensely.

It had been a long time since Xu Yibai had heard Shen Yao use this tone to act cute with him, especially in front of Guan Shu and Yan Zhixing.

Shen Yao couldn’t see the two of them, he only cared about whether Xu Yibai liked him or not.

Xu Yibai lowered his head and kissed Shen Yao gently, coaxing him, “How could I not like you?”


The door was forcefully slammed shut with full strength, the display of affection between them irritating Guan Shu. He couldn’t tolerate staying in the same place any longer and stormed out of the room. If it wasn’t for Yan Zhixing standing behind him, they would have looked just like a loving couple.

He held Shen Yao tightly, but his gaze shifted to the not-so-distant figure. He wanted to drive him away too:

“Why are you still here? What are you doing, watching us? Do you have this kind of fetish?”

“Get out.”

However, Yan Zhixing had remained standing to the side, unmoving. He stared at the entangled figures of Shen Yao and Xu Yibai, his hand pulling off the coat that had been draped over him all this time, finally fully exposing his own glands.

On his once-smooth gland, there were now countless unidentified puncture marks.


Yan Zhixing slowly rolled up his sleeves and took step by step towards the bed. At the same time, he released his own pheromones.

Having gone through countless experiments, what appeared in the air was no longer sandalwood, but the scent of wind chime flowers. Due to the influence of his own pheromones, the fragrance wasn’t quite the same. With a faint trace of sandalwood, it resembled more the scent of wind chime flowers that grew in a temple.

Xu Yibai’s pupils widened. His immediate reaction was to hold Shen Yao tightly by the waist, not letting him move away from his side.

The similar scents of the two pheromones momentarily confused Shen Yao, freezing his movements. He slowly raised his cheek from where it had been nestled against Xu Yibai’s neck.

No longer solely dependent on Xu Yibai, Shen Yao stared blankly as Yan Zhixing approached him. When Yan Zhixing touched his cheek, Shen Yao subconsciously turned his head, pressing his cheek against Yan Zhixing’s hand.

In his foggy state of mind, Shen Yao couldn’t distinguish between them. He was more easily controlled by his Omega instincts. When Yan Zhixing kissed him, he didn’t resist, but closed his eyes and went along with it.

Xu Yibai watched as their lips and tongues pressed together, every detail of their entanglement clear to him. He heard the sounds of their exchanged saliva.

Smelling the pheromones that should have belonged only to him in the air, Xu Yibai’s brain buzzed. He lost control, angrily grabbed Yan Zhixing’s collar, and landed a punch on his cheek. Through gritted teeth, he cursed:

“Did you think that by changing your pheromone scent, Shen Yao would look at you more? That you could become his Alpha? In the end, aren’t you just a fake? Just a substitute?”

Yan Zhixing wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, his expression devoid of emotion. He used the opportunity to embrace the approaching Shen Yao, raising an eyebrow coolly as he retorted:

“Is it that important?”

“You see, isn’t it effective now?”

He had always pursued results, never fixating on methods.

“And besides, why wouldn’t I count as his Alpha?”


Guan Shu stood alone outside.

He had already marked Shen Yao once. What would happen next in the room had nothing to do with him. He knew he couldn’t stop it, but he also couldn’t accept or endure watching Shen Yao make love to other Alphas.

Guan Shu stood in the corridor, smoking a cigarette. He deliberately opened the window, letting the sea breeze blow in, which helped calm him down.

Behind him was the thin door, separating him from Shen Yao.

Guan Shu’s gaze fell on the deep blue sea, but all he could see were images of Shen Yao with someone else in bed. He had slept with Shen Yao many times, and he knew every expression he made in bed.

If Shen Yao was facing him, his hands would tremble as they hesitantly wrapped around the Alpha’s shoulders, eventually giving in and falling onto the bed.

This was the best way to see his beautiful face clearly – the cold, distant expression overlaid with other shades, fragile and delicate. Guan Shu could watch his tears fall and even kiss away the pearl-like droplets from the corners of his eyes, though he intentionally refrained from wiping them away.

When Shen Yao knelt, he would invariably try to escape. He would crawl forward on his knees, only to be dragged back by the ankle by Guan Shu’s keen senses. It was a futile endeavor.

Omega physiology was too delicate to withstand Alpha desires. Each time, Shen Yao would deliberately provoke him, then absolve himself of responsibility.

Such vivid imaginations now only ignited jealousy in Guan Shu’s heart.

The cigarette between his fingers was half burned. Unable to bear it any longer, Guan Shu crushed it in his palm, extinguishing it. He cut off all fantasies in his mind, kicked open the door with determination once more.


The scene inside the room was incredibly chaotic.

Yan Zhixing was bending over, fingers tightly gripping Shen Yao’s chin, squeezing the flesh on his face, and kissing Shen Yao until his face turned bright red, saliva trickling down from his overwhelmed mouth.

While being kissed by him, Shen Yao was held by Xu Yibai, devoid of strength, sitting on his lap, pressed against him without any gap. He relied on Xu Yibai for support, his bare body trembling uncontrollably in the air.

Xu Yibai kissed Shen Yao’s shoulder, his hand reaching forward to rest on the silver ring on Shen Yao’s chest.

Guan Shu’s gaze swept under them. He approached, getting closer to the not-so-large bed.

“Xu Yibai.”

“Do you also like kissing the mole on his shoulder?” he mocked.

“That belongs only to me.”

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