Don’t Sink Chapter 108

Chapter 108: If Shen Yao Became Young (Bored Writing)

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After waking up, Shen Yao had transformed into a five or six-year-old appearance. His baby fat hadn’t completely disappeared from his face. His rosy cheeks were flushed from sleep, and his eyes, just opened, were misty.

Incredibly adorable.


Rough and tough Guan Shu would act straightforwardly, using his palms to lift Shen Yao’s armpits and lifting him off the ground to examine his cheeks while suspended in the air.

Shen Yao’s cuteness was enough to melt hearts, but Guan Shu maintained a strained expression, and his ears turned slightly red.

The miniaturized Shen Yao felt insecure at this height, feeling uncomfortable being held. With his chubby little hands wrapped around Guan Shu’s neck, he softly said, “It hurts.”

Guan Shu set him down, squatting beside him. Shen Yao’s fair face seemed as soft as cotton, and Guan Shu couldn’t resist reaching out and pinching it gently, using the slightest force to leave a red mark on the delicate skin.

Guan Shu murmured softly, “How was he so delicate when he was little…”

Shrunken Shen Yao still had a fiery temper. He wrinkled his reddened nose and turned his face away, saying, “Don’t pinch my cheeks…”

Now, he looked even more delicate, and his pouty expression when he was angry made him resemble a child.

Guan Shu found him even cuter.


Xu Yibai’s expression showed surprise but quickly returned to calm. He sat Shen Yao down at the edge of the bed, his legs too short to reach the floor.

Dipping a towel in hot water, he bent down and gently wiped Shen Yao’s face dry. Then, he carried him to the bathroom, squeezed toothpaste onto a toothbrush, and coaxed him, saying, “Open your mouth.”

Shen Yao obediently opened his mouth, revealing his milk teeth, allowing Xu Yibai to brush his teeth for him.

Xu Yibai intended to prepare breakfast but hesitated, so he cradled Shen Yao in his left arm while using his right hand to flip a spatula and a spoon for cooking.

The breakfast they made turned into a whimsical display: the bread was shaped like little bears, and the fried eggs were heart-shaped.

Shen Yao grabbed a spoon and forcefully jabbed it into the bear’s eye on the bread with the first stab, then he bit off one of its ears.


Yan Zhixing had been watching him. He appeared composed, but he had no idea where to start.

Instinctively, he was about to call his assistant in, but he didn’t want anyone to see Shen Yao like this. So, he silently bent down, trying to pick Shen Yao up.

“Do you know how to carry someone…?”

Shen Yao stepped back a couple of steps distrustfully, almost tripping over himself. However, Yan Zhixing managed to grab his soft arm.

Yan Zhixing’s actions were a bit awkward, but he held Shen Yao steadily, with a gentle touch.

He had important work to handle, so he let Shen Yao rest against his legs while he opened the documents on his desk.

He meticulously reviewed the documents, not turning a page for two whole hours. His focus was entirely on Shen Yao, nestled in his arms.

Shen Yao slept soundly, curled up. Afraid that he might fall, Yan Zhixing kept his hand protectively in front of him.

He restrained himself, again and again. Finally, while Shen Yao was asleep, he carefully reached out and gently touched his face.

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