Don’t Sink Chapter 107

Chapter 107 – The End 

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Another early winter arrived, with a light snowfall outside – this year’s first snow.

Shen Yao stood in front of the cemetery, looking up at the sky. Delicate snowflakes landed on his eyelashes, quivered briefly, and then melted.

He had always been sensitive to the cold. He lowered his head, burying half of his face in the high collar of his sweater. Glancing at his phone, he saw a series of missed calls.

Shen Yao was used to it – whenever he disappeared for a while, his phone would be bombarded with calls.

They were always so afraid, their insecurity making them clingy and possessive. They only behaved better when they were sure Shen Yao wouldn’t leave their side.

Honestly, it could be quite annoying sometimes.

He didn’t answer a single call. Putting his phone back in his pocket, he stood quietly at the entrance.

Before long, a black car sped toward him, screeching to a halt nearby.

Yan Zhixing stepped out of the driver’s seat, holding a black umbrella to shield Shen Yao from the falling snow. He extended his other hand, asking, “Are you cold?”

“It’s fine.”

Shen Yao placed his cold, reddened fingers in Yan Zhixing’s hand, which quickly found its way into the warmth of his coat pocket. He could feel the vibrating phone tucked inside.

He paused for a moment and asked, “Your phone has been ringing non-stop. Aren’t you going to answer?”

“No,” Yan Zhixing’s expression remained neutral as he silenced his phone. Opening the passenger door, he gestured for Shen Yao to get in, “Nothing urgent.”


Shen Yao didn’t ask much and naturally got into the car as he observed Yan Zhixing’s expression. He could guess that the calls were probably from Guan Shu or Xu Yibai. Strangely, they had exchanged numbers after knowing each other for so long, despite growing more repulsed by each other with each call because Shen Yao didn’t like answering his phone.

Each time they called each other, they had to do some serious mental preparation.

Shen Yao had inadvertently seen Guan Shu’s phone, where Xu Yibai was saved as “Green Arrow Guy*” and Yan Zhixing as “Coffin Face.”
* calling him to be green tea b*tch

Of course, in Xu Yibai’s contacts, Guan Shu was simply labeled as a “simple-minded brute.” 

As for Yan Zhixing, he didn’t even leave a contact name. Both Guan Shu and Xu Yibai were just a series of cold phone numbers in his phone.

When they arrived, Guan Shu was waiting downstairs.

Guan Shu rushed over immediately, not sparing a glance at Yan Zhixing. He picked up Shen Yao, gave him a kiss on the lips, then naturally held his other hand, trying to pull him away from Yan Zhixing.

Two opposing forces clashed.

“Are you guys playing tug-of-war with me?” Shen Yao frowned. “Let go.”

Xu Yibai had arrived much earlier and had already set up a table full of dishes.

As he opened the door, Xu Yibai, wearing an apron, walked out of the kitchen, holding a plate in his hands. Guan Shu looked at him with disdain, “I don’t want to eat anything you’ve cooked. Who knows if you’ve poisoned it?”

“Keep dreaming,” Xu Yibai, still wearing the apron, placed the plate on the table. “I only cook for Shen Yao.”

Guan Shu sneered, thinking that anyone could cook. Without hesitation, he walked into the kitchen. Xu Yibai sat down next to Shen Yao, looking natural.

Within seconds, they heard a very irritable voice coming from the kitchen:

“Xu Yibai!”

“You used up all the ingredients I bought. What am I supposed to cook with now?! Don’t you have money? Do you have to use other people’s stuff?!”

“I just wanted to cook for Shen Yao, but I didn’t expect you to be so petty about such a small matter,” Xu Yibai responded calmly, “How much? I’ll give you ten times that.”

“Don’t you shift the blame onto me! Who needs your measly money?!” Guan Shu stormed out angrily. He noticed that both available seats next to Shen Yao were taken, so he unreasonably leaned his arm on the back of Yan Zhixing’s chair, gesturing him to leave, “I want to sit next to Shen Yao. You go sit across from him.”

“Last time, you were the one sitting next to Shen Yao,” Yan Zhixing said. “Besides, first come, first served.”

Shen Yao preferred peace and quiet, and the argument was making his head ache. He put his chopsticks down, the clatter against the table catching their attention. He looked at both of them:

“Are you two done yet?”

“It’s indeed very annoying. I don’t know what they’re arguing about,” Xu Yibai reached out to fill Shen Yao’s bowl with soup and suggested, “Should we ask them to step outside?”

“You’re instigating a separation, aren’t you, a eunuch, whispering into Shen Yao’s ear?”

“No,” Xu Yibai maintained a serene expression, delivering the most powerful words with calmness, “I’m nothing special, just the legally married husband with Shen Yao’s marriage certificate.”


Shen Yao’s home had a guest bedroom and a sofa, in addition to the master bedroom. Actually, if you counted carefully, there was enough space for all of them to live together. But in reality, they rarely appeared at Shen Yao’s place at the same time, often arguing about who would sleep in the master bedroom with Shen Yao.

Except for special occasions, like today, which was Shen Yao’s birthday.

He received three gifts and had three Alphas who insisted on celebrating his birthday with him.

“Guan Shu.”

A birthday cake was placed in front of Shen Yao. He didn’t enjoy these kinds of ceremonies, but he suddenly wanted to do something. He extended his hand to light the candles.

Guan Shu, who had been watching him, had an unexpectedly hopeful look on his face. He asked coyly, “What is it?”

Shen Yao slowly spoke, “You mentioned last time that your ID’s birthdate was incorrect, and in fact, you’re a few days younger than me…”


Guan Shu didn’t expect him to still remember this matter. His heart tightened.

“So, call me ‘older brother.'”

Guan Shu didn’t even think about it and immediately refused, with a strong tone, “I won’t call you that!!! What’s the point of calling you ‘older brother’ when we’re only a few days apart?!!!”

“I haven’t really made any birthday wishes before. The only wish I have now is this,” Shen Yao didn’t force him. He slowly lowered his hands that had been in a praying position, looking down. “If you’re not willing to call me that, then forget it. It’s just a birthday, I can manage without it. We won’t blow out the candles, it doesn’t matter.”

It was a unique pleasure to watch a rival make a fool of themselves. Xu Yibai and Yan Zhixing did their best to fuel the flames.

“Is this what you call loving Shen Yao?”

“You can’t even say ‘older brother’ just once?”

Guan Shu questioned, “Why aren’t you guys saying it?”

Yan Zhixing’s eyebrow raised slightly, “Unfortunately, we all seem to be older than Shen Yao.”

Guan Shu clenched his fist, looking at the candles burning more brightly, and forcefully opened his mouth, “Older…”

Saying that one word was even more difficult than when he trained to eat bugs. He used all his strength, overcame the feeling of embarrassment, and managed to utter the first word. But the second word got stuck in his throat and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t say it. Finally, he abruptly stood up from his chair, his ears bright red. He shouted at Shen Yao, a mix of anger and embarrassment:

“Older Brother! Older Brother! Older Brother!!! Are you satisfied now? If that’s not enough, should I say it a few more times? Is that good enough for you?!”

After taking so much advantage of Shen Yao, hearing him call “older brother” so many times, he was finally being forced to return the favor a little.

Teasing Guan Shu was a lot of fun for Shen Yao. He laughed until his eyes curved, looking extremely mischievous, like a beautiful little fox.

Guan Shu stared at the smile on Shen Yao’s face, and for a moment, he saw the mischievous look from when Shen Yao had caught the fish during their high school days.

Forget it, he thought. It’s just calling him a few times.

Outside the window, snowflakes fluttered down softly. The first snowfall gradually intensified, turning into a rare and beautiful snowy scene. Yet, their eyes were focused on Shen Yao’s face as he blew out the candles.

Shen Yao’s eyelashes lightly drooped, the flickering candlelight cast its reflection on his face, swaying in the wind.

The Alphas couldn’t cease their endless arguments, yet at this moment, they were also quietly making wishes—

Forever, hoping that Shen Yao would love them a little more.

Even in death, this abnormal yet stable relationship would persist.

【End of Main Story】

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