Don’t Sink Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Dependency Syndrome

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As the sun set over the horizon, a ray of golden light shone through the gap in the curtains and illuminated the wooden floor.

Shen Yao laid on the sofa, sleeping with his head resting on Xu Yibai’s leg. The air conditioner was on in the living room, and he was covered with a small blanket.

The piercing sunlight grazed his closed eyes, leaving a sacred golden glow on his cheeks. His eyelashes looked like angel wings, as if they were a picture appearing in the clouds.

However, in his sleep, Shen Yao frowned and covered his eyes with his hand, turning over with his back to the window.

He murmured in his sleep, “Xu Yibai…”

Xu Yibai made a sound of acknowledgment and lifted the sheet music in his hand to block the sunlight for Shen Yao. He also pulled up the small blanket that was covering him.

Shen Yao slowly woke up after sleeping for the entire afternoon. He lifted his chin and looked at Xu Yibai from an odd angle, but even so, Xu Yibai still looked good. Shen Yao began to yawn again and reached up to touch Xu Yibai’s lips. “What time is it?”

Xu Yibai didn’t dodge and checked the clock before answering, “It’s a little after four.”

Shen Yao slowly climbed off the sofa and knelt on the soft cushion. He leaned forward to kiss the mole on Xu Yibai’s nose, and his hair fluttered in the wind.

Today marks the seventh day since he broke up with Xu Yibai, and it was also their third day together in this apartment. The temporary mark on his body disappeared after only half a day, and the only mark left was the faint trace of the bite mark, which had become smooth again. He was once again like an omega without an alpha.

These past few days, Shen Yao had been obedient and stayed close to Xu Yibai at all times. Whenever Xu Yibai left him for even a moment, he felt uneasy.

He seemed to have really broken up with Xu Yibai because he lacked a sense of security. Fearing that his own capricious behavior would make Xu Yibai angry, so now he wanted to cling to Xu Yibai.

Shen Yao held Xu Yibai close, their lips only an inch apart as he stared at him with a longing gaze, silently asking for a kiss.

After a few seconds of eye contact, Xu Yibai lowered his head slightly.

Shen Yao’s hand rested on his cheek as he leaned in for a kiss, and then he straddled Xu Yibai’s lap. This position was perfect for kissing, their lips pressed together. Shen Yao took the lead with his chin up, his shoulders tense and then relaxed. Their breaths were uneven, but they didn’t want to stop. Shen Yao’s hands unconsciously roamed and groped on Xu Yibai’s back.

At first, Xu Yibai’s hands were on Shen Yao’s shoulders, but they gradually slid down and settled on his waist.

The kiss eventually took on a different tone, and Xu Yibai picked Shen Yao up and closed the bedroom door.

Shen Yao had taken a week off from his dance troupe, originally intending to give Xu Yibai some space, but due to the recent chaos, he ended up taking a few more days off.

Everything seemed to be back to normal as Xu Yibai drove him to the dance troupe’s building. When they parted ways, Shen Yao kissed Xu Yibai’s cheek.

He walked into the dance studio like he had done so many times before, arriving early with only the teacher there.

When Zhuo Ran heard him come in, he turned around and asked with concern, “Yao Yao, you’re here? Auntie just got back and found out you had a fever. I made a pot of nourishing soup for you, remember to drink it at lunchtime.”

She and Shen Yao’s mother had been good friends since college and both joined the dance troupe together. Now, she was a teacher at the troupe.

“Auntie Zhuo,” Shen Yao put down his bag and replied, “I’m fine now, my fever has gone down.”

He smiled apologetically and said, “I won’t drink the soup, Auntie. You can take it back and give it to Uncle.”

Shen Yao’s rejection was within Zhuo Ran’s expectations. She sighed helplessly out of habit.

Ever since Shen Yao’s mother passed away, Zhuo Ran had wanted to help take care of Shen Yao but she only saw Shen Yao for the last time at the funeral.

When they met again, Shen Yao had already gone to college, and the once beautiful child had become even more attractive.

Zhuo Ran’s tears fell instantly, and she wanted to go hug Shen Yao, but he dodged her unnoticed.

Shen Yao handed her a tissue, he remembered calling her “Auntie Zhuo.”

But he kept a very distant relationship with her.

When the training ended, it was already late, and Shen Yao found Xu Yibai’s car in the parking lot. He tossed his shoulder bag and got in, saying, “Let’s go eat. I booked a table.”

Xu Yibai’s hand on the steering wheel paused, and he asked, “Where are we going?”

Shen Yao suddenly smiled, his mouth curling up, his smile pure and beautiful. He gave the address, the high-rise hotel where Xu Yibai had confessed his feelings to him years ago.

He looked at Xu Yibai and didn’t miss the expression on his face slowly changing. Shen Yao asked again, “Are you coming?”

Shen Yao knew that Xu Yibai was a person who cherished nostalgia, and he was always moved by the softest parts of his memories.

Xu Yibai’s tightly held mental defense began to slowly collapse, and his hand supporting the steering wheel slipped. He had been taking care of Shen Yao as usual these past few days, treating him kindly.

He didn’t refuse Shen Yao’s kiss, nor his intimate contact. He chose to believe Shen Yao’s words, that he broke up with him because he loved him too much. But there was still an insurmountable obstacle in Xu Yibai’s heart.

He turned his face, and the tight corners of his lips finally relaxed a bit. “Let’s go.” 

The room that Shen Yao had reserved was the same as before, with a vase of roses still on the table. The night scene outside looked like a starry river, reflected in Shen Yao’s eyes.

“I knew you were going to confess to me as soon as I walked in here,” Shen Yao said, smiling and propping up his face. “Because you were too obvious. Everything you wanted to say was written on your face.”

Xu Yibai stared at his face, slowly regaining his senses. “Really?”

“Yes,” Shen Yao smiled again and tapped Xu Yibai’s foot under the table. “So, are you not angry anymore?”

“I know I was impulsive… I won’t do it again.” Shen Yao looked at him sincerely. “Big brother, can you understand me? Will you forgive me?”

The violin outside played a peaceful melody. Xu Yibai’s hand hung limp on his leg. In the end, he softened like he had many times before.

“Okay,” he said in a hoarse voice, nodding. “But you can’t break up with me again.”

Shen Yao happily jumped up from his chair and hugged him. Xu Yibai raised his hand to embrace him.

But then he suddenly remembered that when Shen Yao had suggested breaking up with him before, it was also like this, digging up sweet memories between them and turning it into a surprise that made his heart tremble.

Xu Yibai breathed evenly, but he wondered, was this really a surprise and an apology? He accepted it, but would Shen Yao suggest breaking up with him again?

When he was lost in thought, Shen Yao held his hand and interlocked their fingers, saying, “Do you know why I prepared that solo dance?” Without waiting for Xu Yibai’s response, Shen Yao answered his own question, “If we really broke up, I want you to remember me forever.” Shen Yao didn’t lie about this sentence. He wanted to always look his best in Xu Yibai’s memory. That’s how it would be perfect.

Xu Yibai’s expression was slightly stunned. He remained silent for a long time before reaching out to touch Shen Yao’s cheek and compromised, “I was going to remember you forever anyway.”

The dishes in this hotel still had the same taste. While they were eating, Shen Yao’s phone rang, and he immediately felt nauseous.

Shen Fulin rarely called him, and he seldom contacted him for no reason. Usually, it meant that something was wrong.

Shen Yao put down his cutlery and, in Xu Yibai’s sight, naturally answered the phone, “Uncle, what’s up?”

Only he could hear the voice on the phone. When they were alone, Shen Fulin never pretended, but now the voice on the phone was gentle, like the mask he wore outside.

“Yao Yao, where are you now?”

“I’m eating outside,” Shen Yao paused for a moment, then asked, “Is there something wrong?”

“Come home for a visit,” Shen Fulin’s tone became more forceful again, “Tell me your address, and I’ll send a driver to pick you up.”

Shen Yao’s fingers fiddled with the back of his phone. He stayed quiet for a few seconds, but eventually lowered his gaze and told him the address.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yao shook his phone at Xu Yibai and frowned lightly. “It seems like there’s an emergency at home.”

Xu Yibai’s lips, which had just relaxed, tightened again. He stared at Shen Yao, his pupils deep black.

It was only then that Shen Yao realized that he had used the same excuse before. He never expected it to come in handy again.

It was understandable that Xu Yibai didn’t believe him.

“I lied to you last time, but this time it’s true,” Shen Yao said calmly. He patted Xu Yibai’s hand, trying to comfort him. “My uncle asked me to go home, didn’t you hear the phone call just now?”

However, Xu Yibai’s gaze remained stubborn.

Shen Yao could tell that he had finally calmed Xu Yibai down. He continued to hold his hand and shake it. “My uncle asked me to go back, and I have to go. I promise I’ll be back tonight.”

Xu Yibai looked at him quietly. He told himself that he had chosen to trust Shen Yao, so he shouldn’t doubt him anymore. Doubt was the most damaging thing to a relationship.

“You should go back,” Xu Yibai said. “Shen Yao, don’t lie to me again.”

After a while, Shen Yao’s phone rang again. It was Shen Fulin, asking him to come downstairs.

There was still a lot of food left on the table, so Shen Yao asked Xu Yibai to keep eating and hurried downstairs.

Xu Yibai stared at his back, gripping the handle of the knife and murmured to himself, “Don’t lie to me.”

As the elevator descended, there was a slight feeling of weightlessness. Shen Yao guessed that Shen Fulin must have had an urgent matter for him to rush home like this.

He took out his phone and quietly typed in a number. Yan Zhixing’s number was easy to remember, and Shen Yao had a good memory.

Even if Xu Yibai hadn’t noticed, he would have thrown away the business card, but Shen Yao had a habit of leaving himself an escape route. He had memorized Yan Zhixing’s number on the car ride over.

The black car was parked downstairs, and Shen Yao paused for a moment when he saw Chen Shuang get out of the driver’s seat.

Chen Shuang opened the car door for Shen Yao and made a gesture of invitation.

Shen Yao could see Yan Zhixing’s long legs wrapped in a suit and the forever pristine leather shoes on the other side of the seat.

He stood in place, hesitating to move.

“Shen Yao.”

It was the first time Shen Yao had heard Yan Zhixing call his name, his tone was cold and commanding, “Come in.”

Shen Yao still didn’t move.

Yan Zhixing noticed Shen Yao’s vague resistance and continued in a nonchalant tone, “I checked your information and went to see your uncle.”

Although Shen Yao had already guessed it, his expression still changed slightly when he heard this. He finally got into the car.

There was no car aroma installed in Yan Zhixing’s car, only the lingering smell of leather.

As Shen Yao took his seat, he asked, “Does Mr. Yan have something to discuss with me?”

“I gave you my business card,” Yan Zhixing’s gaze turned to him, his deep blue eyes locking onto Shen Yao’s, “Why didn’t you contact me?”

Shen Yao politely asked, “Shouldn’t you answer my question first?”

Yan Zhixing was shrouded in shadows, his superior face looking rather unfriendly. He probably had never been questioned like this before, and his gaze seemed to be fixed on Shen Yao.

Finally, he spoke, “What do you want?”

“I want many things,” Shen Yao’s hand rested on his leg, and he smiled as he continued, “The first thing I want is for you to break your promise, no matter what you promised Shen Fulin.”

Yan Zhixing nodded expressionlessly.

At this point, Shen Yao completely relaxed. He turned to Yan Zhixing and asked, “So what do you want?”

Yan Zhixing’s face showed no emotions, but he slightly turned the ring on his finger with his fingers. He had been looking for Shen Yao for so many years, not just because of that night’s affair, but for an even more important reason.

After marking Shen Yao, he could no longer smell the pheromones of any other omegas. Moreover, he developed a strong addiction and dependence on Shen Yao’s pheromones.

Whenever he smelled Shen Yao’s pheromones, he found it hard to control himself, he needed them like medicine.

Since that night, his pheromone stability had been in a state of extreme, often causing him to feel manic and agitated.

Medication and suppressants could no longer control him, and he desperately needed the soothing effects of omega pheromones.

He knew he could only have Shen Yao as an omega in his life.

This was a fatal weakness, and as an extremely cautious person, Yan Zhihang would not reveal the truth to Shen Yao until he was confident he could fully control him. He would not even tell him about what had happened years ago.

So, Yan Zhihang only said, “I want your pheromones.”

The doctor told him that these types of cases were reciprocal, that he had found this omega not only to save himself but also to save this omega.

Otherwise, over time, they would both inevitably lose their sanity without the soothing effects of pheromones.

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