Don’t Sink Chapter 13

Chapter 13: I Don’t Have Any Thoughts About Your Body

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“My… pheromones?”

This answer slightly surprised Shen Yao, and he repeated the words under his breath. He didn’t quite understand the implications and consequences of this statement, so he cautiously asked for clarification, “What exactly do you mean?”

“When I need it, for example, during an Alpha’s sensitive period, I need your pheromones to soothe me. Of course-“

Yan Zhixing paused, using a very calm tone to discuss the intimate matters between Alphas and Omegas, “If necessary, I will mark you.”

Shen Yao’s fingers trembled slightly as he lowered his gaze, avoiding Yan Zhixing’s eyes as he weighed the pros and cons in silence.

He could tell that in their previous encounters, Yan Zhixing didn’t have much of a favorable impression of him. But come to think of it, Yan Zhixing’s change of attitude towards him did start from the day he smelled Shen Yao’s pheromones.

Could it be that Yan Zhixing really liked his pheromones?

In this situation, Yan Zhixing didn’t even give him a chance to refuse.

Coincidentally, his twenty-second birthday was coming up in a few months.

On this night, Shen Fulin would prepare a grand birthday banquet for him, along with a secret auction where Shen Yao would be the commodity.

Yan Zhixing, with his high status and power, directly approached Shen Fulin. Given Shen Fulin’s timid and mouse-like nature, as long as he was with Yan Zhixing, he wouldn’t dare to make a move against him.

Yan Zhixing wanted to use him as a suppressant, and he saw Yan Zhixing as his protector, making it a fair trade.

If Yan Zhixing wanted this, he could afford to give it and bear the cost. So he could use Yan Zhixing for now.

Shen Yao nodded and smiled slightly, saying “Okay.” Then he asked in a slow and measured tone, “Does Mr. Yan really like my pheromones?”

As he spoke, he tentatively released his pheromones. Although only a hint of apricot blossom fragrance was emitted, Yan Zhixing’s expression still showed a slight change.

Yan Zhixing had just taken his medicine, so his pheromone levels were stable. Shen Yao’s delicate and fragrant pheromones could not have a soothing effect, but instead ignited a fire in his heart.

Fortunately, Shen Yao’s pheromones were weak enough that Yan Zhixing could remain in control. If it were during his heat period, and they were in a confined space like a car, Shen Yao would have already been pinned to the car door and marked by him.

Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple slid imperceptibly up and down, as he maintained his cold expression and said to Shen Yao, “When I don’t request it, I hope you can control your glands.”

“Sorry, I thought you wanted to smell it,” Shen Yao apologized sincerely, slowly retracting his pheromones.

Yan Zhixing opened the car window, letting the night breeze blow away the lingering scent in the car. Although the apricot blossom fragrance was already very faint, it still seemed to linger in his nostrils.

“Do you only need my pheromones?” Shen Yao asked casually. He couldn’t quite figure out if Yan Zhixing was satisfied with his pheromones or not.

If he wasn’t satisfied, why would he be so persistent in seeking him out? If he was satisfied, why would he show such resistance?

As Shen Yao stared at the raised veins on Yan Zhixing’s hand, Yan Zhixing spoke again in his cold tone, “Don’t worry, I don’t have any interest in your body.”

He grew up in a mansion like the Yan family, where money and power were the only things that mattered. Yan Zhixing had no interest in love and romance.

Apart from the time he was drugged in Youlan Pavilion, he was also affected by Shen Yao’s pheromones.

But that one time left Yan Zhixing with a vivid memory that haunted him for days. He would sit by his bed and tightly clench his lips, reliving that night in his dreams.

As time passed, he dreamt of Shen Yao less frequently, until it became rare.

Yan Zhixing didn’t think this was because he couldn’t forget Shen Yao. This was just an instinct as an Alpha being affected. He didn’t like others controlling his emotions, and Shen Yao’s pheromones had a great impact on him.

Marking and the soothing effect of pheromones were enough to alleviate his irritability. Yan Zhixing believed in his self-control.

“Ah… Okay.” Shen Yao smiled sheepishly, looking very gentle. He then asked casually, “Do we need to sign any agreement?”

“No need,” Yan Zhixing said, “Do you think our agreement will have any legal effect?”

Shen Yao was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but laugh.

What kind of agreement should he and Yan Zhixing sign? Whether it’s a sponsorship contract or an employment contract, neither seems appropriate.

Shen Yao also lowered the car window. Chen Shuang was a very competent driver, and the speed of the car was neither fast nor slow. The streetlights outside the car window were connected into a line.

He felt like his first negotiation with Yan Zhixing was over as the distance between them grew. He asked, “Are you taking me to the Shen mansion?”

“The estate.”

It was where they first met, and he didn’t expect Yan Zhixing to bring him home with him. Shen Yao thought about Xu Yibai, whom he had just comforted, “Mr. Yan won’t need me today, right?”

Yan Zhixing just thought that bringing Shen Yao home and living together would be more convenient. He raised his chin slightly and said expressionlessly, “Mmm.”

“Then, please take me back,” Shen Yao said naturally. “Mr. Yan, you came to watch my solo dance last time. You should know that I also have work to do. The estate is too remote, and it takes me a long time to get there. I’ll be late.”

“If you need me, call me.”

Chen Shuang slowly parked the car by the roadside, waiting for Yan Zhixing’s instructions. After a while, Yan Zhixing said, “Chen Shuang, take him back.”

The car turned around, and Yan Zhixing’s question returned to its original point. “What about the business card I gave you?”

“…Oops, I lost it. You won’t blame me, will you?” Shen Yao was quiet for a moment before answering obediently and innocently.

The already silent car became even quieter. It wasn’t until they passed a flower shop that was still open that Shen Yao suddenly spoke up, and Chen Shuang stopped the car.

Shen Yao ran down and quickly came back with a bundle of blue wind chimes, not taking more than two minutes. The bouquet swayed in the wind, and Shen Yao held it tightly, apologizing to Yan Zhixing, “The flowers at home withered, so I bought a new bouquet.”

Yan Zhixing just said, “Mmm,” indifferent to his actions.

Shen Yao opened the car door and politely thanked Yan Zhixing, saying, “Thank you, Mr. Yan.”

Yan Zhixing remained seated, his eyes revealing a deep blue hue in the darkness. “Mhmm,” he responded.

Shen Yao sat in the elevator, lightly sniffing the flowers in his arms. He unlocked the fingerprint lock and opened the door to his apartment. As expected, Xu Yibai was still awake.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room with the TV on, Xu Yibai didn’t seem to be paying attention. Shen Yao approached with a smile, almost leaping into Xu Yibai’s embrace. He presented the flowers he had hidden behind his back and said, “See? I told you I would come back to be with you.”

The sound of the television echoed in the room, but Xu Yibai paid no attention to the blue wind chime Shen Yao offered him. He suddenly pulled Shen Yao into his embrace, holding him tightly and breathing heavily on his neck.

Shen Yao quickly put down the bouquet in his hand to prevent it from being crushed.

He wrapped his arms around Xu Yibai’s shoulders and asked softly, though he already knew the answer, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Yibai didn’t speak, but held Shen Yao tighter. The light from the lamp cast the shadows of the two embracing figures on the floor.

Two peaceful weeks went by before Shen Yao finally received a call from Yan Zhixing. To be more precise, it was Chen Shuang who contacted Shen Yao on Yan Zhixing’s behalf, inviting him to dinner.

Shen Yao didn’t expect that the first time Yan Zhixing reached out to him would be for such a simple and ordinary matter.

During this time, Xu Yibai finally relaxed a bit towards him. He wanted to keep an eye on Shen Yao, but the concert was looming ahead, and he had already wasted a lot of time because of Shen Yao.

Xu Yibai often came back late and even had to go abroad again in a few days.

Shen Yao sent him a message, saying that the performance was tomorrow and he was going to have dinner with the dance troupe tonight.

He thought about it and decided to call Yan Zhixing.

When Shen Yao called, Yan Zhixing was in the top floor office talking to a prosecutor. He looked down at his phone and, in the end, answered the call under the gaze of the new prosecutor.

Shen Yao went straight to the point, “I’ll go there myself tonight, no need for Chen Shuang to pick me up.”

Yan Zhixing didn’t think Shen Yao was the kind of person who was afraid of causing troubles for others, but he wouldn’t interfere. He frowned and said, “Be there at six, don’t be late.”

The call was short and ended there.

“Finished chatting?” The prosecutor asked casually, then lowered his gaze and said, “Let’s continue the verification.”

The verification was almost done, they just needed to wrap up the final part. The prosecutor was wearing a black uniform and he put the items back in the box before bidding Yan Zhixing farewell, “Thanks for your cooperation.”

Yan Zhixing nodded and coldly saw him out.

During the journey to the exclusive private restaurant reserved by Yan Zhixing, there was some traffic, causing Shen Yao to arrive late. He followed the room number provided by Yan Zhixing and opened the door, only to be completely stunned.

Inside the private room was not only Yan Zhixing, but also a woman sitting opposite him. It was Yan Yuan, who had her hair pulled back and was wearing a silk dress that flowed down to her feet. She had her back to Shen Yao, but her outstanding temperament was recognizable at first glance.

Shen Yao’s feet stopped in the distance and refused to move. He only knew that he was here to have dinner, but had no idea that he would be having dinner with Yan Zhixing’s mother.

He had been with Xu Yibai for three years and had never met his parents. And now, in this inexplicable relationship with Yan Zhixing, he had been brought here to meet Yan Yuan without any prior notice.

Is Yan Zhixing crazy?

Yan Zhixing was facing him directly and saw Shen Yao standing motionless at the door. He calmly asked, “Shen Yao?”

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