Don’t Sink Chapter 17

Chapter 17: “Who would make their wife wait?”

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Several days later, on the day of the anniversary, it rained heavily. Shen Yao wore all black and refused to take the bodyguards with him. He held a black umbrella and seemed absent-minded.

The rain fell in fine strands and swayed in the wind, falling on Shen Yao’s shoulders where the umbrella failed to block it. Behind the towering white tombstone were rows of lush trees. Shen family’s ancestral tomb was not well attended, with no one else present except the bodyguards.

Shen Yao stood at the back, holding the umbrella and his eyes lowered. His dark eyes seemed to be enveloped in a mist due to the rain. He raised his head and saw Shen Fulin and Shen Shenmian in front of him.

Shen Fulin had an alpha son whom he had placed great hopes on, but Shen Mingri’s grades were too poor. Therefore, when he was still young, Shen Fulin sent him abroad. Without his father’s restraint, Shen Mingri felt even more liberated. He believed that the Shen family’s future belonged to him and spent his days enjoying himself. He only returned home occasionally during the Lunar New Year.

Shen Yao only saw him during this time, and Shen Mingri greeted him in a casual tone with a slight raise of his eyebrows and an indifferent “older brother”. His greeting lacked sincerity. While he did not harbor as much hostility towards Shen Yao as Shen Shenmian, he still looked down on him.

Every time he returned home, Shen Fulin would scold him severely, but Shen Mingri never listened. They always ended up quarreling, and then going their separate ways. The result was that Shen Fulin would freeze his bank account. Whenever this happened, Shen Mingri would come to Shen Yao, and ask to borrow money without letting Shen Fulin know.

Shen Yao was not short of money, and he always lent it to Shen Mingri while keeping it a secret from Shen Fulin.

The rain showed no signs of letting up, so Shen Yao handed the umbrella to his bodyguard and asked him to hold it. Holding the lit incense in his hand, Shen Yao finally walked forward, taking one step closer to the tombstone. The serene rain washed over the scene, and Shen Yao’s face remained expressionless as he bent down to offer incense to Shen Chen.

The black umbrella tilted with his movements, and the edge covered his forehead. Due to his posture, raindrops hung like crystal beads on his cheeks. He smelled the sandalwood burning and, because of his slow movements, some ashes fell on his fingertips and then were blown away.

Shen Yao stood up straight, but his gaze fell on the tombstone beside Shen Chen’s, which belonged to his parents. The two had a good relationship, and they were buried together. Their photo was well-preserved and placed inside the tombstone. Shen Yao inherited the best qualities of both parents, and both of their shadows could be found on his face.

Shen Fulin thoughtfully suggested, “Yao Yao, do you want to say a few words to your parents?”

Shen Yao did not move, only turning his gaze away and fixing it on the tombstone. He shook his head.

After Shen Yao and Yan Zhixing got together, Shen Fulin indeed became cautious and refrained from making any reckless moves. It wasn’t just his outward attitude; he also refrained from any clandestine actions.

However, today, Shen Yao’s lack of cooperation displeased him. Shen Shenmian, not wanting to get caught in the rain, left early, leaving Shen Fulin and Shen Yao walking side by side.

Shen Fulin dismissed the bodyguards around him before slowly speaking up, “Shen Yao, do you think that by getting involved with Yan Zhixing, you’ll be safe and protected?”

He doesn’t even know how Shen Yao got together with Yan Zhixing right under his nose. When Yan Zhixing came to the Shen family to look for him, Shen Fulin almost couldn’t keep a straight face.

Yan Zhixing wants Shen Yao, an omega, and Shen Fulin dare not stop him. He doesn’t know much about Yan Zhixing and cannot figure out whether he truly liked Shen Yao or was just attracted to his appearance.

The underground flesh trade is very secretive, and Shen Fulin dared not expose it easily. He can only force a smile and nod, saying, “But it also depends on whether Yao Yao likes Mr. Yan. As parents, we cannot force our children’s will.”

He never thought that they would actually end up together, and Yan Zhixing would take Shen Yao to attend various events. No matter what his feelings towards Shen Yao were, Shen Yao was the first omega to openly accompany Yan Zhixing.

With Yan Zhixing as his umbrella of protection, Shen Yao naturally has to hide his own secret actions from Shen Fulin.

Shen Fulin only felt slightly relieved when he saw the panicked and helpless expression on Shen Yao’s face. He looks at Shen Yao coldly and says, “Shen Yao, don’t forget, I know everything about you.”

Shen Yao’s face turned appropriately pale, looking fragile and vulnerable, as if he was really intimidated by Shen Fulin.

It was already noon by the time they returned from the cemetery. Shen Fulin asked Shen Yao to stay for lunch, and the servants prepared a table full of dishes. However, Shen Yao still had no appetite, and the only few bites he took were even snatched away by Shen Shenmian.

Shen Yao was used to Shen Shenmian’s childish behavior, as whenever he likes something, Shen Shenmian will try to snatch it away from him. For example, Shen Yao has been fond of dancing since he was young, and Shen Shenmian cried and begged to learn, but gave up after a short while and couldn’t persevere.

Shen Shenmian’s behavior once again earned him a rebuke from Shen Fulin. He angrily lowered his head and poked at his bowl with a chopstick. He didn’t think he was at fault, and even felt that Shen Yao snatched away his fatherly love.

The plate of food was pushed in front of Shen Yao again by Shen Fulin, but he still had no appetite. He reluctantly ate some, and then placed down his chopsticks.

Shen Fulin frowned, expressing concern. “Yao Yao, why aren’t you eating more? This amount won’t be enough.” 

Shen Yao’s face still appeared pale, as if he hadn’t fully recovered from Shen Fulin’s earlier threat. He forced a smile and said, “I feel a bit dizzy. I don’t have much of an appetite. I’ll go upstairs and lie down for a while.”

After entering his room at the Shen family’s house, Shen Yao’s expression changed. 

The room was still the same as it was when he lived here from childhood to high school graduation. When Shen Shenmian mentioned Guan Shu, he remembered that he left something in this room.

Shen Yao opened the cabinet and found an inconspicuous password box inside. He entered the code and opened it, revealing a glass trophy lying inside. The style of the trophy was not exquisite, but it was well preserved.

There were two names engraved on the base.

Guan Shu’s name was clearly and neatly carved, but the “Yao Yao” next to it was obviously not from the same person.

The person who engraved the names had put in great effort, carving them meticulously. However, the style was much wilder than the previous name, like vigorous grass.

After their breakup, Shen Yao threw away everything related to Guan Shu, but when he sorted out this trophy, he stared at it for a while and finally decided to keep it.

This trophy was a gift from Guan Shu to him.

When Shen Yao received this gift, it was during the hot summer of his second year of high school.

The temperature outside had soared to nearly 40 degrees during the day, and it only dropped at night. When Shen Yao was preparing to take a shower, he received a call from Guan Shu, who had been missing for three days.

Before he disappeared, Guan Shu had mysteriously said that he was going to do something big.

Since they were in a secret relationship, Guan Shu would wait for him at a distance from Shen Yao’s home to avoid being discovered. When Shen Yao arrived slowly, Guan Shu had been waiting under a street lamp for a long time.

Guan Shu was tall and stood with his hands in his pockets, leaning against an all-black motorcycle. He wore a black T-shirt and camouflage pants, and a pair of military boots on his feet. He appeared even taller, and the hormone scent emanating from him was palpable.

His hair was originally shaved very short, but because Shen Yao complained that it was too prickly to touch, Guan Shu grumpily said, “Then don’t touch it,” but secretly let it grow a little longer.

It wasn’t that long, but it was less prickly to the touch.

When Guan Shu saw Shen Yao walking towards him from afar, he couldn’t stand still. He walked over in big strides, and the first thing he did when he saw Shen Yao was to hug him.

He was half a head taller than Shen Yao and had to slightly bend his waist to rest his chin on Shen Yao’s shoulder. Guan Shu had broad shoulders and long legs, and he could completely wrap Shen Yao in his arms.

He complained a little dissatisfiedly, “Why did you make me wait so long? I’ve been feeding mosquitoes here for so long.”

Guan Shu’s appearance was indeed handsome, but he had a sharp and aggressive demeanor. Especially notable was the thin, elongated scar between his eyebrows, resembling a broken eyebrow. 

He had monolid eyes and a high-bridged nose. When he glanced at people with lowered eyes, there was always a sense of sharpness in his gaze. He seemed like an unsheathed blade. Many people at school were afraid to approach him upon seeing his face.

However, Shen Yao was not afraid of him at all. He smelled the shower gel on Guan Shu’s body and guessed that he had sweated a lot today, so he took a shower before coming to pick him up, or he would be despised. He was very satisfied, so he raised his hand and touched Guan Shu’s head, as if stroking an evil dog, “You can tell me next time you go out, I’ll come out earlier and wait for you.”

Guan Shu frowned, looking fierce, but muttered softly, “Who would make their wife wait…” He held Shen Yao’s hand while saying that and led him to the motorcycle.

Shen Yao followed him and didn’t hear what he said clearly, so he asked subconsciously, “What?”

Guan Shu was embarrassed to say it again. He was angry that Shen Yao didn’t hear him clearly and felt embarrassed to say it again. He had a stern face, then lifted Shen Yao up and let him sit on the back seat of the motorcycle.

His arm didn’t have large muscles, but it was also very sturdy. Shen Yao was light to him, and he lifted him up easily. Guan Shu took out a white helmet and carefully helped Shen Yao put it on.

Shen Yao cooperated with him as usual, and after putting on the helmet, only his eyes were visible.

He still remembered the words he didn’t hear clearly just now. Shen Yao’s hand was idle, so he casually grabbed Guan Shu’s clothes corner and smiled and asked, “What did you say just now?”

Guan Shu’s movements froze for a moment, and though his nervousness wasn’t very obvious, his Adam’s apple rolled silently. He withdrew his hand, propped it up next to Shen Yao, and formed a strong color difference with Shen Yao’s arm hanging down on the side.

Guan Shu licked his lips uneasily. It was night now, and Guan Shu’s skin was still wheat-colored, but his face was still very red.

“I said…”

After speaking, Guan Shu hesitated for a moment. He cleared his throat and used the back of his hand to wipe his nose before finally saying clearly:

“Who would let their wife wait?”

The moonlight softened the boy’s stiff facial features, giving him a touch of youthful innocence.

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