Don’t Sink Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Second-hand Goods

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With his tall stature and long legs, Guan Shu walked up to them in just a few steps. His gaze didn’t move to Shen Yao’s face, as if he had been looking in this direction the whole time instead of at Shen Yao.

“Uncle Gu, Aunt Gu, Sister Yunyun,” Guan Shu greeted them and explained, “My dad couldn’t come because he had something to do, so he asked me to apologize to you on his behalf.”

Uncle Gu chuckled, “What kind of big deal is that?”

Guan Shu and Yan Zhixing were both younger people he admired, and Uncle Gu wanted to introduce them to each other.

Guan Shu arrived late, and Yan Zhixing was a bit older. Uncle Gu first introduced Yan Zhixing, “Zhixing, this is Guan Shu, the son of General Guan.”

He was about to introduce Yan Zhixing to Guan Shu, but Guan Shu took the initiative to reach out his hand. Guan Shu graduated from a military academy and had also completed many missions. There were several scarred wounds on his palm.

“Mr. Yan,” Guan Shu’s black eyes were deep, “We’ve met before. Do you remember me?”

His tone was as calm as a deep lake, without any ups and downs. However, his gaze was like that of a nocturnal wolf, with a strong sense of oppression.

Yan Zhixing’s expression didn’t change as he shook Guan Shu’s hand. Their hands were about the same size, and they only shook hands briefly in the air, even shorter than the time it took for a needle to fall from a tabletop.

“Of course I remember, Prosecutor Guan.”

Guan Shu noticed the scratches on the back of his hand that had not yet healed, knowing that they were caused by the omega by his side using his claws.

He looked down for a moment, then shifted his gaze to Shen Yao’s face and casually asked, “Is this your omega?”

Yan Zhixing withdrew his hand, and having been asked this question so many times before, he nodded politely.

Guan Shu’s gaze fell on Shen Yao’s face, but it didn’t feel intrusive. He just took a glance and then withdrew it. His tone was natural, using the words that Yunyun had just said to praise him, “Very beautiful.”

This time, Shen Yao didn’t smile shyly like he did earlier, nor did he look at Yan Zhixing with affection. He politely nodded his head like an obedient and well-behaved vase, saying, “Thank you.”

Guan Shu now looked extremely calm, as if he was a stranger who had never met Shen Yao before, carrying a faint politeness and distance.

But then, Guan Shu suddenly pulled the corners of his mouth and added, “When Mr. Yan answered the phone in front of me, was it he who made the call?”

Yan Zhixing frowned and replied coldly with an “Mmm.”

This question from Guan Shu seemed inexplicable, making the atmosphere somewhat tense.

Uncle Gu had seen many situations like this before, so he came out to ease the situation, “Little Shu, when did you come back?” He patted Guan Shu’s back and said with joy, “I haven’t seen you for so many years, and now you look much more mature. It seems that the military academy has been somewhat useful after all.”

When Guan Shu was young, he was rebellious and often got into minor troubles. Starting from the time he could walk and run, Uncle Gu had heard about various incidents involving him. But the most frequently talked about incident was when Guan Shu broke several sticks with his bare hands.

Until high school, Guan Shu had restrained himself a lot and didn’t commit any major offenses. At first, Uncle Gu thought that Guan Shu had matured, but in the year he graduated, he did something that angered General Guan.

It was more serious than anything he had done before.

Guan Shu ended up in the hospital for half a month, and just as he was discharged, he was forcibly sent to military school and remained there for four years.

“Not long ago,” Guan Shu took a sip of his drink and answered, “I just came back a little over two months ago.”

Uncle Gu’s expression was somewhat nostalgic. “I didn’t expect you to become a prosecutor in the end. Your father told me you always wanted to join the special forces and go to the border with Flowing Eagle.”

Flowing Eagle was the most mysterious and powerful special forces unit, and only the top of the military pyramid could join them. The missions they undertook were also the most dangerous.

Based on Guan Shu’s graduation score, he could have easily joined Flowing Eagle, but he ended up back in the capital after going around in circles.

Being able to become a prosecutor was also top-notch in the military, with endless prospects, and it was safer than being in the special forces. Guan Shu became a prosecutor at a very young age and didn’t rely on his father’s help, which was very impressive.

However, the identity of a prosecutor didn’t match the wildness in Guan Shu’s personality. He was more like a free and soaring eagle.

“Uncle,” Guan Shu’s expression was open and frank, without any regret, “People change.”

Uncle Gu couldn’t help but smile and pat Guan Shu’s shoulder, saying, “You and Zhixing have a lot in common. He’s been back for about the same length of time.”

Guan Shu replied indifferently, “Is that so?”

Guan Shu just came over to toast, and quickly returned to his friends who had come with him. Lu Tingxin was also wearing a prosecutor’s uniform, standing in a corner not far away, waiting for him.

Lu Tingxin and Guan Shu grew up together as childhood friends, only he knew about his relationship with Shen Yao.

Shen Yao was famous for his beauty in high school. His desk was always piled with all sorts of gifts. Even though they weren’t in the same class as Shen Yao, everyone knew him.

Because every time Shen Yao passed by their classroom, there was always a group of alphas either crowded in the corridor or leaning on the windowsill to watch him. Lu Tingxin wasn’t as exaggerated as them, but he still couldn’t help but take a few glances.

Guan Shu never paid attention in class. He sat in the back and only felt annoyed by the noise, trying to fall asleep with his arm as a pillow. He raised his sleepy eyes and let out a “tsk” sound.

The classroom became quieter. Lu Tingxin kicked his chair and asked, “Don’t you know what Shen Yao looks like? Why don’t you even take a glance?”

Not having enough sleep, Guan Shu lifted his monolid eyes and impatiently said, “Have you never seen an omega before? Can he look like a god? Will I live longer just by taking a look?”

Lu Tingxin was taken aback and couldn’t help but kick Guan Shu’s chair again, muttering to himself, “You’re such a blind fool.”

Later, he never would have expected that Guan Shu, the blind fool, would fall in love with Shen Yao, and that he would change greatly after they got together.

Guan Shu used to be very arrogant, saying things like “what’s there to look at?” However, now he sat by him every day, still looking arrogant, often frowning while holding his phone.

With a fierce expression, he looked very unhappy, as if he would slap any dog that crossed his path for no reason.

Lu Tingxin thought he was arguing with someone, but when he took a glance at his phone, he saw that Guan Shu was sending messages to Shen Yao.

“Shen Yao.”

“What are you doing?”

“You’re ignoring me again?”

“I want to see you.”

He had this expression on his face all the time, and his phone was filled with messages like these. Lu Tingxin couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Guan Shu revolved around Shen Yao every day, remembering every word he said, running around for him, helping him with everything, and only then did he complain, “Shen Yao is really troublesome,” as if he was showing off.

Lu Tingxin even saw them embrace in the most secretive corner of the teaching building. Guan Shu seemed to be angry, with a straight line for a mouth. Shen Yao stood on the stairs, smiling helplessly, and whispered a few words to him.

The next second, Guan Shu fiercely pulled him into his arms, like a fierce dog that belonged only to Shen Yao.

Lu Tingxin originally thought that they would always be together, but later he didn’t know what happened. He only knew that when they broke up, it was very hard to take.

He could guess that Guan Shu was probably dumped by Shen Yao, because Guan Shu was very strange during that time. He didn’t seem depressed, but more like he was ready to sharpen his knife and tie up Shen Yao.

He had been gossiping and looking into the distance, and when he saw Guan Shu coming over, he couldn’t help but ask, “Is that Shen Yao’s new boyfriend?”

“Why would I know?” Guan Shu said indifferently. “What does it have to do with me whether or not that’s Shen Yao’s new boyfriend?”

Lu Tingxin was speechless. “It has nothing to do with you, so why are you going over there? Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about him after all this time?”

After the breakup, Guan Shu didn’t allow him to mention Shen Yao’s name again. He kept Guan Shu’s warning in mind, but he couldn’t help slipping up sometimes, especially when he was drunk. Unconsciously, he mentioned Shen Yao’s name.

Guan Shu directly flipped him over and grabbed his collar, staring at him with bloodshot eyes and full of anger. “Didn’t I tell you not to mention Shen Yao to me again?”

Lu Tingxin sobered up instantly from the alcohol. He learned his lesson and never dared to mention Shen Yao’s name again.

But now so much time has passed, and Shen Yao even has a new boyfriend.

Guan Shu didn’t answer him right away. He wanted to say that he didn’t care about Shen Yao anymore, and he only went over to talk to the people from the Gu family, not for Shen Yao.

With a cold face and a straight lip line, he finally spoke the truth. “I just wanted to see if Shen Yao is doing well.”

Lu Tingxin’s heart tightened. He almost thought that Guan Shu was still in love with Shen Yao. Guan Shu finished the rest of the drink in his cup in one gulp. He held the cup in his hand, and his tone was hard to discern whether it was hatred or indifference.

“If Shen Yao is not doing well, then I can rest assured.”

In Lu Tingxin’s impression, Guan Shu was never this kind of person. He never bothered to hate anyone, because if there was anyone who displeased him, he would solve it directly on the spot.

But when it came to Shen Yao, it seemed like pure hatred was mixed with other emotions. He was more like being trapped in this square pool called Shen Yao by hatred.

He had actually secretly guessed what Shen Yao did to make Guan Shu hate him so much.

Lu Tingxin’s expression was complicated. He felt that he should advise Guan Shu a few words, and opened his mouth to say, “You…”

He didn’t have time to finish his words, Guan Shu suddenly turned and walked in the other direction. Lu Tingxin instinctively reached out to stop Guan Shu, but before his clothes even touched him, Guan Shu shrugged him off.

Lu Tingxin stood there, unable to catch up, and could only watch Guan Shu chase after Shen Yao in the direction he went.

Shen Yao stood alone at the sink, he had helped Yan Zhixing block a few glasses of wine and was starting to feel it.

His cheeks were flushed, and in his slightly tipsy state, he looked even more captivating. Shen Yao turned on the tap and washed his face, feeling the warmth in his cheeks gradually dissipating.

He wasn’t drunk, just feeling a little hot. Shen Yao wiped away the water droplets on his cheek and was about to leave.

As he opened the door and took a step forward in his leather shoes, he was pushed back by the sudden appearance of military boots, which looked heavy and shone in the air.

Guan Shu walked slowly towards him, steadily forcing Shen Yao into a corner.

The restroom was a single, separate unit, and in order to be left alone, Shen Yao had chosen the farthest one. Once he closed and locked the door, he found himself trapped there by Guan Shu, to the extent that his pleas for help seemed to go unheard.

The scar on Guan Shu’s eyebrow would be with him for the rest of his life, and his missing eyebrow made him look a little fierce. He lowered his eyes, gazing silently at Shen Yao’s face.

Exquisitely beautiful, with a delicate and fragile quality that made people want to protect him. Shen Yao was even more radiant than in Guan Shu’s memories, and he felt a sudden urge to break him.

In the time that he had been absent, Shen Yao had bloomed like a rose, the fragrance becoming stronger and attracting more bees and butterflies.

Guan Shu didn’t know why he followed Shen Yao in.

After so many years of not seeing him, he should have long forgotten Shen Yao. He should have stayed far away from him.

But when he saw Shen Yao, his body moved first. Guan Shu blocked him here, and he only knew that he wanted Shen Yao to feel as uncomfortable as he did.

He sneered, and said in a weird tone, “It’s been so long, and you’re still so good at seducing alphas? How did you seduce him this time, with that face of yours or with your body? Either way, you should be good at it, right?”

“But Yan Zhixing doesn’t seem to like you very much. He doesn’t even smile at you, or talk to you much. Why are you so fond of him?”

“Even when he answered your call, he sounded so indifferent. If he hadn’t said you were his omega, I would have thought you were his assistant on the other end.”

Guan Shu spoke so much without giving Shen Yao a chance to refute. Suddenly, as if enlightened, he said, “I forgot, you’re just too cheap, you like people who treat you badly.”

As he said this, there was no smile on Guan Shu’s lips, his eyes cold and eerie.

Shen Yao didn’t get angry at his sarcastic remarks. He looked at Guan Shu quietly, his eyes as clear as they had always been, like the moonlight.

Guan Shu has indeed matured a lot compared to before, both in terms of his appearance and character. If he was still the same as before, he probably would have attacked me at first sight. After such a long time of tempering, Guan Shu has made some progress.

However, after pretending for so long, he couldn’t help it anymore. When they were alone, the crazy dog expression appeared again.

Shen Yao knew that Guan Shu was following him, so he deliberately came here. He was blocked by Guan Shu here, but he didn’t show any fear.

He had to admit that he was very grateful to Shen Shenmian for telling him in advance that Guan Shu had come back. Now he could be mentally prepared.

“Guan Shu.”

The familiar voice made Guan Shu’s heart tremble. The tone was distant and cold, unlike the intimacy or sharp anger of the past.

Shen Yao seemed to be really chatting with a long-lost friend. This was not what Guan Shu wanted, and he silently clenched his fists at his side.

He heard Shen Yao ask him, “How long has it been since we last saw each other, four years?” Shen Yao asked calmly and gently, “How have you been during this time?”

“Of course, very good. Why wouldn’t it be?” Guan Shu tried his best to restrain himself, “And you, how have you been? How many boyfriends have you had since I was gone?”

His arms were propped up beside Shen Yao, and the uniform folds created an arc. Guan Shu lowered his head, and his expression suddenly changed drastically: “Shen…”

But his words were interrupted by Shen Yao.

“This has nothing to do with you, right?” Shen Yao frowned, turning his face away and sighing helplessly, “Or do you still hate me that much?”

Guan Shu sneered, stood up straight, and left a gap between them. He said with sarcasm, “What is there for me to hate you for?”

“I really have nothing for you to hate me for.” Shen Yao lowered his eyelashes, his face looked cold and affectionate, “Because if you think I owed you back then, then I think I should have already paid it off.”

He took another step forward, looked up, and the distance that had just been stretched was pulled close again. His lips were close to Guan Shu’s, with clear contours. Shen Yao smiled gently, like a cloud that could not be grasped: “It has been so long, and you still can’t forget me. Do you want to reconcile with me?”

Guan Shu pushed him away, and he could no longer pretend to be calm: “Who wants to reconcile with you? Are you delusional? Do you think you’re worthy?”

“Well, that’s fine.” Shen Yao walked out because he knew Guan Shu wouldn’t stop him. With a crisp sound, Shen Yao unlocked the door and walked out. He turned around and said, “Guan Shu, it’s been four years.”

“Forget me and don’t hate me anymore.”

Four years.

He was with Shen Yao for three years and broke up for four years, which added up to only seven years in his life.

Guan Shu stood still in his original position, the only one trapped for the past seven years. Shen Yao, on the other hand, was more like a fish with only a seven-second memory, having long since swum away.

On the hard bed of the military academy, Guan Shu always thought about how much he resented Shen Yao. What did he wish for Shen Yao?

He wished for Shen Yao to die, and yet, it seemed like it was too extreme.

Guan Shu closed his eyes and wondered if he should let go of his heart-wrenching hatred. His breathing became increasingly erratic.

With his eyes still closed, his thoughts became loud and chaotic. He could just lock Shen Yao up and keep him there. After all, the heart of a person like him cannot be warmed.

Shen Yao should be tied up and locked in a room, his feet tied to the bedpost, never seeing the light of day again. He should be made to cry until he couldn’t cry anymore, and he should be marked repeatedly for life so that he could learn to behave and stay put.

This was the best solution for his hatred towards Shen Yao, but his thoughts suddenly shattered at one point.

There was a loud “bang.”

Guan Shu lifted his hand and slammed it against the wall, causing several cracks to appear on the tiles.

His knuckles quickly became swollen from the force of the blow, and he kept replaying Shen Yao’s cold and distant demeanor in his mind, hating how nonchalant he was.

Why should he let go? Why should Shen Yao be so carefree?

He wanted to make Shen Yao suffer, make him cry, and make him beg for mercy.

There was still a hidden conclusion in his heart that had not been verified until now. In such close proximity, Guan Shu could sense the almost-faded mark on Shen Yao’s gland, one that didn’t belong to him, but to another alpha.

Shen Yao and Yan Zhixing were an openly acknowledged pair, so it was normal for him to have Yan Zhixing’s mark. But Guan Shu found it hard to endure. His face turned dark, and he stood still for a moment before slamming the door and chasing after Shen Yao.

The Gu family had a large outdoor swimming pool, and Shen Yao passed by it on his way back. He could smell the strong scent of disinfectant.

He heard the hurried footsteps behind him but hadn’t had time to turn around before being pushed hard in the back.

Shen Yaos pupils shrank. In that second, the sky in front of his eyes was dark and gloomy, and the swimming pool he fell into was suspended in mid-air and icy blue.


Water splashed out of the pool. Since it was summer, the water in the pool was not at a constant temperature. It was bone-chillingly cold when Shen Yao entered it at night.

The moment he fell in, Shen Yao instinctively closed his eyes. The pool was very deep, and he felt himself sinking and sinking, but buoyancy kept him afloat.

His eardrums buzzed in the water, and the sounds he heard were muffled and not very clear.

Shen Yao’s eyelids trembled, and he opened his eyes in the water. The lights by the pool were bright, focusing into dots of light on the surface. Shen Yao saw a figure breaking through the halo and swimming towards him.

It was the culprit who pushed him into the pool.

The pool water flowed into Shen Yao’s nose and mouth, rushing into his throat and gradually depriving him of air. Unconsciously, he reached out his hand upwards as if seeking redemption.

The direction of his outstretched hand brought Guan Shu closer and closer to him. Guan Shu’s face became clearer and clearer in Shen Yao’s eyes. He was surrounded by a halo of light, like a god coming to save him.

But the next second, Guan Shu reached out and grabbed Shen Yao’s neck.

Guan Shu’s features were cold and hard as he gripped Shen Yao’s neck tightly, pressing him down towards the icy pool bottom.

Shen Yao’s hair fluttered in the water, and he looked like a drowning merman. Guan Shu’s palm was large, and he didn’t play around with Shen Yao. He used a lot of force to keep Shen Yao from struggling.

He looked at Shen Yao’s changing expression coldly, and if Shen Yao tried to leave, he would pull him down too.

Shen Yao looked at Guan Shu who was only an inch away from him, with a helpless and bewildered expression. He didn’t resist. He was already having difficulty breathing, and with his neck being tightly squeezed, the little oxygen he had left was dwindling.

His consciousness became somewhat fuzzy, and his vision gradually darkened. Shen Yao instinctively grabbed the hand that was choking him, which still had a bit of warmth.

He slowly closed his eyes as if giving up all hope, and even the hand he was holding onto gradually slipped away. Even if he was frowning now because of the discomfort, it was still heart-stoppingly beautiful.

In the darkness of the night and the water, Guan Shu stared at Shen Yao’s face. That face used to always be pursed and smiling only at him.

Suddenly, he let go, and at the same time, he hugged Shen Yao tightly and kissed him deeply.

This kiss was not gentle at all, it was rough and wild. Guan Shu tightly wrapped his tongue around Shen Yao’s underwater, and a series of small bubbles emerged from their tightly pressed lips.

Guan Shu gave oxygen to Shen Yao while passionately kissing him.

Dazed Shen Yao clung onto Guan Shu’s shoulder like he was holding onto the last piece of driftwood, unconsciously kissing Guan Shu tightly.

It’s not so much a response kiss as it was a plea for help.

Occasionally feeling his lips bitten by Guan Shu’s teeth, Shen Yao furrowed his brows in pain. This micro-expression only made Guan Shu more excited, as he reached out and grabbed the back of Shen Yao’s head, not allowing him to escape even a little bit.

Under this kiss, Guan Shu positioned himself as the only existence that Shen Yao can pray to. His face relaxed as he hugged Shen Yao’s waist and carried him towards the shore.

Guan Shu broke the surface of the water, climbed ashore first, and then pulled up the exhausted Shen Yao.

Both his shirt and Shen Yao’s suit were already soaked, dripping onto the ground.

Shen Yao’s forehead hair was wet, and water droplets fell into his eyes. He didn’t care and sat on the ground, coughing violently, as if trying to cough up all the water in his lungs.

As he coughed, his originally moist eyelashes turn red. Shen Yao intermittently said, “Guan, Guan Shu…”

But Guan Shu kissed him again, his lips ice-cold, unable to find any warmth between them.

Shen Yao kneeled on the ground, leaning back weakly as he slid a step away from Guan Shu, only to be pulled back by Guan Shu’s grip around his waist.

The ground was immediately marked with water stains.

His ears were sensitive enough to hear the faint footsteps from far away. Guan Shu finally stopped and picked up his uniform jacket that he had taken off earlier, intending to hand it over to Shen Yao. However, the footsteps were getting closer.

Guan Shu lifted his head and saw Yan Zhixing standing at a distance, looking at the two of them. Yan Zhixing frowned and didn’t see the kiss that had just happened. He seemed to be considering whether to come over.

Guan Shu threw the uniform jacket he had just picked up on the ground, half-knelt down, and forcefully pulled Shen Yao’s arm, forcing him to look at him while still dazed.

He noticed Yan Zhixing’s gaze shifting down and stopping motionlessly on their touching hands.

Guan Shu stared at Shen Yao’s blank eyes, his face twisted with horror and a bit of ferocity. His fingers that were pinching Shen Yao’s arm seemed like they were about to embed themselves into his skin.

Even though he had anticipated this outcome, he still felt the sense of losing control and the last string of reason snapping when he confirmed the truth.

“Shen Yao, where is the lifelong mark I gave you?” Guan Shu questioned coldly, gradually losing control, calm yet crazy. “You’d rather go wash away your mark than be with me, right?”

Shen Yao seemed to have not heard what he said. His expression was slightly stunned, and he let go of his hand that was covering his neck, revealing the pinch mark on his pale skin, which was not just a little terrifying.

Guan Shu’s attention was not on this side right now. Unable to get an answer, he was becoming increasingly difficult to control himself.

He looked at Shen Yao, then at Yan Zhixing who was walking towards them.

“You like Yan Zhixing so much, willing to be marked by him, but not willing to be marked by me, right?”

Guan Shu forcefully tugged Shen Yao’s arm again, leaving a chilling feeling all over his body. Fortunately, Yan Zhixing had only left a temporary mark on Shen Yao’s neck that could disappear at any time so Guan Shu was still barely holding onto the last shred of his sanity and whispered to Shen Yao’s ear:

“There are scratch marks on the back of Yan Zhixing’s hand. Have you done it with him? Was it that intense?”

“If I tell Yan Zhixing that you’re secondhand goods, what would he think?”

“Would he not want you anymore?”

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