Don’t Sink Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Yan Zhixing

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Hearing Shen Yao’s explanation, Dai Xinghui loosened his clenched fist slightly. There were no bite marks on Shen Yao’s glands, and the disgusting pheromone smell may indeed be acquired through contact.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Shen Yao asked in confusion: “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” The tightness in his chest dissipated and Dai Xinghui’s smile was a lot more brilliant than earlier. He sat back in his seat and chatted, “I’ve been doing racing with Zhang Siyu and Hu Shengxuan recently at the racing track on the other side of Lingshan. Yaoyao, would you like to come and play? I haven’t seen you in a long time… …I call you out for dinner every day and you keep saying next time, so which time will be next time?”

Finding himself complaining unconsciously, Dai Xinghui hastily explained: “No, Yaoyao, I didn’t mean to blame you, I know you are very busy.”

Shen Yao still supported his face, he nodded, smiled and said, “I know you have no other intentions.”


Dai Xinghui still had a lot to say, and he was upset after being interrupted. Turning his head abruptly, Zhang Siyu and Hu Shengxuan walked over from not far away.

“You came very quickly.” Zhang Siyu leaned against the bar with his hands in his pockets, his brows full of aggression, and he sneered, “I was wondering why you suddenly left after picking up the phone during the good meal.”

It was unclear who tipped him off but as soon as Shen Yao arrived here, Dai Xinghui found an excuse and slipped out from the back door of the private room.

Dai Xinghui twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “Can’t I leave when I’m full?”

The atmosphere of tit-for-tat made the air a lot more tense. Shen Yao didn’t seem to smell the gunpowder, and didn’t care if other people seemed to cast their eyes on him, so he calmly asked: “Did you have dinner together just now?”

“Yes.” Hu Shengxuan didn’t join in the quarrel, and sat on the other side of Shen Yao with a smile on his lips, “I wanted to call you too, but Dai Xinghui wouldn’t let me call you.”

Dai Xinghui resisted the urge to splash the wine glass on someone’s face, and said violently, “You should stop farting!”

“Did I say something wrong?”


Hu Shengxuan was indeed right. It was true that he was not allowed to call Shen Yao, everyone present knew why he didn’t call him Shen Yao, but it seemed that he was pushing out Shen Yao away from what he said.

“Yaoyao…” Dai Xinghui stretched out his hand subconsciously, but stopped in mid-air, only staring at the thin and fair wrist. 

Shen Yao circled the rim of the cup with his fingers, and said with a smile: “You must think I’m busy so you didn’t call me, how could you not call me on purpose?”

The lights on the ceiling flowed, like bright diamonds deliberately hiding their brilliance. He was pretty enough when he was not smiling, but there was always a sense of distance, but when he smiled, it seemed like the clouds were clearing away.

Suddenly, no one spoke, and the three alphas heard their own “thumping” heartbeats at the same time.

Zhang Siyu broke the silence and asked dryly: “Will you go to the Yan family’s banquet in a few days?”

“Not sure.” Shen Yao answered casually with a confused expression, “Yan family, didn’t they go to Country A decades ago, why did they suddenly want to come back to develop?”

Dai Xinghui also didn’t know much about this, but Shen Yao wanted to know, so he frowned and thought hard: “The Yan family is very mysterious, their roots are abroad. The business is more or less dirty. They are doing well outside as the local bullies, so why should they come back to stir up trouble? There is the Gu family in Beicheng, they can’t take advantage of it.” 

“Because the head of the Yan family had changed, the new head is called Yan Zhixing.” Hu Shengxuan took a sip of his wine, “The situation of the Yan family is different from ours. Most of us compete with illegitimate children for the position of heir, but they are different. The Yan family is like a big tree with luxuriant branches and leaves. Since the old man of the Yan family had been sick and hospitalized these years, the big tree had been in turmoil, because anyone could have the opportunity to replace him. Who doesn’t want the top position? Since everyone wants it, then whoever has the most ability is worthy to take this position and sit firmly.”

Shen Yao joked and said, “Like grabbing the throne?”

“Isn’t this at least half of the throne?” Zhang Siyu said with a smile, “Whether it’s money or power, the Yan family has it all. I heard that the Yan family also had an inheritance, which seems to be a plate ring. Wearing it signifies who has power. They have always been abroad, but why is their feudal atmosphere the heaviest?” 

If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight. If you can successfully take power in such a complicated environment, then this person must be the heaviest and most important person in the city. The most decisive one.

Shen Yao listened quietly for a long time, listening to their topics go further and further away. He looked up at the clock, stood up and said: “It’s getting late, I’ll go back first, you guys have fun.”

Dai Xinghui was surprised: “Why are you leaving so early?”

“I still have to go to the dance troupe to rehearse tomorrow.” Shen Yao nodded and said, “I can’t be late, I have to go early.”

“Then how are you going back, are you asking the driver to pick you up?”

Shen Yao said “Yes”.

The Alphas said in unison: “I’ll take you back!”

After looking at each other, Hu Shengxuan said warmly: “Yao Yao, I’ll drop you off, you’re along the way.”

Shen Yao’s expression seemed a bit tangled, but finally nodded.

He followed Hu Shengxuan away, only Dai Xinghui and Zhang Siyu looked at each other with disgust. Finally, with a cold snort, Dai Xinghui slammed the door and walked out.

The car carried a heavy incense smell that was uncomfortable to smell after a long time. Shen Yao lowered the window to ventilate, the sound of the accelerator pedal “booming” rang in his ears, and he watched a modified sports car fly by with his own eyes.

Hu Shengxuan glanced at it and said: “Dai Xinghui’s car.” The loser’s naive behavior of venting to the extreme.

The Shen family was far away from their secret base, and Hu Shengxuan parked the car at the door. Shen Yao thanked him, but was stopped when he was about to get out of the car.

“Yaoyao.” He handed over a gift box, which contained a custom-made bracelet, “I saw it at an auction not long ago, and I thought it suited you very well.”

Shen Yao’s eyes were slightly startled, he didn’t accept the gift: “Dai Xinghui just gave me a bracelet a few days ago.”

Hu Shengxuan paused, and stuffed the gift box into Shen Yao’s hand involuntarily, and then “bang” closed the door.

He operated to lower the co-pilot’s window, and saw the helpless smile on Shen Yao’s face. Hu Shengxuan said: “Yaoyao, wear what I gave you, don’t wear what Xinghui gave you.”

Shen Yao stood aside, without nodding or shaking his head, and just said: “Thank you, I like your gift very much, see you in a few days.”

After he left, Hu Shengxuan stayed where he was, lit a cigarette in agitation, and took out his cell phone to call someone out for a drink.

Hu Shengxuan had many friends, but after meeting Dai Xinghui and the other two today, he felt that those friends were missing something.

Feeling lost, he threw the cigarette out the window, turned around and left.

Before high school, the three Alphas got along so well that they could wear the same pair of pants. They did many annoying things together when they were young, skipping classes and fighting together as they grew up.

It’s just a pity that they all fell in love with Shen Yao, and none of them wanted to let go.

As night fell, the traffic continued to flow, making the car stuck in the jumping traffic lights. The black car missed the last few seconds of the green light and stopped firmly behind the stop line.

In addition to the driver, there were three people sitting in the car. The co-pilot was Shen Yao’s uncle, Shen Fulin, Shen Yao was sitting in the back seat, and beside him was Shen Fu’s son, his Omega brother, Shen Shenmian.

The mobile phone he held in his palm vibrated continuously, playing message tones from time to time.

No need to look, Shen Yao can guess who it is.

The successive message notifications stopped, and then turned into a phone ring. The default ringtone only rang for a second before it was muted by Shen Yao.

Shen Yao lowered his head, looking at the name “Xu Yibai” displayed on the screen.

Shen Yao didn’t pick up the phone until the phone automatically hung up. Xu Yibai sent him a lot of messages in the chat interface.

“I just arrived and I’m so tired.”

“What did you have for dinner?”

“Yaoyao, good night.” 

“I miss you right when you left.”

“Are you busy too? Why are you ignoring me?”

“Are you unhappy, or angry?”

“Shen Yao.”

“My plane will arrive in the evening.”

“I got off the plane, and I’m coming to find you now.”

“Shen Yao, where are you?”

“This is the third day that you have ignored me.”

Obviously, they were still kissing affectionately the night before, but since Xu Yibai boarded the plane until now, Shen Yao had not replied to his message.

Facing Xu Yibai’s questioning, Shen Yao didn’t feel any guilt, he even felt that he was very considerate. Xu Yibai was busy, so he didn’t bother him.

Shen Yao frowned in distress, he knew that Xu Yibai was abroad for the past few days, it was impossible for him to come to him as soon as he gave him the cold shoulder like in the past.

But he didn’t expect that at such a critical moment, he would put down his work and rush back by plane.

“Yaoyao.” Shen Fulin turned his head and asked with concern, “Who sent you so many messages?”

The genes of the Shen family were good, and Shen Fulin had a very gentle face. He was over forty years old, but one can’t tell his age .

Shen Yao looked at him, said without blushing, “Friend.”

“Humph.” Before Shen Fulin could speak, Shen Shenmian sneered, and said with a strange tone: “Friend? Is it really a friend?”

Shen Fulin heard this then reprimanded perfunctorily: “Shenmian.”

Shen Shenmian snorted again, folded his arms and looked away from the window. Shen Yao sat quietly at his original position, his face showed no signs of anger, he was as delicate and beautiful as a doll.

“Yaoyao, why haven’t you been home recently?” Shen Fulin asked, “A few days ago, Aunt Chen said that she made something you liked to eat, but you didn’t come back.”

“I was a little busy.” Shen Yao pursed his lips and smiled, “There is a very important performance next week, and we have to rehearse every day.” 

During the short drive, Shen Yao and him chatted nonchalantly throughout the journey, mostly about his daily life.

Shen Yao answered patiently.

The guards standing by the gate of the manor were all Alphas. Their uniforms were straight, their faces were marked, and there was no smile at the corner of their mouths. It can be vaguely discerned that the owner of the manor was an overly indifferent person.

After checking the invitation letter and confirming the identity, the iron door opened slowly with a mechanical click.

The decoration of the banquet hall was luxurious and low-key, and the color tone was even a bit dull. Shen Fulin was a beta, but on this occasion, he still got along like a fish in water, and can chat with everyone a little and exchanging cups.

Shen Yao followed behind him, not overly dressed, wearing the simplest black suit, but that couldn’t suppress this overly beautiful face that was like a bouquet of flamboyant roses.

He lowered his head, but still couldn’t avoid the eyes from all directions. Shen Yao frowned slightly, and said in a low voice: “Uncle, I’ll go upstairs and sit for a while.”

“Okay.” Shen Fulin took the time to pat him on the shoulder, “Go.”

On the balcony, the door was not closed, and the curtains were shaken by the wind. The trays on the table were full of drinks and wine, as well as desserts.

There were footsteps coming from behind, Shen Yao turned his head and saw Shen Shenmian following him.

Shen Shenmian raised his chin slightly, and said provocatively: “What are you doing upstairs in hiding? I heard that Dai Xinghui and the others fought because of you a few days ago, and beat an Alpha until he was lying in the hospital for several days. They are all grounded at home now, so why can you stay here with peace of mind?”

He was only one year younger than Shen Yao, and they grew up together in the Shen family’s old house. Shen Yao would argue with him when he was a child, but now he just chose to ignore him.

Shen Shenmian’s looks were not bad, but as long as he stood beside Shen Yao, he would be covered up. What he hated the most was Shen Yao’s face. As long as Shen Yao had this face, there would be many people who liked him one after another.

Even after knowing that they had a bad relationship, Dai Xinghui took the lead in pushing him out. He stared at Shen Yao’s indifferent expression, and on impulse, he suddenly reached out and picked up the wine glass beside him.

Shen Yao frowned, anticipating what he was going to do, and took a few steps back. The curtain was greatly blown by the wind, revealing a corner of a black leather shoe under the curtain.

In a blink of an eye, Shen Yao’s head was spinning rapidly. He stopped and closed his eyes, his cheeks and chest felt cold, and the smell of sweet and sour white wine radiated from the tip of his nose. 

Shen Shenmian was in a happy mood. When he walked to the door, he turned around and called out a name he hadn’t called for a long time: “Older Brother, stay upstairs today, don’t go down and show this embarrassment to others, lest you lose face for our home.”

Shen Yao didn’t chase after him, and there was no sullen look on his face. He sat back on the sofa, took out a few wet wipes and quietly wiped his sleeves and cheeks.

Not long after, the dark green curtain was lifted from the outside.

The Alpha who walked in was blond and blue-eyed, with an indifferent expression and superior looks. He was of mixed blood, his facial features combined the advantages of the East and the West, and he had a sense of coldness in it.

The Alpha held a cigarette between his bony fingers and wore a black plate ring on his right thumb. He raised his eyelids slightly, and those jewel-like eyes scanned Shen Yao.

It didn’t stay for a moment, and the emotion in his eyes didn’t fluctuate at all, and he completely regarded Shen Yao, who was not far away, as non-existent.

Shen Yao’s eyelashes were wet, and the hair on his forehead also had some wet marks. There was a smell of alcohol on his body, but he didn’t look like he was in a sorry state, only revealing a fragile and harmless feeling.

Seeing the Alpha suddenly appearing in front of him, Shen Yao raised his chin and stared at him in a daze, as if he felt a bit embarrassed by his current appearance. His ears were slightly red, his fingers curled up slightly on the sofa, and he asked in a low voice:

“Hello, could you please call me the waiter downstairs?”

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