Don’t Sink Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The most annoying

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The half-burned cigarette butt was snuffed out, and the spark dimmed. Yan Zhixing’s expression was impersonal and indifferent, as if he didn’t hear the argument just now, nor did he hear the Omega’s whispered plea for help, the words “difficult to get along with” were written all over his head all the way down to his toes.

The night wind seeped in through the gaps in the curtains, and Yan Zhixing’s posture didn’t seem to want to care about such trivial matters.

However, perhaps thinking of his identity as the host of the banquet, he walked to the wall with his long legs. There was a not so obvious raised switch next to the precious extinct painting, which was hidden on the wall decorated with gemstones.

Yan Zhixing raised his hand condescendingly and touched it. Shen Yao stared blankly at his action. A few seconds later, there was a light knock on the door.

“Come in.”

This was the first time Shen Yao heard his voice, and his voice was low. Probably because of living abroad for a long time, there was a slight deviation in the ups and downs of the tone, which made it appear more cold and solemn.

There was a slight knock at the door, and Shen Yao saw a waiter walk in, followed by a man in a formal suit who looked like Yan Zhixing’s assistant.

The waiter came in with lowered eyes. The manor was built and renovated a few years ago. He stayed in the manor all year round, but he was not familiar with the owner of the manor, and there were only a handful of opportunities to see him throughout the year, let alone be personally appointed.

He called out first: “Sir.”

The Omega was sitting on the sofa with a beautiful appearance, from the faint drops of water hanging on his eyelashes, and the empty wine glass by the table, one could vaguely guess what happened here.

The waiter’s professionalism was good, and he quickly lowered his eyes after glancing at it, not even daring to be curious.

Yan Zhixing said succinctly: “Get him some clothes.” 

The waiter responded quietly and left. However, Shen Yao stood up, it was basic politeness to keep his eyes on the other party when talking to someone. He pursed his lips and raised his eyes to look at Yan Zhixing, leaned down slightly, and said meekly, “I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

Yan Zhixing was as cold as ice and remained silent. With a smile on his face, his assistant nodded and replied: “This is what should be done. You don’t need to thank us. Someone will deliver the clothes later. If they don’t fit or if you have any dissatisfaction, you can mention it.”

Shen Yao nodded and said thank you politely and thoughtfully.

The assistant walked out behind Yan Zhixing, and when he took the last step, he turned and closed the door, and accidentally saw the Omega sitting back to his original position alone.

Holding the wet wipe with his thin white fingers, his eyelashes drooping, he wiped his cheek patiently and carefully. As if aware of the gaze, the Omega raised his face, bent his eyes and gave him a friendly smile.

The door was made of solid wood, and it made a dull, soft sound when it closed. The assistant had been by Yan Zhixing’s side for a long time, and had blocked many omegas for him, but the one in the room was a little different.

He was like a submissive canary, who just wanted to sing his own song quietly, but when he smiled just now, his eyes seemed to have hooks, and after a trance, he saw a face full of flawless innocence.

The assistant who was with Yan Zhixing was also the best of the best, but even he couldn’t tell whether it was the intention of this Omega or the illusion caused by him being too beautiful.

Because beauty was sometimes a sin.

The assistant was in a rare trance, and when he noticed Yan Zhixing’s footsteps stopping at the stairs, he suddenly came back to his senses. Realizing his slight gaffe just now, the assistant lowered his head knowingly.

Yan Zhixing said abruptly, “Looks good?”


The assistant had followed him for a long time, knowing that he shouldn’t answer the conversation at this time, he just lowered his face.

Yan Zhixing’s hands were resting on the armrest, and there was a plate ring on his broad-knuckle finger. He turned his face. He was half a head taller than the assistant, his jaw line cold and hard. The blond hair was meticulously done, and the blue eyes were like the deepest sea, looking like the most perfect sculpture.

There was no human touch when speaking, and there were no ups and downs in his voice. He judged: “Smiling with a pure face, ambition written in the eyes.”

He had seen this kind of omega a lot, but because this was the best fake one he had seen, Yan Zhixing opened his mouth to evaluate.

The assistant following him was silent, he knew that this was the type of Omega his boss hated the most.

But he thought that his boss didn’t have an omega he liked.

The waiter didn’t keep Shen Yao waiting long, and quickly came over with a new set of clothes and towels. He walked in front and led Shen Yao to the dressing room.

The corridor was covered with soft carpets. Shen Yao followed behind him slowly, occasionally looking intently at the mural next to him.

There was a big difference between the downstairs and the upstairs decoration of the manor. The warm colors, furniture and lighting were used to create a little atmosphere, which was not like the style that Yan Zhixing would like.

Shen Yao asked casually: “Is this place only used for banquets?”

“No.” The waiter didn’t know his real identity, and was afraid of offending him and revealing too much information, so he could only say vaguely, “Master occasionally will come to live here.”

Fortunately, Shen Yao didn’t continue to ask him questions, and the waiter was relieved.

There was a huge full-length mirror in the dressing room. Shen Yao took off his coat first, and then changed his sticky shirt. The brand-new suit smelled cold, and it was also a simple black suit, with only some minor differences from his previous one.

Facing the mirror, Shen Yao slowly smoothed out the wrinkles of his clothes.

When he went downstairs again, the banquet had reached its busiest time.

Yan Zhixing’s mother was holding his arm by his side. She was a typical oriental beauty, soft and petite, and the fine lines around her eyes did not show age, just adding a bit of charm.

The Yan family focused on bloodlines. Yan Zhixing’s father married in and Yan Zhixing followed his maternal side, thus the Yan family reluctantly agreed to this marriage. It was an accident among accidents that Yan Zhixing could be the head of the family as a mixed race.

He stood there motionless, and some people came to toast.

Yan Zhixing barely had it touch his lips, but when a female Alpha clinked glasses with him, he took a sip.

Shen Yao had never met that woman, but he also knew that she was from the Gu family. With so many people present, she was probably the only one who Yan Zhixing would give some face to.

When Shen Yao was standing on the steps, he heard Shen Fulin’s voice calling him.

“Yaoyao.” Shen Yao’s suit was made to order by someone, he could see the difference, and asked, “What happened upstairs, why did you change your clothes? When Shenmian went up just now, he said you didn’t want to come down. “

Shen Shenmian’s eyes dodged away from him, and his expression was a little guilty. Shen Yao and him looked at each other, but he didn’t tell the truth: “I just accidentally spilled wine on my body upstairs, and asked the waiter to bring me some clothes.”

“Why so careless?” Shen Fulin didn’t blame him, but was kind and said with a smile, “But it’s okay, uncle accidentally spilled wine on himself before, and it was still in the banquet hall, that was embarrassing.”

When the banquet ended, Shen Yao already felt a little tired. Shen Fulin didn’t take the same car with them. In order to ignore Shen Shenmian, he leaned his head on the car window and fell asleep.

When he closed his eyes, his thoughts were a little chaotic. When he was five years old, he was abroad with his parents, which happened to coincide with the riots. Under his eyes, his parents protected him and died of stray bullets.

At that time, he was sitting outside the emergency room with cold hands and feet, and he didn’t even know how to cry. He didn’t cry until Shen Fulin rushed over by plane with a tired face and hugged him.

The Shen family’s incense was not prosperous. After his parents died, Shen Fulin became the only son and took over the Shen family’s business.

Shen Yao was sent to his grandfather at first, and Shen Fulin would often go back to the old house to see him. In the end, Old Man Shen died of illness, and Shen Fulin became his guardian as his uncle.

The Shen house in the night was so quiet that even the slightest movement could be heard, Shen Yao got out of the car and walked to his room.

After he went to college, he seldom came to live in the Shen house. This was the room he lived in since he was a child. Shen Yao fumbled for the switch to turn on the light.

Shen Yao walked to the window. Behind the rhombic cut screen was a small three-story western-style building, built by Shen Fulin to entertain guests, hidden behind a century-old tree that was as old as the old house.

Under the bright moonlight, Shen Yao saw a man in a suit and leather shoes following behind Shen Fulin. It was too far away to see his face clearly, but he could only vaguely see that his figure was similar to that of Shen Fulin.

Suddenly there was a tumbling sensation in his stomach. Shen Yao turned around and rushed to the bathroom. He leaned over the sink and retched a few times, but because he didn’t eat anything at night, he didn’t vomit anything.

Without turning on the light, Shen Yao looked at his own face in the mirror, borrowing the light from outside. With a pale complexion and a natural red lip color, Shen Yao reached out to caress his face.

He had no expression on his face, but the face in the mirror was still as beautiful as a ghost. For Shen Yao, this skin was a double-edged sword, which brought him many benefits but also a lot of trouble.

Sometimes Shen Yao couldn’t tell the difference between advantages and disadvantages, which one was greater.

There were several knocks on the door. Shen Yao washed his face and went to open the door. The maid wearing a long skirt stood at the door, lowered her eyebrows and said pleasantly: “Mr. Shen asked you to go to the western-style building.”

Shen Yao lightly said “Yes”.

After the maid left, the phone in his pocket vibrated again. Shen Yao turned off the phone all night, and when he turned on the phone, there was a row of missed calls.

Counting the time, Xu Yibai had already gotten off the plane, but he couldn’t find this place.

In addition to Xu Yibai’s missed call, the screen was filled with a row of messages from Dai Xinghui. He was jealous and angry, and then after he digested his emotions, he sent a bunch of flattering messages.

“I am confined at home, so I couldn’t come to the banquet.”

“That idiot alpha said a lot of nasty things about you after he was kicked out last time… just the rumors that were fabricated in college… I don’t know how he knows.”

“He doesn’t know you at all, so how dare he talk nonsense, and try to touch you with his finger.”

“We beat him up to make sure you won’t hear his foul language.”

Shen Yao ignored it all, put the phone back into his pocket, and walked towards the small building, without any hesitation in his steps. There were no lights on the steps of the small western-style building, only the flickering candles in the lampshade.

He walked up and finally stopped in the corner room.

“Yaoyao is here?”

Shen Fulin’s voice came from the room, as intimate as ever.

Shen Yao didn’t answer, just pushed the door open and went in. It was a small room with only a sofa and a small coffee table inside. Shen Fulin was sitting on the sofa, and the room smelled heavily of cigarettes.

Shen Fulin flicked the ash into the ashtray, and asked without turning his head: “Why don’t you come over?”

Shen Yao seemed to be a different person after entering the room. He walked over with stiff feet and held his breath, but he never dared to look up, stopping at a safe distance.

Shen Fulin raised his hand to pinch his chin, forcing him to turn his face towards the wall: “I told you to come over!”

Shen Yao’s face was pale, and his expression was full of helplessness. He frowned in pain, the corners of his eyes were red, as if tears were about to fall.

Where the wall should be was a one-way glass, Shen Yao was forced to raise his face so that he could look in that direction.

On the big bed, the man who followed Shen Fulin just now was entangled naked with an omega. Shen Yao couldn’t hear the sound, but he could clearly see their movements and expressions, their white flesh moving.

Ugly to the extreme.

Shen Yao’s eye sockets were slightly moist, he instinctively twisted his head and struggled, like a fish in the shallows flapping its tail desperately.

Get lost! Get lost! Do not touch me!

The voice was hoarse in the throat, then finally turned into a retching, which was all suppressed by Shen Yao’s hand covering his mouth.


During the violent struggle, the teacup on the table was swept off and shattered into several pieces on the ground.

“Be good!”

Shen Fulin grabbed Shen Yao’s collar with all his strength, and made a loud noise when his knees hit the floor. Shen Yao’s facial features twisted together in pain, but he fell silent as if he had completely resigned himself to fate.

His thin shoulders trembled slightly, and his ears buzzed. 

Shen Fulin caressed his shoulder, and his tone was as intimate as an elder’s reprimand: 

“Wouldn’t it be better if you did this earlier?” 

“It’s already been a few times, but every time you have to make such a ruckus, how embarrassing.”

Once Shen Fulin took over the Shen family, the Shen family began to go downhill. But profit was a bowl of soup, and sometimes he only needed to drink a few sips of other people’s soup. 

He was a waste who didn’t know how to do business, occupying the family base that had been here for a hundred years. Shen Fulin only thought of this method. He built this little mansion, and he found many beautiful but poor Omegas, even Betas. 

To do secret pimp business for the noble and powerful. 

Shen Yao noticed Shen Fulin’s strength loosen little by little, he knew that Shen Fulin didn’t pay attention to him anymore, and the expression on his face gradually became indifferent. 

He can even laugh, not a bitter laugh, because Shen Yao thought it was amusing. 

Dai Xinghui and the others regarded him as their white moonlight and didn’t even have the courage to touch him, only daring to fall in love secretly; Xu Yibai held him in the palm of his hand, and usually didn’t even dare to say a serious word; even his past first love, also regarded him as a simple omega who didn’t understand the world and didn’t dare to stick out his tongue when kissing. 

Shen Fulin, however, understood the inferiority of animals in clothes the best. He had never fell slack in Shen Yao’s food, clothing, housing and transportation, and used the most expensive things for everything. He made Shen Yao a high suspended moon, untouchable.

Then found an opportunity to sell Shen Yao to other dignitaries.

To make such an Omega covered in mud was an excitement that can even be brought out just through imagination.

Sensing Shen Yao’s compromise, Shen Fulin lowered his head and admired the helpless and terrified face with satisfaction. Halfway through the erotic performance, he mercifully let Shen Yao go away.

With a dull pain in the severely knocked knee, Shen Yao walked out of the small building with difficulty supporting the wall, and returned to the room. He bent down, brushed the dust off his trousers, and finally took out a bunch of car keys from a drawer.

Shen Fulin’s superficial skills were very good, in front of outsiders, he was a good uncle who treated Shen Yao as his own.

Shen Yao acted well enough, playing the image of the weak Omega who desperately tried to resist but was powerless.

He was an Omega who can only dance, and had no power in Beicheng, making Shen Fulin conceited that he had the full power to control him in the palm of his hand.

The headlights were very bright. Shen Yao lowered the windows, and the speed of the car was also leisurely, steady under a calm mood.

He guessed that Shen Fulin was going to force him to watch these disgusting things again tonight, so he didn’t eat anything on purpose, and now his stomach was empty, and he felt even more unwell after retching again and again.

Shen Yao swiped the access card and got on the elevator, then knocked on the door.

The moment the door opened, Shen Yao opened his arms, skillfully wrapped around Xu Yibai’s waist, raised his face and smiled: “Surprise!”

He stood on tiptoe again, kissed Xu Yibai’s lips, and opened his mouth sweetly: “I missed you so much, Older Brother!”

He laughed heartlessly, as if he didn’t disappear for three days without saying a word, still taking the intimate and seamless hug for granted.

Xu Yibai pursed his lips tightly, but did not reach out to hug him. He hadn’t closed his eyes all day and night, and he kept thinking wildly on the plane, wondering if Shen Yao wanted to break up with him.

After getting off the plane, he first went to Shen Yao’s apartment to look for him, but the door was always closed, and he stood at the door until now before returning home.

It was not once or twice that Shen Yao disappeared like this, and every time he easily covered it up with clingy kisses.

Xu Yibai was really angry this time, he reached out and grabbed Shen Yao’s wrist, and dragged him into the room.

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