Don’t Sink Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Slap

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Guan Shu forcefully unlocked the fingerprint lock with Shen Yao’s hand, kicked the door open, and dragged Shen Yao into the room.

Shen Yao couldn’t even stand steadily, nearly stumbling multiple times. He had just been marked by an alpha and was in desperate need of his pheromones to soothe him.

But all he could smell was Guan Shu’s Marjoram scent, heavy and pressing against him, making Shen Yao tremble all over.

His pupils dilated, and just as he was about to stumble again, Guan Shu fiercely pulled him up.


A buzzing sound echoed in Shen Yao’s ears, only hearing the reverberation. Guan Shu’s pheromones had once comforted him, but now they only made him want to escape.


The final intense sound, as if the deepest-buried bomb had finally exploded. After kicking open every room door, Guan Shu finally found the bathroom.

He yanked Shen Yao’s arm, trying to push him into the bathtub. But Shen Yao suddenly exerted a burst of strength, and all Shen Yao could hear was his own rapid breathing.

Shen Yao stared at the door that hadn’t been fully closed, witnessing a shaky and jumbled scene. He desperately tried to run outside.

The grip on his arm briefly loosened, and suddenly his whole body felt light.

Shen Yao’s toes stepped on the threshold, but his waist was instantly tightly constricted, causing a pain as if it was about to break.

With just one arm, Guan Shu could lift him up from the ground. He had completely lost his sanity. He couldn’t hear a word Shen Yao’s trembling lips were saying.

He pushed Shen Yao into the bathtub, his eyes bloodshot as he interrogated, “Where do you want to escape to? Are you going to continue seeking that adulterous lover?”

“Who is that alpha? The one you mentioned in the classroom? Or some random man you picked up?”

“You were seeing him behind my back? Not only seeing him but also sleeping with him, right?”

He made these speculations, imagined these scenes, and smelled the sandalwood on Shen Yao’s body, nearing the brink of madness.

Guan Shu’s chest heaved, and he grabbed Shen Yao’s wrist that he was holding captive, then opened his lips and fiercely bit into Shen Yao’s gland.

The gland was tainted with the pheromones of another alpha, covered with unfamiliar marks. Guan Shu’s breathing became rapid as his canines sank into the gland, like a starving beast finally capturing its prey.

He had imagined countless times what it would be like when he marked Shen Yao. Guan Shu had always thought that he would hold Shen Yao, make him sit on his lap, and bite lightly when marking.

How could he bear to see Shen Yao in pain?

He shattered the beautiful fantasies with his own hands. Now, all he wanted was to inject his own pheromones, covering up these nauseating marks.

Shen Yao parted his lips, as if he wanted to let out a scream, but in the end, he became mute, unable to make a sound.

Two completely different top-tier pheromones were mixed in one gland, the scent of sandalwood and Marjoram competing for dominance.

Even though they were only temporary marks, they made Shen Yao unable to resist this stimulation, causing his whole body to tremble. At first, he had the strength to grip Guan Shu’s hand, but eventually, his hand fell limply.

His eyelashes were moist, completely devoid of resistance.

It wasn’t until Shen Yao could only smell the scent of Marjoram that Guan Shu finally ended the marking.

In Guan Shu’s mind, only one thought remained. He wanted to wash Shen Yao clean, restore him to his previous clean and beautiful self.

Ice-cold water began to accumulate in the bathtub, piercingly cold, momentarily restoring some consciousness to Shen Yao. His dilated pupils finally had a glimmer of light.

Guan Shu stepped into the bathtub, half kneeling in front of Shen Yao, feeling no cold at all. He gripped Shen Yao’s chin, forcing him to lift his face.

“So that b*stard just let you come back after sleeping with you? Is that the kind of alpha you like?” His tone was filled with icy scorn. “Shen Yao, are you so cheap?”

Due to the pain, Shen Yao slightly furrowed his brows, and the cold water slid down his nose. His lips were frozen, turning pale.

Just as Shen Yao was about to explain, “Guan Shu…”


The hand covering his lips exerted a tremendous force, depriving him of even the slightest space to breathe through his nose. Shen Yao’s eyes widened slightly, his thick eyelashes trembling. He saw Guan Shu’s face up close, and their gazes locked onto each other’s pitch-black eyes.

The gaze carried a bone-chilling coldness, as if it wanted to devour him in boundless darkness.

“Shut up.” Guan Shu’s lips curled downwards. “I don’t want to hear your explanations.”

Shen Yao was nothing but a deceitful snake, and Guan Shu had known it all along. He would never fall for it again, never believe a word Shen Yao said.

He didn’t know how many things Shen Yao had hidden from him. How could Shen Yao speak so calmly and casually about giving him away to someone else?

In the week they were apart, Guan Shu had eagerly anticipated Shen Yao calling him to explain, and he thought he would quickly forgive Shen Yao.

But it never happened.

During the days when he numbed himself with alcohol, Shen Yao might have met other alphas and indulged in intimacy with them.

He stood at the door, waiting for Shen Yao to demand an explanation, while Shen Yao was rolling around in bed with another man.

A warm breath occasionally swept across his palm, and Shen Yao’s voice was muffled in his throat, reduced to sobbing sounds. Guan Shu held his breath and, as if struck by a sudden realization, finally adjusted the water temperature to hot.

Guan Shu was accustomed to holding a gun year-round, his hands never trembling, but at this moment, they trembled imperceptibly.

He clung to the last trace of hope and pulled down Shen Yao’s already soaked pants, exposing two slender white legs to the air.

Guan Shu stared at the scene before him, his eyes filled with fury.

Indeed, there was something inside Shen Yao’s ass, slithering down from his legs like a venomous snake, ultimately clouding the water in the tub.

His body was covered in bruises left by someone else.

Guan Shu, with one hand freed up, gripped Shen Yao’s calf tightly, veins bulging on his arm. His gaze seemed cannibalistic, yet his tone was eerily calm.

“Why were you so intense with that wild man?”

“Do you know how troublesome it is for me to clean you up?”

The hand covering Shen Yao’s mouth grew tighter, and Guan Shu didn’t want to hear a single sound from him, not even a helpless whimper.

Shen Yao was completely suppressed by him. When he opened his mouth, it was either as if he were licking Guan Shu’s palm or biting it.

With a grim expression, Guan Shu forcefully extracted what was inside Shen Yao. His fingers were calloused, and Shen Yao’s recently used omega body was highly sensitive, especially after being marked by Guan Shu. With this simple action, Shen Yao’s pale cheeks once again turned red, and his breath on Guan Shu’s palm grew increasingly hot.

Initially, Shen Yao had been weakly struggling, but now his body went limp, and a rosy flush spread across the corners of his eyes, clearly showing signs of arousal.

Shen Yao’s toes curled tightly, as he couldn’t resist the urge to grab Guan Shu’s arm, but each time his attempts were brushed off.

He didn’t know how many times Shen Yao and that alpha were together, but Guan Shu released the water in the bathtub and turned on the tap again.

Slowly, he withdrew his fingers, which were now glistening with water.

Guan Shu pressed Shen Yao down in the bathtub, watching as the water slowly filled up, swaying just below Shen Yao’s chin.

He tugged at the corner of his mouth and said, “Does this still get a reaction? I didn’t know you were so sl*tty.”

Guan Shu lowered the hand covering Shen Yao’s mouth and then firmly grasped his neck, staring at Shen Yao’s pained expression due to the lack of air. His face twisted with anguish as he interrogated:

“Is it because I don’t usually touch you that you went to find other wild men?”

He considered Shen Yao to be a precious treasure, being cautious even during their kisses, let alone speaking harshly.

Jealousy and anger stripped Guan Shu of his reason. His eye sockets grew redder, and his voice grew colder with each word, speaking without restraint: “If you wanted to be f*cked, why didn’t you tell me? Why did you have to seek others?”

“I don’t recall agreeing to break up. Are you trying to cuckold me now? Or do you think I can’t satisfy you? Isn’t that looking down on me too much?”

“I used to be reluctant, but now I’m very willing, Shen Yao.”

Finally, he released the grip on Shen Yao’s neck, but Shen Yao didn’t have time to breathe.

An electric current surged through his spine, spreading throughout his body. Shen Yao could only emit a muffled groan before his legs began to tremble.

Shen Yao had no expectation of Guan Shu’s actions; he stared blankly with wide eyes. As he blinked, tears, unaccustomed to his eyes, rolled down his cheeks.

Only a drop, merging with the water in the bathtub.

It felt as if he was back in the dark room from a few hours ago. He was just passing by, but the unfamiliar alpha pulled him into the room, their aura enveloping him, effortlessly suppressing any resistance he had.

Shen Yao seemed to forget how to breathe, only experiencing this storm-like mixture of pleasure and pain amidst the inexplicable panic.

For an omega, being possessed and controlled by an alpha felt like fate. Shen Yao’s gaze alternated between clarity and confusion.

Why did it feel so detestable?

Guan Shu once again squeezed his neck and asked, “Shen Yao, who am I?”

At this moment, Shen Yao’s eyes were clear. He gently touched Guan Shu’s cheek with his hand and softly called out, “Guan Shu.”

With just that simple, tender voice, the fortress Guan Shu had built around his heart instantly crumbled. He hugged Shen Yao tightly, embracing his shoulders and his back.

Guan Shu held Shen Yao tightly in his arms, his eye sockets heating up again. Tears streamed down uncontrollably, scorching like blood from the depths of his heart, falling onto Shen Yao.

“Shen Yao…” His voice was hoarse as he called out repeatedly, “Shen Yao.”

Shen Yao didn’t raise his hand to return the embrace. His tone was slightly puzzled, “Guan Shu, are you crying?”

Guan Shu knew he was despicable and weak. With just that one call from Shen Yao, he found himself making excuses for him again in his heart. He once again felt that Shen Yao must have had some indescribable difficulties.

He refused to let go of his arms around Shen Yao, as if he was worried that someone else would try to snatch him away. “How did that wild man seduce you?”

Guan Shu muttered in a low voice, as if on the verge of madness, “Don’t let me find out who he is… Shen Yao… You tell me who he is… and I’ll reconcile with you.”

At first, Guan Shu thought Shen Yao was a liar and didn’t want to hear a word. Now he regretted not listening earlier and just wanted to hear Shen Yao’s explanation, anything would do, and he would believe Shen Yao.

But Shen Yao not only refused to hug him, he didn’t even bother to tell him a clumsy lie.

Guan Shu only heard Shen Yao sigh softly in his ear, “Guan Shu, oh Guan Shu…”

When he tried to explain, Guan Shu covered his lips and said he didn’t want to listen, but now he was begging for an explanation.

Guan Shu sensed an inexplicable sense of regret, but before he could feel too anxious, it was quickly replaced by other emotions.

In Shen Yao’s eyes, he seemed to have become something completely insignificant, something to be toyed with when desired and easily discarded when not needed.

Finally, Guan Shu realized that his soft-heartedness was nothing but a joke.

This time, he didn’t even look at Shen Yao’s face. He made Shen Yao kneel in the bathtub, regardless of how much his knees would scrape against it.

The water flowed in along with Guan Shu’s movements, as if it wanted to flow into his abdomen. Shen Yao instinctively supported his stomach and felt a sour and bloated sensation out of nowhere.

The half-filled bathtub became an obstacle. As Shen Yao lifted his knees, wanting to escape from the storm behind him, he was noticed. The swaying water flowed out, splashing on the nearby floor like fireworks.

Guan Shu’s figure was much taller than him, and his wheat-colored arm tightly encircled his waist, creating a strong contrast. It felt as if Guan Shu had completely pressed him down.

While embracing Shen Yao, he fiercely bit down to mark him. He bit with force and determination, leaving a wound on Shen Yao’s gland.

It was only when he tasted the metallic tang of blood that he snapped out of it and stopped. Guan Shu was momentarily stunned, then he pinched Shen Yao’s chin and forcefully turned his face back.

Shen Yao, still lost in the previous climax, hadn’t regained his senses. His pupils were moist, seemingly unaware of any pain.

Guan Shu coldly looked for a few seconds, then released his hand. He had forgotten that Shen Yao didn’t like it when he was being treated kindly.

He held Shen Yao down in the bathtub for a very long time, and the water inside would alternate between hot and cold.

Shen Yao’s belly gradually swelled, and once the remnants of the other man were cleaned, Guan Shu took his place.

He sat in the bathtub, holding the unconscious Shen Yao for a long time. The complete possession of Shen Yao from the inside out finally calmed his mood.

Guan Shu stared at Shen Yao’s protruding belly, then reached out and squeezed it. Even in his sleep, Shen Yao reacted, trembling ever so slightly.

As he watched Shen Yao’s belly gradually flatten, Guan Shu only felt displeasure.

When Shen Yao woke up again, the first thing he recognized was that it was Guan Shu’s room, a familiar yet unfamiliar apartment.

His head felt dizzy, probably running a fever, and there was a needle mark on the back of his hand.

The door to the room opened, and Guan Shu walked in from outside.

“Guan Shu…” Shen Yao’s voice paused when he heard how hoarse it was, “What do you want?”

What Guan Shu wanted was clear.

He had imprisoned Shen Yao, tightly confining him to this apartment, completely cutting off Shen Yao’s contact with the outside world.

Guan Shu resorted to these extreme measures because he wanted Shen Yao to only see him, he wanted Shen Yao to forget about that adulterer, and he wanted Shen Yao to beg him for reconciliation.

He should be the one in control of Shen Yao, but it turned out that every day he became restless and uneasy, it was because Shen Yao wouldn’t talk to him, not a single word.

Every day, Shen Yao’s body was wrapped in his pheromones, and his glands carried his scent, standing by his side.

He just looked at Shen Yao with a cold expression, as if Shen Yao was looking at him sinking into despair with clear eyes. Even when Guan Shu squeezed his throat to force him to speak, Shen Yao never uttered a word.

Only when they were together did Shen Yao’s expression change, and it was only when he reached the point of collapse that he would beg for mercy from his throat.

When he was with Shen Yao, he only wanted to see him experience pleasure and pain, to see his reactions.

After keeping Shen Yao locked in the apartment for a month, Shen Yao came out of the room and overheard the phone call between Guan Shu and Lu Tingxin.

It was the first time Shen Yao initiated a conversation with Guan Shu. Having not seen the sun for a month, Shen Yao’s originally fair skin now appeared almost translucent, as if it could vanish at any moment.

He leaned against the door, his neck covered in love marks, and his tone was still gentle and affectionate, as if speaking to a lover: “Guan Shu, this is the last period of time I’ll spend with you.”

Shen Yao was clever. He had long anticipated that Guan Shu’s father would control Guan Shu’s behavior, so he never made a fuss. He coldly observed the fluctuating emotions of Guan Shu, which were intense and colorful, like the most intense movie.

“Shen Yao.” Guan Shu calmly called his name for the first time. “Do you really have no heart?”

Shen Yao raised his hand to touch his chest, and his heartbeat was evident. He earnestly replied, “I do.”

Guan Shu stood up and walked in front of him, still wearing a calm expression. “Then, is it not warming up?”

But in the next second, he suddenly grabbed Shen Yao’s arm, dragged him onto the sofa, and forcefully threw him down.

“Guan Shu… Mmm—”

Shen Yao’s tone finally became somewhat panicked.

Guan Shu forcefully bit his lip, their blood blending in his mouth. He coldly looked at Shen Yao and said, “It would be better if you could hold your breath a little longer. You should have waited until my father actually took me away.”

Shen Yao was still too young and too confident. He believed that Guan Shu still loved him, even to the point where he wouldn’t do anything excessive to him.

If it was just physical intimacy, Shen Yao didn’t think it was a big deal.

But as Guan Shu was about to put the blindfold over his face, Shen Yao suddenly panicked. His reaction was more intense than ever before, as he desperately tried to remove the blindfold from his face, but Guan Shu held his flailing hand in mid-air.

Shen Yao’s body was drenched in sweat, as if he had just been pulled out of a pool. Helplessly, he exposed his vulnerability with a sharp voice, “Guan Shu! I… I’m afraid of the dark!”

“I know,” Guan Shu’s hand rested on his blindfold, his nose almost touching Shen Yao’s cheek. He whispered softly in Shen Yao’s ear, “Do you think I don’t know? You ignore me all the time, but when the lights go out, you cling to me like crazy.”

“I pretended to be asleep. Did you really think I was asleep?”

Shen Yao’s breath hitched. He knew Guan Shu had received training, so he had tested him several times at the beginning. He didn’t expect Guan Shu to pretend so convincingly.

With his wrist firmly held, and his vision stripped away, his other senses became even more acute.

The narrow couch left him with nowhere to retreat. As Shen Yao descended into darkness, he dared not resist. Instead, he clung to Guan Shu’s clothing, seeking a sense of security from his assailant.

He couldn’t see the environment he was in, nor Guan Shu’s face. He was like a blind person on a rocking boat, just one wrong step away from plunging into an endless sea.

The scent of Marjoram became his only source of solace.

In this situation, Shen Yao tried to embrace Guan Shu for the first time. The familiar marks were bitten onto his gland, and strangely, it brought him comfort.

His breathing quickened, yet eventually became calmer. Shen Yao knew this should be coming to an end. However, the canine teeth that had formed a complete mark on his gland still hadn’t released their grip, and Guan Shu showed no signs of letting go.

Shen Yao attempted to remove the blindfold, but his hand was held firmly.

Instinctively, he felt that something was wrong. He was now too overwhelmed to even fear the dark. Enormous terror engulfed him.

As Shen Yao tried to turn and run, Guan Shu firmly grabbed his lower leg and pulled him back down.


The most secretive part of Shen Yao’s body was stimulated, as if his soul had been collided with.

All of Shen Yao’s words were halted in his throat, and he couldn’t control his tear glands. Tears instantly streamed down his face, and his overly long nails left deep claw marks on Guan Shu’s arm.


He finally regained his senses and tried to utter a plea, but Guan Shu interrupted him again, and his nails scratched even deeper into Guan Shu’s arm.

Shen Yao’s expression became blank, and he even uttered words of begging, “Please……”

Once again, he was cut off after uttering just one word. Guan Shu seemed to be playing a game of cat and mouse with him, giving Shen Yao a glimmer of hope, only to grab his tail and pull him back when he thought he could escape.

In playing this game, Guan Shu exercised great restraint. His hand, which had been gripping Shen Yao’s leg, slowly moved upward, finally resting on Shen Yao’s waist.

He was well-built, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and all the muscles he should have. If Guan Shu truly wanted Shen Yao to die in bed, it was something he could achieve, just like now.

His tightly closed secret place was forcefully invaded, and in front of Guan Shu, Shen Yao lost all his privacy. The most fragile part of him was also touched by Guan Shu.

Completely possessed by an alpha, completely controlled by an alpha—this was the feeling of being marked for life as an omega.

Shen Yao couldn’t even shed tears anymore. He was lifted up by Guan Shu and placed on top of him. The position made Shen Yao feel nauseous, yet he had no desire to escape. He wrapped his arms around Guan Shu’s shoulders.

His cheek rested against Guan Shu’s body, with half of his face covered by the blindfold, leaving only a smooth chin and flushed lips.

The time for the lifelong mark was long, and Guan Shu was afraid of Shen Yao suddenly escaping, so he firmly held Shen Yao’s waist.

He removed Shen Yao’s blindfold, revealing a pair of eyes filled with moisture. He seemed lost in thought, with a vacant gaze that gave off an oddly clingy vibe.

Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he lowered his head, wanting to kiss Shen Yao’s lips.


Guan Shu’s face was slapped to the side, leaving a distinct palm print on his right cheek. Despite being struck with such force, he showed no expression.

Shen Yao’s body instinctively clamored for him to embrace Guan Shu, to kiss him, but he struggled to hold himself back.

He hadn’t let go of his resentment yet.

Shen Yao lifted his hand expressionlessly and slapped Guan Shu even harder than before.

There was no trace of crying or fear in his voice:

“Guan Shu, you’ve truly gone mad.”

Not only was he mad, but he was also an uncontrollable mad dog.

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