Don’t Sink Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Ring

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Guan Yan had never slapped him before, but Guan Shu paid no attention to the handprint on his face. Shen Yao’s scolding and hitting didn’t make him angry at all. He touched his burning cheek with his hand. 

He didn’t mind it much, instead, he took hold of Shen Yao’s hand. Guan Shu lowered his head and kissed each palm, one by one.

However, Shen Yao frowned and forcefully pulled his hand away, but within a second, he was gently pulled back by Guan Shu.

Guan Shu held his hand, his sharp single eyelid drooping. He held Shen Yao’s hand and the kisses he planted became lighter and lighter, cherishing him as if it were in the past.

Shen Yao curled his fingers, tears still hanging in the corner of his eyes, like ice-clear crystals. His gaze was cold, as if Guan Shu’s actions had nothing to do with him.

In the silent yet chaotic room, Guan Shu avoided Shen Yao’s gaze and deceived himself by pulling Shen Yao tightly into his embrace.

The embrace was tight and seamless, bare skin pressed against each other. Guan Shu held Shen Yao’s slender waist and lightly rested his chin on him, greedily kissing the scent on his body.

The fragrance of apricot blossoms and Marjoram intertwined, and Guan Shu felt that their scents matched each other.

“Yao Yao…” Guan Shu called out repeatedly, clinging and lingering. “Yao Yao.”

He turned his face, closed his eyes, and didn’t look at Shen Yao’s cold gaze, gently and softly kissing Shen Yao.

More cautious than when they were passionately in love, regaining what was lost always makes one more apprehensive. Guan Shu didn’t want Shen Yao to think he had any flaws anymore.

After completing their lifelong bond, Guan Shu had returned to his past self with Shen Yao. He never said a hurtful word to Shen Yao again, nor did he ever treat him roughly.

Apart from confirming his lifelong bond with Shen Yao countless times a day, he seemed to have once again become a loyal dog exclusively for Shen Yao.

After the lifelong bond, omegas are supposed to rely on alphas, but it’s the opposite between the two of them.

Guan Shu constantly wanted to hold Shen Yao in his arms. He didn’t want Shen Yao to leave his sight for even a minute.

Every day, he wanted to personally wash Shen Yao’s face, brush his teeth, help him change clothes, kneel on the ground to put on his shoes, and even feed him during meals, murmuring softly, “Yao Yao, why are you so thin?”

Guan Shu was no longer always locking him up. He would take Shen Yao downstairs for a walk, but his hands would always tightly hold onto Shen Yao’s, their fingers firmly interlocking.

If someone looked at Shen Yao for a moment too long, Guan Shu would stare them down, full of warning signals. He became overly vigilant, seeing everyone, whether alpha, beta, or even omega, as someone who might covet Shen Yao.

In the beginning, Shen Yao tried to resist Guan Shu. He kicked Guan Shu when he knelt down to put on his shoes and expressionlessly knocked over the bowl and spoon when Guan Shu fed him.

Guan Shu never got angry. He calmly tidied up everything and then repeated what he was originally doing.

In the end, Shen Yao just let Guan Shu be.

What Guan Shu did the most was make Shen Yao sit on his lap, tightly embracing him from behind, and whispering random things in his ear.

Shen Yao ignored him, and he could go on talking alone for a long, long time.

He said, “Yao Yao, how about I don’t go to the military academy? I want to be with you all the time. I don’t want to be separated from you even for a moment.”

Guan Shu continued, “In two more years, when you reach the legal age, let’s get engaged, and then two more years after that, let’s get married, okay?”

“By then, I will go to see your performances every day. I won’t miss a single show.”

Whenever he felt restless and anxious because he didn’t get a response, he would sniff Shen Yao’s scent glands like a dog, smelling the lingering pheromones.

His restless heartbeat gradually calmed down.

Yes, he had marked Shen Yao for life. Shen Yao can’t accept another alpha’s mark, nor can he be with any other alpha.

He held the omega tightly in his arms, envisioning this one-sided happiness, even though Shen Yao had never expressed an opinion about his plans.

Guan Shu somehow pulled out a ring from somewhere. The packaging box looked like it had gone through who knows what, already wrinkled.

But when he opened the box, the ring inside was brand new, shining silver under the light. The ring was a unique custom design, with a peach blossom engraved on the outer band.

This was supposed to be the graduation gift that Guan Shu intended to give to Shen Yao. It should have been given when they were standing together at the shooting range, with Guan Shu holding Shen Yao’s hand and aiming at the target together.

He had already thought it through. If Shen Yao hits the bullseye, it would be his trophy. If Shen Yao simply hits the target, it would be an encouragement award. And if Shen Yao misses the target, it would be his consolation prize.

Regardless of the outcome, this gift will definitely be given by Guan Shu.

But this ring was lost by him on a rainy day, and later Guan Shu searched for it for two hours in the middle of the night to find it.

Now he put the ring on Shen Yao’s slender fingers. Guan Shu secretly measured the ring size while Shen Yao was asleep, ensuring a perfect fit for Shen Yao’s finger.

Guan Shu’s fingers trembled slightly as he lifted his gaze, not wanting to miss any change in Shen Yao’s expression.

Shen Yao raises his hand, spreading his five fingers, his eyes narrowing slightly as he carefully observed the ring under the light.

Suddenly, he turned his face and smiled gently at Guan Shu, even the faint dimple on his cheek became visible.

Guan Shu’s heart pounded irregularly. He looked at Shen Yao’s smile, afraid to even blink his eyes, fearing that if he closed his eyes, the smile would vanish like smoke.

Unable to contain himself, he tightly embraced Shen Yao, feeling the lifelong mark left on Shen Yao’s body, as if grasping onto the last piece of driftwood.

“Yao Yao… Can we always be together?”

Guan Shu couldn’t restrain his joy, holding Shen Yao’s hand, he asked, “Are you willing to wear my ring? Does that mean you like me a little bit?”

Shen Yao didn’t say anything, only smiled at him. But Guan Shu tightly embraced him, lost in his own solitary delight.

On the day when Guan Yan blasted open the lock with a gun, there was only a dim light in the living room. Guan Shu sat on the sofa, holding Shen Yao and continuing to whisper softly in his ear, not even lifting his head at the sound of the commotion.

He knew that Guan Yan would eventually discover something was amiss unless he took Shen Yao and eloped. But he was too young at the moment, he had no money, no power. On the road, he wouldn’t be able to take care of Shen Yao properly. He couldn’t bear to have Shen Yao endure hardships with him.

The icy muzzle pressed against his head, but Guan Shu still clung tightly to Shen Yao’s waist. He knew what was going to happen next, so he exerted more and more strength while holding Shen Yao.

To merge him into his own body.

Guan Shu lifted his face and calmly said, “I’m not going to the military academy.”

He knew that marking Shen Yao for life was an irresponsible act, so he chose not to go to the military academy. He wanted to be with Shen Yao, to comfort him.

Guan Yan roared in anger, “Guan Shu! Do you know what you’re doing?”

There were still many security guards behind him, several alphas forcefully restraining Guan Shu, while others tried to pull Guan Shu’s arm.

“Get lost!” Guan Shu yelled with all his might, his voice tearing at his heart. He exclaimed furiously, “Don’t touch him! Don’t touch Shen Yao!”

The strength he unleashed in that instant overturned the several alphas pressing him down. His fingertips touched Shen Yao’s fluttering clothes, and he abruptly clenched his fist to hold on.

The clothes were pulled longer and longer, and in the end, his fingers were forcefully pried apart one by one.

The last finger was forcibly snapped off by Shen Yao himself.

He stood behind several alphas, his skin almost transparently pale, yet his lips were fiercely vibrant, like a thorny rose.

Guan Shu’s strength didn’t diminish at all. He resembled a trapped beast in desperation, his eyes bloodshot as he stared intently at Shen Yao, who was within arm’s reach.

He roared, chanting Shen Yao’s name, his mind crazily repeating the single thought—snatch Shen Yao back!

Guan Shu almost broke free from the restraints several times, causing the alphas to break into a sweat. In the end, under Guan Yan’s signaled gaze, they resorted to using a stun baton directly.

The alpha convulsed violently, his fingers still trembling due to the aftereffects, yet he attempted to reach out towards the omega.

“Shen Yao…”

Guan Yan glanced at Shen Yao and it was the first time he saw Guan Shu’s boyfriend. Originally, he should have called him “uncle,” but given the current situation, it was clear that Guan Shu had done something beastly.

Especially when he noticed the lifelong mark on the omega, his expression turned cold, and his finger hovering over the trigger was dangerously close to being pressed.

Guan Yan raised his handgun and smashed the butt of the gun against Guan Shu’s head, creating a loud sound that merged with his stern reprimand, “You d*mn b*stard!”

Guan Shu’s head buzzed, feeling the blood trickling down from his forehead, experiencing a fleeting moment of confusion and haziness.

However, he soon struggled fiercely once again.

He heard what Guan Yan said to Shen Yao. Guan Yan took a deep breath to calm himself down, and due to guilt, his voice was softer than Guan Shu had ever heard before.

“So, your name is Shen Yao?”

Shen Yao softly responded, “Yes.”

“I apologize on behalf of Guan Shu… It’s my fault for not teaching him properly. You can punish him however you see fit.” Guan Yan took another deep breath and continued, “So, this d*mn b*stard has marked you for life, huh…?”

He fell silent for a moment. Now it was a tricky situation because many omegas lacked the courage to undergo the marking removal surgery.

Guan Yan let out a sigh and said, “I won’t force you to be with Guan Shu. If you’re willing to be with him now, I will teach him how to treat an omega properly.”

“But if you’re unwilling, then I can only take you to have the mark removed.”

Guan Shu’s pupils contracted, completely losing his composure, but he could only be forcefully pressed down on the ground, shouting, “No!! Shen Yao!!!”

He even released pheromones, hoping to influence Shen Yao through the lifelong mark. However, Shen Yao merely covered his nose lightly.

The intense unease within his heart triggered his most extreme instinct. He violently pulled one of the guards behind him and then tightened his arm around the alpha in front of him, fully prepared to take extreme measures.

“You shut up!”

Fortunately, Guan Yan angrily shouted and raised his hand, delivering a heavy blow to Guan Shu once again.

Guan Shu was on the verge of losing consciousness with this blow. He laid weakly on the ground, leaving deep scratches and bloodstains on the floor with his fingers.

Guan Yan turned to look at Shen Yao and said softly, “Shen Yao, take your time to decide. You can think it through.”

Shen Yao stood quietly not far away, and the distance between him and Guan Shu was as distinct as the boundary between the Chu and Han states. He looked down at the disheveled and struggling Guan Shu, understanding the meaning contained in Guan Shu’s gaze directed at him.

Hope, almost like a plea.

“Please…” Guan Shu was stubborn to the bone, never begging anyone before, but now he stumbled incoherently, “Shen Yao… don’t…”

During this time, he should have been the one in control. However, the reality proved that he only had control over Shen Yao’s body, while Shen Yao always had the upper hand in their emotions.

It was Shen Yao who decided whether to continue liking him, or whether to continue this relationship. He wanted to be a bystander, observing Shen Yao’s pain and joy, but in reality, the only one watching the show was Shen Yao alone.

He had woven a dream for himself with the lifelong mark, forgiving Shen Yao for the harm he caused and arranging a beautiful future for both of them.

He simply wanted to rely on the lifelong mark to keep Shen Yao with him. It was the only little boat that could return him to shore in the deep sea.

He tried every means to keep Shen Yao, but that little boat might be cast away by Shen Yao’s own hands.

Guan Shu didn’t know Shen Yao’s answer. His frozen breath felt like awaiting torture.

Shen Yao looked at Guan Shu, never averting his gaze from beginning to end. He spoke gently, “There’s no need to wait.”

He had chosen many potential partners at the time, different types, different personalities. In the end, he chose Guan Shu because he saw Shen Shenmian secretly slipping love letters into Guan Shu’s drawer.

That was indeed one of the reasons. Later, when he coincidentally bumped into Guan Shu at the alley entrance, it felt like a fateful encounter.

He didn’t explain in the classroom because the college entrance examination was over, and Shen Yao had already decided to break up with Guan Shu.

He felt regretful. This breakup wasn’t the kind he wanted.

When he initially tried to explain, Guan Shu didn’t want to listen and instead covered his mouth. Since he didn’t want to hear it, then don’t listen at all.

When he was imprisoned by Guan Shu, he couldn’t say he was overly afraid because he had seen through Guan Shu long ago. Guan Shu would never dare to harm him excessively.

However, he never expected that Guan Shu would directly mark him for life. It was a self-inflicted punishment, and he accepted the consequences.

As for the sigh of regret, he didn’t regret the decision they made. He only pitied Guan Shu.

His voice was cold, yet resolute without hesitation. “I’m going to get the mark cleansed.”

Shen Yao followed behind Guan Yan as they walked towards the door, accompanied by desperate screams echoing in his ears. He heard Guan Shu still calling his name.

Suddenly, he remembered something and slowly halted his steps.

Shen Yao took off the ring from his finger, then turned his face back to look at Guan Shu for one last time.

Guan Shu’s cheeks were covered in dark red blood, yet he hadn’t given up struggling. His gaze fixated on Shen Yao’s face, filled with paranoia.

The ring was Guan Shu’s last glimmer of hope. In front of Guan Shu, Shen Yao tossed the ring away, not even returning it to him. The round ring rolled down the steps, disappearing into the unknown.

“Shen Yao…”

When the door closed, it was the last time Shen Yao heard Guan Shu calling his name.

Very softly.

He couldn’t discern whether it was love, hatred, or letting go.

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