Don’t Sink Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Coming Back

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The decoration in the apartment remained the same as it was four years ago. The curtains were tightly drawn, leaving no trace of daylight.

Only the bedside lamp illuminated the bedroom, casting ambiguous shadows that intertwined with each other.

Shen Yao sat on top of Guan Shu, his knees pressing against his body. Due to years of dancing practice, his slender waist swayed with strength.

He pressed his hand against Guan Shu’s shoulder, small beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Shen Yao didn’t deliberately restrain any expression on his face, but he didn’t appear lost in lust either.

His eyebrows slightly raised, his well-defined lips pursed lightly, his eyes remained clear. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Guan Shu…”

Shen Yao’s slender fingers slowly moved upward, teasing and flirting, gently brushing against Guan Shu’s tense Adam’s apple.

Under his touch, Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple no longer moved up and down.

He didn’t know how things had developed into this state. Guan Shu brought Shen Yao here, intending to warn him not to forget the past, not to attempt to deceive him again.

After a brief panic, Shen Yao pulled him onto the bed. Guan Shu had many opportunities to make him stop, and he had enough strength to prevent him, but he didn’t.

They had done it so many times, but this was the first time Shen Yao took the initiative, so enthusiastically.

As Guan Shu tried to push away Shen Yao’s wrist, he suddenly remembered—now it was Shen Yao who offered himself to sleep with him, it was Shen Yao who wanted to be his lover, and they should indeed do it.

Guan Shu’s elbow propped up behind him, his features cold. He remained still, as if watching Shen Yao’s performance.

The presence of fingers on his Adam’s apple was too strong. Guan Shu couldn’t bear it any longer and grabbed Shen Yao’s fingers. He tugged at the corner of his lips, coldly sneering, “You’re quite promiscuous, Shen Yao.”

“Don’t you like it?”

Shen Yao tilted his head, one of his hands still resting on Guan Shu’s shoulder. He slowly leaned in, as if about to kiss Guan Shu.

Guan Shu didn’t step back or let go. He simply raised his gaze and stared at Shen Yao without wavering.

Their breaths intertwined in an ambiguous manner, but Shen Yao didn’t kiss him. His face was beautifully stunning, and when he raised his eyebrows, it exuded a strong sense of aggression.

In an instant, he distanced himself from Guan Shu, neither warm nor cold, and said, “What kind of reaction do you have when you don’t like it?”

Guan Shu suddenly released his grip on Shen Yao’s hand, and his expression underwent a drastic change for a moment. By the time Guan Shu reacted, his large palm had already clamped around Shen Yao’s slender waist.

Shen Yao’s gentle fingers, previously resting on his Adam’s apple, abruptly tightened. He caught Guan Shu’s neck unexpectedly.

Shen Yao’s strength was not greater than Guan Shu’s, but when he grabbed Guan Shu, he exerted all his strength, using every ounce of power in his body. His untrimmed nails dug into Guan Shu’s skin, as if trying to puncture his blood vessels.

His knee pressed against Guan Shu’s waist, engaging in something only lovers would do, while Shen Yao forcefully pushed Guan Shu down.

He exerted so much force that the seemingly delicate and boneless arms showed bulging veins, and even the mattress sank beneath their weight.

It seemed as though Shen Yao wanted to send Guan Shu to hell.

Breathing became increasingly difficult, and Guan Shu’s vision began to fill with scattered dots of light, blurring the scene before him.

His dark pupils were profound, his face contorted uncontrollably, but his gaze remained fixed on Shen Yao’s face.

If Guan Shu were to descend to h*ll, the last thing he would remember is Shen Yao’s face. But if Shen Yao were to kill him, he would accompany Guan Shu to h*ll.

Shen Yao’s face was exquisitely beautiful, a beauty that couldn’t be concealed even in dim and unclear lighting. It was the kind of beauty that seemed to require protection from an alpha.

His hair floated lightly by his cheeks, and his curled, long lashes hung softly. He had a pair of expressive eyes, but the emotions within them remained cold and impassive.

If Guan Shu wanted to break free, it would have been an incredibly easy task, yet he didn’t struggle at all from beginning to end.

Shen Yao was so vengeful, keeping track of every little grudge in his heart. If he didn’t retaliate today, he would find other ways to seek revenge in the future.

Guan Shu only tightened his grip around Shen Yao’s waist, squeezing tighter and tighter.

The scattered dots of light gradually dissipated, and he could no longer see Shen Yao’s face. It all turned into a deep, oppressive blackness.

Suddenly, Shen Yao released his hand, pushing aside the darkness. A crescent moon emerged from the misty clouds, sharp and clear.

Guan Shu covered his lips and emitted a few hoarse, muffled coughs. The well-defined muscles of his abdomen trembled along with the coughs. Unlike Shen Yao, he didn’t take as long to recover, and soon only his chest was left heaving dramatically.

A trace of blood accompanied the coughs, which Guan Shu wiped away expressionlessly.

“Guan Shu,” Shen Yao rubbed his own wrist and then touched the bruise on Guan Shu’s neck. He grinned and asked, “Did you enjoy that?”

The bruises on his neck marked his wheat-colored skin, different from the ones left on Shen Yao’s neck. They were messy and disordered, like the marks of a beast whipped.

The bruises resembled a collar, adorning Guan Shu’s neck. His throat still burned with a fiery dryness, but Guan Shu didn’t care at all.

His breath hadn’t even steadied, his body still drawing in air, yet Guan Shu suddenly flipped over, pinning Shen Yao beneath him and seizing control.

Guan Shu’s hand never moved from Shen Yao’s waist. His throat was hoarse, as if filled with grains of sand. He disregarded the pain in his body as a tempest of emotions raged inside his heart.

Guan Shu lowered his gaze and calmly asked, “Shen Yao, during the four years I was away, did you sleep with anyone else?”

Shen Yao chuckled lightly, a small dimple forming at the corner of his eye. He replied ambiguously, “Why don’t you guess?”

This elusive answer caused Guan Shu’s gaze to harden. He stared coldly at Shen Yao, and suddenly, his breathing became incredibly difficult.

He couldn’t help but speculate. Shen Yao’s actions were clearly so practiced, practiced enough to please someone in bed. Had he been sleeping with other alphas all along?

How did that other alpha teach him? Or was it because Shen Yao liked him so much? So, he would cooperate in bed?

Even when they were together, Shen Yao could sleep with others, let alone now that they had broken up. Unbeknownst to Guan Shu himself, his eyes grew colder and colder, tainted with a frantic jealousy.

Guan Shu had already decided that he wouldn’t be affected by any emotional fluctuations from Shen Yao, but now he felt like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

“No, I haven’t,” Shen Yao suddenly hooked his hand around Guan Shu’s neck, lifting his waist with some effort and pressing his cheek against Guan Shu’s. His voice was soft, dripping with honey. “Brother, I’ve only been with you. After so many times together, it’s normal for me to learn a thing or two, right?”

His voice was sweet as honey, but Guan Shu didn’t believe a word. He straightened his body, not allowing Shen Yao to continue holding him.

“What about you?” Shen Yao grabbed his arm and asked, “Have you slept with anyone else?”

Guan Shu met his gaze and replied coldly, “What’s it to you?”

“Yeah, what’s it to me?” Shen Yao let go of his hand, inexplicably saying, “If I slept with someone else in these four years, what does it matter to you? Guan Shu, you asked the question yourself, but you don’t believe me when I tell you. So what answer do you want to hear?”

A smile played at the corners of his mouth. “Do you want me to say that I’ve been with someone else?”

“Enough!” Guan Shu interrupted him, forcefully pulling Shen Yao’s waist down. The sudden sharp stimulation left Shen Yao speechless.

“I’m not curious,” Guan Shu said indifferently. “I don’t want to hear it either.”

Guan Shu didn’t care about Shen Yao, and Shen Yao didn’t care about him. They were just lovers now. Guan Shu didn’t care about Shen Yao’s past, who he slept with, how he slept—none of it mattered to him.

He only needed to know that sleeping with Shen Yao was comfortable.

Guan Shu pinched Shen Yao’s chin, his gaze fixed on him as he said, “But Shen Yao, you better not let me catch you sleeping with other alphas.”

Shen Yao couldn’t help but want to laugh. He suspected that Guan Shu hadn’t yet adjusted his own position. He was now Yan Zhixing’s boyfriend in name, while Guan Shu gave Yan Zhixing the metaphorical cuckold’s hat and still dared to threaten him with such words.

Besides, he still had Xu Yibai, who knew nothing. Xu Yibai was the one most qualified to say such things.

He wanted to ask Guan Shu seriously, “Does a lover need to be so strict?” But in the end, he wisely swallowed back those words.

Shen Yao obediently responded, “Okay.”

Guan Shu was almost driving Shen Yao to his death.

The familiar room, the familiar bodies, gave Guan Shu the illusion of returning to four years ago. Their breathing was equally erratic, and Guan Shu’s rationality was gradually eroded.

He held onto Shen Yao’s waist and questioned with a gloomy expression, “Shen Yao, what about that adulterer? Is he dead? Why have I never seen him?”


Shen Yao’s consciousness felt somewhat ethereal. Subconsciously, he murmured and repeated Guan Shu’s question before finally realizing it.

He couldn’t control the trembling of his shoulders and burst into laughter, a reaction that plunged Guan Shu into a state of restlessness. He leaned in and viciously bit Shen Yao’s mouth.

Shen Yao made a sound of pain and raised his arm to cover the tears of laughter. Due to Guan Shu’s increasingly violent collisions, Shen Yao suppressed his own breaths and intermittently said, “It was just a one-night stand… I didn’t even know their… name.”


Shen Yao’s open lips bit into Guan Shu’s shoulder, causing him to tremble in pain. As a result, his teeth also bit down harder, tasting the lingering bloody flavor on his tongue.

His most private place was stimulated again, and Shen Yao’s heart raced, fortunately only for a moment.

Despite trembling, Shen Yao was once again embraced from behind by Guan Shu, unable to even kneel, relying solely on Guan Shu’s support.

“Don’t let me find that alpha… Shen Yao… Don’t let me find him,” Guan Shu repeated frantically in his ear, “I remember the pheromone scent of that adulterer, I will always remember the pheromone scent of that adulterer. If I find him, I will really shoot him dead.”

He held Shen Yao even closer, speaking to himself, “Shen Yao, you erased my lifelong mark, you actually erased it. You are so afraid of pain but you still went through with it?”

Shen Yao sensed the fluctuation of pheromones in the glands and instinctively felt a sense of danger. He desperately turned around and, unlike the confused Guan Shu, he raised his hand with absolute clarity.


Another crisp slap resounded, causing Guan Shu’s face to slightly turn.

“Guan Shu, you need to understand, we are in a secret relationship.”

“Sex is allowed, marking is not.”

After hitting him, Shen Yao reached out and touched Guan Shu’s cheek gently, speaking in a warm voice, “If Yan Zhixing finds out, it will be troublesome for me. Don’t create trouble for me, okay?”

Guan Shu pushed his hand away expressionlessly, stood up, and picked up his clothes from the floor. “You don’t need to pretend. I still don’t want others to know about our past.”

Shen Yao sat on the sofa in Guan Shu’s house after taking a shower. He was wearing Guan Shu’s shirt, with the hem revealing his fair and slender legs.

Guan Shu usually doesn’t buy shirts; this one was his prosecutor uniform. The fabric was stiff, and there were badges on the shoulder. The top buttons were undone, exposing his delicate and exquisite collarbone.

He was towel-drying his hair when Guan Shu walked out of the bathroom shortly after.

Guan Shu’s gaze immediately fell on Shen Yao on the sofa, his feet resting on the coffee table, making his legs appear even longer.

He noticed the clothes on Shen Yao. Guan Shu reached into the drawer, took out a cigarette pack, but hesitated before lighting it.

Four years apart, Guan Shu had even learned how to smoke.

Shen Yao noticed his action and politely declined, “No thank you, I don’t smoke.” He didn’t smoke or drink alcohol, avoiding anything addictive.

“Who said I was offering you?” Guan Shu took out a cigarette from the pack, bit it between his lips, and lit it. He asked with a hint of disdain, “I just want to know who allowed you to wear my uniform?”

The shirt had become slightly damp from the water droplets falling from his damp hair, but due to the fabric, the moisture didn’t seep through and only appeared faintly.

“Can’t I wear it?” The smoke obscured Guan Shu’s face, and Shen Yao couldn’t see his expression clearly. “After taking a shower, can’t I borrow your shirt because I don’t feel like wearing my own clothes?”

Guan Shu flicked the cigarette ash and sneered, “Well, you really know how to choose.”

It was the shirt he wore most often.

Shen Yao didn’t respond and continued to calmly towel-dry his hair. After a moment of silence, Guan Shu blew out a smoke ring and casually asked, “So what’s your relationship with Yan Zhixing?”

He only asked this question after they had already slept together. Shen Yao thought for a moment and gave him a reasonable answer, “It’s a transaction. I allowed him to mark me, and he gives me what I want.”

Guan Shu held the cigarette between his fingers, oblivious even when the ash fell onto his hand. His lips formed a straight line as he said, neither salty nor bland, “You name what you want, and I’ll give it to you. Cut off your relationship with him.”

Although Shen Yao had never told him anything about it during their relationship, Guan Shu knew that Shen Yao didn’t feel comfortable staying with the Shen family. After Guan Yan rescued Shen Yao, he prevented him from seeing Shen Yao again and he also excluded his from the subsequent events.

Shen Yao disappeared for a month, and Guan Yan contacted his parents on his behalf. Guan Shu didn’t know the specifics, but from his vague remarks, he understood that Shen Yao’s uncle wasn’t as kind to him as he appeared on the surface.

Guan Shu explained, “Don’t be delusional. Even though we’re just lovers, it’s disgusting to smell someone else on you when we’re intimate.”

“Then don’t contact me when I’m marked,” Shen Yao teased him, smiling and propping his face up. “And what if Yan Zhixing can help me in a way that you can’t?”

Guan Shu sneered, “Is there even such a possibility?”

“I was just joking. Why are you getting angry again?” Shen Yao glanced at the shoulder emblem, casually saying, “I simply enjoy emotionless transactions based on interests.”

He stood up, the shirt from Guan Shu long enough to serve as a dress, swaying as he walked.

Shen Yao walked up to Guan Shu, holding him and tilting his face up. “But we still have old feelings between us, don’t we?”

Guan Shu’s throat tightened. Before he had a chance to say anything, Shen Yao’s phone, which had been on silent, lit up.

“Who’s calling you at this hour?” Guan Shu was quicker to notice than Shen Yao.

“It’s my aunt.” Shen Yao answered the call, giving a glance to Guan Shu. “Do you want to control that too?”

Guan Shu remained silent, arms crossed, until he heard a female voice from inside, then he relaxed.

“Yao Yao, you finally answered the phone,” Zhuo Ran let out a sigh of relief. “Your senior brother said you left with your boyfriend, and I realized you hadn’t taken your things, so I called you, but you didn’t answer.”

Shen Yao apologized, “My phone was on silent all this time. I just saw it.”

“Yao Yao, do you want to come tonight to pick up your mother’s things or tomorrow?”

Shen Yao glanced at the clock. It was almost 11 o’clock now. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Is it convenient for me to come now?”

“No problem,” Zhuo Ran cheerfully replied, “I’ll send you the address. Just come straight here. There’s access control. Call me when you arrive, and be careful on the way.”

“Okay,” Shen Yao said, “Thank you, Aunt Zhuo.”

Guan Shu listened to the entire conversation. He extinguished his cigarette and stood in place. He watched as Shen Yao went into the room to change clothes and came out again, about to reach the door, but still didn’t call him.

When the door opened, Guan Shu finally spoke with a stern face, “Shen Yao.”

He took out the car keys, stepping out even faster than Shen Yao, and impatiently said, “Where are you going? I’ll take you there. Don’t get lost outside in the middle of the night.”

This was the safest and most convenient area in the northern city, so Guan Shu’s words were unnecessary. He blocked Shen Yao’s path, wearing an expression that seemed to say if Shen Yao didn’t agree, he wouldn’t let him leave.

Shen Yao glanced downstairs, not wanting to waste time, and followed behind Guan Shu into the elevator.

On the elevated highway near the airport, a car sped along. The night outside was dark, but the lights on the elevated highway were bright, and there were many cars.

“Yibai,” Sister Li handed over the thermos cup and asked, “Are you tired? Why don’t you stay for another day and wait for the private jet to come?”

Xu Yibai took the cup, took a sip of hot water to moisten his throat. He missed Shen Yao too much. He had just finished everything on his hands today and immediately took a plane to come here.

The turbulence in the air was unsettling, and he hadn’t really closed his eyes on the plane. Now the bloodshot veins in his eyes were somewhat obvious.

He said somewhat embarrassedly, “Thank you for accompanying me, Sister Li.”

“I’m fine, not particularly tired. I can see that you’re the one who’s truly tired,” Sister Li sighed and said, “Tomorrow, your sister wants you to come home for dinner, don’t forget.”

Xu Yibai responded warmly, “Okay.”

It was still a long way to Shen Yao’s house. He leaned back in his seat, closed his eyes, but soon opened them again, unable to fall asleep.

He turned his head and looked out the window. This city was perpetually vibrant, never shrouded in darkness. Countless lights were shining, and Xu Yibai had rushed here just to find that one light belonging to Shen Yao.

He had returned in a weary state, without even informing Shen Yao, because he wanted to surprise him.

When Shen Yao saw him, he would definitely rush over and hug him.

A smile couldn’t help but curl up at the corner of Xu Yibai’s mouth. It had been two months since he last saw Shen Yao, and the only glimpses of him were through video calls and in his dreams.

Almost every day, he dreamt of Shen Yao.

However, after a while, Xu Yibai frowned again. It was late, and he was somewhat worried that Shen Yao might have already fallen asleep. Shen Yao hadn’t responded to him all night.

Xu Yibai’s expression made Sister Li unable to bear looking at him directly, and she made a soft clicking sound with her tongue.

The car stopped in front of Shen Yao’s apartment. Xu Yibai picked up the gift that had been held in his arms and was about to open the car door and get out when his footsteps paused.

Not far from them, there was an SUV parked. The license plate was partially obscured by trees, but the vehicle model indicated that it was a military vehicle.

Just because of this alone, it wasn’t enough to make Xu Yibai stop in his tracks.

He saw a familiar figure getting out of the passenger seat. Shen Yao’s face was as fair as the moon. After getting out of the car, he didn’t walk away but instead stopped and bid farewell to the person in the car.

It was so late, where had Shen Yao been, and who had brought him back?

Xu Yibai opened the car door and stepped out. Almost instinctively, he called out:

“Yao Yao.”

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