Don’t Sink Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Qualified Ex

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The flickering street lamp became a dizzying blur of light. Xu Yibai remained protectively in front of Shen Yao, shielding him with most of his body. He held Shen Yao’s hand tightly, standing tall and locking eyes with Guan Shu, who was seated in the car.

He completely shielded Shen Yao behind him, maintaining a calm expression while his grip on Shen Yao’s hand tightened.

Whether it was kissing, embracing, or their first time making love, Shen Yao never seemed particularly shy but carried a hint of youthful innocence.

Xu Yibai had never asked Shen Yao if he had been in a relationship before. One reason was that Xu Yibai himself was experiencing his first love, so he subconsciously regarded himself as Shen Yao’s first love as well.

Occasionally, some thoughts would arise, wondering if Shen Yao had been with other alphas before meeting him, if he had been as clingy and coquettish with them as he was with Xu Yibai.

However, those thoughts were quickly extinguished by Xu Yibai. He realized that the occasional jealousy that ignited in his heart during those musings didn’t feel like his own.

He always made an effort to restrain his speculation. He reminded himself that those were all past matters, and his relationship with Shen Yao was the present.

If Shen Yao’s previous relationship had been difficult, Xu Yibai would show him what true love was. If Shen Yao’s previous alpha had loved him deeply, Xu Yibai would love him even more.

“After being together with Shen Yao for so long, you must know that he was in a relationship with me before, right? Hasn’t he told you?” Guan Shu observed Xu Yibai’s expression, chuckling lightly. “Or did he deceive you into thinking it’s his first relationship? But it was with me that he had his first love.”

“So, is that all you wanted to say to me?” Xu Yibai didn’t avoid Guan Shu’s gaze. Being good-tempered didn’t mean he was weak. His eyes pierced like needles. “Does it matter? If he doesn’t bring it up, doesn’t it mean he doesn’t care about you anymore?”

Guan Shu’s gaze remained calm, like the depths of a silent sea at night—seemingly tranquil, but concealing turbulent waves beneath.

Xu Yibai and Guan Shu had vastly different personalities. They were not familiar with each other; they had only met a few times and recognized each other’s faces. The last time they had met was several years ago.

Xu Yibai didn’t know if Guan Shu’s words were true, but he could certainly sense that Guan Shu had ill intentions. He could also perceive the veiled aggression in Guan Shu’s tone, as well as the inherent hostility of an alpha.

Guan Shu intentionally said those words, and his aggressive driving earlier was not a coincidence. If Guan Shu really was Shen Yao’s ex-boyfriend, Xu Yibai believed that he hadn’t forgotten Shen Yao at all. Guan Shu’s shallow attempt to bring up their past seemed more like desperation.

Xu Yibai even felt that Guan Shu wanted to compete with him for Shen Yao. He had initially held Shen Yao’s hand, but now he intertwined their fingers, firmly holding on to each other.

Xu Yibai made sure Guan Shu could clearly see their joined hands, showing no signs of fear even after the near collision. He stared directly at Guan Shu and said,

“Regardless of whether what you said is true or false, even if you really were with Yao Yao, you’re just an ex-boyfriend.”

He purposely emphasized the word “ex,” implying that Guan Shu, as an ex-boyfriend, should not meddle in their affairs.

Unconsciously, Guan Shu pressed his lips together. He stared intently at their joined hands and then raised his gaze.

His eyes locked onto Shen Yao, standing beside Xu Yibai. Shen Yao lowered his eyes, his face showing no trace of guilt, as if he were oblivious to the tension between the two alphas.

A few hours ago, Shen Yao was still entangled with him on the same bed.

Now, he stood on the same side as another man, facing him. It truly was the epitome of fickleness.

Guan Shu slowly withdrew the slightly cocky smile on his face. Once again, he fell into Shen Yao’s trap, deceived once more.

He was indeed an ex-boyfriend. When he was dating Shen Yao, Xu Yibai didn’t even know him. Guan Shu held Shen Yao’s hand and kissed him in the classroom, while Xu Yibai practiced piano in the piano room every day.

Now, Xu Yibai proudly and confidently stood by Shen Yao’s side as his official boyfriend, igniting intense negative emotions within Guan Shu.

He really wanted to tell Xu Yibai the truth right now, to inform him that Shen Yao had just been in bed with him, kissing him a few hours ago, wearing his clothes in his room.

Did Xu Yibai think Shen Yao was only involved with him? Did he not consider the fact that he was wearing several green hats in his mind?

Guan Shu yearned to witness the tearing of the calm facade on Xu Yibai’s face, to see the pained and helpless expression he would undoubtedly wear. That would surely bring him great satisfaction.

What would Xu Yibai’s reaction be? Would he break up with Shen Yao or charge over to start a fight with him?

Guan Shu slowly parted his lips, tempted to blurt everything out impulsively, but he met Shen Yao’s gaze. Shen Yao’s face remained devoid of any nervousness, his gaze calmly staring at Guan Shu, as if he could see through his inner thoughts.

Guan Shu didn’t understand where Shen Yao’s calmness and composure came from. Did he believe that even if Xu Yibai knew about their relationship, he would forgive him?

Or did he think that Xu Yibai would make him choose between the two of them, and Shen Yao, being the cold-hearted person he was, would simply reject them both?

The cigarette held between Guan Shu’s fingers burned shorter and shorter. He forcefully pressed the cigarette butt against his palm, extinguishing it, and continued with a smirk on his lips, “I am indeed an ex-boyfriend, but do you know why this ex-boyfriend is here now?”

Although Xu Yibai regarded him as a rival, he still insisted on appearing calm and unaffected, as if the bond between him and Shen Yao was unbreakable.

Well, Guan Shu wanted to see for himself if their relationship was truly that strong and if Shen Yao liked Xu Yibai that much.

“Why would I not know?” Xu Yibai responded as if he genuinely didn’t care, “I saw you accompany Yao Yao home, and he explained it to me. He was grateful for you bringing him back so late, but if it’s on your way, you should head home early. After all, it’s getting late.”

The burning sensation in his palm subsided. Guan Shu opened the car door, stepped out of the vehicle, and said, “So, he only told you that? He didn’t mention anything else?”

Xu Yibai’s face turned cold, “Even if there were other things, I would ask Yao Yao myself. It’s none of your business.”

“Do you believe everything he says?” Guan Shu stood in front of the SUV like a wild beast, exuding a similar wild aura. He spoke indifferently, “You’ve been with Shen Yao for so long, and you don’t know that he loves lying the most?”

Xu Yibai’s clenched fist by his side tightened and loosened. Of course, he wanted to know what happened between Shen Yao and Guan Shu, but that was a matter between him and Shen Yao, and Guan Shu’s exaggeration was unnecessary.

Finally, unable to control his emotions, Xu Yibai stepped forward. He grabbed Guan Shu’s collar with both hands, the veins on the back of his hand bulging.

Xu Yibai rarely showed a hint of dominance and said, “Guan Shu, have you never heard a saying?”

Guan Shu didn’t care. They were almost the same height, and he looked Xu Yibai in the eye, asking, “What?”

Xu Yibai’s jawline tightened, sharp and intense. His words no longer flowed calmly; each word carried a pause, and his pronunciation grew heavier:

“A qualified ex should be like the dead.”

Guan Shu’s previously relaxed posture instantly changed. The scar between his eyebrows accentuated the coldness on his face.

He coldly stared at Xu Yibai, their alpha gazes clashing without yielding an inch. The air seemed to be filled with an invisible scent of gunpowder.

Collision was imminent, on the verge of eruption.

Guan Shu shed his earlier nonchalant demeanor and forcefully shook off Xu Yibai’s hand gripping his collar. He snorted coldly, “Don’t touch me with your dirty hands.”

After standing upright, he slightly lifted his chin and continued, “And unfortunately, I can’t die just yet, because there is still a connection between Shen Yao and me.”

“For example—tonight.”

Guan Shu elongated his words with a suggestive tone, as if there was some ambiguous affair between him and Shen Yao. Red veins became more prominent in Xu Yibai’s clearly defined eyes. He controlled his breathing, telling himself not to be easily provoked by Guan Shu’s taunts.

But in a moment, before his rationality could catch up, his body acted on its own.

The strands of hair on Xu Yibai’s forehead floated due to the sudden movement. Without warning, he raised his fist and aimed it at Guan Shu’s face, ready to strike.

The fierce gust of the punch came straight at Guan Shu, but he didn’t even blink. He skillfully took a few steps back, successfully evading it.

In the next moment, another punch came smashing towards him. This time, Guan Shu directly used his palm to block Xu Yibai’s fist. The two forces pulled against each other in the air, as if two planets were about to collide.

Guan Shu used his other hand to tug at his collar, his expression turning cold. “Xu Yibai, you want to fight me?” He sneered, “Do you think you’re overestimating yourself a bit too much?”

Xu Yibai didn’t back down even half a step. Instead, his gaze grew more intense. “You can try and see if I’m really overestimating myself.”

The pheromones of two alphas collided in the air, directly facing each other. Under seemingly motionless actions, a storm was brewing, with needles poised against wheat, neither willing to back down. One more provocative word could ignite this confrontation.

Shen Yao, who had remained silent throughout, finally spoke up. “Guan Shu.”

It was already late and exhausting enough today, he didn’t want to witness Guan Shu and Xu Yibai fighting each other. Although both of them were tall alphas, if they really fought, Xu Yibai would definitely suffer some losses.

The abrupt voice interrupted, and both of them turned their heads in unison, only to see Shen Yao walking over and standing between them.

He called Guan Shu’s name but embraced Xu Yibai, his arm around his waist, as if soothing him, causing Xu Yibai to gradually release his strength and step back.

After creating enough distance, Shen Yao turned to look at Guan Shu.

Guan Shu looked as if he wanted to grind his teeth to pieces. He stared at Shen Yao’s protective stance towards Xu Yibai, his eyes growing increasingly gloomy. In the end, he simply sneered and remained silent.

They both tacitly agreed not to involve Shen Yao in this. Yet he actually came over to break up the fight and protect Xu Yibai?

Shen Yao’s worries were unfounded. How could he possibly fight Xu Yibai just because of him?

He was truly being presumptuous.

However, Guan Shu’s fist, placed at his side, remained clenched. His posture showed no signs of relaxation. He sneered, “Xu Yibai, do you still need an omega’s protection?”

If it weren’t for Shen Yao shielding Xu Yibai earlier, they might have actually started fighting.

Xu Yibai gradually calmed down and belatedly realized that he shouldn’t have let himself be provoked by Guan Shu. His seemingly composed words were actually laced with sharpness, an attempt to sow discord.

Shen Yao had been standing by his side the entire time, while Guan Shu was just his ex-boyfriend. Xu Yibai shouldn’t care about Guan Shu. He and Shen Yao’s matters should be handled on their own.

“Guan Shu, you should think about how you’re going to explain this car to Uncle Guan. I will also talk to him about what happened today. After all, you really intended to ram into us just now, didn’t you?” Xu Yibai remained calm as he stared at the slightly dented front of the car. “If you can’t control your emotions, it’s better for you to stop liking Shen Yao.”

“What are you joking about?” Guan Shu’s reaction was intense. He suddenly sobered up and furrowed his brows. “I don’t like Shen Yao at all. Do you think everyone is like you, completely infatuated with him?”

Despite Guan Shu’s words, it didn’t ease Xu Yibai’s tension even slightly. His eyes, as clear as rain-washed glass, reflected the true nature of people:

“That would be for the best, after all, trying to meddle in someone else’s relationship is not something to be proud of.”

Xu Yibai’s gaze was akin to looking at a third party, eliciting a visceral disgust from Guan Shu.

He swung his long legs and got back into the car, forcefully slamming the door with a loud “bang.” The engine roared to life once more as Guan Shu reversed the car, his expression devoid of any emotion.

Before leaving, he rolled up the car window and lowered his gaze to Xu Yibai, speaking with a hint of pity, “Xu Yibai, be careful, one day Shen Yao will play you to death.”

He didn’t care whether Xu Yibai had anything else to say. With one hand on the steering wheel, he plunged into the darkness of the night.

Whatever dispute had arisen between him and Xu Yibai, the latter was a clueless pawn. Xu Yibai had no idea about Shen Yao’s affair with Yan Zhixing or the hidden secrets between Guan Shu and Shen Yao.

Guan Shu let out a cold sneer. It wasn’t until he had distanced himself in the car that he continued to pick up the cigarette and place it between his lips.

It was Shen Yao who had seduced him, Shen Yao who had initiated their encounters. Guan Shu had no knowledge of Xu Yibai being Shen Yao’s boyfriend.

However, Xu Yibai wasn’t entirely wrong with his remark. Meddling in someone else’s relationship was indeed an inglorious act, and Guan Shu had no habit of being a third party.

The black car vanished like a wandering dragon, leaving no trace at the end of the road. Xu Yibai slowly averted his gaze, feeling the summer breeze brushing against his clothes.

His lips remained slightly curved as he turned his face, and his distinct, ice-like eyelashes drooped, focusing his gaze on Shen Yao’s face.

Guan Shu had left, and he finally voiced the question he had been wanting to ask.

“What did you do with Guan Shu?”

Shen Yao had always known that Xu Yibai was not a fool. During their previous arguments, Xu Yibai had been pacified by his coaxing simply because he loved him.

He loved him too much, which is why he was willing to give him another chance. Shen Yao had always been aware of this.

The short sleeves on Shen Yao’s body were slightly wrinkled. Beneath his clothes, the faint marks on his waist still felt warm and tingling.

“Don’t lie to me.” Xu Yibai’s gaze was like a clear mirror. “Yao Yao.”

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