Don’t Sink Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Vase 

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The smell of sandalwood made him extremely uncomfortable. Shen Yao had no appetite. He had only eaten something casually on the plane, and now his empty stomach was churning.

A thin layer of sweat formed on his back, and his skin was almost translucently pale. Shen Yao was extremely vigilant; he didn’t want Jian Ran to notice his unusual reaction.

Shen Yao didn’t suppress his erratic breathing; he allowed the beads of sweat to trickle down his forehead. Apart from his slightly pale complexion, his current reaction truly resembled that of an omega affected and attracted by alpha pheromones.

He turned his face towards Jian Ran, his beautiful eyes were veiled with mist, and when he spoke, it seemed like he was making a great effort to remain coherent. “Shouldn’t you explain something to me?”

Jian Ran secretly observed his expression, gripping the clipboard tightly, and calmly replied, “Mr. Yan suffers from chronic pheromone disorder. His pheromones have a high compatibility with yours, and he currently needs the calming effect of your pheromones.”

This was the explanation given to him by Yan Zhixing. He wouldn’t reveal the true nature of the condition, but Shen Yao was a cunning little fox who needed to be told some level of truth.

Shen Yao seemed to awaken slowly, gently chewing on those words. “Is that so?”

High compatibility, Shen Yao hadn’t felt it at all, but now he had to pretend that he had a high compatibility.

He had a high compatibility with Xu Yibai and Guan Shu’s pheromones, and Shen Yao understood what it felt like when he truly encountered a highly compatible alpha.

Shen Yao voluntarily released the scent of apricot blossoms as if influenced by alpha pheromones. He lowered his gaze, envisioning the fragrance of wind chime flowers at the tip of his nose, and his originally pale complexion gradually regained a rosy hue.

Shen Yao noticed the switch next to the iron gate. His hand seemed to act on its own and reached out to touch it, but at a certain moment, his consciousness snapped back, and he turned his head to look at Jian Ran.

The Omega was somewhat afraid of the unknown environment and asked softly, “Do I just go in like this…?”

Apart from the photo on the information form, this was the first time Jian Ran had seen Shen Yao face to face. He was a beta who only knew about experiments every day, but when he met Shen Yao’s harmless and reliant gaze, his heart skipped a beat.

He instinctively lowered his voice to reassure him. “Mr. Yan just needs the calming effect of your pheromones. At most, it’s just a marking…”

Jian Ran suddenly remembered what Yan Zhixing had said before, and he paused for a moment before continuing somewhat uncomfortably, “Don’t worry.”

“Okay.” Shen Yao slowly withdrew his gaze from Jian Ran’s face and smiled. “Thank you.”

The shadow of being pinned down by Yan Zhixing after opening the door last time still lingered. If he were to open the door this time and let Yan Zhixing, who was already on the verge of losing control, see him and Shen Yao together, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Yan Zhixing’s pheromones had become unstable since yesterday, and for him, Shen Yao was a double-edged sword. His pheromone levels were more stable, but his addiction to Shen Yao’s pheromone scent was also growing stronger.

The more pressure he exerted, the more severe the backlash became. At this point, even medication couldn’t control the outburst. Yan Zhixing had no way to hide his pheromones from Shen Yao anymore.

Jian Ran walked along the long corridor and couldn’t help but turn back when he reached the end.

Shen Yao seemed to blend into the vast white surroundings, appearing incredibly lonely and helpless. Jian Ran still had a hint of conscience and sighed with regret.

Yan Zhixing wanted to extract his pheromones, and addiction was always mutual.

However, it seemed somewhat fortunate that Yan Zhixing’s influence on Shen Yao’s pheromones was not as significant. But if the marking were to intensify time after time, no one knew what the outcome would be.

Perhaps Shen Yao would end up like Yan Zhixing in the past, suffering unbearably without the soothing effect of the pheromones.

Yan Zhixing managed to break free, but what about Shen Yao?

At the moment the door opened, the scent of sandalwood grew increasingly intense in the air, compressing it into a dense mass, like a web enveloping him.

It felt like a repetition of the past four years.

An empty corridor devoid of people, and a door suddenly swinging open.

He calmly walked down this path while holding his phone, but was suddenly embraced from behind by strong arms. Shen Yao didn’t even have time to react before he was pulled into the pitch-black darkness.

Panic and confusion were the only feelings Shen Yao had at that moment. After his heart skipped a beat, it started racing again, mingling with the footsteps outside the room.

Shen Yao’s breathing quickened as he shook off the alpha behind him, desperately running towards the door that still had a faint light.

His fingertips were just inches away from the doorknob, and the light was already illuminating his fingertips, as Shen Yao instinctively cried out for help, “Help… Mmm—”

The unfamiliar alpha behind him tightly gripped his waist with one arm, while the other forcefully covered his lips.

Unable to produce any sound, Shen Yao desperately swung his arms, trying to knock something down to make a noise and attract the attention of passersby in the corridor.

Unfortunately, everything he touched was just empty air.

The alpha had no scent of alcohol, only the chilly and sharp aroma of sandalwood that uncontrollably drilled into Shen Yao’s nostrils. His brain momentarily felt dizzy, as if he had fallen into a fog.

In that instant, Shen Yao reached a conclusion: this was an uncontrollable alpha in their rutting period.

In other words, he had no chance of escaping.

The cramped and dimly lit room became suffocatingly hot. Beads of sweat formed on Shen Yao’s face, dripping down one by one, while his ears were filled with the chaotic and heated breaths of the alpha.

His lips were covered by the alpha, and all pleas for help and sound were smothered in the palm of their hand. Shen Yao was a sufficiently composed person, but in this sudden situation, it was difficult for anyone to remain completely calm.

He was lifted by the alpha and thrown onto the small bed. Shen Yao climbed up from the bed, struggling to run towards the door again, only to be forcibly dragged back by the alpha.

The hand covering his lips suddenly loosened, and Shen Yao instinctively took a deep breath. Just as the restless air reached his throat and he was about to call out, the alpha grabbed his hand and pressed their lips against his.


Alpha’s kissing technique was extremely poor, their tongue delving deep into Shen Yao’s mouth as if trying to reach his throat. Shen Yao pushed against the alpha’s shoulders, feeling uncomfortable and wanting to escape.

However, the back of his head was forcefully held down by the alpha, and the kiss grew deeper, their tongue almost feeling like it would be bitten off.

When Guan Shu kissed him, it was always gentle, even during moments of occasional excitement, at most, he would suck on Shen Yao’s tongue.

Being kissed by this unseen, unfamiliar alpha was already disgusting enough, but this erratic and uncontrolled kiss made Shen Yao feel no comfort at all. He felt so uncomfortable that he almost wanted to vomit several times.

The lack of oxygen made Shen Yao’s head increasingly dizzy. His heavy brain gradually weakened his limbs, and the little strength remaining in Shen Yao’s body gradually dissipated.

This room was near the back exit, and the hallway outside the door was rarely traversed by people. The footsteps from earlier paused in front of the abruptly closed door, but because there was no sound inside the room, only a few murmurs, the footsteps grew lighter and lighter.

They disappeared into the distance, and not a single sound could be heard.

When this kiss ended, Shen Yao could barely catch his breath. He gradually calmed down and realized that he had no way to resist. He simply closed his eyes.

He knew that an alpha in their rutting period lacked reason, they wouldn’t care about the omega’s feelings or whether they would get hurt. Shen Yao didn’t want to get hurt. His lips turned pale as he slowly tried to relax his body.

The alpha’s pheromones matched his own very strongly, to the point where he even sensed the influence. It was like being gradually dampened by rain, gradually becoming moist.

Shen Yao knew he should stay calm, but his nerves were still tense. In this unfamiliar and dark environment, faced with the alpha’s forceful oppression, it was a physiological suppression that he couldn’t resist, nor could he completely relax his body.

It was the pain of his nerves being pricked. Shen Yao’s face instantly turned pale, tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes, and his fingers uncontrollably left several long marks on the alpha’s back.

Unable to hold back, under the overwhelming panic, Shen Yao cursed the alpha sharply, telling him to leave.

Shen Yao also attempted to soothe him with his pheromones, but it had the opposite effect.

He heard the alpha’s muffled groan, his voice very low. From beginning to end, he hadn’t said a word, and Shen Yao hadn’t even heard his voice.

The sound reverberated in the tightly closed room, and the longer it went on, the redder Shen Yao’s cheeks became.

If it weren’t for his tense nerves, if it weren’t for him not being so sensitive to the alpha’s pheromones, if it weren’t for him deliberately keeping his nerves tightly clenched in his palm.

With such a high compatibility, he should have been forcibly induced into heat by the alpha. Even so, Shen Yao found it difficult to control his instinct as an omega.

His vision began to blur, consciousness gradually muddled and dissipated, and the muffled groans were on the verge of losing control from his lips.

Shen Yao didn’t even notice the presence of the gland until a sharp and piercing pain spread from his neck. This time, he couldn’t control himself any longer, and a sob-like whimper escaped from his throat: “Wu…”

This was the first time he was marked by an alpha, and apart from the pain, there was a surge of electricity coursing through his entire body. The sob-like cry seemed to excite the alpha even more, and his canines sank deeper into the gland.

He tightly embraced the slender waist in front of him, lifting the exhausted omega’s body off the bed, completely reliant on him.

The alpha even attempted to stimulate the most intimate part of the omega.

Shen Yao’s hand, placed on the bedsheet, suddenly clenched, and his eyes regained clarity after the chaos. His whole body felt numb, his waist sore, as if there was a thought manipulating him to beg and submit to the violator behind him.

This was his instinct as a despised omega, the vulnerability that omega was constantly held captive by. Shen Yao forcefully bit his tongue and discreetly reached for the bedside table.

When he was thrown onto the bed, Shen Yao felt something on the bedside table—a vase. He had been waiting for the moment when the alpha let his guard down completely.


Like a thunderclap echoing through the room, breaking through the sky, he even heard a heavy groan in his ears. The alpha had fainted without even making a sound.

Shen Yao grabbed the vase and turned around, forcefully smashing it down. The ceramic shards shattered into pieces, crisply scattering across the floor.

Shen Yao’s breath had yet to steady, but the hand holding the vase didn’t tremble in the slightest. His actions were fast, precise, and resolute.

He wasn’t afraid of causing a fatality. He truly wanted this alpha dead.

Shen Yao caught a whiff of the lingering scent of blood in the air as warm liquid flowed down from the alpha’s head, uncontrollably dripping onto his cheeks, neck, and bare upper body, like roses blooming in the snow.

The nauseating smell of iron rust made him furrowed his brow.

Expressionless, he pushed the alpha, who had collapsed on top of him, as if he were pushing a lifeless body. He used the alpha’s clothes to wipe away the bloodstains on his own body before picking up his own clothes and changing into them.

Shen Yao had no intention of calling the police right away. It was too early to do so. The alpha would be rescued in time. He also had no intention of looking at the alpha’s face because with the amount of bleeding, it would be difficult for the alpha to survive if he wasn’t discovered promptly.

Before his death, there was only a small probability of being found, so there was no need to look at the face of a dead person.

As Shen Yao weakly climbed down from the bed, his footsteps paused. He quietly contemplated in his mind, pondering whether or not to deliver the final blow without hesitation.

He picked up the shards of the vase and slowly groped in the darkness towards the alpha. The edges of the shards glimmered, but in the end, Shen Yao slowly withdrew them.

It wasn’t because he had a change of heart and wanted to give the alpha a chance to live. It was just that he felt the wound caused by the vase was better, as it could be seen as a perfect act of self-defense.

If there were other wounds, it could bring about significant trouble.

Shen Yao calmly tested the alpha’s breathing, which should have been greatly weakened due to the impact of the heat cycle. His breath had become incredibly faint, and his body temperature had dropped.

He was on the brink of death, and the reaper was about to claim him.

The air in the room made Shen Yao feel dizzy and nauseous. He couldn’t stay here any longer. Naturally, he closed the door and walked out, carrying the evidence he had deliberately left behind in his back pocket.

Due to the unique traits of an omega and the strong legal protection they received, if an omega killed an alpha in self-defense during a violation, they wouldn’t be held legally responsible.

Shen Yao purposefully glanced at the surveillance cameras in the corridor, confirming that the path he was taking, which was rarely used, had no cameras. He also knew that the area near the back door was a dim alley where few people would pass, making it unlikely for there to be any surveillance.

No one would know the exact time of his departure. He calmly walked towards the door, his expression composed.

Without any further consequences, he knew that the alpha hadn’t died. This was Shen Yao’s greatest regret. He had been too young at the time. He should have stayed in the room and watched the alpha die, feeling his body grow stiff.

Shen Yao was someone who held grudges, and he remembered all these unpleasant memories very clearly. Only in this way could the hatred in his heart remain intact and not dissipate with time.

Highly compatible AOs could influence each other, but in the current situation, only Yan Zhixing was affected.

This satisfied Shen Yao greatly.

Shen Yao had never imagined that the alpha who had violated him would turn out to be Yan Zhixing. Yan Zhixing had acted so well and had disguised himself so perfectly that his cold and composed demeanor seemed as if nothing had happened.

Shen Yao opened the door expressionlessly. The room was spacious, and the walls seemed to be made of the same special material as the door.

The empty room contained only a bed, and there was nothing else. The medicine bottle had fallen to the floor, and its contents were scattered.

Yan Zhixing sat on the bed and turned his face when he heard the door open. He had sweat profusely, and his golden hair was damp, while his ice-blue eyes resembled shattered ice.

Upon seeing Shen Yao and catching a whiff of his scent, Yan Zhixing’s gaze became intensely passionate.

There was a strong possessiveness in his eyes, along with a plea that emerged from the depths of his icy demeanor.

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