Don’t Sink Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Sobriety and Sinking

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Yan Zhixing silently stared at Shen Yao standing at the doorway. He had sweat all over his body, and his black shirt was soaked with cold sweat, clinging to his body, its color deepened.

In the overly quiet air, the only thing that could be heard was his heavy breathing, one after another. His gaze can be described as glued to the omega, his nose greedily sniffing the scent of apricot blossoms in the air.

For Yan Zhixing, this was his true oxygen.

The pheromones briefly soothed his throbbing nerves, gently flowing like a trickle. But the next moment, it triggered even greater greed.

Yan Zhixing felt a burning sensation all over his body. When he couldn’t see Shen Yao, the desire that had been forcibly suppressed instantly rebounded, rushing to his brain.

The collar of his shirt was pulled apart, several buttons scattered on the ground, and a large patch of cold white skin on his chest turned red.

He always had a meticulously groomed appearance. The buttons of his shirt had to be fastened to the top, the suit couldn’t have a single wrinkle, and his leather shoes would never touch a speck of dust.

Yan Zhixing’s golden hair was always impeccably styled, but now he appeared disheveled, completely in a state of utter disarray.

More than ten hours had passed since his symptoms first appeared, and each time he felt like he had rolled in a thicket of knives.

He was very adept at enduring pain and restraint, but this no longer felt like pain. It was more like a pair of invisible hands pulling and entangling his nerves, trying to twist and shred everything.

Yan Zhixing’s remaining self-restraint shattered like a glass bottle, leaving only instinct to control his body. His Adam’s apple visibly bobbed as he murmured, “Shen Yao…”

Now, he only recognized Shen Yao. Everyone else would be classified as invaders.

Shen Yao had been standing by the door since entering, which made Yan Zhixing feel a strong sense of unease. His omega could escape at any moment.

Slowly, he stood up from the bed, his bare feet touching the floor as he tried to walk towards Shen Yao’s direction.

He wanted to hold Shen Yao, kiss him, and mark him.

Yan Zhixing’s breathing became increasingly rapid, and at a certain moment, it stuttered. It was because Shen Yao was slowly walking towards him, his earlobes turning slightly red, as if he too was affected by the corresponding pheromones.

At that moment, Yan Zhixing couldn’t care about the details anymore. When Shen Yao approached and was just a short distance away from him, Yan Zhixing couldn’t restrain himself and took a step forward. His long arm reached out and directly embraced Shen Yao.

His omega in his arms had a slender waist, and it didn’t take much effort to hold him tightly. Every time he experienced these symptoms, his heart was always empty. He searched every corner of the room, seeking a treasure that he knew he couldn’t find.

He had been searching for his omega all along.

Just a simple embrace, but it gradually calmed down Yan Zhixing’s racing heartbeat.

“Shen Yao…” Yan Zhixing’s lips brushed against his neck, his breath uneven, his voice sounding incredibly infatuated. When he didn’t receive the response he desired, he murmured to himself again, “Shen Yao.”

It was the first time Shen Yao had heard Yan Zhixing calling his name with such a strong sense of dependency. When he couldn’t control the trembling that ran through him, he found Yan Zhixing’s contrasting attitude extremely intriguing.

It felt as though pheromones were like the bell that controlled Yan Zhixing. When he released pheromones, it was like ringing the bell in his hand. No matter what he asked Yan Zhixing to do, he would do so unconditionally.

Shen Yao even pondered with ease what would happen if he were to retract his pheromones at this moment. Would Yan Zhixing return to his agonizing state? Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that now. He had to cooperate with Yan Zhixing’s performance.

Shen Yao no longer pretended to be so cautious. He lowered his head, maintaining a slightly less intimate distance with Yan Zhixing while not allowing him to see his expression.

“…Shen Yao.”

Yan Zhixing continued to call his name enthusiastically, which caused Shen Yao to furrow his brows slightly, displaying a hint of impatience.

Nevertheless, he raised his hand and hugged Yan Zhixing back, holding him tightly.

Finally, Shen Yao rested his cheek against Yan Zhixing’s body, his voice muffled in his throat as he softly responded with a vague “Mmm.”

This barely audible response was like igniting a fuse. He was led forward, stumbling along with the arm of the alpha, and the arm that encircled his waist didn’t loosen for even a second.

In the next moment, Shen Yao found himself being seated on Yan Zhixing’s lap, his slender back pressed against the scorching chest behind him. This embrace position eliminated any sense of distance.

Due to this posture, Shen Yao even felt something pressing against him. Despite Yan Zhixing’s usually indifferent demeanor, even a simple embrace that had no further implications could provoke a reaction from him.

When he was held tightly by the Alpha, he cooperated so well that his face couldn’t be seen at all. Shen Yao unabashedly turned cold, his expression unchanged as he lowered his eyes.

He saw Yan Zhixing’s arm wrapped around his waist, the shirt pulled up to his elbows, revealing the veins on his exposed skin.


There was a breath near his gland, and Shen Yao suppressed his instinctive urge to escape, closing his eyes with a premonition.

When the gland was bitten, it was like a wolf shedding its layers of disguise and pouncing fiercely.

The sandalwood behind him seemed like a mountain pressing down, reminding him soberly that this was just a transaction. Shen Yao’s eyes reddened at the corners, his thin eyelids trembled, but when he opened his eyes, they were clear, as black as a deep pool, unaffected by the alpha pheromones behind him.

Usually, when he smelled the marked pheromones of Yan Zhixing, his legs would go weak due to omega instinct.

Now, even though he smelled the lingering sandalwood and was marked so forcefully by the alpha, besides feeling nauseous and disgusted, he had no other sensations.

When he was forcefully taken by Yan Zhixing before, his will was affected by the high compatibility of their pheromones. As for why it wasn’t the case now, he could probably guess.

He felt Yan Zhixing’s breath gradually calming behind him, following the usual pattern. The marking was over, indicating that today’s transaction was coming to an end.

Shen Yao instinctively turned his face, not expecting Yan Zhixing’s lips to come close.


Four years had passed, but Yan Zhixing hadn’t made any progress in his kissing technique. Shen Yao felt the soft lips bite down, causing a slight gasp of pain to escape him.

Yan Zhixing reached out and held the back of Shen Yao’s head, kissing him urgently and deeply. The omega’s mouth was sweet, like there was a hidden piece of candy, making it irresistible.

While kissing, Shen Yao didn’t close his eyes, but Yan Zhixing kept his eyes tightly shut.

Shen Yao lowered his eyelashes coldly and glanced at the expression on Yan Zhixing’s face. Objectively speaking, Yan Zhixing’s face was indeed flawless, and his mixed-race advantage was fully displayed.

Yan Zhixing’s face, as cold as ice, was now filled with desire, and Shen Yao could clearly feel it—Yan Zhixing was aroused.

The kissing technique was so poor, there was no pleasure during the kiss, and Shen Yao couldn’t figure out what he was so confused about.

This kiss was initiated by Yan Zhixing, and while he was lost in his emotions, there was no change in Shen Yao’s expression. He only furrowed his brow when his tongue was bitten.

He was thinking clearly.

Since Chen Shuang came to find him, Shen Yao had felt that something was off. It was true that a highly compatible omega could better appease an alpha, but in such an anxious situation, couldn’t Yan Zhixing find another omega?

He always felt that Yan Zhixing was overly obsessed with his pheromones. Or perhaps, from the beginning, Yan Zhixing couldn’t find another omega with a suitable compatibility.

Yan Zhixing had only one choice, which was why he reached a deal with Shen Yao. It seemed to make sense that way.

Yan Zhixing hid it well, but it was regrettable that his condition was like a time bomb that could explode at any moment.

Shen Yao was always patient, obediently staying by Yan Zhixing’s side, pretending to rely on the alpha instinctively like any other omega, and slowly finding the weaknesses in Yan Zhixing.

Suddenly, Guan Shu’s face appeared in his mind, questioning him with jealousy, asking, “Who is the adulterer?” He had asked that question so many times, even in his fantasies, and Shen Yao felt the voice reverberating like thunder.

By a twist of fate, an unbelievable coincidence. If Guan Shu found out, he would probably act on the words “shoot down the adulterer.”

He absolutely couldn’t let Guan Shu catch a whiff of his pheromone scent. His game with Yan Zhixing had just begun, and he didn’t want it to end so simply and bloodily.

The kiss lasted too long. Yan Zhixing was like a starving wild dog, biting his tongue, unable to get enough, unwilling to stop.

He didn’t struggle; so, Yan Zhixing took it as encouragement.

Shen Yao sat on his lap, the arm around his waist like a vice, pinning him in place. He had no room to dodge, only able to turn his face slightly to avoid the kiss.

Yan Zhixing not only held his chin but forcibly turned his face towards him. Shen Yao’s resistance only seemed to excite Yan Zhixing more, as if his head was going to lean in further.

Shen Yao’s cheeks began to ache from the forceful kissing, and saliva was about to escape from the corners of his mouth. But Yan Zhixing promptly noticed and used his tongue to lick it away, not missing a single drop.

His brain started to feel the dizziness of oxygen deprivation, and Shen Yao’s hand hanging by his leg began to twitch restlessly.

If he were to slap Yan Zhixing hard, and when Yan Zhixing regained his senses, Shen Yao said to him, “You kissed too forcefully… I couldn’t breathe and felt a bit scared.”

What would Yan Zhixing’s reaction be?

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