Don’t Sink Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Speak Properly

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In this tense atmosphere, Guan Shu’s phone rang again, this time it was a call directly from Guan Yan. Annoyed, Guan Shu furrowed his brow and hung up without hesitation once again.

He didn’t have any more time to stay here, but Guan Shu still didn’t storm out the door. He thought about the locator in Shen Yao’s phone and wanted to take him along.

However, Shen Yao was injured, and it would be troublesome to bring him along. It was best for him to lie still for now.

Guan Shu, with his tall figure, stood like a mountain at the doorway. He remained silent, standing under the light for quite some time, but his brow furrowed tighter and tighter.

“Stay put and don’t open the door for just anyone knocking,” Guan Shu finally turned around and opened the door. He stepped half of his body into the dark corridor, his expression devoid of emotions. “I don’t want to meddle in your affairs with Xu Yibai, but if he inexplicably comes knocking on my door, you better call me.”

Shen Yao placed his phone beside him, which still contained the mysterious locator. However, he showed no signs of nervousness.

Sitting on Guan Shu’s sofa, Shen Yao looked into Guan Shu’s eyes as if they held a glimmer of light. He nodded gently and docilely said, “I understand.”

Shen Yao’s demeanor gave Guan Shu the illusion that they were a married couple, and this place was their new home.

The words he spoke were like the instructions an alpha would give when leaving their omega at home, worried for their safety. Shen Yao, with his soft and obedient expression, seemed like his little wife.

Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple moved silently, but his phone in his pocket rang again urgently, as if sounding an alarm bell.


Guan Shu’s slamming of the door was a bit forceful, causing the door frame to shake. He rolled down the car window and drove towards the military district.

He answered the phone in advance and as soon as he entered the door, he was surrounded by sentinels. Guan Shu didn’t resist, and as soon as he was taken to the interrogation room, he saw a familiar face.

As he expected, Guan Yan sat in the corner, staring at him with a serious face, with his adjutant standing behind him.

Guan Shu dragged a chair and sat down, his expression unchanged. He knew that tonight he was summoned here primarily to be questioned about the scene at the time and the reason for firing the gun.

The officer sitting across from him sat upright and asked, “Prosecutor Guan, did you make the report?”


“You directly cut off the alpha’s gland with a knife?”

“His gland was going to be cut off sooner or later.” Guan Shu raised an eyebrow and calmly retorted, “Isn’t it just a matter of time?”

The officer twirled his pen, realizing that Guan Shu was a tough one. He glanced discreetly at Guan Yan in the corner and furrowed his brow, saying, “His right hand is also fractured.”

Guan Shu stood up and looked at him. “Given the circumstances at the time, it was difficult for anyone to exercise restraint.”

“Why did you open fire?” the officer continued, “According to your assessment results, it shouldn’t have been difficult for you to subdue those alphas without using a firearm.”

Guan Shu had no regrets for his actions. Those alphas deserved it. They dared to harbor such dark thoughts, so they should have anticipated the consequences. The injuries they suffered and the torment they endured were well-deserved.

He always acted uprightly and dared to do what he did, willing to bear the consequences.

Guan Shu’s lips tightened. He couldn’t afford to be suspended now, let alone be dismissed. He was still holding onto those goods for Shen Yao. If something unexpected happened now, Shen Yao would definitely ridicule him. If someone like Yan Zhixing could help, he should be able to help as well.

For an alpha, this is all shameful.

“I injured my back a few days ago during a mission.”

He stood up and took off his coat, then slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing the skin that was covered by the clothes. It was a wild and wheatish color.

Guan Shu’s shoulders were well-trained, and after undoing his shirt, his muscles were fully exposed, freed from the confines of clothing.

As graduates of the military academy, they all had some scars on their bodies. Guan Shu even had a bullet hole on his right shoulder.

Guan Shu didn’t lie. The bruises on his back covered more than half of it. If it were someone else, they probably wouldn’t be able to move, let alone engage in combat, because even walking would constantly strain the injuries.

“Because of this wound, I couldn’t fight those alphas hand-to-hand. I had to resort to using a gun, and even then, I aimed to avoid fatal shots.”

When he witnessed that scene, he couldn’t feel any pain in his back. He could have easily taken down all those alphas by himself. Firing the gun was simply his way of inflicting the most prolonged pain.

It wasn’t until he returned home, after helping Shen Yao with his medication, that the throbbing pain surged like a tidal wave.

Even though they had broken up, Guan Shu still remained stubborn, never wanting Shen Yao to see his vulnerable side.

“Prosecutor Guan,” the officer didn’t miss any of his facial expressions and asked the final question, “Since you were injured, why didn’t you contact someone immediately upon receiving the distress call?”

When he asked this question, Guan Shu had already been sitting in the interrogation room for an hour, his gaze fixed on the clock hanging on the wall.

“If your omega had such an accident, wouldn’t your first reaction be to rush over and save him? Instead of contacting someone else?”

Alphas have a strong protective instinct towards their omegas. In such a situation, alphas would only be driven by anger.

They wouldn’t trust anyone else; they only believed that they can protect their omega.

Uttering those words was purely Guan Shu’s instinctive reaction. He realized what he had said and simply straightened his lips into a thin line.

He had marked Shen Yao for life. Even though they had broken up and Shen Yao had found another boyfriend, engaged in other relationships, from a certain perspective, Shen Yao was still his omega.

Most of Guan Shu’s answers were satisfactory, and further investigation would be needed for the subsequent outcomes. He could temporarily leave for now.

After the officer left, Guan Yan intercepted him. The adjutant walked out, leaving space for the two of them alone.

Guan Yan sat there, exuding an air of authority, and his tone was always the same when speaking to Guan Shu: “Why do you always lack restraint in your actions?”

“With a few rapists, what restraint do I need?” Guan Shu didn’t back down, his eyes still harboring a murderous intent. “Not killing them directly was my last bit of restraint.”

“Are you helping Shen Yao, huh?” Guan Yan stood up, lowering his gaze to stare at him. “I have no objections if you’re helping him, but have you forgotten the messed-up things you’ve done? You call others rapists, but what have you done yourself?!”

Guan Shu’s expression froze for a moment on his face. He turned away, lowering his gaze. “I haven’t forgotten.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to get involved with him?!”

“I’m not getting involved with him!”

Guan Shu raised his voice for a moment, abruptly standing up as well. The chair scraped against the floor, producing an extremely piercing sound.

But he quickly calmed down.

“When he’s in danger, the first thing he does is message me. Our relationship isn’t as bad as you think.” Guan Shu picked up his coat from nearby and put it on, walking towards the door. “If you don’t believe me, go ask him yourself.”

Guan Shu thought Shen Yao would be sleeping in the guest room. He was filled with anger, and his opening of the door was not subtle at all.

However, he didn’t expect to find Shen Yao curled up on the long sofa in the living room, sleeping with a small blanket covering his legs.

Shen Yao had taken a shower and changed into a shirt. The top button was left undone, revealing a fair expanse of skin and delicate collar bones due to his restless sleeping position.

It seemed like Shen Yao had slept on the sofa because he was waiting for him.

The sound of the door closing was almost silent as Guan Shu took off his shoes and approached Shen Yao barefoot.

His hair fell messily over his forehead, and his lips were slightly parted as he breathed. Shen Yao’s sleeping face was serene, like a blooming night-blooming cereus under the moonlight, so delicate that one wouldn’t dare disturb it.

Guan Shu had slept while holding Shen Yao before, so he knew that Shen Yao’s sleep was always light. He didn’t make a sound, even deliberately slowing down his breath, and squatted by the bed, watching for quite some time.

Slowly, he bent down and once again lifted the weightless Shen Yao in his arms, walking towards the guest room.

As he opened the door, Guan Shu couldn’t help but think with a stern expression, “Tomorrow, he’ll tell Shen Yao not to sleep on the sofa anymore, as he was startled when he sleepwalked back to the guest room.”

Guan Shu settled Shen Yao on the bed in the guest room. Although no one lived there, Guan Shu often had the staff take the blankets from the guest room outside to air them.

He covered Shen Yao with the blanket and was about to leave when his wrist was caught. The touch of the fingers gripping his wrist was weak and incredibly soft, rendering Guan Shu unable to make any movements.

Shen Yao had awakened at some point, or maybe he hadn’t even fallen asleep at all. There wasn’t even a hint of drowsiness in his eyes.

He immediately asked, “Guan Shu, did you get injured on your back?”

Guan Shu froze, unable to move his body. He knew that his actions had been completely exposed by Shen Yao. Subconsciously, he began to explain, “If you were to accidentally fall off the sofa and something happened, I would have to…”

“Guan Shu,” Shen Yao repeated his question softly, as if he couldn’t hear Guan Shu’s response. His gaze was tranquil, but it seemed to carry genuine concern, squeezing Guan Shu’s heart in an instant.

Guan Shu felt a sudden pang of bitterness. He averted his gaze from Shen Yao and replied stiffly, “I’m not injured, and even if I were, it wouldn’t be fatal.”

Shen Yao continued to look at him in silence for a long time. Slowly, he withdrew his hand and pursed his lips before asking, “Can you talk to me properly?”

He spoke calmly, but Guan Shu felt that Shen Yao seemed genuinely upset.

One sat on the bed and the other stood by its side, locked in a stalemate as if whoever spoke first would lose this game.


Guan Shu reached out his hand to Shen Yao, his tone somewhat unnatural. “Give me your phone, and I’ll help you remove the tracking device.”

Shen Yao wrapped himself in the blanket like a cocoon. He turned his back to Guan Shu and refused, “No need.”

The source of this tracking device was already so obvious. Apart from Xu Yibai, no one else had touched Shen Yao’s phone.

But Shen Yao didn’t seem to care at all. He even showed such tolerance towards Xu Yibai, as if Xu Yibai had simply installed a small game on his phone. Or perhaps Shen Yao didn’t believe his words, and he believed even more that Xu Yibai wouldn’t do such a thing?!

Since Shen Yao likes Xu Yibai so much, to the point where he doesn’t care even if a tracking device is installed on his phone, what should he care about?

Guan Shu’s hand hung in the air for a long time, realizing that Shen Yao had made up his mind to ignore him. He turned his head expressionlessly and walked out without hesitation.

The sound of the door closing wasn’t heavy, just a gentle click.

Shen Yao knew that there was a tracking device in his phone, but he acted as if he didn’t know, or perhaps he had completely ignored Guan Shu’s existence.

He carried on with his life as usual, going to the dance troupe on time every day and leaving only when night fell. During this time, he even cooperated with the police as a victim.

Several days passed without Guan Shu appearing in front of him. It was as if he had vanished.

Shen Yao continued practicing late into the night. Tonight, as he walked out from the entrance, he noticed a familiar black car parked by the roadside.

As if sensing something, he walked towards that direction. As he approached, the window of the black car slowly rolled down, revealing the face that he hadn’t seen in a long time.

Xu Yibai sat in the driver’s seat, his face as clear and refined as ever, but his gaze was no longer as pure and gentle as before.

“Yao Yao.”

He still called Shen Yao by his nickname, as if Shen Yao hadn’t cheated on him or asked for a breakup.

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