Don’t Sink Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Found You

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In the quiet and silent secure passage, Gao Wenwan didn’t wait for the elevator. After receiving the phone call, he ran all the way up, panting for breath.

His relationship with Shen Yao was like a hidden thread, only pulled out when they needed each other. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Shen Yao stood facing the window, overlooking the dizzying splendor of the high-rise buildings. His hands rested on the windowsill, his hair gently swayed by the wind. When he heard footsteps behind him, Shen Yao turned his face slowly.

Neon lights reflected in his eyes, but with a single glance, he couldn’t find the chaos outside the window, only pure darkness.

Shen Yao merged into the darkness of the night, yet he detached himself from this bustling world, drifting in a cold and indifferent detachment.

It seemed that this was his truest self.

“You…,” Gao Wenwan stood on the steps, looked up for a moment, and then continued, “Are you really together with Yan Zhixing?”

Perhaps Gao Wenwan had underestimated Shen Yao. Yan Zhixing being hooked on Shen Yao was beyond his expectations.

Shen Yao didn’t explain too much. He knew that Yan Zhixing would definitely enter that room, and the moment he stepped in, he would endure the torment of the susceptible period.

He was the only one who could save Yan Zhixing, but he wasn’t in a hurry at all. He casually talked about other things, “Do you know about the entanglement between your brother and Shen Fulin?”

“Of course, I know,” Gao Wenwan nodded subconsciously, “Did something happen between them? I saw my dad kicking him with one foot. Normally, he wouldn’t even touch him with a finger.”

“If there’s nothing wrong with that batch of goods, Shen Fulin wouldn’t need to be so anxious.” Shen Yao lowered his head and brushed off the dust on his sleeve, speaking calmly, “The rise of the Shen family wasn’t so clean, and it wasn’t even washed clean. Those past events have always been a headache for my grandfather. All he could do was bury the past under two empty shell companies of the Shen family. Fortunately for both of them, something fortunate happened, allowing them to perfectly get rid of this hot potato.”

Shen Yao looked at him, his face devoid of any smile, displaying the same detached demeanor that didn’t require sympathy. The steps seemed to be cut off as he conversed with Gao Wenwan. He wasn’t detached from the memories but rather from the conversation itself.

“My father died, and at that time, he happened to be the legal representative.”

Gao Wenwan knew that Shen Yao’s father’s death was suspicious, but as an outsider, he didn’t know the details. He knew that Shen Yao didn’t like being probed, yet he couldn’t help but ask, “So it was your grandfather…?”

“Not him, it was just a coincidence,” Shen Yao denied, pulling the reins to bring everything back on track. “I’m only saying this to point out that the hard-earned past that was cleared has been dug up again by Shen Fulin. All the collaborations he had with your brother were signed under the names of those two companies.”

The business world of the past was deep, and anyone could have some dirty dealings. Most people would want to distance themselves completely, but Shen Fulin was still getting involved. Gao Wenwan gasped, “Has Shen Fulin gone mad?”

“He hasn’t gone mad; he has managed everything flawlessly,” Shen Yao’s gaze turned back, focusing on the sky. “But everything is still walking on a tightrope.”

Gao Wenwan understood what Shen Yao was reminding him of. As he turned to leave, he realized that Shen Yao was still standing there, quietly watching him.

He halted his steps and asked, “Shen Yao, did you call me here for something else?”

“In the room at the very end of the top floor corridor, I left enough pheromones for an alpha to enter the susceptible period.”

Gao Wenwan’s heart tightened, and he waited for Shen Yao’s next words.

Shen Yao’s wrist was clean, as he wasn’t in the habit of wearing a watch. He glanced at the time displayed on his phone.

A considerable amount of time had passed, enough for Yan Zhixing to enter that room. He knew Yan Zhixing would definitely go. Shen Yao’s tone remained steady, “Yan Zhixing must be going insane by now.”

He knew exactly what situation Yan Zhixing was in. At the moment when he desperately yearned for his pheromones, the room was empty, devoid of the omega presence he hoped to embrace.

Yan Zhixing would go mad, longing to go out and find him. The room would be filled with the scent of apricot blossoms, the only presence he relied on, even giving him illusions of self-deception.

He would believe that Shen Yao was right by his side.

He was like a trapped beast, drawing a line on the ground, forever unable to leave the room until the scent of the pheromones faded away.

Gao Wenwan couldn’t guess what Shen Yao wanted him to do. His hand, hanging by his side, tightened slightly, as he calmly asked, “Do you want me to go in and be with the uncontrollable Yan Zhixing?”

He thought that if Shen Yao nodded, he might agree, even though he detested alphas.

“If I’m not mistaken, Yan Zhixing won’t touch you. He’ll drive you out,” Shen Yao paused, “If you don’t come out after ten seconds, I’ll come in to find you. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Gao Wenwan raised his delicate face. He had an innocent and harmless appearance. Compared to Shen Yao’s non-threatening nature, he had always been successful in confusing others with his image of a pure white rabbit.

He looked up at Shen Yao and nodded without hesitation, “Okay.” Gao Wenwan shrugged and added jokingly, “Since you’ve helped me so much, it’s a fair trade. I’ll definitely help you.”

Gao Wenwan stood at the doorway of the room, knowing that Shen Yao was not far away. He placed his hand on the doorknob, and the scent of strawberry filled the air from his omega gland.

Alphas in the susceptible period couldn’t resist such temptation. They wouldn’t care who the other person was; they would be drawn to the omega purely by instinct.

The door only opened a crack, and a hint of his pheromones leaked inside. Something was thrown at him from the room, but Gao Wenwan didn’t even have a chance to see it clearly; he only heard a shattering sound.


The fruit bowl that flew towards him shattered near his feet. If he took one more step forward and entered the room, it would directly hit his head, possibly causing him to faint.

Gao Wenwan stood still, his objective already achieved. He didn’t continue to move forward. He could also smell the apricot blossom scent in the air, belonging to Shen Yao—sweet yet faint.

Yan Zhixing sat on the sofa, completely different from the cold and restrained appearance in Gao Wenwan’s memory.

He was only wearing a shirt, with the collar wide open. Beads of sweat continuously rolled down, and his meticulously tailored suit jacket had been torn to pieces, scattered haphazardly at his feet.

Yan Zhixing lifted his eyelids, and his expression was no longer calm. However, the look on his face wasn’t the beast-like greed for an omega.

It was the killing intent triggered by someone stepping into his territory, violating his boundaries.

Veins bulged on Yan Zhixing’s arms as he used all his strength to restrain the urge to pounce and strangle Gao Wenwan.

His eyes locked onto Gao Wenwan, conveying a final warning:

“Get out.”

With just one glance, Gao Wenwan understood Yan Zhixing’s intention.

This alpha in the heightened state of arousal, with an intense possessiveness, wouldn’t even allow his own omega’s pheromones to be smelled by others.

It was only after Gao Wenwan closed the door that he realized his back was drenched in cold sweat. He turned around and looked towards the corner of the room, his breathing slightly panicked as he said:

“Shen Yao, you can’t go in.”

He had seen many alphas in their heightened states, but he had never seen anyone like Yan Zhixing—a starving wolf waiting for Shen Yao, the lamb, to enter.

In an instant, Yan Zhixing could tear a person apart.

“I have to go in,” Shen Yao said coldly. “You go, don’t worry about me. I won’t die.”

Shen Yao leaned against the door and took out the pre-prepared aphrodisiac. He couldn’t indulge in Yan Zhixing’s pheromones like nothing was wrong, so he had to numb his senses using this method and force himself to drown in the ocean of desire.

He opened the packaging and injected the needle into his skin. At that moment, Shen Yao lifted his gaze. Looking at Gao Wenwan’s figure, he uttered his final words, “I know what you’re thinking. Who is the wolf and who is the lamb? Who knows?”

After Gao Wenwan left, the empty corridor fell silent once again. Shen Yao leaned against the door, quietly waiting for the aphrodisiac to take effect.

But suddenly, the door behind him was forcefully opened from the inside. Shen Yao instinctively tried to move forward but held himself steady.

He was embraced from behind, uncontrollably falling backward into arms filled with the scent of sandalwood.

“Shen Yao.”

He heard Yan Zhixing’s voice, husky due to desire.

“I found you.”

The arm that held him captive around his waist dragged him further into the room. Shen Yao couldn’t believe it and forgot to struggle.

According to his plan, the pheromones inside would be enough to intoxicate Yan Zhixing, and he wouldn’t choose to leave the room at this moment.

But now, Yan Zhixing came out, clearly searching for him alone.

Shen Yao’s glands hadn’t released any pheromones yet, but Yan Zhixing held him tightly, refusing to let go. His nose kept sniffing at Shen Yao’s body, as if seeking solace in his own scent could ease the heightened state of arousal.

In the subtle and gradual process, Yan Zhixing’s desires had shifted from merely seeking pheromones to seeking Shen Yao himself.

His objective had become concrete, no longer elusive.

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