Don’t Sink Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Would you Marry Me?

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Through a closed door, inside the room, Yan Zhixing frantically searched every corner as if trying to find the trace of his omega. He couldn’t remember anything else; all he remembered was that his omega was named Shen Yao.

Shen Yao, on the other hand, leaned indifferently against the thin door, calculatingly injecting himself with the heat-inducing drug. He used this method to create an illusion for Yan Zhixing, deceiving him into believing that their compatibility was truly high.

Now, he was pressed against the door, unable to react in time. In the clear, dark pupils, he saw Yan Zhixing’s face approaching, and the ice-blue eyes closing in front of him.

In the next moment, a burning kiss descended eagerly.

Shen Yao let out a shallow muffled sound, but this desire-filled kiss failed to arouse any passion in him. Shen Yao instinctively furrowed his brows. The arm around his waist tightened, driven by an intense possessiveness, attempting to pull him into his own body.

The drug hadn’t taken effect yet, and despite the heavy sandalwood scent in the air, Shen Yao remained untouched by this kiss from start to finish.

Only when he began to feel his body gradually warming up did he slightly lift his chin, but it could only be considered a form of cooperation; there was no real response from him.

In the moments when they were apart, Yan Zhixing managed to maintain his composure. He knew clearly that he had to leave the room; it only contained the scent of his omega’s pheromones.

He didn’t need those; he needed his omega.

While kissing Shen Yao’s lips, Yan Zhixing’s body showed no signs of cooling down. He tightly embraced Shen Yao’s waist, and every subsequent movement became purely instinctual.

He had no consciousness, yet he still remembered who he was holding, their foreheads pressed together. Yan Zhixing’s voice came from a very close distance:

“…Shen Yao.”

The omega in his embrace was just too perfect to hold. Yan Zhixing initially only wanted to hold him for a moment. But gradually, his palm involuntarily lifted Shen Yao’s clothes, pressing against the delicate skin.

With just a simple touch, Yan Zhixing’s breath became heavier and rougher. His gaze fixed on the gland, his canines revealing themselves.

Yan Zhixing had also developed strong arm strength, effortlessly lifting Shen Yao off the ground.

Shen Yao was left with his back against the door, his legs dangling in the air. He could only wrap his arms around Yan Zhixing’s neck to seek a sense of security, transforming from a one-sided embrace into a reciprocated one.

He felt the alpha’s urgent movements, so he leaned in proactively, using his legs to lock around Yan Zhixing’s waist. Shen Yao’s cheek pressed against Yan Zhixing’s neck, rubbing against it like a spoiled cat, his soft voice carrying a hint of breathiness as he mumbled:

“Not here, Yan Zhixing… Let’s go to the bedroom.”

His hair brushed against Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple like a feather, causing his Adam’s apple to bob up and down intensely. Yan Zhixing abruptly held Shen Yao tightly and walked towards the bedroom in the lounge.

The mattress was soft, and Shen Yao didn’t feel any pain when he was thrown onto it. Subconsciously, he raised his arm to shield his hot forehead.

He noticed that the cabinets in the bedroom were all open, and even the bed had shifted from its original position. Everything had been thoroughly searched, not even sparing the space under the bed where only one person could hide.

Shen Yao didn’t have time to examine further as his line of sight was completely blocked by the pouncing Yan Zhixing.


His voice, this time, was devoid of any pretense. His gland was bitten without warning and not just the gland itself. Shen Yao’s fingers involuntarily clenched the bedsheets tightly.

The remaining rationality of a susceptible alpha sank its canines forcefully into the gland. The arm remained firmly positioned in front of Shen Yao’s waist, half-coercing him to kneel while holding him tightly.

Shen Yao’s fingers tightened more and more, as if trying to tear the bedsheets apart. He couldn’t feel the slightest hint of arousal on a physiological level.

He was grateful that the effects of the aphrodisiac came like a timely downpour, rushing in like violent waves, rendering even his bones weak. His entire body turned a beautiful shade of pink, even the tips of his toes.

“Shen Yao, someone just caught a whiff of your pheromones.” Yan Zhixing pressed against his back, their chests and backs close together. He whispered, “I want to kill him.”

Even an omega was deemed an adversary in his eyes.

A buzzing sound echoed in Shen Yao’s ears, his head feeling dizzy and heavy. Instinctively, he wanted to bury his face in the pillow. He wanted to hide his crimson cheeks and stifle the sounds in his throat.

But the marking had just ended when Yan Zhixing flipped him over, forcing him to reveal that beautiful face.

This time, Shen Yao turned his face to the side, creating a beautiful arc between his chin and neck, easily arousing sadistic desires. However, Yan Zhixing stubbornly held onto his chin, as if he had to see that familiar face.

“I want to see you.” Yan Zhixing lowered his gaze, staring at him, and asked, “Why did you turn your face away?”

Shen Yao could only reluctantly gaze at Yan Zhixing’s face, but besides that, he also saw vast, dazzling lights. His gaze repeatedly fell into blankness when directed at Yan Zhixing’s eyes.

He felt no sensation from Yan Zhixing’s kisses, embraces, or even touches. All of Shen Yao’s intoxication relied solely on that cold, icy aphrodisiac injection.

Yan Zhixing didn’t need an aphrodisiac. Even the slightest trace of pheromones could effortlessly lure all his desires.

He exerted all his strength to suppress this desire, while Shen Yao exerted all his strength to push away his impulses.

If Yan Zhixing knew that their sexual encounters could only be triggered by aphrodisiacs, how would he feel? Sooner or later, Shen Yao would make him aware.

Yan Zhixing was too guarded, too difficult to deceive, but Shen Yao didn’t mind sacrificing himself for it. He didn’t care about the process; he only needed to be the ultimate victor.

Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. In that brief moment of clarity, Shen Yao confirmed one thing—Yan Zhixing indeed had no response to the pheromones of other omegas, relying solely on him.

In other words, in Shen Yao’s eyes, Yan Zhixing was a slave to his pheromones. He wasn’t obedient, but there was a way to manipulate him.


In the early morning, Yan Zhixing woke up according to his biological clock, despite having slept only a few hours.

In the usual unchanging scenario, the first thing he should see is his monochromatic room. On the bedside table to his right, his watch and cellphone would be neatly arranged, along with his signet ring.

But today was different—inside this unfamiliar room, the bedding was incredibly messy, with only half of the bed available. It was because of this half of the space that he and Shen Yao were tightly squeezed together.

To be more precise, they were currently embracing each other.

Yan Zhixing realized that his arm was still wrapped around Shen Yao’s waist, holding him tightly in a protective posture. This sleeping position didn’t resemble a transactional relationship; it felt more like an ordinary couple.

Everything confirmed one thing—they had slept together, completely deviating from the original plan.

Yan Zhixing’s lip line tightened, and he even forgot to withdraw his hand. His deep blue eyes hesitated for a moment before he lowered his gaze to look down, seeing Shen Yao’s sleeping face for the first time.

Shen Yao’s sleeping appearance was quite different from when he was awake. All the aggression had receded, and his long eyelashes gently drooped. His eyelids were thin enough to see the faint blood vessels.

If not for his gentle breaths, Shen Yao would resemble a mute angel in a church mural.

He leaned against Yan Zhixing’s embrace, and his warm breaths naturally landed on Yan Zhixing, rushing towards his heart.

A sharp pain throbbed in Yan Zhixing’s temple as fragments of lost memories surged forth in an instant. It was as chaotic as assembling ten thousand jigsaw puzzle pieces, rapidly piecing together from the moment he entered the room yesterday.

Finally, the clearest memory, the one that appeared most frequently in his mind, was Shen Yao’s tear-soaked cheek, looking at him alone. His thin lips were tinged with a pink hue and slightly parted.

“…Yan Zhixing.”

The voice seemed to be right next to his ear, and Yan Zhixing abruptly withdrew his arm. It was this sudden movement that disturbed the peacefully sleeping Shen Yao.

Shen Yao slowly opened his eyes, still groggy and disoriented. As he recognized the person in front of him, he murmured in a daze, “Yan Zhixing…?”

The two voices seemed to overlap, causing a ripple in Yan Zhixing’s typically calm demeanor. His fingers, which had been resting by his leg, tightened slightly before relaxing again.

Yesterday’s events were too inexplicable. Yan Zhixing furrowed his brow, having many questions for Shen Yao.

“Shen Yao, you—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Shen Yao, who had just opened his eyes, suddenly lunged into his embrace and tightly hugged his waist. Shen Yao’s cheek pressed against him, seeking solace.

Yan Zhixing, rarely affected by such embraces, felt his mind go blank. He didn’t enjoy close physical contact with others. This was the first time he had embraced Shen Yao while fully conscious.

Or rather, the first time he had embraced anyone.

The dazed moment lasted less than half a second before Yan Zhixing snapped back to reality. He seized Shen Yao’s arm, his intention clear—he wanted to push him away.

“I know what you want to ask. Yesterday was indeed intentional on my part. I intentionally left pheromones in the room and deliberately deceived you into coming, only to leave intentionally,” Shen Yao confessed, still holding onto Yan Zhixing tightly. He raised his face to look at Yan Zhixing, saying, “I played this game just to confirm one thing.”

Yan Zhixing’s hand paused slightly as he asked, “What is it?”

Shen Yao lifted his gaze, revealing deep black eyes that could see through everything. “I just wanted to know if you’re the same as me, Yan Zhixing. Do you only have a reaction to my pheromones?”

“If that’s not the case, it might be unfair to me, perhaps?” Shen Yao clung to Yan Zhixing with an intensity as if grasping the last lifebuoy. His Adam’s apple bobbed, as if he had made an extremely important decision. He spoke softly, “Because I can only have a reaction to your pheromones.”

Yan Zhixing didn’t continue pushing Shen Yao away. His arm hung limply by his side as he looked at the deep kiss mark on Shen Yao’s neck, then averted his gaze.

The first time Yan Yuan saw Shen Yao, she said he resembled someone. It wasn’t until that day when Yan Zhixing saw Shen Yao in the rainy cemetery that he realized who Shen Yao resembled.

Perhaps, Shen Yao resembled his past self.

Looking at everyone’s indifferent gazes, as if they were looking at mere dust, yet deep within them laid an unforgettable hatred.

His initial dislike for Shen Yao stemmed from seeing his own reflection in him, temporarily powerless, quietly harboring a desire to take the deepest and heaviest bite.

Perhaps it was due to the temporary bonding mark, but being held like this by Shen Yao, Yan Zhixing’s heart raced, and his gaze couldn’t help but remain on Shen Yao.

He subtly leaned back, not wanting Shen Yao to hear his heartbeat.

Jian Ran was right. Shen Yao, like him, was affected by this pheromone dependency. They were both cold-hearted individuals. Being together with Shen Yao wouldn’t lead to mutual affection.

The existence of this dependency disorder left them with no possibility of choosing someone else. They became the only perfectly matched pair of AO individuals, tightly bound together by pheromones. Betrayal was nonexistent between them, and they were considered the most perfect fated couple in the world.

Yan Zhixing never regretted his decisions, but now he changed his mind. He lowered his gaze. His voice, unlike its usual coldness, carried a hint of emotion as he asked, “Shen Yao, would you marry me?”

Shen Yao released his arms from around Yan Zhixing’s waist and looked at him for a long, long time, as if confirming the sincerity behind his words. Finding no trace of jest in his eyes, he replied, “Why not? But I need a grand and spectacular wedding. I want everyone to envy me. Isn’t that what you should give me?”

“But if that’s the case, we should take a long time to prepare. I don’t like rushing things, and I don’t want a single mistake,” he added with a smile. “But we can get engaged first.”

Yan Zhixing nodded and said, “Alright.”

“So, are you proposing to me now?” Shen Yao half-jokingly, half-seriously asked. “Aren’t you going down on one knee?”

Yan Zhixing didn’t say anything, but Shen Yao read a line of words from his expression—”Are you dreaming?”

Shen Yao casually turned his head. He lifted his right hand, still wearing the ring given to him by Guan Shu. He was true to his promise and hadn’t taken it off since. 

He asked, “On the day of our engagement ceremony, will you also give me a ring? Just like I will give you a ring. Do I need to tell you my ring size? This ring fits me perfectly.”

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