Don’t Sink Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Wedding Invitation

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Shen Yao returned home and the first thing he did was take another shower in the bathroom, rubbing himself vigorously.

He laid next to Yan Zhixing, and even though he was exhausted to the extreme, he didn’t sleep a wink. After showering, he returned to bed to catch up on some rest.

His body was overwhelmed with fatigue, and unusually, he quickly fell asleep. In a half-dream state, Shen Yao was awakened by the incessant vibrations of his phone beside him.

Shen Yao furrowed his brow slightly and reached out to touch it. He saw the name on the screen, rolled over, and closed his eyes before answering, “Hello?”

Within a second, Guan Shu could tell something was off in Shen Yao’s voice. He glanced at the time and immediately asked, “It’s already so late, why are you still sleeping?”

Shen Yao pressed his hand against his throbbing temple, feeling a bit grumpy, and impatiently replied, “Speak rationally, why can’t I sleep?”

“Shen Yao, it’s already afternoon. You never sleep this late, and you never take afternoon naps.” Guan Shu sat up, feeling as if he were a husband suspicious of his wife’s infidelity, and ordered, “Turn on the video now, I want to see you.”

Shen Yao touched the love bite on his neck and didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. His tone turned cold as he said, “So you’re doubting me now? After all, in your eyes, am I just an omega that anyone can have? You don’t have to worry about that. I have high standards, whether it’s you, Xu Yibai…”

Guan Shu’s voice noticeably lowered, as if he was suppressing his anger. “Shen Yao, I have never thought that way.”

“Why are you getting angry then? But I haven’t finished speaking yet,” Shen Yao said, “And that adulterer from the past, he…”


Through the phone, Shen Yao could clearly hear the sound of Guan Shu throwing things, as well as his heavy breathing. If they were face to face, Guan Shu would have probably lunged at him like a mad dog.

“Guan Shu, you don’t trust me.”

Guan Shu didn’t have any cigarettes at hand. He kept pressing the lighter that used to be in his pocket, and there were shattered glass cups by his feet. He asked, “You ask me why I don’t trust you, don’t you know it in your heart?”

Shen Yao was well aware of his many past offenses, but he didn’t even furrow his brow. He took a step back again, slowing down his tone and speaking softly, “I can accept your inquiries, your questioning but can you please stop being unreasonably jealous? It easily erodes the feelings between us.”

“I said I wanted you to treat me as well as you did before, and didn’t you agree to that? So, can you not be so harsh when you talk to me?”


After a long pause, Guan Shu managed to suppress his anger and said, “Shen Yao, am I not obedient enough for you? I’ve tolerated you walking around with Yan Zhixing every day. Now everyone thinks that Yan Zhixing is your alpha. What am I then? Some dirty little secret?”

He had endured the suffocating role of an underground lover, but if he went back a few years, Guan Shu would have undoubtedly flipped the world upside down in his unrest.

“It’s not enough. You’re not the same Guan Shu as before, treating me well.” Shen Yao’s face appeared cold in the darkness, his gaze fixed on the wall. His voice was drawn out, as if he were reminiscing, “If it were the old Guan Shu, when he called me and found out that I was still awake so late, his first reaction would definitely be to ask if there was something wrong with me.”


Guan Shu held the phone, unable to find any words to say for a moment. He didn’t argue back because he knew that he would have indeed reacted that way in the past.

Suspicion always competes with love, constantly tilting the scales and reversing. Emotions change faster than a storm, easily manipulated by every word and phrase.

Shen Yao couldn’t fulfill his promises to Guan Shu, yet he demanded that Guan Shu fulfill the things he had agreed to. It was unfair between them, and Guan Shu had always known that.

His throat felt dry, but he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

Shen Yao coughed a few times and casually brushed off their earlier argument, “I caught a cold, not feeling well, that’s why I slept until now.”

“Did you take any medicine?” Guan Shu’s fingers tightened suddenly, “If it’s really bad, go to the hospital. Do you want me to find someone to accompany you?”

He was currently on a mission outside and couldn’t rush back.

“I drank last night, so I can’t take medicine.” Shen Yao twirled the ring in his hand, perhaps due to last night, his voice naturally carried a heavy nasal tone. “Guan Shu, be careful during your mission and take care of yourself. You haven’t been injured, right?”

“No injuries.”

After saying that, Guan Shu paused and added, “I’ll come back as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” Shen Yao glanced at the time, “I’m going back to sleep now. Give me a call during mealtime. I’ll hang up first.”

Guan Shu responded with an “Mmm” and waited for Shen Yao to hang up before placing his phone down. It was only then that he turned his head to look at the injury on his right shoulder, which was wrapped in thick bandages.

As the bullet was about to penetrate his shoulder, he swiftly dodged it. Real bullets were not toys. Even though the bullet merely grazed his shoulder, the close proximity made it feel like a knife cut.

The door to the military hospital ward was pushed open, and a nurse entered carrying a tray with medical equipment. She had just heard Guan Shu’s phone conversation as she changed his dressings, and couldn’t help but steal a glance at him.

When Guan Shu arrived at the hospital, he was scolded by the captain. He was berated for his reckless behavior, risking his life without knowing if the other party was armed, chasing after ten people alone.

He was scolded for being naive and always leading from the front. But it seemed like the Alpha couldn’t hear any of it. It was only when the captain’s voice grew hoarse that Guan Shu raised his face and asked, “Can I get a first-class commendation?”

The captain hesitated for a moment. This operation was entirely Guan Shu’s credit. This fresh graduate had shown meticulous thinking, hiding as an undercover agent among the criminal gang for several days.

Even after his cover was blown, he still fought like no other.

Guan Shu left without saying a word, suppressing his anger. Only the Alpha remained, sitting quietly with sharp eyebrows, looking like someone not to be trifled with.

When the nurse treated his wound, he didn’t furrow his brows once, but there was a considerable amount of cold sweat on his forehead. After it was done, he uttered a “thank you,” polite but with a stiff tone.

During his hospital stay, she hadn’t seen Guan Shu smile once.

As a nurse working in the military hospital, she had seen many soldiers, but someone as constantly cold and rigid as Guan Shu was a first.

It seemed like he had just been on the phone with his omega. The tenderness in his expression hadn’t had time to fade away. Perhaps this was the true embodiment of a tough yet gentle man.

The nurse noticed the glass shards on the floor and instinctively put down what she was holding to pick them up. Guan Shu stopped her, saying, “Leave it, I’ll take care of it later.”

During the dressing change, he could feel the wound on his shoulder more prominently. Guan Shu furrowed his brows slightly, but compared to the numerous other wounds on his body, this one didn’t hurt as much.

He fought so hard for two reasons. First, it was his nature; he wasn’t afraid of diving straight into danger. Second, it was because he felt insignificant in front of Guan Yan. A single word from him could end his career or even transfer him to another department.

Guan Shu had to find a way to stand firm and achieve great things. It was the only path for him.

“Alright,” the nurse tidied up the equipment and reminded him, “It’s only the third day, so you still need to take care of the wound. Don’t let your emotions get too stirred up. Your wound opened up again just now.”

In the past, when Shen Yao caught a cold, he would always drag it out, refusing to take medicine or go to the hospital. He wouldn’t even drink hot water unless someone kept an eye on him.

Guan Shu asked, “How much longer do I have to stay? There’s nothing major, can I be discharged as soon as possible?”

“It depends on the healing progress of your wound. If everything looks fine, the doctor will let you leave as soon as possible.”

After the nurse left, Guan Shu was alone in the hospital room. He sat with his legs bent, staring at the clock hanging on the wall.

The hands moved second by second, and following Shen Yao’s instructions, Guan Shu made a phone call during mealtime. “I had someone send you something, it’s outside your door. Remember to pick it up.”

Shen Yao opened the door to find a pile of medication and a bowl of warm porridge placed next to it.

Guan Shu was discharged from the hospital earlier than expected. When he stepped out of the hospital, it was an autumn night. It had just rained, and the earthy fragrance permeated the air.

Instead of going to his own apartment, Guan Shu’s first destination was Shen Yao’s home. Even though he knew the passcode to Shen Yao’s house now, he still pressed the doorbell.

The moment the door opened, Guan Shu bowed down and embraced him, walking into the room while holding him tightly.

Shen Yao instinctively stepped back, but he wasn’t surprised or frightened. When they reached the front of the sofa, he hugged Guan Shu back and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back? Were you planning to surprise me?”

Guan Shu didn’t answer. He sat on the sofa and pulled Shen Yao to sit on his lap.

As the distance closed between them, just when Shen Yao thought Guan Shu was going to kiss him, he habitually closed his eyes. But instead of a kiss, he felt a hand gently touching his cheek, as if caressing a precious treasure.

His eyes were clear, like the deep sea after the waves had receded, with only the moonlight shining upon it.

Guan Shu asked, “Shen Yao, will you marry me?”

By being together and getting married, Guan Shu believed that Guan Yan would no longer interfere in their relationship. When he asked this question, however, he didn’t hold any hope in his heart.

Guan Shu knew that Shen Yao wouldn’t agree. He had asked an impossible question, and Shen Yao simply looked at him quietly, so ethereal that he seemed untouchable.

Guan Shu remained silent as well, stubbornly waiting for an answer, regardless of what it might be.

In the midst of their intertwined gazes, Shen Yao’s eyelashes flickered almost imperceptibly, and he lowered his eyes, averting his gaze.

“I won’t scold you anymore,” Guan Shu finally gave up on pressing for an answer. He held Shen Yao tightly and whispered, “I will treat you well, just like before.”

For the next half month, they managed to avoid any further arguments. Guan Shu kept his promise and refrained from speaking harshly to Shen Yao.

In the afternoon, as usual, Guan Shu was getting ready to go out and pick up Shen Yao when suddenly, Lu Tingxin intercepted him. Lu Tingxin held something that looked like a letter and handed it to him.

“What is this?” Guan Shu furrowed his brow instinctively. “I don’t want it.”

“Shen Yao asked me to give it to you.”

Guan Shu’s expression froze for a moment, and his sixth sense strongly resisted. He asked, “What’s inside this?”

Lu Tingxin turned his face away and lit a cigarette, remembering how calmly Shen Yao had handed him this letter and even described what it was.

Guan Shu’s breath hitched suddenly. He almost tore open the envelope without caring about its integrity. The torn invitation card fell out of the envelope like a falling leaf, landing on the ground. He recognized Shen Yao’s handwriting and could even tell that Shen Yao had written this invitation card himself.

Guan Shu’s eyes turned red. He read every word and punctuation mark on it.

Unable to suppress his emotions, his chest heaved violently, and the voice that came out as a roar made everyone on the floor turn their heads.

“He wants to get engaged?”

Guan Shu’s expression then turned eerily calm, but the sideways glance he gave carried an icy chill from the depths of his bones, like the final calm before a storm.

“Does he want me to fight for the marriage, or does he expect me to generously bless him and Yan Zhixing?”

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