Don’t Sink Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Great Chaos 

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This situation unfolded in the blink of an eye, catching everyone off guard as the romantic scene transformed into chaos.

For the guests present, each and every one of them cared about their family’s reputation, and every action was magnified under the spotlight. Any inappropriate behavior could affect the company’s stocks.

Not only did Guan Shu directly disrupt the engagement banquet, but he also pointed a gun at the head of Yan Zhixing on someone else’s turf.

His feet were naturally apart, his shoulders straight and upright. There was no trace of guilt in his deep black eyes, only an icy coldness could be seen.

Finally, Guan Shu shifted his gaze away from Shen Yao and firmly held the gun in his hand. He raised his eyes to look at Yan Zhixing, his eyes filled with undisguised hatred and jealousy.

He tightly grasped Shen Yao’s wrist, protecting him behind his back. Shen Yao did not resist and stood quietly behind him. Anyone with eyes could see the ambiguous relationship between them.

Guan Shu’s dominant posture didn’t resemble someone trying to steal a wedding, but rather someone reclaiming their rightful bride.

This scene of a public wedding snatch was a blatant humiliation to the Yan family, causing Yan Zhixing and the Yan family to lose all face.

The shocked guests looked at the stage in astonishment. After recovering from their initial shock, the more tactful ones started to prepare to leave on their own.

However, Guan Shu shifted the aim of his gun, targeting the back of a guest who was about to leave: “No one is allowed to leave.”

Once everyone was forced back to their original positions, he turned his gun back to its original target.

The pitch-black muzzle seemed like a devouring black hole, and with a flick of Guan Shu’s finger on the trigger, Yan Zhixing would be in grave danger.

He showed no fear, not even glancing at Guan Shu. The scattered photos laid at Yan Zhixing’s feet, and the closest one to his toes was an intimate photo. The white background image rested on the patterned tiles.

In the photo, Shen Yao still had a somewhat youthful face, wearing his high school uniform. He obediently tilted his face upward, eyes gently closed, sharing a kiss with Guan Shu, whose profile was visible.

This photo pierced into Yan Zhixing’s eyes, gradually changing the emotions in his gaze, eventually turning dark and indiscernible.

Yan Zhixing didn’t believe that Guan Shu would dare to open fire in this place. He raised his hand and made a few light gestures in mid-air, signaling the bodyguards to step back.

“What’s the matter? Can’t handle a few intimate photos? How can someone with your mental resilience marry Shen Yao?” Guan Shu asked him, every word punctuated. “You should toughen up. Do you want to see something even more outrageous?”

With seated guests still present, Guan Shu had no intention of sparing Yan Zhixing’s dignity. His finger on the trigger slightly depressed, as if he was ready to press it at any moment.

“For example—”

Guan Shu tightened his grip on Shen Yao’s wrist and forcefully pulled him, firmly locking him by his side. “Photos of Shen Yao and me in bed.”

Yan Zhixing told himself that he couldn’t lose control of his emotions over an omega, even if this omega lied to him incessantly, even if this engagement banquet was ruined.

The ring, which Shen Yao hadn’t had a chance to put on yet, was now tightly clenched in Guan Shu’s hand, pressing against his palm.

“Why are you clinging to my fiancé when those photos are all in the past? This isn’t the first time you’ve been entangled with my fiancé, considering the previous banquet at the Gu family,” Yan Zhixing spoke calmly, but his words sounded like commands.

“Shen Yao, come to my side.”

Seeing the photos of Guan Shu and Shen Yao together, it indicated that they had been involved in the past, and later Guan Shu went to military school. Most likely, they broke up during that time.

But now, Guan Shu had returned, and he hadn’t forgotten Shen Yao. That’s why he repeatedly sought to entangle himself with Shen Yao.

Shen Yao had told him countless lies, but now he could only smell the pheromones emanating from Shen Yao’s body.

Yan Zhixing didn’t want to question their past anymore. Right now, all he needed was to take Shen Yao away and end this absurd farce.

The veins on Guan Shu’s arm bulged as he exerted excessive force. If Shen Yao dared to take a step, Guan Shu would want to break his legs.

Yan Zhixing silently watched Shen Yao. He thought Shen Yao would immediately shake off Guan Shu’s hand and walk towards him.

But in reality, Shen Yao didn’t even move a step. It was as if his feet were glued to Guan Shu’s side.

Guan Shu’s heartbeat gradually calmed down, and he finally released some tension from his grip, leaving prominent red marks on Shen Yao’s wrist.

He enjoyed the expression on Yan Zhixing’s face and coldly laughed, saying, “Yan Zhixing, do you have an inflated sense of self? Or have you encountered too many omega who throw themselves at you? Do you know who sent me the invitation?”

“Let me guess, what did Shen Yao tell you? Did he say he never had a relationship? Or maybe…” Guan Shu’s tone became somewhat vulgar, “Or maybe he said he never slept with an alpha?”

Shen Yao knew too well the flaws of alphas. For him, showing weakness and pretending to be innocent were just his usual tactics, his weapons for capturing alphas.

Guan Shu had been baited by it, more than once.

He knew that Yan Zhixing was definitely kept in the dark, but so what? What gave Yan Zhixing the right to marry Shen Yao?

Not only did Guan Shu want to ruin this engagement banquet, but he also wanted to completely eradicate Yan Zhixing’s idea of marrying Shen Yao. He wanted Yan Zhixing to roll away from Shen Yao’s side, just like Xu Yibai.

“I don’t know who your fiancé is, but in your eyes, it seems like I’m the one entangling with Shen Yao, right?”

Yan Zhixing’s pupils contracted, and the icy facade on the surface showed cracks that would shatter with a light tap.

“When you were alone overseas, Shen Yao was sleeping with me. When you were waiting for Shen Yao in the private room, he was kissing me in another room.”

“Yan Zhixing, do you think you’re something special? Do you know why I could tolerate your existence? It’s because Shen Yao said he only had a business transaction with you.”

Yan Zhixing heard his own heartbeats accelerating suddenly, fueled by Guan Shu’s continuous words. He felt the temperature of his body gradually rising.

“He agreed to engage with you and sent me the invitation, just to witness you making a fool of yourself in public. You should reflect on what you’ve done to make Shen Yao hate you so much.”

The hatred between him and Shen Yao was nothing more than that incident. Shen Yao appeared to be at peace with him on the surface, but in reality, he had never mentioned forgiveness and had not forgotten a single bit of the grudge.

Yan Zhixing was not easily trusting of anyone, but today he briefly believed Shen Yao’s declaration of liking him. He thought those words were genuine.

He already understood that Shen Yao only wanted to retaliate against him, and there was no value in continuing to question further. There was nothing more to be said. He should cut ties with Shen Yao at this point.

As for the embarrassment that the Yan family faced at this engagement banquet, it was due to their past mistakes. He wouldn’t hold Shen Yao accountable for it, but he would settle the score with Guan Shu.

However, Yan Zhixing suddenly felt his heart sinking, and his hand loosened, causing the ring that he had been tightly gripping to fall to the ground.

Omegas like Shen Yao were plentiful, and if Shen Yao didn’t want to engage with him, then so be it. He had never intended to get married in the first place, and being with Shen Yao was only about resolving his dependency issues.

Jian Ran, who was overseas, had already informed him that the medicine had been developed, and Shen Yao’s sole value to him had been lost.

He no longer needed Shen Yao. He would not lose composure for him.

“Indeed, Shen Yao and I had a transactional relationship, but until our transaction is over, you are not qualified to intervene in this matter.”

Yan Zhixing couldn’t find a trace of fear on Shen Yao’s face. Instead, there was a cold indifference, a beautiful ice that held no warmth.

Between them, Shen Yao had always been the weaker party, obediently listening to his every word.

In reality, Shen Yao was the one who remained truly calm. He spoke teasing words, engaged in intimate and dependent behaviors, while observing and playing with Yan Zhixing at his whim.

All those claims of being the only alpha, of only kissing Yan Zhixing, of liking him—were all lies. It had been a long time since someone had deceived him so thoroughly.

Yan Zhixing’s glands gradually heated up, a sign that his emotions were starting to spiral out of control. The waves within him could no longer be contained.

“Shen Yao, haven’t I given you what you wanted? I’ve fulfilled all your conditions. Why do you still seek someone else?”

At first, Yan Zhixing managed to question calmly, but as his gaze fell on their intertwined hands, his rationality began to crumble. This was supposed to be his engagement banquet, yet his omega was with another alpha.

“Guan Shu, what kind of identity are you using to speak to me? Boyfriend? But you don’t look like one.”

He could no longer suppress his alpha instincts. His eyes revealed overt hostility, and though his posture appeared unchanged from usual, his shoulders were already tense.

The dense pheromones carried an aggressive signal as they emanated from his glands, spreading throughout the entire room.

Just as he was about to say something, Guan Shu, who had been standing calmly, seemed to have flipped a switch. Amidst a scream from the audience, he forcefully let go of Shen Yao’s hand and pounced on him, fierce like a hunting cheetah.

Guan Shu’s speed and movements were too fast. It was only when Yan Zhixing was abruptly tackled to the ground, his back hitting the floor heavily, that he reacted.

His half of the body briefly lost consciousness, tingling with numbness, followed by a bone-crushing pain that temporarily prevented Yan Zhixing from resisting.

Yan Zhixing’s appearance was slightly disheveled as he pressed against the flower basket scattered on the ground. The petals were squeezed, oozing sticky flower sap that soaked his suit, making it sticky and nauseating.

Avoiding a sudden attack from an alpha should have been easy for him. However, Guan Shu fiercely lunged forward, disregarding all consequences, and didn’t give him any chance to resist.

The buttons on his shirt had long been torn off, and Guan Shu used his hand to grip Yan Zhixing’s throat, depriving him of all the air. With a little more force, it felt as if he could snap his neck directly.

Due to severe lack of oxygen, Yan Zhixing’s consciousness became blurred, and he heard Guan Shu’s hoarse voice.

“It’s you…”

Guan Shu’s eyes were bloodshot, devoid of any rationality. He seemed like a demon crawling out of h*ll, willing to drag Yan Zhixing down even at the cost of his own life.

He had had countless nightmares related to this, and now he finally had the opportunity to tear it apart with his own hands. When the sandalwood appeared, Guan Shu had no time to be astonished, only hatred remained.

Guan Shu had vowed to make Shen Yao hide his adulterous lover, or else, when he discovered it, he would shoot him dead.

He loosened one hand that was gripping Yan Zhixing’s throat and raised the gun. This time, the barrel pressed against Yan Zhixing’s forehead without any gap. Yet, Guan Shu felt it was not enough; he continued to exert force, as if he wanted to drive the gun into Yan Zhixing’s skull.

The dull pain on his forehead caused Yan Zhixing to slowly open his eyes. He met Guan Shu’s gaze, who was looking down at him with towering resentment, as if he wanted to devour him alive.

However, Yan Zhixing didn’t understand where that hatred came from.

Guan Shu was caught in a state of madness and clarity. He wished that he could just pull the trigger and relieve his anger with the explosive and bloody scene.

The only trace of clarity he had left was directed towards Shen Yao. He had made every effort to restrain his impulses time and time again.

Shen Yao had no conscience, so he should be delighted if Guan Shu killed Yan Zhixing. If Yan Zhixing died and Guan Shu went to prison, then he would be free.

Without Yan Zhixing, there was still Xu Yibai. Without Xu Yibai, there would be another alpha. Shen Yao was deluding himself!

How could he be willing to let Shen Yao live and enjoy life alone? Even if it meant death, Guan Shu would take Shen Yao down with him!

Guan Shu’s entire body trembled, except for the hand holding the gun, which remained steady. Due to exerting too much force, the recently healed gunshot wound on Guan Shu’s shoulder burst open, and blood stained his black clothes.

“If it weren’t for you… If it weren’t…”

Guan Shu’s voice was soft, each word bitten heavily, turning into murmurs that he swallowed forcefully like blood foam.

At that moment, Guan Shu’s face twisted, and he suddenly raised his hand. With the hard butt of the gun accompanying his heightened tone, accompanied by the swishing sound of the wind, he swung it towards Yan Zhixing’s face like a heavy hammer.

“If it weren’t for your existence, Shen Yao and I would still be living happily! How could we have broken up? How old was Shen Yao back then? And how old were you? Did you not turn red when you took him to bed?” Guan Shu pushed all the blame for Shen Yao onto Yan Zhixing, shouting with a hoarse voice. He lifted his hand uncontrollably, wanting to strike again. “Shen Yao, an omega, and you had sex with him. And then you let him go back alone?! You didn’t like him back then, and you still don’t like him, right?”

He pointed the gun at Yan Zhixing’s nose, telling everyone present, “Do you f*cking know that you’re a home-wrecker?”

After a dull thud, the blood dripping from his forehead blurred Yan Zhixing’s vision. His ears were filled with a roaring sound, as if he was in a hazy dream.

After a moment of dizziness in his brain, fragments of memories pieced together. Yan Zhixing instantly understood the cause and effect, finally realizing why Guan Shu hated him so much.

He had only slept with Shen Yao twice, and during the time of his heat, Guan Shu was already dating Shen Yao. Guan Shu had caught Shen Yao escaping from his side.

If he wasn’t mistaken, Shen Yao didn’t explain the reason, which caused a rift between him and Guan Shu, ultimately leading to the breakup of their relationship.

It was all a series of unfortunate misunderstandings. He would compensate Shen Yao for his mistakes, but as for Guan Shu…

Yan Zhixing witnessed the gun butt swinging down again, but this time he quickly twisted his body to avoid it. Seizing the opportunity while Guan Shu was distracted by anger, he calmly twisted Guan Shu’s arm.

He pulled him down forcefully and then lifted his knee, throwing Guan Shu off of him.

Yan Zhixing leveraged himself to stand up from the ground, the pain still lingering in his body. Since he came into power, it had been a long time since he had been in such a disheveled state or engaged in a conflict outside of his heat period.

In the past, Yan Zhixing used to relieve his heat period by going to the underground boxing arena, where there were plenty of desperate individuals willing to fight for money. They were ruthless and vicious, but Yan Zhixing rarely lost in the ring because he was even more brutal.

He never took a beating for nothing.

The long-lost bloodthirstiness resurfaced within him. Yan Zhixing took off his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt, and rolled up his sleeves.

Still feeling nauseous and dizzy, Yan Zhixing supported his forehead with his hand and coldly said, “Why don’t you ask Shen Yao why he came to make a deal with me? Is it because you’re useless or because he thinks you’re unreliable?”

Yan Zhixing’s pheromones suddenly fluctuated intensely, even though they had been stable earlier in the morning. Without any reason, they were acting up again. He no longer remembered concepts like dignity or family reputation.

His gaze was fixed on Shen Yao standing behind Guan Shu. Yan Zhixing only remembered that he had to reclaim his omega, by any means necessary.

The two out-of-control top alphas no longer cared about their reputation. Ignoring the guests below, they began fighting in a deathly silence. The carefully arranged floral bouquets and decorations were all smashed to pieces.

The sound of props crashing down one after another echoed through the venue, completely destroying the engagement ceremony.

Due to the rarity of omegas, there has always been an unwritten rule that disputes between two alphas over an omega must be resolved by themselves, whether through fists or other means.

Even in a society governed by the rule of law, alphas who seek help from others in such situations are looked down upon. Guan Shu had put away his gun, and the bodyguards dared not act without orders.

Guan Shu forcefully punched Yan Zhixing, his throat nearly hoarse as he shouted like a raging beast, “You treat Shen Yao poorly, so why did you come to snatch him away from me?! Wasn’t one time enough? You had to do it a second time!”

“Is ‘snatch’ the right word to use?” Yan Zhixing took a punch and quickly retaliated. His breathing had become erratic and his suit was disheveled. “I didn’t even know you existed. Everything between Shen Yao and me was initiated by him.”

When Guan Shu fought with Xu Yibai, he still had some sanity. At least he knew not to take it to the point of killing. But when he engaged with Yan Zhixing, he abandoned all techniques. Every strike was aimed at vital points.

Being the top fighter at the military academy year after year, even when not exerting full strength, Yan Zhixing could only fight Guan Shu to a draw at the beginning, but as the battle progressed, the advantage shifted heavily in Guan Shu’s favor.

Guan Shu delivered a flying kick to Yan Zhixing’s lower abdomen. As Yan Zhixing leaned backward, Guan Shu quickly grabbed a nearby vase on his right side. Without blinking, he smashed the vase, still filled with water and flowers, onto Yan Zhixing’s head.


Yan Zhixing managed to dodge in time, avoiding a fatal blow, but he stumbled back a few steps and eventually fell to the ground.

If it weren’t for the movement of his fingers, one would have thought he had lost consciousness.

The loud sound caused all the guests present to instinctively close their eyes. However, Yan Yuan, with her dignified and elegant appearance, kept her eyes open, unfazed, as she watched the vase crash down.

If time could be rewound, these guests wouldn’t know whether they should have come to avoid this trouble or if they should have come to satisfy their curiosity.

The only one who could prevent this fight was the beautiful omega who had remained on the sidelines throughout. His face was cool and composed, and his white suit immaculate.

Regardless of who won or lost, it seemed to have nothing to do with him.

Guan Shu looked at the fallen Yan Zhixing and took a slow breath. He finally walked toward Shen Yao and reached out to pull him, forcibly dragging him into this whirlpool:

“Were you going to let Yan Zhixing take off the ring I gave you to exchange it with a new one?”

Regardless of whether Shen Yao could keep up or stumbled behind him, Guan Shu dragged him, pulling him to the front of the emcee’s podium.

Guan Shu took out two ring boxes from his pocket and threw them onto the table. Calmly, he said, “You wanted to exchange rings, right? Just tell me, why didn’t you ask? Do you think I wouldn’t buy them for you?”

“In an engagement, you exchange rings. Wear the one on the right, and I’ll wear the one on the left. They’re a pair of couple rings that I bought.”

Guan Shu acted like a dictator, and the gun was an effective tool of threat. No one dared to disobey him. This time, he aimed the gun at the godfather. He never believed in gods or Buddhas, so he felt no disrespect.

With a frown, he impatiently commanded, “You, recite the blessing. Say it the same way you did earlier.”

Guan Shu forced the guests to stay, with only one purpose in mind. He wanted them to witness the most absurd engagement in history.

Yan Zhixing endured the intense pain. He couldn’t manage to stand up; all he could do was lift himself up with great difficulty. He witnessed Guan Shu taking his place and completing the ring exchange process that had been left unfinished.

Guan Shu lowered his gaze and first held Shen Yao’s hand. He took off the ring he had previously given to Shen Yao and put on the new couple ring for him.

Then, naturally, he extended his hand for Shen Yao to put a ring on him.

The godfather recited the blessing, a script he had memorized perfectly after countless repetitions, yet his voice trembled slightly now.

Guan Shu didn’t mind this minor imperfection. He didn’t even look at Shen Yao as he put the ring on him. He kept his eyes fixed on Shen Yao’s face, submissive and harmless.

He loved him to the bone, yet he also hated him to the bone.

As the ceremony came to an end, Guan Shu had achieved his objective. He didn’t retract his hand but lifted his gaze coldly, looking down from the stage:

“Sorry for the inconvenience. Please leave.”

The guests began to leave one by one, and even the godfather crawled away in haste. Only Yan Yuan, sitting in the front row, remained.

Yan Zhixing was still lying on the ground, his injuries not severe enough to render him immobile.

Chen Shuang hesitated, unable to take matters into his own hands. He could only whisper in Yan Yuan’s ear, “Madam.”

“Go find a doctor. Instead of worrying about his injuries, he should think about how to handle this matter properly and not bring shame upon the entire Yan family.” Yan Yuan slowly lifted her skirt as she stood up and walked away. “Young man, you’re quite something. You’ve made a mess of things.”

Despite being addressed by Yan Yao, Guan Shu would not give a pleasant expression to anyone with the surname Yan. Whether this statement was directed at him or Shen Yao, he would bear it.

He replied expressionlessly, “You flatter me.”

Only after the last person had disappeared did Guan Shu slowly turn his face towards Shen Yao. His face was half-illuminated by the lights.

“So, Shen Yao,” Guan Shu’s gaze was profound as he spoke to the person he had devoted his life to, “are you satisfied with the completion of the task you entrusted me with—to ruin the wedding?”

Shen Yao wasn’t afraid of Guan Shu’s furious demeanor, resembling a mad dog. But this soft-spoken Guan Shu made him take a step back.

“I’ve looked at the invitation you sent me many times, just to confirm one thing—did you hesitate when you wrote the invitation? Otherwise, why are some strokes not quite connected?” He grabbed Shen Yao’s slender wrist and pulled him closer with force. “You say you have no connection with Yan Zhixing, then what is this? Yan Zhixing’s funeral?”

Shen Yao was tightly embraced in his arms but wisely didn’t struggle. In the midst of their intimate embrace, he suddenly felt something cold and hard against his lower back—it was a firearm.

His mental resilience was usually strong, but now his body stiffened slightly, and the sensation became more pronounced.

Guan Shu’s warm breath was close, almost intoxicating. Yet, the hard muzzle gradually moved up along his spine, brushing against sensitive glands. Just as it was about to reach the back of his head, Guan Shu abruptly let go and forcefully pushed him away.

Shen Yao was forced to lean against the emcee’s podium, and this time, with Guan Shu watching, the gun was pressed against his temple. Although there was still some distance, his temple inexplicably tingled.

This was the first time Shen Yao had a gun pointed at him, and the fear of firearms was difficult to suppress for someone untrained. His pupils instinctively contracted, and his shoulders tensed.

“If I had arrived a little later, would you have already married Yan Zhixing?” Guan Shu’s palm unexpectedly trembled, and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. It wasn’t from the injuries sustained during their struggle but rather from his intense anger. He didn’t pay much attention to it, casually wiping it away before continuing his aggressive approach. “Yan Zhixing is your adulterous lover, didn’t I tell you to hide him and not let me catch you, yet you boldly bring him right under my nose?! Did you not listen to a single word I said?”

“But it’s good like this too, or else I would have been deceived by you for ten thousand years?”

“Shen Yao… you lied to me… you lied to me again.”

Due to the consequences of his past impulsive actions, he didn’t dare to imprison Shen Yao again, even though he had countless dark thoughts about it. He had suppressed them all. But now, he felt that he shouldn’t show mercy. Since he had known long ago that Shen Yao would be the death of him, the first thing he should have done upon returning was to imprison Shen Yao and mark him for life once again.

After cleaning him up once, he would bind him and continue the marking process. It would repeat over and over until Shen Yao’s body could no longer bear it, and he would obediently stay by Guan Shu’s side.

“During the four years I was away, not only did you have Xu Yibai as your boyfriend, but you were also secretly involved with Yan Zhixing, right? What kind of bullsh*t business arrangement was that? You never stopped contacting each other from start to finish, isn’t that right?”

As his dark emotions gradually fermented, Guan Shu noticed that Shen Yao was about to say something. He raised his hand and covered Shen Yao’s lips, solely focused on venting his emotions.

“Shen Yao, am I not obedient like a dog in front of you? Haven’t I said that I f*cking don’t mind being your dog, but you can’t have any other dogs?!”

He caught a glimpse, using his peripheral vision, of Yan Zhixing, who was severely injured, attempting to get up. It was obvious that he wanted to come over and protect Shen Yao, as if they were a pair of desperate mandarin ducks.

Guan Shu lowered his gaze, staring at Shen Yao’s slightly panicked and frightened eyes. Finally, he could see some other emotions on Shen Yao’s face.

If Shen Yao didn’t love him, then he would hate him instead. An entangled and deadly hatred was better than being forgotten.

He pressed his palm forward, ensuring that the gun was firmly pressed against Shen Yao’s temple, bringing the grim reaper even closer. Guan Shu leaned down, his voice filled with paranoia, and whispered softly in Shen Yao’s ear:

“Have you ever had feelings for me, Shen Yao?”

“Is it when we die together, you will forever belong to me?”

The sensation of a foreign object pressing against his temple was incredibly strong, and Shen Yao had never felt such a profound sense of fear before. It was as if he had plunged into the depths of the sea, his body gradually losing its warmth.

Surprisingly, he sensed a hint of seriousness in Guan Shu’s tone this time, without a trace of joking.

Shen Yao’s lips were covered by Guan Shu’s hand, and it felt as if even his breath had stopped. Cold sweat covered his body, and his weak limbs couldn’t muster any strength.

He wasn’t afraid of death at all, but he still had unfinished business. He couldn’t just die like this, holding onto his hatred and regrets.


As Shen Yao suddenly began to struggle violently, he felt Guan Shu’s fingers slowly tightening on the trigger.

He tightly shut his eyes, sweat beads rolling down from his chin, waiting for that fleeting moment of unconsciousness, lasting only a second.


The magazine had long been surreptitiously removed, and the gun held no bullets, only the sound of the trigger being pulled.

“What are you afraid of, baby?”

Guan Shu smiled with delight, letting go of his hand, as if it were all a perfect prank. He lowered his head and kissed Shen Yao’s panting lips.

He looked down at Shen Yao with lowered eyes. “Why would I choose such a way for you to die? If one day I couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to be with you, then I should be dragging you to jump off a building.”

“Don’t be afraid of the pain, I’ll cushion your fall.”

“Guan Shu.”

Strength gradually returned to Shen Yao’s body, the thin layer of sweat cooling down, as if his suspended feet had finally touched the ground. Shen Yao raised his hand and mercilessly slapped Guan Shu across the face.

A resounding “smack” echoed in the room as Shen Yao coldly said, “You really are a mad dog.”

“Yes.” Guan Shu’s cheek slightly turned from the impact, as he calmly looked at Shen Yao. “You f*cking know that I’m a mad dog, yet you still won’t obediently stay by my side? It’s such a pity, Shen Yao, it seems you can only be with me for the rest of your life.”

“I did deceive you.” Shen Yao turned his head and blew on the palm of his hand, tilting his head. “What did I deceive you about? Do you want to know?”

He had been gambling just now, not expecting the gun to be empty. He had been gambling on Guan Shu’s inability to pull the trigger.

The last time, when the knife was not yet about to fall, Shen Yao spoke of the truth. And now, the moment has finally come for him to reveal those words. 

Shen Yao chuckled lightly, glanced at Yan Zhixing, and then raised his hand to touch Guan Shu’s cheek, rubbing the spot where the mark he left behind was: “For example, the truth about Yan Zhixing and me four years ago.”

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